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I think I read every dog book on the market fiction and non at that time, but Lad was always my favorite. When I was in my early teens, we were the proud owners of one of these dog Wrong edition in the pic When I was in my early teens, we were the proud owners of one of these dogs, and though I can look back and see that much of these books were fictionalized an idea that horrified me as a kid! Terhune absolutely caught the essence of such a noble breed. A book I hope my own dog-loving child will deign to read ; Mar 15, Bev rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was one of my very favorite books as a kid.

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I loved Terhune's collies and Lad was my favorite. Though he wrote these short stories with an adult audience in mind, they strike a cord with animal-crazy young people.

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I liked this one the best because it contains both "the coming of Lad," and also the last chapter, where Lad's big heart finally gives out. I collect Terhune books and was thrilled when I finally got this one--and enjoyed re-reading it. One of my dad's childhood favorites which he handed down to me when I was just about 8. Not sure how I got through this book; the 's-era language was archaic even in the early 's, but I loved it, and still have the same copy from my dad's shelf.

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As a young child of seven years, the first book I borrowed from the school library was "Lad a Dog. Today, as I finished reading "The further adventures of Lad, I am a retired veterinarian, and still in love with animals, especially so with dogs. This was always my favorite of the Terhune books because it had the stories which told of both the arrival of Lad and his death, years later. Jun 02, J. Gregg rated it it was amazing Aug 08, Sara rated it liked it Jun 12, Anne rated it really liked it Oct 20, Terrie rated it it was amazing Oct 24, Ashley rated it it was amazing Jul 21, Patricia dumas rated it it was amazing Sep 04, Jorgina rated it it was amazing Apr 25, Helen rated it it was amazing Sep 22, Cynthia Huebschen rated it really liked it Aug 08, Endpapers have tanned else text clean, hinges solid.

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One spot of soil on the rear cover, a few very small spots on the front. Tempting to call it fine. The interior is very fine. Cloud 9 Books Condition: Large type edition ISBN: Russell Books Ltd Condition: Further Adventures of Lad. Lad's mate Lady is run over and killed by a speeding driver who deliberately aimed his car at her. Lad and his owners both saw the crime, but were unable to catch up to the driver in time. Lad grieves terribly until they go to a local tennis tournament where he finds Lady's killer. He attacks the man to kill him, but the Master calls him off.

The Mistress explains to the shocked crowd what the man had done, then takes a cured Lad home. They later learn that the crowd destroyed the man's expensive car and he was expelled from the club for killing Lady.

Further Adventures of Lad

The Master and Mistress take Lad on their annual fall camping trip to the mountains for two weeks. During the trip, Lad playfully teases a bear, leading to a fight, which the Master ends by scaring off the bear. At the end of the trip, Lad is accidentally left tied to a tree at the camp site. While his owners are returning to find their missing dog, Lad is trapped by a forest fire. When the bear he fought earlier rushes past with singed fur, Lad chews through his rope and follows the other animals of the forest to sit in a nearby lake.

Further Adventures of Lad by Albert Payson Terhune

When his owners arrive, he runs through the burning fire to join them, blistering his paws on some coals. After year-old Lad is praised for bringing the Mistress a lace parasol that he found on the road, he begins searching the road for more things to find, sometimes stealing them unintentionally from people who were nearby but not watching their items. As he had gotten more sensitive in his older age, his owners always praised him for the gifts, which ranged from a full picnic basket to roadkill.

One night, he "finds" a baby, who was kidnapped from a wealthy household by a disgruntled former employee and his kin. The baby had been set in the grass by his two kidnappers while they changed a flat tire. The kidnappers eventually catch up to Lad, who is carrying the child home. He fights off the men when they attack him, eventually chasing them back to their car, and they escape. The baby is returned to his parents and the kidnappers arrested, but Lad is hurt that his present results in no praise, just a lot of activity around the house.

A large, cranky sow escapes from its herd and attacks the Mistress after she tries to shoo it out of her garden. Lad charges between them and battles the sow, but with his old age and blunt fangs he struggles with the fight and is badly injured. Bruce and Wolf return from a forest romp in time to aid him and the younger dogs are able to easily drive her off.

While fleeing, the pig runs directly into the path of one of the Place's cars, driven by a car thief who is knocked unconscious. Lad's feelings are hurt by the battle being finished by the other dogs and the Mistress' holding him back from joining them at the end, but he quickly forgives her.

At 16, the aging Lad befriends Sonya, a seven-year-old girl whose father works at the Place. Her father forces her to assist him with his work, then brutally mistreats her if she is slow. The Master and the Place's superintendent try to quell the behavior, with no success. During a walk with the girl, Lad protects her from her father.

The next day, while the Master and Mistress are at a show and the other workers are off on holiday, Sonya's father starts to beat her for accidentally dropping a heavy basket. Lad comes to her rescue and they retreat to the veranda where she pets him while he sleeps. When Sonya goes to the barn, her father is waiting for her and closes the door. Somehow she senses Lad beside her, which gives her the courage to stand up to her father. The man imagines he sees Lad beside her and runs away in fear.

Unknown to both, Lad had died in his sleep and the Master and Mistress were crying over his body on the veranda. A Dog in , the year after the real Lad died. The novel was well received by critics and readers, becoming a best seller. Available evidence indicates that the real Lad was born in December , and that unlike his fictional counterpart, Lad was a collie of unknown lineage with no American Kennel Club registration papers.

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In , he collected together eleven more short stories into a novel; the stories were published earlier in The Ladies' Home Journal , with some new stories and some from other magazines. Doran as Further Adventures of Lad. It has released online by Project Gutenberg , in print-on-demand form by Echo Library and as a downloadable eBook by Ebookslib.

Further Adventures of Lad Further Adventures of Lad
Further Adventures of Lad Further Adventures of Lad
Further Adventures of Lad Further Adventures of Lad
Further Adventures of Lad Further Adventures of Lad
Further Adventures of Lad Further Adventures of Lad
Further Adventures of Lad Further Adventures of Lad

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