God is So God!: The Adventures of a Traveling Ministry on a Prophetic Faith Journey

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He died to ensure that the people would not go to hell! And the blood of the martyr that died in John Chau will bring greater things and I believe his death has opened a great door for effectual ministry. The world says go to school, marry, build a career, have success, retire, then die.

But life in the kingdom of God is built on sacrifice. Do not blame me. People confuse Christ with religion. Without Christ a man is doomed. Live a life of pain, in Christ and you are saved. This is why we do what we do for it is the only way a man is saved. Witch doctor sought to destroy Bible group, but God had other plans. Remaining unengaged, unreached people groups adopted for church planting by Muslim hated Christians, said it would take a miracle for him to follow Jesus.

Slain missionary John Chau quarantined himself, took immunizations to avoid harming tribe, battled with his emotions. American missionary killed by arrows trying to reach remote tribe with Gospel. Stephen Colbert returned to faith in a Chicago snowstorm. Muslim struggled to find peace in Islam. In the Philippines, the Bible is the most read book. Featured Videos Loading Videos I grew up in a non-Christian home where I learned that supernatural things originated from evil sources.

The problem was I had a lot of weird things happen to me. I had nightmares, heard voices, saw things that weren't there and grew up fascinated by paranormal activity.


What Is Your Experience with God?

But when I was in my 20s, God invaded my life, and everything changed. The darkness and fear that plagued my God-given gift faded away as I pursued freedom and a closer walk with Him. I started hearing Him in my dreams, having visions, just knowing stuff and feeling what other people felt. It was immediate but not instantaneous. He taught about faith and expecting God to move miraculously, but what really caught my attention was the ministry time. He pointed at a young man in the congregation, asked him to stand up and began telling him about his past, present and future.

He did this more than 20 times that night with different people. My heart cried out, "God, if that is available, I want it! At that course, I learned God not only gives us dreams, but He also wants us to learn how to interpret them. They have meaning beyond the experience itself. Get Spirit-filled content delivered right to your inbox! Click here to subscribe to our newsletter. John Paul's course started me on a journey of study, and today, almost 20 years later, I know I have only scratched the surface of what God offers in the dream world.

I started studying dreams and visions, practicing interpreting them and getting feedback from others: Does it seem to fit? I pursued understanding, and now my life is marked by dreams—I interpret them, I have them, they guide me and I teach others about them. By far, the most important thing I have learned about dreams is this: When it comes down to it, studying dreams is not about dreams. They are not the answer by themselves. If you choose to travel through it with an open, growing spirit, there will be a fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore.

If your fear or comfort stunts your growth, well, you will never experience the fullness of the life you were meant to live. And he went out, not knowing where he was going. How many of us travel only when plans have been made? While this scenario seems spontaneous and full of adventure, most of us plan at least the destination. We would think ourselves to be absolutely absurd if we chose otherwise. Matter of fact, to choose otherwise does not even cross our minds as an option. However, how many times do we see this very thing in scripture? Men or women of God whom take leaps of faith into a journey whose destination is simply unmarked.

Each of them following their own guidance rooted and springing from the Holy Spirit who is dwelling inside them. And God, He knew the destination. As He does for each of us. When we choose to travel across our breathtakingly created earth within our brief lifespans places unfamiliar to each of us, the traveling brings purpose. We begin to see new things first hand.

We get whiffs of unique food and cultural surroundings. Sounds that we are accustomed to from home resonate in an entirely new way. We may dive into culture through trying various foods which we may, or may not, be able to identify. And all of these things bring us into a state of. All which lead into a deeper purpose. A purpose that may not be about a destination as much as it is a journey. I have wanted to travel since I was a little girl growing up in the small town of Bedford in southern Indiana.

I loved the exotic music and colors of China and longed to experience them myself. In college, I was able to go to China for five weeks, and my love of travel bloomed even more. I started painting some of the patterns and scenes I had experienced there. Along with my artistry, that trip ignited my passion to bring the love of God to all peoples. It is an month mission trip in which the participants backpack through 11 countries. I was privileged to volunteer with local ministries and nonprofits as I lived with locals.

I paint the things that many people often miss in order to celebrate the small things and nod my hat at the artists who created some of the original items.

Charisma Magazine

Sometimes I like to take different pieces from the things I see, like a pattern and an object, and merge them together to create a new image. I am always working on new paintings, and I plan to start doing collections from each of the countries I have traveled to. I would love to travel more and tell the stories of the people and places I meet. Maybe one day I will. Click on the link to see more of her work: I have spent more time overseas than in America.

I walked the same trail that ancient Incan kings traversed to Machu Picchu. I shared time in a panaderia with drug dealers and cartel hit men in Colombia. Most of the time, my best stories are ones of simplicity. The happiest I was when I went out on the World Race a mission trip to 11 countries in 11 months was during a pickup soccer game with a local family and friends.

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The best sunset I saw happened while I was playing basketball on a neighborhood court in Zambia. These are the stories that get me. And I usually leave tired and underwhelmed. But my adventures have taught me to BE the adventure. I can now appreciate a sunset from anywhere in the world, and a field of wild flowers now leaves me near tears almost every time. I no longer cook breakfast or dinner, I make gourmet meals. And I make them really well.

No longer do I need the big tourist attractions or the large Instagram followings to make me feel alive. I can now see Him in everything. And when I am operating this way, life takes on a whole new meaning. Sometimes we fall down and sometimes we get lazy, but we always get back up and get running again. But we all have one thing in common: Some will be about travel, some will be about the spiritual journey, and some will be about business.

S Lewis is one of my spiritual heroes, and by all accounts one of the reasons that I still have faith. So the fact that I'm writing this blog at the very table where the Inklings -the group of writing legends that included CS Lewis and JR Tolkien- used to meet regularly to discuss their stories and dream their dreams is almost surreal to me.

Classics such as Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia were birthed and nurtured in this little pub in the middle of Oxford. The blessing that is my life hasn't escaped me. Who gets to do these things? I came to check out the pub and see where these giants of the imagination did life, but I sat down at this table for some magic. And maybe , just maybe , God is writing me into a great story, and this could be a sweet chapter in it. We really wish that dragons were real and that a brave knight had to rescue a princess while battling the beast.

We really hope that the ancient Incas were warned by their spirit guides who read the night sky that the Spanish were coming to destroy them, and that they built their cities higher and higher into the Andes in hopes of safety. We really want David to have killed Goliath. I really want Rafiki to have knocked Simba over the head with a stick to remind him who he is and help him achieve his destiny.

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And that's half the reason that I believe in Jesus. I believe that God has written eternity on all men's hearts, but even more than that, I believe that He has ingrained in our DNA the desire to live a great story , to live a life of meaning and purpose. If we sit still for a few minutes and let our minds wander, I think deep down, we all know that we were made for something more- to be caught up into something bigger. That something is wrong with this world, and it needs to be made right.

That we were made for more than the life we are living. Here's why I know this to be true: From Hercules to Lion King, from the ancient tales of middle eastern literature to the legends of King Arthur, the need for a savior has been woven into the imagination. And then, when Jesus of Nazareth was born into a little manger in a small middle eastern town, the legend of the Savior entered into history. I'm glad that I walk with a God who gave us an imagination to give our hearts context to hear His story. It was a week ago from today-- Easter Sunday.

Many acknowledge the holiday, but we all celebrate it differently. Whether it's eating chocolate and hunting eggs here in the USA, rolling colorfully designed, boiled eggs down hills in Scotland, silencing the church bells for 3 days in France, or taking part in a city's huge BBQ and treasure hunt in Argentina.

Even here in the South we celebrate in our own way. But as we celebrate yearly on this special and sacred day, so many times we miss the point. For those church-goers, we miss it because we simply know it by heart. For those holiday church attenders, you miss it because you're day is simply about following a cultural tradition. For those who don't attend church but indulge in chocolate and search for eggs, you miss it because well, the story is simply not what you're looking for and you're indulging in material things.

You see, the Easter story should be the reason you celebrate another year. The Easter story should be the reason you feel loved on Valentine's Day regardless of whether you have a special someone or not. The Easter story should be the reason you set fireworks off in celebration of the gift of freedom on the Fourth of July. The Easter story should be the reason you can be thankful at Thanksgiving.

The Easter story should be the reason you can rejoice at Christmas. The Easter story should be the reason you travel to the nations! I've done my fair share of traveling, and one common denominator among all the people I have met along the way is the longing for love. Some may say it's two people in a fairytale romance.

Some may say it's adopting a child. Some may say it's the thing holding families together in hard times. Some may say it's a lifelong friend. I'm sure there are other examples of love as well that I have failed to mention, but is any of that true love? Or are they mere examples of it? And why every human on the face of the planet longs for it.

When God flooded the Earth, he was kind and saved humanity through Noah. God was content with Abraham's faith resulting in saving Isaac from death by his father's hand. Not to jump too far ahead, but God indeed humbled Himself when He sent His only Son to this Earth to die and raise again in hopes to have a relationship with you and me.

Jesus, both fully God and man, was meek as time after time we know He allowed people to crowd His space, follow after Him, and ask for His constant attention. To encourage and guide us, God selflessly sent the Holy Spirit upon His children once Jesus had departed. While hard times and judgment from the world came upon the early church and disciples, God was nice and used everything meant for bad for furthering His Kingdom - our inheritance. The promises God has left us with in His word are not just helpful but truthful.

God endured sacrifice believing in His people hoping we would follow faithfully in order to bear His purpose until we came into His everlasting presence. Why take the gospel to the nations? Why climb up mountains to see the breath-taking view? Why stand as waves crash at your feet? Why love even when it hurts? That's why we LOVE. Love with an uppercase L - O - V and E. Last fall I took a 3-month business-infused road trip around the US. As a senior in college, I started making and selling these little golden rings to raise funds for an 11 month mission trip I took to 11 countries.

These rings were relief from the burdensome question on my shoulders at the time: I think so, too. At each stop I planned meet up's with connections that I thought I could learn from — business owners, buyers, creatives, bloggers, number crunchers, non-profit gurus, and so on. I know that there are so many areas in which Go Rings can improve. The goal was to pick up quality nuggets of advice from these admirable professionals that could shape Go Rings into a stronger, fresher, more focused brand.

I left in late August from my hometown: First, I made a quick trip down to Mexico to teach women how to manufacture Go Rings — it was such a cool opportunity to see our little company tangibly develop before my eyes. The itinerary was in constant revision, because opportunities in different cities kept popping up. At the beginning of October, I headed up the East Coast , getting more and more opportunities to spread the word about what God was up to with Go Rings. Throughout the Carolinas , D. I was in Michigan for the first time and spent 4 days with no business meetings making it from Chicago to Seattle.

After learning a ton in Portland , over the course of two weeks I cruised down the all the way down Cali , then cutting eastward to make it home to Texas by Thanksgiving. The road trip lacked consistency that I was used to having in both my business and in my faith. It was hard — no lie. Looking back at the end of the trip, I could see that He wanted to show me how He works authentic faith and bold obedience for my good and His glory … even when I struggled to believe that He is good or I chose to not follow Him. I was so frustrated.

I felt like a fake Christian. But you know what? It turns out that the doubt put my faith through a furnace. I had time to seek what I truly believed at my core and came out stronger. After playing college football, an opportunity presented itself for me to play and coach football in Europe. I have the job of playing football as well as coaching for a youth team for the organization.

My job will allow me to see a lot of the country, and I will also get an opportunity to see some of other parts of Europe as well. Yet my main purpose is to influence those around me. Playing football, coaching football, and traveling are all passions of mine, but with having a greater purpose in mind my passions can make an impact where I travel.

October 2018

I have been to many countries serving on mission trips. During these journeys I have seen much of the world. See the real world out there , make an impact , and travel with a purpose! My team and I were in Cambodia to teach, but God knew we were there for more. When you travel with a purpose, you will not only have amazing adventures, but God will use you as His hands and feet for His good work. Cambodia was our December destination to help teach English to local children. Each day looked roughly the same. Four of us taught English in an elementary school, and the other three of us taught English at a church to preschoolers.

On our way to our respective locations, we were chatting about our lesson plans. Would we yet again go over the alphabet? Would the children understand if we tried to teach them something new? What if we tried more visual aids? As we neared the school, I looked out to the left where I saw the fields of crop waiting for harvesters. Cambodia is absolutely breathtaking. Moments later, I noticed something ahead on the side of the road. I could make out white cloth and what looked like knees. As I said these words, Pastor began to slow down. He parked the tuk tuk, and we both hurried to the man.

He was an older man, gray and thin. His white beard twitched, and his tanned legs were crumbled under his body.

Why Your Journey in Prophetic Dreaming Won't Look Like Anybody Else's — Charisma Magazine

He looked like he had been lying in the sun for hours. His clothes were tattered, and his skin was hot to the touch. I noticed a walking cane that had fallen a few feet to his left. He had no doubt collapsed in the Cambodian heat. I immediately began praying, because I knew that this was not a coincidental encounter. One of my other teammates had ran up behind us and passed me her water bottle as the other three remained praying in the tuk tuk. I poured some for the man to drink as Pastor opened his mouth.

The man sipped slowly as his eyes remained closed. Help me move him over to the shade. We lifted his frail body and moved him a few feet.

God is So God!: The Adventures of a Traveling Ministry on a Prophetic Faith Journey God is So God!: The Adventures of a Traveling Ministry on a Prophetic Faith Journey
God is So God!: The Adventures of a Traveling Ministry on a Prophetic Faith Journey God is So God!: The Adventures of a Traveling Ministry on a Prophetic Faith Journey
God is So God!: The Adventures of a Traveling Ministry on a Prophetic Faith Journey God is So God!: The Adventures of a Traveling Ministry on a Prophetic Faith Journey
God is So God!: The Adventures of a Traveling Ministry on a Prophetic Faith Journey God is So God!: The Adventures of a Traveling Ministry on a Prophetic Faith Journey
God is So God!: The Adventures of a Traveling Ministry on a Prophetic Faith Journey God is So God!: The Adventures of a Traveling Ministry on a Prophetic Faith Journey
God is So God!: The Adventures of a Traveling Ministry on a Prophetic Faith Journey God is So God!: The Adventures of a Traveling Ministry on a Prophetic Faith Journey

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