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Besides two modules in St. We will not only talk about Asia — we will explore it! Independent Studies Digesting and adapting the learnings Module 5: Target group The participant Wie schaffe ich es, technologische Innovationen voranzutreiben, ohne dabei den Kundennutzen aus den Augen zu verlieren? Dabei bieten wir Ihnen: The Business Model Navigator St. Grundlage bildet der St. Galler Business Model Navigator. Designing Business Models Silicon Valley 3. Sie erhalten Feedback von unseren Experten und anderen Teilnehmern aus unterschiedlichen Industrien. Programme benefits Leading with Confidence is a series of short courses covering practical topics for emerging leaders.

Each of the four courses is 3 days long and held in Zurich, Switzerland. Objective These are taught by University of St. Jonas Revensburg Blumenbergplatz 9, St. Strategic Decision Making Making informed decisions is a critical role of managers, yet many errors are made once managers move beyond the area of their functional expertise. The big picture is often lost.

Participants will be able to identify critical business questions and have the tools to make recommendations. The course will provide a clear step-by-step approach to solving business problems: Young Women in Business This course provides active learning on three essential aspects of soft skill development and leadership: Through various tools and techniques you will be able to identify your strengths. In simulation exercises, leadership and negotiation situations are practiced and discussed.

It is designed for female young professionals and those who aspire to leadership roles. This course is for individuals who are about to embark on roles in sales, marketing or key account management. More broadly, this course should be of interest to all who are in a client-facing role, or deal with building relationships in a business context. Financial Decision Making This course will provide participants with an overview of accounting and finance, so that they will be able to use financial information to make sound business decisions.

Firstly, participants will be equipped with the necessary tools ratio analysis and comparative financial statement analysis techniques in order to read, understand, and analyse financial statements. Secondly, participants will be introduced to the tools of capital budgeting, portfolio selection and firm valuation, in order to know how to appraise different investment and funding alternatives. Target group The courses are designed for young professionals with 1—5 years work experience.

Participants are interested in developing specific hard and soft management skills, in preparation for new roles and leadership tracks in their career progression. All courses are taught in English. The Certificate in General Management contains 72 hours of e-learning including tutoring as well as 9 days of in-class sessions with corresponding preparatory and follow-up work.

Doris Brand Dufourstrasse 40a, St. The Management Certificate focuses exclusively on the core issues of true entrepreneurship strategy, finance, and leadership. The programme provides you with the full breadth of topics required by the modern manager and is designed to ensure that you are familiarized with the latest findings in the field of business administration. Das Zertifikat kann jeweils beim Start eines der Fachmodule begonnen werden. Gelerntes kann ich direkt einund umsetzen.

Es vereint die tiefgreifende Erfahrung aller Beteiligten mit dem Interesse an der Zukunft der Unternehmung — einem Interesse, das Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft vereint. Erfolgreiches, verantwortungsvolles Unternehmertum heute und in Zukunft: Gallen Laamanen Tomi, Prof. Gallen Bruch Heike, Prof. Gallen, setzen Sie sich in einem praxisnahen Kontext mit den zentralen Fragestellungen des strategischen Managements auseinander.

Programme benefits This is a cooperation programme of the University of St. Gallen and the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

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In this executive programme, you will benefit from a unique source of pooled expertise in the area of strategic management that is globally acknowledged. You will learn how to handle strategic issues in a professional and confident manner, be it as a supplier of ideas, an involved party, or somebody working on the implementation of strategic decisions. Under market and competitive conditions that are both dynamic and complex, this is a skill that is decisive for the long-term success of companies. Structure We offer an innovative mix comprising e-learning, in-class modules, and transfer coaching, allowing you to enjoy a qualification programme that is as efficient as it is effective.

Das Konsumentenverhalten wird komplexer und erfordert von Handel und Industrie eine strategische Neuorientierung. Die einzelnen Module finden in St. Unter der Programmleitung von Prof. Intuitiver Zugang zu Themen mit hohem Innovationsgehalt und hoher Lernbereitschaft. In einem Zeitraum von 8 bis 9 Monaten umfasst das St. Tobias Wolf Dufourstrasse 40a, St. Der Praxisbezug wird grossgeschrieben. Die heterogene Zusammensetzung der Teilnehmenden Alter, Branche etc. Die fachlichen Module werden von einem Projekteinsatz oder einem Praktikum, von Ressourcenworkshops sowie einem Coaching-Programm flankiert.

Anneliese Fehr Holzstrasse 15, St. Der bewusste Umgang mit neuen Herausforderungen wird reflektiert. Participants are updated on the latest concepts and models, for the most relevant management topics. They develop a deep understanding for the current challenges faced when managing organizations as well as when managing individual projects. Participants must have a degree from a university or advanced technical college, or in some exceptional cases upon approval, an equivalent educational certificate. You will be updated on the latest concepts and models for the most relevant management topics and will develop a deep understanding for the current challenges.

Your appeal for potential employers will increase. You will receive professional support for your career transition through individual and group coaching sessions, with the opportunity for conscious reflection on how to meet new challenges. You will widen your professional network with managers in leadership positions as well as with women who find themselves in a similar position as yours.

Our partner companies ensure that course content is closely related to practice and guarantee early contacts to potential employers. In addition to the management modules mentioned above, there will also be an internship, group and individual coaching as well as a range of skills workshops. The course itself is structured in modules that total 21 class days spread out over a month period: Scholarships may be requested! There are partly sponsored study places available where the tuition fees are reduced up to half of the price.

Objective Our aim is to help women succeed professionally, in particular women who desire to return to the workforce, to reposition themselves on the job market, or to take on more sophisticated tasks with a higher workload. Patricia Widmer Holzstrasse 15, St.

Bernadette Mayer Unterer Graben 21, St. Grundausbildung im Finanzdienstleistungsbereich sowie einer mind. Business Engineering und Innovation Modul 2: Strategisches Sourcing Modul 3: Operation, Maintenance und Exit. Gallen angebotene praxisnahe und wissenschaftlich fundierte Zertifikatsprogramm bereitet die Teilnehmer auf diese Herausforderungen vor. Gallen ab 15 ECTS. Studienaufbau Das Zertifikatsprogramm ist modular aufgebaut und umfasst die Teilnahme an verschiedenen scil-Seminaren sowie die Umsetzung eines Entwicklungsportfolios.

Das Programm kann flexibel innerhalb von 1 bis 2 Jahren abgeschlossen werden. Interessenten, die diese Voraussetzungen formal nicht mitbringen, bitten wir, uns zu kontaktieren. The Net Generation has arrived. Gallen IWI-HSG and Swisscom AG, a leading telecommunication company, are convinced that actively managing the challenges of the digital transformation with the help of innovative business models will be a core task of successful enterprises in the future. Business innovation becomes increasingly important as a source of competitive advantage asking for the professionalism and efficiency of specialists.

This day-programme focuses on two aspects: First of all, it concentrates on the integrated and holistic analysis of the comprehensive change process through digital innovation. Secondly, it aims at the development of business models, which carry the digital transformation. This certificate programme is aimed at business leaders who are eager to strengthen their capabilities of transforming their business into a successful digital business. With a unique blend of state-of-the-art scientific knowledge, best practice examples, hands-on exercises and vibrant networking, you will enhance your experiences with holistic and approved knowhow by one of the leading top-business schools in Europe.

You will learn how to identify and resolve current and fundamental challenges that every business leader inevitably faces in the context of digital transformation. Part of the CAS will be credited. Please contact the Academic Director for details. Objective The CAS Digital Innovation and Business Transformation focuses on an integrated consideration of the comprehensive change process through digital innovation and the development of business models, which carry the digital transformation.

Structure The curriculum is organized around six modules, each of which lasts for three days Wednesday— Friday. Students complete one module on average once a month. This enables participants to attend the programme alongside doing their jobs. Blended Learning With this course we establish a modern blended learning approach based on traditional phases of classroom experience with discussions, team work, and hands-on work on practical problems. Moreover, course material will be provided through a cloud solution, including selected videos and other material for background information.

As a further option, community exchange and off-classroom work and discussions will be enabled through respective tools. Recognised undergraduate degree e. Jasmin Farouq Dufourstrasse 40a, St. Interkultureller Einkauf und rechtliche Aspekte. Die weiteren Module finden an folgenden Daten statt: Supply Chain Management Modul 2 Equipped with an overview, frameworks and tools the participants will be able to lead, control and increase the efficiency of processes in global aviation management. They will be given a structure and tool to auditing their companies and be able to reduce risk by using the provided risk management framework.

Furthermore, they know about crucial regulations and the impact on their business. Frameworks for quality and safety management help them to comply with the regulations. They will be able to influence and steer the company by applying their understanding of the global system of aviation and leadership skills. Join the Alumni Network You will have access to the aviation network of past participants of our programmes and all instructors, as well as with your course-mates as most have their roots in Europe.

Objective By focusing on management issues in context of aviation, participants will: Protection Safety Risk Management: Admission Aviation or aerospace industry experience and a bachelors or master degree are advantages, but not exclusively needed. At least two years of practical experience and good English written and spoken language skills are a precondition. Target group The programme is ideal for participants from companies across the aviation industry and participants who wish to enter the aviation industry. Wir leben in einer Zeit, in der Kapital zum billigen Produktionsfaktor wird, aber gleichzeitig aufgrund demografischer und politischer Entwicklungen ausgebildete und motivierte Mitarbeiter zur Mangelware werden.

In diesem Modul lernen Sie, wie positives Personalmanagement zum entscheidenden Wettbewerbsvorteil des Unternehmens wird. In vier Modulen lernen Sie: Grundlagen und Instrumente des positiven Personalmanagements Pull: Talentierte Mitarbeiter anziehen und motivieren Push: Mit Human- und Sozialkapital zur wissensbasierten Organisation werden. Antoinette Weibel sowie weitere Dozierende.

Christian Opitz Bodanstrasse 1, St. Weitere Informationen zu den Modulinhalten unter: Der Lehrgang setzt sich aus sechs Modulen zusammen Daten 8. A Transformation der Energienetze und -systeme Zudem weiss sie bzw. Und schliesslich kann sie bzw. Weitere Nutzen des Programms sind: Arlette Niedermann Bahnhofstrasse 8, St. Bereits heute arbeiten allein in Deutschland etwa 15 Mio.

In der Folge werden die Anforderungen an den Sportmanager von heute stetig anspruchsvoller und umfassender. Oftmals wird dieser von seinem Verein beim letzten Wettkampf mit einem Blumenstrauss verabschiedet und ist danach auf sich allein gestellt, was eine erfolgreiche Karriere nach der Sportkarriere erheblich erschwert. Zertifikatsprogramm zum Sportmanager aufzeigt. Hauptzielgruppe des Programms sind folgende Kandidaten: Schliesslich muss sich der Bewerber einem Eignungsverfahren erfolgreich stellen.

Dieses besteht aus einem eigens verfassten Motivationsschreiben, in welchem der Bewerber seine besondere Eignung und Motivation zur Teilnahme am Executive Education Sandra Brocca Dufourstrasse 40a, St. Kundennutzen Ihr Nutzen liegt in der Aneignung einer ganzheitlichen integrativen Sichtweise von Management. Folgende Themen werden in den sechs Modulen behandelt: Ziel des Seminars ist, den Teilnehmenden anhand des neuen St. Gallen, Schweiz; Shanghai, China Preis: Kursziel In unserem VR-Zertifikatsprogramm in 6 Modulen wird ein praxiserprobtes, integriertes Governance-Konzept vorgestellt sowie das notwendige unternehmerische und rechtliche VR-Wissen vermittelt.

Andrea Schmid Dufourstrasse 40a, St. Der VRZertifikatskurs wird mit einer Abschlussarbeit abgeschlossen. Esther Bannwart Tigerbergstrasse 9, St. Der Lehrgang Internal Auditing bietet den Teilnehmenden einerseits eine praxisorientierte Weiterbildung im Bereich des Internen Audits und zu verwandten Themengebieten. Overcome dysfunctional organizational mindsets and steering processes by linking strategy formation and project management. Franziska Hasselmann Tigerbergstrasse 9, St. Accountable for a Range of Prospected Returns of Investment and Public Service Evidence-based management accompanied by products and services of world-leading statistics and simulation tools and cutting edge research results.

Know-how to leverage from multiple life-cycle, servitisation and productization.

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Overcome trading barriers for machine to machine communication by undertaking a standardised approach for semantic coordination in industry 4. Experienced sparring partner for financial markets and institutions. Improved project selection, project mission definition, packaging, contracting, configuration management and asset integration.

Typically, for this you own, manage, finance maintain, or deliver services original equipment, decision-making for: Girtannerstrasse 8, St.

  1. Damals war es Friedrich von Hans Peter Richter. Einsatzmöglichkeiten im Geschichtsunterricht (German Edition);
  2. PeopleSoft Application Development Tools (Erp Series).
  3. E-3 November by AG - Issuu.
  4. Zwei grosse Themenkomplexe stehen im Zentrum: Unternehmensentwicklungskompetenz Sachlogische und psychologische Aspekte der Strategieumsetzung und Operational Excellence. Haben wir Ihr Interesse geweckt? Wir freuen uns auf Sie. Bereits versierte Verhandler werden mit den im Lehrgang erworbenen und trainierten Kenntnissen noch erfolgreicher. Tanja Widemann Holzstrasse 15, St. Gallen sowie Praxisreferenten und Trainer. Die Teilnehmerzahl ist begrenzt.

    In unserer Welt, die niemals stillsteht und sich von Minute zu Minute. Neue Zeiten verlangen neue Ausbildungskonzepte. Der Bewerber muss sich zudem erfolgreich einem Eignungsverfahren stellen. Daniela De Marco Bodanstrasse 4, St. Auseinandersetzungen sind Zeichen einer lebendigen Organisation. Diese Projektarbeit widmet sich einem Thema aus dem eigenen Wirkungsbereich und wird fachlich betreut.

    Strategie und Prozesse Modul 2: Finanzen und Bewertung Modul 3: Internationalisierung — Strategie, Markteintritt und Kultur Modul 7: Unternehmertum und Wachstum Zusatzmodule: Strengthen your leadership competence holistically and based on the latest research results. Learn about innovative approaches to reach self-awareness of your leadership responsibility.

    Work actively on improving your efficiency in self-, team- and organisational leadership with the assistance of experienced coaches. Objective Lead your organisation and your team to high performance! Only few organisations reach their full potential and manage to achieve high performance of each employee and the whole organisation. Essential components of successful leadership are the correct way of leading the overall organisation and the team, inspiration of employees and effective self-management. This programme, therefore, conveys practical strategies and instruments on different levels: Nicole Stambach Dufourstrasse 40a, St.

    Leadership with energy and focus Overview Individual: High performance teams and team diversity Organisation: Based on this, you work on your personal leadership profile, tailored to your area of responsibility. You are actively supported by experienced coaches to select and implement suitable measures. The following focal points are set for a holistic development of your personal leadership competence, completed by an individual leadership-coaching. High Performance Teams and Team Diversity 3 days: Strategic Leadership 3 days: Coaching during the training is supporting practice transfer in each module.

    Jens Maier, and other lecturers and practice-orientated guest speakers. Practice coaches support the transfer for practical use. Individuelles und gemeinsames Erfahrungslernen spielt deshalb jenseits der Vermittlung von Konzepten, Instrumenten und Praxisbeispielen eine zentrale Rolle. In diesem Programm werden daher praktische Strategien und Instrumente auf verschiedenen Ebenen vermittelt: Galler Leaderhip-Tag mit Nacht Modul 2: High Performance Teams 3 Tage: Strategic Leadership 3 Tage: Das Kontaktstudium 15 Tage findet innerhalb eines Jahres in sechs. Gallen, Switzerland; Singapore Price: Christoph Senn Dufourstrasse 40a, St.

    The payback of the GCP is typically realised within six to twelve months after the completion of the programme. Equipped with new frameworks and tools as well as a personal development plan, the participants will be prepared to master the role of the GAM and play a key role in developing collaborative customer relationships for their firm. Objective By focusing on leadership issues in the context of global customer business, participants will: Learn to uncover customer issues and translate potential problems into mutually beneficial opportunities. Develop new perspectives for building the customer-centric firm of the future and reconsider issues such as strategy, governance, and change.

    Enhance their ability to build commitment within their organisation by applying new concepts and tools. Structure Designed for the elite, next generation global account managers, the GCP is truly global in its outlook and content, focusing on key global business issues through its five-module structure. It is a multidisciplinary programme where the three on-campus and the two virtual modules create a highly interactive and blended learning approach. Participants receive 15 ECTS. GCP modules consist of a balanced set of insightful lectures, action learning workshops, case studies, group discussions, reflection sessions and individual VCP coaching and consultation with GCP faculty.

    Each module forms a cornerstone of the comprehensive picture that the participants will obtain through their focused sessions: Understanding the global business environment.

    1. !
    2. .
    3. .
    4. Raps (Italian Edition).
    5. Creating, delivering and measuring value. Mastering the global account manager role. Leading the transformation to customercentricity. Linking customer management to shareholder value. The GAM Certification Program features worldclass faculty who represent decades of expertise in their respective fields of study and are. In addition, C-level executives from leading global firms and subject experts ensure insightful real-world perspectives on current and next practices in global customer management. The GCP programme is directed by: Admission Early application is encouraged and must be received at least eight weeks prior to the programme start.

      Access is restricted to a limited number of participants from companies across industries and cultures. The admission review committee accepts registrations according to the order of submissions. To be considered for the programme, all candidates must have been recommended by their sponsoring company. There are special rates for teams and multiyear corporate contracts. To download the application form, please visit the download section on the programme website.

      Minimum 5 years of practical international business experience. Strong proficiency in written and spoken English. Erweiterte Kompetenzen in der Zusammenarbeit mit Management, Kunden und spezialisierten Kommunikationsfachleuten zur Gestaltung einer professionellen, integrierten Unternehmenskommunikation. Emil Annen Dufourstrasse 40a, St. Damit konzentriert sich das Intensivstudium auf die Kommunikations- und Interaktionsprozesse von Unternehmen mit ihren Kunden, Investoren sowie Mitarbeitenden und hilft, die Beziehungen in Kommunikationsnetzwerken gezielt zu gestalten.

      Als positiv hervorzuheben ist auch die gute Mischung von Theorie und Praxis, die sich bei den Lehrenden widerspiegelt. Alle weiteren Module sind an folgenden Daten geplant: Wirkungsvolle Unternehmenskommunikation Modul 2 Corporate Communication Modul 4 Interaktives Marketing und digitale Medien Modul 5 Laura Braun Dufourstrasse 40a, St. Die Teilnehmenden erhalten eine strategische Managementperspektive auf das Marketing: Marketing Intelligence Modul 3 Leistungs- und Kundenmanagement Modul 4 Brand Management und Digitales Marketing Modul 5 Distribution und Preis Modul 6 Mit flankierenden Projekten wenden die Teilnehmenden die relevanten Inhalte bereits auf ihr Unternehmen an.

      Die weiteren Module finden an folgenden Daten statt:. Spitzenleistungen im Vertrieb Modul 2 Kundengruppen differenziert bearbeiten Modul 3 Verkaufsprozesse wirksam gestalten Modul 4 Wachstum mit dem Vertrieb Modul 5 Das Thema hat auch in Industrie-, Handels- und Dienstleistungsunternehmen ausserhalb des Finanzsektors an Bedeutung gewonnen.

      Es werden die in der Unternehmenspraxis relevanten rechtlichen Fragestellungen rund um Compliance behandelt. Strong generalist knowledge and skills in European and international business law Three attendance modules in three different locations around the globe Part-time For lawyers and non-lawyers Truly international In English Certificate of Advanced Studies CAS from the University of St. Our primary goal is to provide you with strong generalist knowledge and skills in European and international business law, which you can use in your professional working life. Juridification of business makes sound knowledge of this area essential not just for lawyers, but for all executives involved in decision making in an increasingly global and regional economic environment.

      As a competent generalist you will be in a position to transfer your new skills to other fields and to move confidently into new areas of activity. Our international candidates attend the modules in different programme locations around the globe and develop cross-cultural competence. Credits and tuition fee can be taken into account for the Executive Master Program at a later stage.

      Written Paper During their CAS studies, candidates write a paper, in which they analyse a current and real problem of European or international business law according to academic standards. Topics can be chosen from the modules attended. The work is supervised by a member of the faculty. Admission Our candidates have several years of professional experience and a good command of English.

      Target group The diversity of our candidates is an asset of the course. Praktische Umsetzung der gewonnenen Kenntnisse: Der Zertifikatslehrgang ist besonders ausgerichtet auf die zutreffende praktische Umsetzung der vermittelten und besprochenen Inhalte. Die Unterlagen werden elektronisch erfasst und bilden deshalb ein wichtiges Arbeitsinstrument. Aktive Kenntnis der rechtlichen Rahmenbedingungen: Der Lehrgang soll den Teilnehmenden vertiefte Kenntnisse in allen Bereichen des Schadenausgleichs vermitteln.

      Daneben werden das Verfahren, das taktisch richtige Vorgehen und weitere praxisrelevante Aspekte behandelt. Inspirierende Inputs von Gastdozierenden zum Thema Arbeit. Andreas Galli, Kantonsgericht Luzern Dr. Ich habe viele neue Erkenntnisse, Impulse und auch Bekanntschaften mitgenommen. Programme benefits The combination of Internet-based learning technology, personal tutoring, and traditional in-class training allows you to take advantage of the benefits of blended learning, a highly efficient means of teaching. In this way you acquire a set of instruments to manage a company or a unit with regards to strategic success.

      Structure Three days of in-class sessions plus around 36 hours of e-learning including tutoring with corresponding preparatory and follow-up work. Jeder Professor wird die Teilnehmer mit den neuesten Diskussionen und Fortschritten in seinem Fachgebiet vertraut machen und den Bogen zur Praxis schlagen. Ein detailliertes Programm folgt im Januar In drei Tagen wird die Essenz des modernen ganzheitlichen Managements vermittelt und so die eigene Managementkompetenz mit aktuellen Themen und Erkenntnissen angereichert.

      Friederike Rieder Holzstrasse 15, St.

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      Viele Unternehmungen versuchen dieser Herausforderung mit einer Kontrolle des Ressourceneinsatzes, d. Was aber ist die Alternative? Operational Excellence durch strategisches Prozessmanagement setzt nicht direkt an den Kosten, sondern an den tiefer liegenden Wurzeln der Kostenverursachung an. Objective So as to provide participants the most realistic experience of a U. Monika Steiger Dufourstrasse 40a, St.

      Target group Lawyers, executives, regulators, government officials, compliance officers and others not having done a U. Programme benefits To get familiar with the entrepreneurial and legal dimensions of Corporarte and Subsidiary Governance of international companies and organisations including new tools for the strategic direction and control at the board level. Objective To brief chairpersons and members of supervisory and managing boards of international companies and organisations about the latest developments and important trends of Corporate and Subsidiary Governance and new tools to develop board effectiveness.

      E-learning, Final paper Application deadline: The normative function of the board: The Board of Directors as the Directing Body. The communication function of the board: Admission Member of the Board of Directors or of the Managing Board of an international company or organisation. Chairpersons and members of the board of directors or the managing board of international companies and organisations. Composizione demografica del Consiglio di amministrazione e scelte organizzative Prof. Obiettivo Seminario serale per presidenti, membri di consigli di amministrazione e direttori di PMI.

      Gallen, President and Member of the Board of various companies Dott. Organisation du programme Fournisseur: Gleichzeitig erhalten sie Gelegenheit, ihre eigene Arbeitsweise zu optimieren und Compliance auf VR-Ebene zu integrieren. Erfahrungen haben gezeigt, das in vielen Unternehmen auf VR-Ebene das profunde Knowhow zur wirksamen Gestaltung und Aufsicht der Digitalisierung fehlt. Dadurch sollen die Teilnehmenden angeregt werden, ihre eigenen VR-Konzepte weiterzuentwickeln. Rolf Dubs David Frick Prof.

      Integrierte Corporate Governance Prof. Andrea Schmid Dufourstrasse 40, St. Gallen, Mitglied des Verwaltungsrates verschiedener namhafter Unternehmen. We provide you a condensed seminar introducing the relevant Business Engineering concepts and giving you a broad understanding of the different components of Business Transformation Management. In eight intensive days, you will acquire an understanding of the concepts, discuss them with fellow executives and apply them to your own business.

      In order to develop your transformational skills for your IT organisation, you should be able to share insights and findings about business transformation management. Spannungsfelder und organisatorische Verankerung des Bestandsmanagements Di: Bestandsplanung, -steuerung und -kontrolle, Working Capital Management Mi: Admission The programme is targeted at top talents in IT and other IT-related business functions from upper to senior management interested in developing their transformation management capabilities from an IT perspective.

      Executives with at least three years of leadership experience of all industries Transformation experience or the intention to take such a role within the next 12 months Strong proficiency in written and spoken English. Monika Wissing Girtannerstrasse 8, St.

      IT Specialist (m/f) 80-100%

      Frau Margareta Brugger Dufourstrasse 40a, St. Doch wie funktioniert erfolgreiches Standortmanagement? Geleitet wird die Gruppe von Dr. Projektleiter, Forschungs- und Lehrbeauftragter in den Themenfeldern Regionalpolitik, Standortmanagement und Standortwahlverhalten von Unternehmen. Studienaufbau Die Erstveranstaltung findet am Freitag, 9. Dezember 14—18 Uhr statt. Monika Lutz Tannenstrasse 19, St. Im Rahmen einer international zusammengesetzten Lerngruppe werden die Teilnehmenden in die Lage versetzt: Die drei Kurstage unter der Leitung von Dr. Was bewegt derzeit den Versicherungsmarkt?

      Stephanie Schreiner Dufourstrasse 40a, St. Randi Oldach Dufourstrasse 40a, St. Das Thema Patientensicherheit hat sich in den letzten Jahren stark weiterentwickelt:. Das Seminar ist in zwei Module aufgeteilt. Das erste Modul dauert 2 Tage und findet in St. Es vermittelt die Grundlagen des Managements von Patientensicherheit auf Basis einer systemischen, kommunikationszentrierten Perspektive. Dieses Modul vertieft spezifische Verfahren eines Patientensicherheitsmanagements. Joachim Koppenberg medizinische Verantwortung: Modul 2, Scuol, Die Chancen und Gefahren von verschiedenen Nachfolgestrategien werden aufgezeigt.

      Sie erhalten Wissen rund um die verschiedenen Gestaltungsdimensionen. Sie lernen viele Beispiele kennen. Studienaufbau Das Seminar umfasst zwei Tage. Neben der Wissensvermittlung stehen die Diskussion von Praxisbeispielen sowie der Erfahrungsaustausch im Vordergrund. Galler Nachfolgemodell und Ehe-, Erb- und Gesellschaftsrecht. Es werden die wesentlichen Gestaltungsdimensionen rund um die Bereiche Family-, Corporate-, Eigentums- und Wealth-Governance diskutiert. Eschenz TG, Schweiz Preis: Maximilian Groh Dufourstrasse 40a, St. Die Veranstaltung ist mit 25 Credits anrechenbar.

      Stefan Sander, in der 9. Gallen, Professor an der Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin. During the preparatory phase, you will acquire solid knowledge in the basics of accounting and financial management. You will be taught the structure of a balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. You will be made familiar with the most important ratios, as well as the tools for ensuring financial health and successful planning for the future.

      Three days of in-class sessions plus around 36 hours of e-learning including tutoring with corresponding preparatory and follow-up work. Der spezielle Fokus dieses Kurses stellt neben der Vermittlung von theoretischen Konzepten die praktische Anwendbarkeit in den Vordergrund. Hochleistung und Energie Unternehmen: Strategien zur Mobilisierung und Fokussierung von Energie, um Hochleistung zu erzeugen. Pascale Bornhauser Rosenbergstrasse 52, St. Anlageberatung Banking Finanzanalyse Wertpapier- und Devisenhandel.

      Optional wird am Energie und Fokus Person: Programme benefits As a leader you have to constantly think and act within a myriad of demanding tasks, transformation challenges and opportunities. Time and again this is accompanied by the question: How to best set free and effectively focus your own power, the energy of your unit, and the potential of the entire organisation.

      It is your leadership competence that is needed in this multitude of factors. Galler Leadership Model will show you techniques that have been proven in practice to strengthen the personal impact of leaders. You will work on your personal leadership profile, tailored to your area of responsibility. You will be actively supported by experienced coaches to select and implement suitable measures.

      Leading yourself Innovative concepts, methods and tools that help to become more resolute with a more decisive willpower, and thereby raise your personal leadership impact. Leading direct reports and teams Learn and work with concepts for inspiring, results-oriented and problem-oriented leadership as well as for leading high performance teams. Energising the organisation Strategies to mobilise and channel the energy to generate high performance and fitness.

      MHPBoxenstopp: Lieferantenmanagement

      Stabile Beziehungen gestalten Leadership Skills: Sie analysieren Ihre eigenen Denkstrukturen, Verhaltensmuster und Wahrnehmungsfilter. Erlebnislernen, Reflexions- und Analysemethoden von Individuen und Gruppen. Arbeiten in Trainingsgruppen, die sich selbst thematisieren; in Analysegruppen und in Kleingruppen.

      Erkennen der eigenen Denkstrukturen und Verhaltensmuster, der blinden Flecken und der Wahrnehmungsfilter durch Feedback-Prozesse. Andreas Oetiker Dufourstrasse 40a, St. By participating, you will learn from speakers with both academic and practical management backgrounds and gain new impetus for your day-to-day business decisions. The seminar starts with a brief primer on the management and marketing of luxury. Then, six specific challenges will be discussed:. Benjamin Berghaus Dufourstrasse 40a, St. Creating digital luxury experiences Omnichannel: Understanding future market Responsibility: Merging heritage and high-tech Emerging markets: Objective The luxury business has entered a new phase — one characterised by market headwinds, high complexity, and ever faster changing consumer needs.

      The 5-day seminar not only provides an overview of the main challenges in the luxury market but also specific solutions. Discussions with experienced speakers and luxury managers aim to trigger new ideas and provide a basis for innovation. Dominik Schwizer Dufourstrasse 40a, St. GAMPRO provides the analytical and strategic skills required to manage global customer relationships effectively.

      This three day programme is taught by faculty from leading business schools who represent decades of expertise in their respective fields of study and are recognised for their ground-breaking research. In addition, practitioners from well-known multi-national companies, who have successfully tackled the challenges of implementing customer management strategies within their own organisations, ensure insightful real world perspectives and current and next practices in global customer management. Practice oriented, interactive sessions from practitioners for practitioners provide you with actionable tools and innovative ideas to improve your daily business.

      Day 1 covers creating high-impact GAM programmes; Day 2 looks at strengthening global customer relationships; and Day 3 we investigate how to orchestrate cross-enterprise value creation. This set up offers an opportunity to bring a small team to the event for the purpose of learning as well as achieving greater internal alignment around key customer strategy and initiatives. To maximise the benefits of the programme class size is limited! It requires taking a far higher level of account engagement and professional expertise in order to lead your company to success with global accounts.

      Kursziel Lernziele des Workshops: Ein Technologiebezug des Projekts wird erwartet z. Ingenieur-, Naturwissenschaften, Software und IT. Die Entwicklungsthemen werden gemeinsam mit Ihnen und Ihrem Team konzipiert und umgesetzt. Studienaufbau Im Einzelnen umfasst das Seminar folgende Inhalte: Lisa Benz Dufourstrasse 40a, St. Kundennutzen Der langfristige Erfolg von Familienunternehmen und Unternehmerfamilien beruht auf einer aktiven Gestaltung der beiden Welten. Kursziel Ziel des St. Frank Halter Dufourstrasse 40a, St.

      Programme benefits The conference focuses on the management, leadership and related challenges of compliance functions. It is addressed at compliance officers, inhouse legal counsel, lawyers, risk managers, auditors and members of audit committees of the board of directors. Legal and regulatory aspects of companywide activities are not the traditional business drivers, however, today they belong to it. How the management deals with the legal and regulatory dimension of the business environment has become a success factor.

      Efficiency and effectiveness of these aspects very much depend on how this dimension is operated and integrated into the management cycle. The annual one-day conference shall provide compliance practitioners with insights on how to manage a compliance function effectively and efficiently. It will allow in-depth discussion with senior compliance practitioners of companies from various industries and from regulatory bodies. Target group Chief Compliance Officers, compliance professionals, and company and government executives involved in legal, regulatory, governance, risk, audit, corporate responsiblity, or compliance matters.

      Also board members of audit, risk, or compliance committees. Challenging discussions about concepts, methodologies, processes and instruments as well as specific legal, regulatory operational issues at the interface between management and law. Can one negotiate compliance with a financial service or other regulator? Systematic exploitation of the legal and regulatory scope for business design in connection with the planning and the implementation of entrepreneurial initiatives does not only minimise the risks but, in particular, has also a lot to do with the realisation of opportunities.

      Target group In-house legal counsel, general counsels and other persons with an interest in topics related to operational management of a legal department. Philipp Wustrow Dufourstrasse 40a, St. Sie dauert jeweils einen halben Tag und findet am letzten Donnerstag im November statt. Walter Weber Dufourstrasse 40a, St. Programme benefits Founded in by Prof. Carl Baudenbacher, the St. High-ranking speakers inform about and debate on the current trends in European and International Competition Law.

      IT Specialist (m/f) 80-100%

      Gallen International Competition Law Forum ICF allows its attendants to get informed about the most current and pressing competition law and policy issues in Europe. Gallen ICF is also very known for its active audience and in-depth discussions between participants and speakers. Last but not least, the networking and mix-and-mingle factors should not remain unmentioned.

      The ICF is the annual meeting point for more than participants from advocacy, the judiciary, the business world, academia as well as public authorities. Das besondere Format der vorherigen Jahre mit einer abwechslungsreiche Folge von KeynoteSpeeches, Plenumsdiskussionen, TeilnehmerInteraktionen und der Leadership-Nacht wird jeweils begeistert aufgenommen.

      Weitere Informationen zum St.

      Lieferantenmanagement - Definition, Ziele und praktischer Einsatz (German Edition) Lieferantenmanagement - Definition, Ziele und praktischer Einsatz (German Edition)
      Lieferantenmanagement - Definition, Ziele und praktischer Einsatz (German Edition) Lieferantenmanagement - Definition, Ziele und praktischer Einsatz (German Edition)
      Lieferantenmanagement - Definition, Ziele und praktischer Einsatz (German Edition) Lieferantenmanagement - Definition, Ziele und praktischer Einsatz (German Edition)
      Lieferantenmanagement - Definition, Ziele und praktischer Einsatz (German Edition) Lieferantenmanagement - Definition, Ziele und praktischer Einsatz (German Edition)
      Lieferantenmanagement - Definition, Ziele und praktischer Einsatz (German Edition) Lieferantenmanagement - Definition, Ziele und praktischer Einsatz (German Edition)

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