Automated Specification Analysis

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SAT - Specification Analysis Tool

The NASA automated requirements measurement tool: Laplante Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering Automated Analysis of Textual Use-Cases: Do better IR tools improve the accuracy of engineers' traceability recovery? Using syntactic and semantic analyses to improve the quality of requirements documentation Kunal Verma , Alex Kass , Reymonrod G.

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Home About News Contact. This solution provided BAE Systems with a reliable source of compressed breathing air from a machine which was safe to use in a potentially explosive atmosphere. To download the datasheet, please click here: The few current approaches are to attempt to encode the rules within a tool, hidden from the user.

Automated Analysis of Requirement Specifications

However empirical data suggests that organizations have different rules for what they consider valid requirement statements and so what is needed is a method and tool that will allow each organization to encode their own specification analysis rules. SAT is a method and tool that allows each organization to codify their own 'working' specification analysis rules. Embedded within SAT are certain fundamental principals such as services and layering of services from simple to complex.

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This principal allows the tool to immediately provide results to the organization as the rules mature and SAT mining techniques are refined. In the end the services allow an organization to mine potential key requirements from analysis documents and compare them with the actual key requirements in the baseline - your specifications.

Automated analysis of requirement specifications

With SAT, there is no reason to fear a specification review. Your management will gladly schedule this project critical review because SAT will allow them to close on the activity in a controlled efficient manner. No more arguments and bouncing back and forth as schedule slips away and the process is marginalized. The process shines with SAT.

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SAT allows a user to submit specifications for req's review. The reqs are subjected to predefined and user defined rules. These rules are well known, but rarely found consistently and completely within an organization. Even when some of the rules are known, examination of a specification may never happen.

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Automated Specification Analysis Automated Specification Analysis
Automated Specification Analysis Automated Specification Analysis
Automated Specification Analysis Automated Specification Analysis
Automated Specification Analysis Automated Specification Analysis
Automated Specification Analysis Automated Specification Analysis

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