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The Ace is accessible by elevator and we will, as always, feature gender neutral restrooms. Due to the attention and energy surrounding the Ace opening as well as the festival itself, we anticipate these tickets will sell out very quickly, so we're giving Slo 'Mo fam a first chance at snagging them. We prioritize space for our queer fam, but you have to get on it! Anticipate a variety of beautiful cocktail creations featuring the following high quality spirits: Treat your bestie or bae with a gift from Asrai Garden , who will be selling floral accoutrements at cost just for Slo 'Mo fam: Place your order in person at W.

Floral decor means photos galore: A custom photobooth will capture you in your best with your baes. Check out our Pinterest board for attire inspo. Get in formation with your bestie or boo and plan a botanical storm for the chance to win a luxurious staycation prize package:. Dial up your friend or lover, this competition requires planning!

The Ballroom is located at the corner of California and Belmont. There are two free parking lots located on Elston and California. All bathrooms will welcome all genders, as always!

As always, we prioritize intimacy in our spaces, and thus, capacity is limited. Pining to attend but light on cash flow? There are limited volunteer opportunities in exchange for tickets. We strive to create as many opportunities as possible with our special events: Floral graphics created by the fam Lauren Black of Lesbifriends. After many, many requests, Slo 'Mo is headed west to sunny Los Angeles. RSVP to slomoparty gmail.

Slow motion

Our ability to continue to tour Slo 'Mo depends on the fam to help us spread the word. Fwd this email, give us a shout on IG slomoparty or whisper in a cutie's ear; Slo 'Mo is almost here Yep, it's on Mother's Day; bring her! Jonesing for Slo 'Mo to come to your city? Drop us a line, send a smoke signal, or tag us in your fave venues! North Ave, Chicago tix avail here. A continuation of her January workshop, which explored chadarunga and Sun Salutation A, this is for new yogis who are mystified or challenged by some of these postures, or for anyone who wants a refresher!

We'll enjoy music by some of Chicago's most amazing artists from the past and now. Please bring a yoga mat, and a friend who has been wanting to try yoga in a fun, affirming setting! The January workshop was our most popular Slow Jams Yoga yet, so sign-up soon while there's still space!

Slow Jams Yoga welcomes all, especially femme-identified, queer-identified folk as well as people of color. No prior yoga experience is required. Lauren Ash is a multifaceted creative entrepreneur and visionary most-recognized for her leadership prioritizing black women in the wellness and editorial fields. And as co-founder of award-winning Party Noire, she celebrates black womanhood through Black Joy centered parties and community gatherings.

She is also a consultant for women of color led startups and guides group and private yoga and meditation. Dapper Ball is a celebration of androgynous swag, butch realness and queer culture. Prepare for an evening celebrating the king or queen within you as we roll out the red carpet for community to get your shine and swag on. You will receive a complimentary drink upon arrival and have the chance to take your photo on the red carpet. The venue is wheelchair accessible via an elevator and will feature all-gender bathrooms.

We believe swag is personal so how you express your style at the party is up to you! Partial proceeds will benefit Trans Lifeline , a c 3 non-profit dedicated to the well-being of transgender people. Trans Lifeline runs a hotline staffed by transgender people for transgender people and are in need more than ever of our support. Consider giving to them at translifeline. Its residency at the Whistler in Logan Square takes place the third Thursday of the month with special Satellite Slo 'Mo programs throughout the city.

AMFM is a brand and space for artists and the people. AMFM curates and hosts events combining the arts to cultivate community and good vibes, and is known for their dynamic art and music events, like their monthly pop up Jazz Series in Chicago, and their large conceptual events. Boi Society is a creative group of individuals who identify on the queer spectrum around the world.

Slomo: The Man Who Skated Right Off the Grid

Our mission is to provide education of our community to develop a more positive relationship within society. This relationship will not only promote acceptance, respect and tolerance of all individuals regardless of their identity background, it will also raise awareness and support to the individuals who are members of our community. We are the most diverse illustration of a non-confirming lifestyle. We are not here to label. We honor and represent the entire queer community. Start your year out with self care at this special edition of Slow Jams Yoga, when resident Reunion yoga instructor Lauren Ash.

In this class, she'll break down chadarunga dandasana and other frequently occurring yoga asanas postures involved in vinyasa yoga—halfway lift, plank, low plank, upward dog, and downward dog. This is for new yogis who are mystified or challenged by some of thees postures, or for anyone who wants a refresher or wants to dig deeper!

Please bring a yoga mat, and a friend who has been wanting to try yoga in a fun, affirming setting. Lauren Ash is the Founder and Creative Director of Black Girl In Om, a lifestyle brand focused on cultivating holistic wellness, inner beauty, and self empowerment for women of color.

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She is also a certified yoga instructor, wellness curator, and creative writer. She is passionate about building authentic and meaningful community amongst women of color, people of color more broadly, and creatives and inspiring all people to live by their intentions and chase after their curiosities with enthusiasm, faith, and vision.

She is currently loving all things sports luxe, red wine, travel, and her monthly black joy centered day party she co-founded: Whether you're just now falling in love with Solo, or you've been stanning since Sandcastle Disco, you're invited to a soulful yoga flow inspired by this artist who understands the value of taking her time with her art.

All who attend will receive a special quote from the album that will serve as your intention for class. We'll explore, through class and a dialogue, how taking our time to truly focus on our intentions in our daily lives can bring so much meaning to our lives and the lives of others. Bring your own mat!

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Let's move our bodies and breathe deep as we enjoy yet another Slow Jams Yoga session with Lauren Ash. This time, our inspiration is Rihanna, who needs no introduction. From 'Pon de Replay to Needed Me, we'll explore some of her best jams while opening our hearts, minds, and bodies. Maybe this'll turn into a big dance party. Register today, grab your friends and let's get to "Work" at Slo 'Mo Sundays. This class tends to sell out; advanced purchase is highly recommended. After the big Slo 'Mo five year anniversary celebration, cool down with sexy yoga by our favorite instructor Lauren Ash.

If you're not into a lot of up and down, around and around action, this yoga class is for you. We'll take it nice and slow with our yoga flow, as well as the music. Lauren's playlist will feature some lazy, taking-their time artists like Frank Ocean, for example. We love you Frank! No prior yoga experience is required to enjoy this class. Groove into your week off right with community and treat your body right!

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This class is a sure fire sell out so buy tickets in advance. Cue the Tony, Toni, Tone - it's our anniversary! Join the whole fam- Kristen, Tess and Audio Jack, when we'll be spinning your favorite jams, popping the bubbly and BBQing in the backyard. At this milestone, we want to especially thank our family at the Whistler for being supportive, inclusive and welcoming, and all the friends who have walked through the doors of the party not just at the Whistler but our many excursions across Chicago these last five years.

This community is beyond anything we ever imagined, and we built it together.

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Thank YOU for being a part of it. D o you have a special Slo 'Mo memory or sentiment? Andy Bellomo Poetry by: Chicago's most vibrant pride event is back! This technique is more often applied to video subjected to instant replay than to film. A third technique that is becoming common using current computer software post-processing with programs like Twixtor is to fabricate digitally interpolated frames to smoothly transition between the frames that were actually shot.

Motion can be slowed further by combining techniques, interpolating between overcranked frames. The traditional method for achieving super-slow motion is through high-speed photography , a more sophisticated technique that uses specialized equipment to record fast phenomena, usually for scientific applications. Slow motion is ubiquitous in modern filmmaking. It is used by a diverse range of directors to achieve diverse effects. Some classic subjects of slow motion include:. Slow motion can also be used for artistic effect, to create a romantic or suspenseful aura or to stress a moment in time.

Vsevolod Pudovkin , for instance, used slow motion in a suicide scene in The Deserter , in which a man jumping into a river seems sucked down by the slowly splashing waves. The Matrix made a distinct success in applying the effect into action scenes through the use of multiple cameras, as well as mixing slow-motion with live action in other scenes. Japanese director Akira Kurosawa was a pioneer using this technique in his movie Seven Samurai. American director Sam Peckinpah was another classic lover of the use of slow motion.

The technique is especially associated with explosion effect shots and underwater footage. The opposite of slow motion is fast motion. Cinematographers refer to fast motion as undercranking since it was originally achieved by cranking a handcranked camera slower than normal.

It is often used for comic, or occasional stylistic effect. Extreme fast motion is known as time lapse photography ; a frame of, say, a growing plant is taken every few hours; when the frames are played back at normal speed, the plant is seen to grow before the viewer's eyes. The concept of slow motion may have existed before the invention of the motion picture: There are two ways in which slow motion can be achieved in modern cinematography.

Both involve a camera and a projector. A projector refers to a classical film projector in a movie theater, but the same basic rules apply to a television screen and any other device that displays consecutive images at a constant frame rate. The second type of slow motion is achieved during post production.

This is known as time-stretching or digital slow motion. This type of slow motion is achieved by inserting new frames in between frames that have actually been photographed. The effect is similar to overcranking as the actual motion occurs over a longer time. Since the necessary frames were never photographed, new frames must be fabricated. Sometimes the new frames are simply repeats of the preceding frames but more often they are created by interpolating between frames. Often this interpolation is effectively a short dissolve between still frames.

Many complicated algorithms exist that can track motion between frames and generate intermediate frames that scene.

Slo Mo! Slo Mo!
Slo Mo! Slo Mo!
Slo Mo! Slo Mo!
Slo Mo! Slo Mo!
Slo Mo! Slo Mo!
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