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The director, is obviously an amateur with little to no actual skill, it most closely resembles a film school project at a community college. Scenes are out of focus, filters are needlessly placed over scenes, scenes are edited poorly causing scenes to be rendered incoherent, overall this film is a complete mess. Another issue that bothered me was the useless addition of second rate hip hop music which had no place in any of the scenes, robbing the scenes of any poorly attempted sentiment. The structure of this documentary is also a hopeless mess, story lines begin then end abruptly, only to jump to another inmate where the cycle will begin again.

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The only bright stop was the participation of Danny Trejo, who, I am sure would not have participated in this project had he known how awful it came out. While I do not blame the crew for this mess, I do wish the director would attend some film making classes, his ineptitude shines brightly.

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There was an error trying to load your rating for this title. Some parts of this page won't work property. Please reload or try later. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Watch This Week's Trailer Trailer. Skuggs' views of They were penned in by fences and crushed to death by the crowd. Hillsborough Memorial at Old Haymarket, Liverpool. Initially, the police reports alleged the disaster was the fault of the football fans themselves. They were accused of improper behavior, that they were not on time for the game and were drunk.

Later investigations denied all such allegations and determined that both police officers, as well as the ambulance service, acted in negligence. Court trials on the Hillsborough disaster have still not ended to date. Once Germany was defeated in the aftermath of World War II, both American and British intelligence agents started a thorough search of the country, its universities, facilities, and institutions. One of the things they were after: Group photograph of German rocket scientists at Fort Bliss, Texas, in In a subsequent undercover operation, hundreds of German scientists, many of them with avid knowledge in rocket science, were brought to the U.

To help the U. This secretive effort, initially known as Operation Overcast, was denounced by many. Later on, it picked the name Operation Paperclip. V-2 Rocket launch on the German Baltic coast, As well as using German knowledge for developing new weapons, Operation Paperclip was tasked with preventing information leaking to the Soviet side. Repatriation of the German scientists and engineers The assembly of recruited scientists included figures such as Wernher von Braun, whose team developed the destructive V-2 rockets for the Nazis.

His presence at the space agency cemented the success of the Apollo missions, and the American triumph in the Space Race.

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On October 10, , a year-old girl who introduced herself simply as Nayirah delivered a heart-wrenching testimony to the Congressional Human Rights Caucus. At this point, the Persian Gulf War was in full swing. Iraq, under Saddam Hussein, had invaded its neighbor Kuwait.

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The young girl made accusations that Iraqi soldiers had conducted abhorrent war atrocities, supposedly killing innocent infants by removing them from incubators. What Nayirah claimed in front of the Caucus was eventually used to back U. The girl was recurrently cited following the testimony.

Citations even came from the then U.

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President George Bush attending U. The Prohibition era tried to end U. Bootleggers, and the illicit sale and consumption of alcohol just thrived. Police in Detroit capture alcohol manufacturing equipment in a secretive underground brewery. At one point during the Prohibition era, alcohol poisoning became a serious issue. Patients admitted to hospitals suffered from severe health complications and frequently died. A police officer standing next to a wrecked vehicle which was carrying moonshine liquor, Later investigations reportedly showed that some bootlegged beverages were contaminated on purpose.

Who was to blame? Clues indicated that the secretive wrongdoer was the U. New York, at the peak of Prohibition Era. Liquor is thrown into the sewer. Officers are watching on the side. As a desperate measure to combat the illicit drinking issue, government officials had opted for poisoning industrial alcohol stores where they knew bootleggers might go to steal alcohol stocks.

The toxic flasks of gin or whiskey apparently traveled a long way as victims fell everywhere. It just claimed the lives of an estimated 10, people by the time the Prohibition era ceased in Another conspiracy of the Cold War era involves a plan in which the U.

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  4. And why would anyone do that? Military Intervention in Cuba. Kennedy speaks at Rice University, Operation Northwoods was designated its own memorandum, and its third point reads: It is recommended that this responsibility for both overt and covert military operations be assigned the Joint Chiefs of Stuff. Fortunately, the plot never came to fruition.

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