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And that it is a false teaching and world view that can be traced back thousands of years. See the fact that regarding the attacks on the truth, indeed there is nothing new under the sun. Feb 09, Joe rated it it was amazing. If you question evolution this is the book you have been waiting for. This is not an argument against evolution it is the history and devastation that it has left it its wake.

The proof that evolution is not science but a religion Pantheism - God is everything and everything is God, or "Go hug a tree today" , is written on the pages of this book. Jun 08, Johnarthurmiller Miller rated it it was amazing. It's a classic for Creationists, very academic. It is essential for Creationists and Creationist Scientists everywhere, truly a classic and highly recommended for its in-depth research and analytical conclusion.

Speed reading is awesome with normal stuff. But when sentences are longer and filled with uncommon words like eugenics, natural selection, survival of the fittest, the natural chain of being The very interesting fact toward the end is how Dr. Morris ties in the Zodiac and astrology with the Tower of Babel which they found.

He speaks of a mass exodus of people that occurred around the time the languages of humankind were altered, and how even linguists and ethnologists tend to refer to these languages as Semitic, Japhetic, and Hamitic. These languages are named after Noah's sons: Shem, Ham and Japeth. Also, in addition to that little nugget most people don't realize that experts believe all the languages of the entire world came from one source; i. In some respects, he was a precursor of the Italian twentieth century linguist Trombetti, who boldly asserted that the Biblical account of the Tower of Babel is at least figuratively true, and that all languages have a common origin.

Stent, "Science" , March 21, he writes: The semantic component has remained invariant and is, therefore, the 'universal' aspect of the universal grammar, which all natural languages embody.

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And this presumed constancy through time of the universal grammar, which all natural languages embody. And this presumed constancy through time of the universal grammar cannot be attributable to any cause other than an innate, hereditary aspect of the mind. Knopf, , p. How evolution took root in the world is largely political French Revolution but would take too long to go into this book review. In the court of law, when calling on experts of medicine, the legal system only uses trained medical experts such as doctors, surgeons, etc.

It makes the reader acclimated to apologetics somewhat, but more to the idea that pantheism, polytheism and atheism has been pushed around since the Babylonian Empire and the Tower of Babel. Jan 09, Arwen17 rated it liked it. I agree with most of what he says, but not everything. He also mentions the pagan corruption of the Catholic church via Roman and Greek pagan beliefs etc. But he never specifically speaks against those pagan corruptions, such as most of the christian world worshiping on Sunday instead of Saturday.


Have any of you read "The Long War Against God"? : Christianity

You don't get to pick and I agree with most of what he says, but not everything. You don't get to pick and choose which parts of the Bible you want to agree with, Mr. It's also clear he thinks humans have an "immortal soul", another idea that comes from ancient paganism, NOT the bible! Morris likes to criticize some pagan corruptions of the Christian faith, but then he completely ignores other corruptions because that would place him outside of mainline Protestant ideas!!

That is absolutely not true and it is very clear via scientific studies and the healthy lifespans of vegans in Loma Linda, California and Okinawa, Japan, that God clearly made us to eat only plants. Morris misuses two Bible quotes to pretend to defend any kind of food is good while ignoring the many Biblical examples of vegetarianism. While this book does a wonderful job discussing the Evolution vs Creation conflict and why its so important to take the Bible literally, I especially like the suggestion that Lucifer believes his own lies, that even the devil might believe in evolution , Mr.

Morris is still unable to read the Bible without his mainline protestant beliefs clouding his understanding of the Bible. I don't know if he truly is so deep in mainline ideology that he cannot see these glaring errors, OR he won't write about them because that would make his book even more controversial and upsetting to many mainline christian readers.

He repeats himself waaaaay too much. His book would probably be half the size it is if he didn't constantly repeat himself.

by Greg Hanley

Oct 29, Steven Below rated it really liked it Recommends it for: A very interesting read for those that question how Satan could ever contemplate Isaiah I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: The same idea that has been the driving force behind all the anti-God factions that ignorantly attack God's rule. Oct 14, Joshua rated it it was amazing Shelves: Incredible detail and history. Dr Morris is a brilliant author and every book I have read of his so far has been peerless.

Jun 16, Stanley Jebb rated it it was amazing. Every minister, evangelist, missionary should read this book. Aug 29, Rod Innis rated it it was amazing. An excellent history of the debate that rages between those who believe what the Bible says about how the world came into existence and what the atheistic evolutionary theory says. Jan 06, joel rated it really liked it. Quite the read here. Morris establishes his arguments by first pointing out the ubiquitous saturation of practically the entire modern culture in evolutionary thought: As if this wasn't enough, many of the Juedo-Christian institutions of the day have capitulated to the idea, either by flat-out rejecting the Genesis account as myth or allegory or establishing a kind of syn Quite the read here.

As if this wasn't enough, many of the Juedo-Christian institutions of the day have capitulated to the idea, either by flat-out rejecting the Genesis account as myth or allegory or establishing a kind of syncretistic approach to the issue. Having noted all of this, Morris then proceeds to work backwards, meticulously chronicling the history of evolutionary thought. It is a fascinating argument, to be sure: Morris argues that evolution - encapsulated in the ideas that either there is no God at all an atheistic expression or that god is an impersonal force, perhaps embodied in nature itself a pantheistic expression - with either conclusion resulting in an inconsequential deity with no special purpose in the creation of mankind and who exerts no authority over humanity's actions , and that man constitutes the center of his own existence and must, by his nature, improve - is the only practical conclusion one can come to if one decides to reject a creationist viewpoint.

Morris' arguments are sound and robust, and, as noted before, meticulously noted. Even the arguments he makes late in the book from a place of conjecture are well-informed and persuasive, and do provide possible answers to some outstanding questions regarding a few of the grey areas in Scripture. The book is long, packed with information.

It is, essentially, written as an overview on the topic. It feels somewhat overwhelming to realize that every single subject he addressed in order to establish his case was basically the tip of the subject's iceberg: With so much information out there, it is a wonder that more people are not more aware of the nature of the debate, what is at stake, or to what degree truth is being suppressed.

But, then again, that's why this book got written in the first place. Mar 02, Yibbie rated it it was ok Shelves: Morris, explains in great detail the convoluted history of the evolutionary movement. Morris starts by explaining how when you break it down Evolution was behind most of the major ideological movements in the past hundred years. He did a very good job pointing out it doesn't just permeate Communism, but also is the motivating theory behind Nazism, Colonialism, and racism.

Next Morris describes the men preceding and contemporary with Darwin who really paved the way for him to popularize Evolution. It's fascinating to see how many people were really responsible for bringing it into the main stream. The whole book is written backwards, or rather moves backwards through history. That made it a little difficult to follow at times. They left written records sufficient for us to know exactly what they believed. I thought the next part was a little sketchy as it tried to recreate the beliefs of ancient peoples using their mythology.

First to prove they believed evolution and Second to prove that previous to that they had believed in a transcendent Creator. So now we get to the part I did not agree with. Morris makes the claim that Satan personally believes evolution. That would be pure speculation. Based on James 2: The final chapter explains how vital Creation is to the Gospel, and I couldn't agree more. Unless we are the descendants of Adam and Eve and therefore the inheritors of their sin nature, Jesus need not have died for our sin.


There would have been no original sin to die for. It's a book that will make you think. Mar 18, Justin rated it really liked it Shelves: Well, the problem with these fanatical YECs is, as my friend's great-grandmother would say, "Is this really the hill you want to die on?


I'm not at all attempting to push a very close minded doctrine on people. Personally, I believe in the literal 6 day creation. I realize that this book is very closed minded and I'm trying to examine it more as an example than a way to live. Henry Morris was a great man and it sounds like you have a good teacher. Don't let this subreddit convince you otherwise.

It's sad, but they can't stand people who take The Bible literally. I do agree with his apologetics. Back when I was christian, I found the evidence for evolution, big bang theory, etc. In my mind it was god that caused big bang and evolution. Any reason why you don't feel this way? Not trying to insult your beliefs just curious how you see things.

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In my mind I just think that it makes more logical sense in the mindset of God to create this earth the way the Bible says and not the way science says. By reading Morris, you aren't reading and interacting actually Philosophy. If it were me, I'd be complaining to the Chair or Provost that I wasn't getting the education I paid for. There's also the issue that Morris had some borderline heretical theology.

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Gods Long War Gods Long War
Gods Long War Gods Long War
Gods Long War Gods Long War
Gods Long War Gods Long War
Gods Long War Gods Long War
Gods Long War Gods Long War
Gods Long War Gods Long War
Gods Long War Gods Long War
Gods Long War

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