A Highland Duchess (Tulloch Sgathan)

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The man was tall, dressed all in black, with striking features and an attractive face one would not easily forget. Emma knew she very much needed a miracle.

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But God must truly work in mysterious ways, or have a unique sense of humor, if he had sent this handsome, arrogant rogue--the-most-unlikely-knight-in-shining-armor-ever--to come to her rescue. A woman who'd been traumatized during her marriage by the perverted desires of a husband who had forced her to endure acts of depravity guaranteed to crush the spirit, and defeat even the sturdiest of souls.

And it's also the story of Lord Ian McNair, an intelligent and well regarded man of science. A man who upon meeting the Duchess is mesmerized by Emma's beauty--by expressive eyes that fascinated him, and spoke of untold secrets hidden in their blue depths.

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They revealed a strong woman of intelligence and wry humor, along with glimpses of darker, more painful emotions she struggled to hide. Ian doesn't care about the rumors surrounding the woman they call the Ice Queen. But can he convince Emma that he'll never hurt her? That he only wants to be the man that melts the ice around her heart, eases her pain, and helps her to heal. Beyond that, he's determined to be the only man she turns to for comfort, for the safety and sanctuary found in his strong, protective arms I loved Ian and felt he was a deliciously charismatic hero.

He's a man great of intelligence, and a dependable, responsible, and undeniably honorable man. I liked that he was inquisitive by nature and eager to gain knowledge about the workings of the world around him and studied the biological sciences to help people. That he was smart and playfully roguish, added to his appeal, and fortunately, he was a much better scientist than a thief.

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He penetrated the barriers Emma had erected around her heart and mind with his offer of friendship, with a willingness to listen, to understand, and not to judge her, for the actions of her husband. And from Ian's personal dilemma, we also learn that when you don't love someone Especially if by doing it you open that person up to a lifetime of emotional heartache, knowing their love isn't returned. And I loved how the author gradually built up the sexual tension between Ian and Emma as their attraction and desire for each other grew.

It felt extremely honest and believable, and the love scenes were both thrilling and intensely sensual. Karen Ranney is a supremely accomplished writer and consummate storyteller.

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She crafts deeply emotional stories that are always engaging, passionate, and utterly romantic, and her poignant, inspiring and ever hopeful themes are guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings. She also has a remarkable ability to seamlessly weave relevant historical data into a thoroughly compelling and eloquent told narrative.

In A Highland Duchess, the author delves into the darker underside of Victorian life and morals in a way that is insightful, penetrating and fascinating; by subtly revealing that society's secrets, rumors and innuendo for the unpleasant and disgraceful truths they sometimes were. It essentially challenges the widely popular view that Victorian culture was exclusively characterized by strong moral principles, propriety, personal restraint, family values and excessive formality.

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A closer look at history tells us that wasn't always the case. I thought Emma was a superbly drawn character. She was tired of being the Duchess of Herridge, of being the cold dispassionate Ice Queen, though that was what had helped her survive, but she wanted to wipe the memories of it all from her mind And she wanted to feel healthy, honest desire and fiery passion for a man, for Ian, and to be a willing participant in their love making without any regrets, or the terrible shame and humiliation she suffered through with Anthony's lewd debaucheries.

The Tulloch Sgàthán Trilogy by Karen Ranney

I felt so much compassion for her, I wanted to cry for the heartache and misery she'd suffered. Her story gives you a hint of what life may truly have been like in the 's for woman, and how they were at the complete mercy of their fathers or husbands or uncles or brothers. Life was not always all pleasantries and tea parties for women, even the wealthy ones. This is a story of two good, decent and honorable people, who were brought together by an extraordinary twist of fate.

In the beginning they were two wholly different people Emma was a wounded Duchess hiding from life, and Ian, a scientist who embraced life in all its wonder and glory.

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But together they'll learn that love truly can mend a broken heart Some other recommended books by Karen Ranney: I personally do not like personal thoughts being hashed and rehashed throughout the book. Especially the same thoughts in various parts of the books. Ramey makes me feel the hills and dales of the Highlands.

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  • She is one of the best Historians of my beloved Scotland. See all 18 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published on May 15, Published on September 9, Published on August 27, Published on August 25, Published on August 18, Published on August 9, A Highland Duchess 2 by Karen Ranney A Highland Duchess 2 by Kare The story of a duchess taken captive briefly--just long enough to fall in love--by a lusty Scotsman, A Highland Duchess is a wildly romantic, deeply emotional tale.

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    Romance readers adore Scotland-set love stories The story of a duchess taken captive brieflyjust long enough to fall in loveby a lusty Scotsman, A Highland Duchess is a wildly romantic, deeply emotional tale. If only she were his wife and not his captive. As the Ice Queen's defenses melt under the powerful passion she finds with her handsome captor, she begins to believe that love may be possible.

    Yet fate has decreed that the dream can never be-for pursuing it means sacrificing everything they hold dear: The second book in Karen Ranney's lush, new Scottish historical romance series. The second book in Ranney's lush new Scottish historical series.

    A Highland Duchess (Tulloch Sgathan) A Highland Duchess (Tulloch Sgathan)
    A Highland Duchess (Tulloch Sgathan) A Highland Duchess (Tulloch Sgathan)
    A Highland Duchess (Tulloch Sgathan) A Highland Duchess (Tulloch Sgathan)
    A Highland Duchess (Tulloch Sgathan) A Highland Duchess (Tulloch Sgathan)
    A Highland Duchess (Tulloch Sgathan) A Highland Duchess (Tulloch Sgathan)
    A Highland Duchess (Tulloch Sgathan) A Highland Duchess (Tulloch Sgathan)
    A Highland Duchess (Tulloch Sgathan) A Highland Duchess (Tulloch Sgathan)
    A Highland Duchess (Tulloch Sgathan) A Highland Duchess (Tulloch Sgathan)
    A Highland Duchess (Tulloch Sgathan)

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