The Butcher of Lyon

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A special courtroom was constructed with seating for an audience of about He was tried on 41 separate counts of crimes against humanity , based on the depositions of Jews and French Resistance survivors who described how he tortured and murdered prisoners.

Klaus Barbie part one of four

Barbie gave his name as Klaus Altmann, the name that he used while in Bolivia. He claimed that his extradition was technically illegal and asked to be excused from the trial and returned to his cell at Prison Saint-Paul. He was brought back to court on 26 May to face some of his accusers, about whose testimony he had "nothing to say". His strategy was to use the trial to talk about war crimes committed by France since This had less to do with the trial than with Verges' desire to undermine the French Fifth Republic.

He got the prosecution to drop some of the charges against Barbie due to French legislation that had protected French citizens accused of the same crimes under the Vichy regime and in French Algeria. The court rejected the defense's argument. On 4 July , Barbie was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

At the trial of the "Butcher of Lyon" | Correspondent

He died in prison in Lyon four years later of leukemia and cancer of the spine and prostate at the age of In April , Barbie became engaged to Regina Margaretta Willms, the year-old daughter of a postal clerk and they had two children, a son Klaus-Georg Altmann and a daughter Ute Messner.

Croizier met Klaus-Georg while both were students in Paris; they married in , had three children and lived in Europe and Bolivia using the surname Altmann. Croizier said when she married she did not know who her father-in-law was, but that she could guess the reasons for a German to settle in South America after the war. Klaus-Georg died in a hang-gliding accident in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Godesberg , Rhine Province , German Empire. German intelligence hired Klaus Barbie as agent". Retrieved 22 January Retrieved 1 May Retrieved 17 January Der Spiegel in German. Retrieved 19 January La Sofica Uni Etoile 3. Retrieved 21 May Judging War Crimes And Torture: After service in the Berlin vice squad he was transferred to Dusseldorf and in after joining the Nazi Party, and graduated from the SD school at Bernau and was sent to an exclusive leadership course in Berlin Charlottenburg. For three months from September he served with the 39 th Infantry Regiment before returning to Charlottenburg for his final training and exams.

On 20 April he graduated and was promoted to SS —Untersturmfuhrer and five days later he married Regine Willms, a stocky twenty-three year old daughter of a postal worker from Osburg. On the 12 February , the German authorities used the death of a Dutch Nazi, Hendrik Koot killed in a fight with Dutch dockworkers, as a pretext to seal off the Jewish quarter of Amsterdam. In the tavern, a protective device which Cahn had installed, an ammonia flash went off by accident, spaying the Germans with ammonia. They were assembled on the Jonas Daniel —Meyer —plein subjected them to beatings and abuse and then on 27 February deported of them to Buchenwald concentration camp and after two months of them were deported to Mauthausen concentration camp and certain death.

The arrests were followed by a general strike, Barbie was ordered to execute Cahn and his associates, who had been condemned to death. Barbie was put in charge of the execution squad. Barbie went to the offices of the Jewish Council in Amsterdam met Abraham Asscher and David Cohen and Barbie tricked them into providing a list of Jewish young men, on the basis they could return to the training camp and complete their apprenticeships. Asscher and Cohen were summonsed to see SD Commander Lages room and were told the boys had been arrested as a reprisal for the bomb attack.

From the archive, 28 May 1987: The trial of Klaus Barbie

Asscher and Cohen were taken out of the building past those Jewish boys who had been arrested. All the Jews were deported to Mauthausen concentration camp where they all died before the end of the year. After a brief spell on the Eastern Front in the spring of he was recalled to Berlin to the French town of Gex, which is located on the border with Switzerland to carry out a kidnap attempt which never materialised.

On the 11 November the German army crossed the demarcation line into the Vichy zone, and Barbie arrived in Lyons as head of the Gestapo. His position was filled temporarily by Fritz Hollert, who was replaced in the summer by Dr Werner Knab, a thirty-four year old lawyer born in Munich. During his time in Kiev he was responsible for the murders of countless Jews, and gypsies and communists, anyone the Nazis thought inferior, and he arrived in Lyons without any feelings for human life.

He spoke both French and English and was completely dedicated to the course.

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Section IV, the Gestapo, was headed by Barbie, he divided his own department into six sub-sections specialising in: The Resistance and Communist Groups. Klaus Barbie center in plain clothes Lyon Initially approximately twenty-five German officers worked directly under him.

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His leadership was efficient, dynamic and totally uncompromising. His journey was cut short when he was arrested by the Gestapo eighty miles further on at Chalons —sur- Saone. The part played by Hardy in the betrayal and arrest of Jean Moulin, is still the matter of bitter dispute. Christian Pineau, the unofficial prison barber was ordered to shave Jean Moulin who was stretched out motionless on a bench: He had an ugly bluish.

A low moan escaped from his swollen lips.

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There was no doubt that he had been tortured by the Gestapo. A telegram from the German security police SD regarding the deportation of a Jewish home for children in Lyon to the Drancy camp in Paris The officer brought some and then went away. Slowly I tried to shave him, trying not to touch the swollen parts of his face. Suddenly Moulin asked for some water. Gottlieb Fuchs the official interpreter of the Lyons Gestapo claimed that on the 25 June he witnessed Barbie drag a lifeless body down the steps to a basement in the Ecole de Sante. He died of cancer in a prison hospital in We strive for accuracy and fairness.

But if you see something that doesn't look right, contact us! Minnesota enters the Union as the 32nd state on May 11, The Russian master conceded defeat after 19 moves in the sixth game of the tournament, losing the match 2. In London, Spencer Perceval, prime minister of Britain since , is shot to death by demented businessman John Bellingham in the lobby of the House of Commons. Bellingham, who was inflamed by his failure to obtain government compensation for war debts incurred in Russia, gave On this day in , a massive storm sends millions of tons of topsoil flying from across the parched Great Plains region of the United States as far east as New York, Boston and Atlanta.

At the time the Great Plains were settled in the mids, the land was covered by prairie During the second week of May , the recently arrived German delegation to the Versailles Peace Conference, convened in Paris after the end of the First World War, pore over their copies of the Treaty of Versailles, drawn up in the months preceding by representatives of their President Kennedy approves sending Special Forces troops and other U.

On the same day, he orders the start of clandestine warfare against North Vietnam to be conducted by South Vietnamese agents under the direction and training of the Sign up now to learn about This Day in History straight from your inbox. Hamburger Hill was the scene of an intense and controversial battle during the Vietnam War. Known to military planners as Hill a reference to its height in meters , the solitary peak is located in the dense jungles of the A Shau Valley of Vietnam, about a mile from the On May 11, , chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov resigns after 19 moves in a game against Deep Blue, a chess-playing computer developed by scientists at IBM.

This was the sixth and final game of their match, which Kasparov lost two games to one, with three draws. On this day in history, President Carter spends a typically busy day meeting with congressional and cabinet leaders, conducting phone meetings, squeezing in a game of tennis and family time, and attending the opera. Mari Sandoz, the author of several histories that demonstrated sympathy for Indians that was unusual for the time, is born in Sheridan County, Nebraska.

The Butcher of Lyon The Butcher of Lyon
The Butcher of Lyon The Butcher of Lyon
The Butcher of Lyon The Butcher of Lyon
The Butcher of Lyon The Butcher of Lyon
The Butcher of Lyon The Butcher of Lyon
The Butcher of Lyon The Butcher of Lyon
The Butcher of Lyon The Butcher of Lyon

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