El Sitio de Breda (Spanish Edition)

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Amberes, 1592 - Bruselas, 1667

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Siege of Breda (1624)

Retrieved from " https: Views View Edit History. This page was last edited on 9 September , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Flemish painter and draughtsman. Antwerp , Brussels The 55 to meter wide canal [9] was five feet deep and was provided with water from Mark.

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Crescent ravelins were applied in the ditches. Hornwork was placed on the gates and at the monastery. Stakewall were built to complicate assault by horsemen and foot soldiers and simultaneously prevent desertion.

Around Breda, forests formed an obstacle for the cavalry and artillery of any besieging army and the high water level of the Mark posed challenges to attacking infantry. The rivers Mark and Aa and other streams also hampered besiegers.

By using an inundation sluice near the Ginnekense gate, the area south of Breda could be put underwater if opened. The north side had a lock near Terheijden that functioned. Because the States of Holland and West Friesland knew that the Spanish army might attempt to conquer Breda, they left the city with enough food, supplies, and weapons for an eight-month siege.

The city council refused to store more food than was necessary for a nine-month siege. Nobody knew what tactics the Spanish army would apply.

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Therefore, the possibility of a direct assault was also considered. To prevent this, a State army was stationed near Breda with the aim of disrupting any direct assault on the city. The garrison in Breda consisted of 17 companies in peacetime, each of which consisted of 65 men and 5 cavalry squadrons of 70 riders each. When it was probable that the city would become besieged, the squadrons were supplemented by another 30 riders each; the infantry was supplemented with 28 companies of men.

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To save food, three squadrons were sent to Geertruidenberg shortly before a siege. The castle held approximately civilians out of the 5, soldiers. The male inhabitants of Breda between 20 and 70 years, about 1, men, were armed to support the soldiers. His deputy was Dyrcx Cornelis van Oosterhout, but his role was insignificant during the siege.

In addition to the soldiers, others stayed in the city.

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Ordinary citizens , farmers , spouses and children of soldiers, came to the town to seek protection against the Spanish army. The soldiers' wives were responsible for cooking and washing for the soldiers and caring for the sick and wounded. The total number of inhabitants in the city is estimated at 13, They are believed to have been housed in about 1, homes. Conflicting and incomplete data does not allow for an accurate calculation of the size of the Spanish army.

On 30 September the number was probably around 40, soldiers and on about 2 May , approximately 80, soldiers. The composition of the Spanish army was diverse, as shown in the table above. El final de la Guerra de Flandes Now you can add in works from the Collection browser. Zoom in Zoom out.

El Sitio de Breda : Pedro Calderon de la Barca :

Home Technical data Home Technical data. Snayers, Peter Amberes, - Bruselas, See author's file. Oil on canvas The plaza occupies the center of the image, surrounded by the fortifications and the camp. Tags Painting Oil Canvas.

El Sitio de Breda (Spanish Edition) El Sitio de Breda (Spanish Edition)
El Sitio de Breda (Spanish Edition) El Sitio de Breda (Spanish Edition)
El Sitio de Breda (Spanish Edition) El Sitio de Breda (Spanish Edition)
El Sitio de Breda (Spanish Edition) El Sitio de Breda (Spanish Edition)
El Sitio de Breda (Spanish Edition) El Sitio de Breda (Spanish Edition)
El Sitio de Breda (Spanish Edition) El Sitio de Breda (Spanish Edition)
El Sitio de Breda (Spanish Edition) El Sitio de Breda (Spanish Edition)
El Sitio de Breda (Spanish Edition) El Sitio de Breda (Spanish Edition)

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