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When caregivers seek help, they rely heavily on a web search. But they report wanting and needing much more guidance in carrying out their daily responsibilities. They say they use the internet to learn how to monitor drugs and how to diagnose and treat disease.

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What they uncover on the web ranges from sophisticated, up-to-date medical information to downright disinformation. It is time to recognize family caregivers as members of the health care team and make sure they get the right kind of training to do their job, just like their professional colleagues.

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They will tailor care plans to meet the specific needs of your loved one. The number of weekly visits from each discipline may vary depending on patient needs and desires.

We often refer family caregivers to caringinfo. Thank you for your dedication to your job and your concern for each patient. Not only do you care for the patients, but also for the family.

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The Caregiving Zone - Peggy Flynn

December Care strategies 0. Central Location or Command Center Zones: The best way to stay on top of your caregiving tasks is to have a specific home for all things caregiving. I use the outside of our kitchen pantry door as our information center. I keep a calendar , cork board and dry erase board there and keep any important paperwork that is needed for appointments on the board until after the appointment.

Caregiving and Support Services

I also have a zone near the door where we keep our keys. It has hooks for bags and backpacks and a small shelf to keep paperwork that we need to take with us. If you have a larger area, you can store your caregiving medical file and any related paperwork for your caree applications, vendor contracts, etc.

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Keep A Visible Master Calendar: I keep an electronic calendar on my phone, but I also use a wall calendar decal so that everyone can see what we have going on. I also have a calendar on my phone so that I can make appointments on the go. Every time I go to the doctor , I get a post visit summary and occasionally, a referral to another doctor.

The Caregiving Zone The Caregiving Zone
The Caregiving Zone The Caregiving Zone
The Caregiving Zone The Caregiving Zone
The Caregiving Zone The Caregiving Zone
The Caregiving Zone The Caregiving Zone
The Caregiving Zone The Caregiving Zone

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