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She recognised that she was "sick" in her head and told herself that she had to stop thinking about self-harming by cutting herself with razor blades, even the possibility of ending it all. Her insomnia was so severe by 14 July that she was managing to get only two hours' sleep a night.

She was plagued by visions of ending up in a straitjacket, locked away in a mental asylum, and felt so full of murderous rage that she even considered killing her mother, with whom she was sharing a room. In "Tongues of Stone" — an autobiographical short story she wrote in and which she entered for the Mademoiselle fiction contest — Plath wrote of how her main character lay in her bed listening to her mother's breathing, a sound so annoying she felt like getting out of bed and strangling her. By doing so at least she would stop the awful process of decay that she witnessed, something that "grinned at her" like a "death's head".

On 15 July, when Sylvia came downstairs, Aurelia noticed that her daughter had a couple of partially healed scars on her legs.

Silevethiel (The Vaelinel Trilogy, #1) by Andi O'Connor

After being questioned about them, Sylvia told her mother that she had gashed herself in an effort to see if she had the guts. Then she took hold of Aurelia's hand and said: I want to die! It's significant that Sylvia's psychological crisis manifested itself not only in a desire to end her own life but also in a wish for her mother to die with her. Aurelia took her daughter in her arms and tried to reassure her that she was simply exhausted and that she really did have everything to live for.

Within an hour, the two women had booked an appointment with the family doctor, Francesca Racioppi, who recommended immediate psychiatric counselling. After a session with a psychiatrist — whom Sylvia did not like and who soon left for vacation — she was taken on by Dr Kenneth Tillotson. Tillotson recommended a course of sleeping pills for his new patient.

Perhaps it would also be a good idea if she found a job that would take her mind off her own troubles? In theory, it sounded like a good idea and, at first, Sylvia was pleased to help out each morning at the Newton-Wellesley Hospital. One of her duties was to feed patients who were too sick to do it for themselves.

While she was there, Sylvia spoonfed her old art teacher, Miss Hazelton, who was dying. In a letter to Gordon, which she wrote on 23 July, she described the range of cases — children born with Down's syndrome, old people suffering from senility, people who seemed healthy enough but who returned to the hospital a few days later unable to recognise her. The experience, she said, gave her an insight into what we all could expect at the end of our lives.

In The Bell Jar , Esther gets a job at the local hospital on the suggestion of her mother — the cure for thinking too much about oneself was to help someone else worse off than you — and how, one day, she causes a scene by mixing up all the patients' flowers in the maternity ward. After the women turn on her, she flees the hospital, never to return. Sylvia did not last long as an employee at the Newton-Wellesley Hospital either, because soon she was receiving treatment there as an outpatient.

Gordon noticed that "she began to buy paperbacks on psychology at a local drugstore. Retreating into herself, she felt she was gradually but progressively losing her mind. She confessed that it was a dangerous thing to have so little knowledge. Did the intimate contact between them bring back memories of the sexual assault she had suffered in New York?

In order to try to shake her out of depression, Dr Tillotson prescribed a course of electroconvulsive therapy ECT beginning at the end of July. Sylvia was driven to the hospital by Aurelia's friend Betty Aldrich, who lived across the street. I thought, 'What are they doing to her? My only glimpse of her after a treatment was one day when she was coming out of my mother's car and she seemed uncharacteristically lifeless.

I thought, 'That's not Sylvia. What have they done to her? The treatment had been developed in the s, when Italian neuropsychiatrists Ugo Cerletti and Lucio Bini had carried out a series of experiments on animals to induce seizures by the application of electric shocks. In , the doctors tested their new technique on a person and by the s the procedure had been introduced to America and Britain as a treatment for depression.

The story was enjoyable and completely engaging, and I will definitely be reading on to find out what happens next. When I first started reading, I was concerned that some of the writing seemed a bit 'flowery' for my tastes; "Her spent tears glistened on her fair cheeks like tiny droplets of morning dew clinging to the delicate white petals of a rose" is one particular As soon as I read the blurb for this book, it sounded like one I would really enjoy and I am happy to say I was not disappointed. When I first started reading, I was concerned that some of the writing seemed a bit 'flowery' for my tastes; "Her spent tears glistened on her fair cheeks like tiny droplets of morning dew clinging to the delicate white petals of a rose" is one particular example.

However, this eased off considerably and quickly once the book got going, so don't let it put you off reading past the first few pages. Otherwise, I found the writing to be very pleasant reading, with some nice descriptive passages at key points in the story. The plot kept moving at a good pace with plenty of action sequences to keep you wanting to read on and find out what happens next. The characters were described only briefly, and they were all very 'nice' - apart from the couple of bad guys - although most of the protagonists' enemies featured in the story were very flat drone-like creations, but the use of the plot to show the force and cunning behind them made them more fearsome and the tension around their attacks was built up nicely.

This was a great start for a series, with many questions answered but plenty more left open to make sure you will want to read on and find out what happens next in Irewen's story. Sep 29, Ed rated it it was amazing. I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed Silevethiel, the first book of the Vaelinel trilogy. I feel that this book has a broad appeal as an adult novel, but yet is approachable to the mid-teen audience as well.

Myself being a male, 30s, educated, casual reader, I never once felt there wasn't enough action, depth, emotion, and character development throughout the story. It moves very well, the characters are well developed and feeling, and the world that is created for the reader is not only believable, I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed Silevethiel, the first book of the Vaelinel trilogy. It moves very well, the characters are well developed and feeling, and the world that is created for the reader is not only believable, but a sensory immersion.

There's an exceptionally deep story behind the main protagonists, Irewen princess of Dargon and Laegon elvish prince of Mistwood Wherein not only a shared complex emotion between them develops, but an inner reckoning of self knowledge and discovery progresses. The mutual affection feeds one another's personal discoveries and development of inner strength while driving the plot for a discovery of the root of deception and the desire to uncover hidden truths about the history of the differing Elven races. Not only are the protagonists a joy to watch develop, the supporting characters the Guardians, lion companions to the Protector elves offer a refreshing take on the "sidekick" dichotomy.

Not only is a deep level of love and companionship felt, but there is a sly witticism present that offers moments comic relief to the heavier moments within the story. I was elated with the jovial and ribbing nature of the banter exchanged between Laegon and his Guardian, Bregen. I wholeheartedly recommend this book for anyone that is a fan of fantasy, but also anyone that would be looking to experience a different genre that expresses a bit of romance and a bit of mystery throughout.

An excellent read, and I cannot wait for the sequels! Oct 01, Kirsty Amethyst Bookwyrm rated it liked it Shelves: This and my other reviews can be found at http: She is rescued by the prince of the wood elves, Laegon, and he protects her while she recovers from her attack and realises that she has no idea what to do next as she has no home or country.

Irewen, Laegon and the rest of the elves are in dang This and my other reviews can be found at http: Irewen, Laegon and the rest of the elves are in danger from an evil king and unusual creature hunting them down. Is Irewen the answer to saving the wood elves home Vaelinel and is she the person talked about in the mysterious elven prophecy?

Silevethiel is a likable and quick fantasy book, with action and romance. I liked the idea of the connection between the protectors and the lion guardians as it was really interesting. I did not feel I could connect to the 2 main characters Irewen and Laegon, and I think part the reason was that the romance felt very rushed and really unrealistic, as they fell in love after only a day or two. However, I did like Bregen, as he was funny and loyal; I especially like his teasing interactions with Laegon.

I would recommend Silevethiel to fans of YA fantasy Novels. Aug 21, Stacy rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this book. It could easily fit into so many categories: The pace is quick and one might think that things happen too fast for it to be believable. But I think that adds to the story. Instead of dwelling on something for too long, we are able to move ahead to what happens next.

Its not drawn out and boring. I found the development of Princess Irewen interesting and was rooting for her. I wanted to know what she discovered as she learned more about who she was and whether she is the one the prophecy spoke of. I look forward to what the future brings for her and the elves that have offered friendship and protection, and if the budding romance between her and Laegon grows. I felt the book had a strong YA feel and could easily be read by young and old alike.

Oct 22, Lisa rated it really liked it. Prince Laegon and his Guardian find her and then the plot takes off. Irewen's character is really starting to develop by the end of the book, and will surely develop much more in the next one. Irewen has two missions in her future; figure out a way to get her kingdom back and to fix the serious problem with the Mistwood. I was able to preview this book through NetGalley. Oct 04, Aneta Bak rated it it was amazing Shelves: If you are an animal lover, or a huge fan of Lord of the Rings.

You have to read this book! I guarantee you will love it. Her father is murdered, and she is betrayed by her cousin. They are able to save her with the help of Silevethiel, a beautiful white lioness who is the leader of the Guardians. Irewen must find the truth to her heritage, if she has any hopes of defeating her cousin, and taking back her throne.

I was amazed at how good this book was. There was a fast start to the book, and lots of action in every chapter. The awesome thing about this was that I was never bored while reading, but I do wish that there was more of a description about her life before the king was murdered, just to see what it was like.

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The whole idea with having the Guardians and Protectors was just pure genius! To people who love animals, especially lions, this is like a dream come true. I love how the Protector and the Guardian were acting as one, they can talk to the lion, they gather strength from them, and its like having your best friend with you The characters were really amazing! Laegon reminded me of Legolas from Lord of the Rings, but of course he has short black hair rather than long white hair.

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Reading about him was really awesome, not only is he a kind person, but he is also a great fighter. He is smart enough to know when to attack and how, and does not lack the power to do so. I would love to have a guy like him to protect me! Irewen was also an amazing character, seeing her go from the shy little girl, who only talked to her father, to this powerful leader who wants to learn how to fight and wont give up. This book was such a pleasure to read, I honestly cant wait till the next book comes out. I can tell you for sure that I'll be waiting in line to buy it.

I want to thank Purple Sun Press and NetGalley for giving me this oppertunity to read this book before the publishing date and write a review about it. I also want to thank the author for writing such an amazing book. I hope to see more from this author. Happy Reading, I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. Aug 14, Star Bookworm rated it it was amazing Shelves: My favorite authors throughout history have made the list by pulling me into a world of escape.

They create characters I can relate to and imagine having in my life; they make worlds with landscapes, vivid development, and maps; they have a magic system that is completely reliant on the terrain; they even sometimes create their own language. In other words, they are completely self-sufficient and complete universes. Every character serves a purpose and the dynamics of a functioning relationship. That was the majesty of Tolkien and his Middle Earth. That is what I feel building with Silevethiel. Make sure to keep a Celtic and Spanish dictionary next to you. Her elven language has structural similarities to Spanish and her names have pronunciation similar to Gaelic.

While the floweriness can trip you up sometimes, I find it to be a positive to the creation of an what I have deemed "authorverse. Her writings were wise at many moments, and it would do modern readers well to pay attention to the advice given. It could certainly stretch outside the main character into today's society. I believe that makes high quality literature. There is also something pure about the Elven sect in fantasy that feels greater than the world we are in today. There societal structure and cultural interaction with each other is an achievement of purity and intelligence.

I would strive to have a society like that. I find most authors who introduce Elves into their writing have some pretty profound advice to give us mortals. Plus, the dynamic between good and evil in this story is vibrant and fresh hard to achieve in the multitude of fiction out there. The action of the novel moves smoothly without a glitch. I caught myself holding my breath a couple of times.

The pacing didn't feel rushed or drawn out. The plot dynamic laid out for future events seems plausible and not too tired for the genre. I was left wanting at the end of the book, good when there is a sequel coming. My hopes for the upcoming novels would be: May 31, William Stuart rated it really liked it. Synopsis from the author: Following her father's murder, Irewen is betrayed and left for dead in the forests of Mistwood.

Rescued by an elf, Irewen awakes an exile with no home, no country, and no people. The world of Vaelinel is failing--its fate bound to her in ways no one fully understands. Can she accept the friendship of the Wood Elves, or will she stand alone against the terrifying evil now threatening to destroy the entire world? Silevethiel was a good read! Though I understood the reason, the time spent in the cave dragged a bit for me. I would have preferred more time spent in Mistwood learning of her heritage and discovering her abilities.

Silevethiel is a nice read. The characters are well developed and the story has enough twists and turns to keep it interesting. I enjoyed the banter between Laegon and his Guardian Bregen, and the fight scenes gruesome enough for most fantasy fans. I recommend this one to readers who enjoy elves, magic, and a little romance!

Feb 21, Suzanne rated it liked it Shelves: This fantasy adventure has many of the common elements found in such stories: Irewen is a year-old princess, isolated and untrained for her role. Upon her father's murder, she flees the palace and travels toward the nearby elven kingdom for safety. During her journey she encounters This fantasy adventure has many of the common elements found in such stories: During her journey she encounters new friends and demonic foes, learns just enough about her heritage to make her curious, and is continually hounded by assassins.

The ending leaves her with new strengths found, alliances made, and the rest of the series in which to finish up the war against evil. Irewen reminds me of Arwen from The Lord of the Rings in several ways.

Their names are similar, there are the elves, the race on horseback to escape enemies possessed by evil spirits, the use of mystical powers to fight the dark warriors, the visions they both have of possible futures, and even their fathers' names have the same sounds - Elrond and Donriel. Readers who enjoy epic fantasy like Tolkien will notice the similarities I have mentioned and some I have not. Silevethiel is a fairly quick read and YA fantasy readers will be looking forward to the next book. I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley. Dec 02, Cristina rated it it was ok.

I would like to thank Netgalley for letting me review this book! The opening sequence moved very quickly with the murder and Irewen's escape-almost too quickly. Also, the love story between Irewen and Laegon, although they work well together as a couple, it happened ridiculously fast. The second she wake I would like to thank Netgalley for letting me review this book! The second she wakes up and sees him she instantly falls in love with him?

It seemed a bit farfetched. I like them as a couple, I just wish I would have seen their relationship develop over a bit more time. I don't understand why Silevethiel is the title of the book, with her character, although important, not exactly starring in the majority of the plot. I found some of the language a bit dated and archaic, especially with the elfish dialogue, although this might have been intentional with the characteristics of the race, but it was a bit too much for the whole novel.

I enjoyed the action sequences and the world building. O'Connor wrote an entertaining novel, but I feel still needs to work out some kinks. This is the first in the trilogy however, so some of it might have been setting up for the forthcoming books! Oct 25, Kelly rated it liked it. Fantasy is truly one of my favorite genres. There is nothing like discovering a new world, new cultures, languages, and even magic systems. The world Andi O'Connor created in this book is facinating.

A world where humans and elves coexist peacefully.

Sylvia Plath in New York: 'pain, parties and work'

A world where elves are sometimes paired with a "guardian" an animal that they can communicate telepathically with. This book has so much potential, so many places that it can take us, and I loved the premise, and even the plot. I did feel that the conversations were a bit forced I had a hard time believing that the main characters could really be in love I also wanted to know more about the guardians the ones that we met in this book, I adored!

They had such great senses of humor! More about the history of the elves, more about the plight of the humans.. Like I said, Silevethiel has so much potential. I can totally see Silevethiel becoming something along those lines I can't wait to see where Andi O'Connor goes from here. Sep 15, Kasey rated it it was ok. I'm sorry to say that I really did not enjoy this book. I had very high hopes for it, and the book fell very short. The idea of the story was extremely clever and interesting, and I found myself still reading to find out about the world Andi O'Conner has created.

The one thing that really bothered me was the love story. Lots of people may have loved it, but it was just too close to intsa-love for me. There was no build up, all of a sudden they found themselves very attracted to each other and so I'm sorry to say that I really did not enjoy this book. There was no build up, all of a sudden they found themselves very attracted to each other and so so worried about each other. Lots of times I skipped whole pages because the story was going nowhere, it was all about the cheeses love. His charter always always had the funniest lines, and was one of the only two sensible characters.

I began to look forward for when he would enter the picture. All in all, I would say only read it if you can bear through the slowness, or this is really your kind of book. Either way, it's still a book. Payback by SuperGroverAway reviews As an employee of the Mystery Shack, Wendy occasionally has the misfortune of meeting visitors who don't like to make things all that pleasant for her. Thankfully, she has two young friends who are more than willing to lend an unorthodox helping hand.

Blizzard by TheTimelessCycle reviews It is the role of a Guardian to protect the children of the world-their hopes, dreams, memories, and wonder-and also to protect one another from whatever enemies might arise. But when the greatest danger to your friends is yourself, that job gets a whole lot harder.

Rise of the Guardians - Rated: Encounter by FireflySummer reviews While imprisoned aboard the Hellicarrier, an unexpected visitor calls on Loki. Much to the god's surprise, he's got a few tricks up his sleeves, including a startling amount of insight into Loki's character.

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Rated T for safety. Cover Lineart drawn by me. Coloring by Pai-Draws on Deviantart. Lackluster by Unadulterated reviews Ed is removed from his abusive stepfather's care after years of hurt — and placed in the home of his direct superior Roy Mustang. With Al missing and Ed attempting to cope with unbelievable scarring, can Roy hope to be able to help Ed? Without Flinching by Aisukuri-Mu Studio reviews.: Shortly after Edward gains his State Alchemist title, he's already run into trouble. It's not even been half of a year yet, and already, terror has arrived on Mustang's desk, in the form of an old walkie-talkie, and a note, saying, "You have 24 hours.

With all of them. However, unlike Icarus, Ed would not give up; if he could not fly, then half-drowned, he would walk. As it turned out, I was sorely mistaken. Perhaps I should listen to Alphonse more; maybe then there wouldn't be another bloody tragedy that would, inevitably, end it all. When Pandora's Box Is Opened by mangaluva reviews After two long years as Conan, the time has finally come for the ancient battle to come to an end, and fate will determine whether the Silver Bullet will survive the shot, unless Shinichi can put his faith in the enemy that was destined to be his ally Focus by Sevlow reviews Mustang, Edward, and all the other Alchemists of fair Amestris are starting to lose their grip on their own minds and bodies.

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The Amestrian military is in chaos as dozens of its higher-ranking officers start losing their minds to an unknown sickness, Fullmetal Alchemist - Rated: As they try to find him not only will they face the inevitable escape of Mr. Yang but will have to watch as the only person to beat them get tortured right before their eyes. Gold From Lead by Bookwrm reviews There were whispers. There was absolutely no way to stop them. Ed would rip out his spleen if he knew what all those people were insinuating about the two of them. Get your minds out of the gutter!

Your Son by Bookwrm reviews "I'm not your father. It's not fair that you can affect me this much. I know, bad summary. Dementia by SoWrightSoWrong reviews Alzheimer's is a progressive and fatal brain disease that has no cure. Also, Tsukauchi's work as a detective who dealt with heroes a lot shouldn't give him so much headaches, and yet here we are. Search for a Heart reviews Everyone told Izuku that marrying Todoroki wasn't a good idea.

The war prince was powerful on his own right, but his father reigned even stronger, and rumor had it he was an immortal man with no heart to speak of. However, after it became apparent that Izuku wouldn't back down, Endeavor humored him; if he could bring his supposedly nonexistent heart, Izuku could marry Todoroki. Weaponized Cuteness reviews Everyone in U. A knew that Midoriya Izuku was the epitome of adorableness. That was why they never really talked about it.

You don't really argue against indisputable fact that everyone knew about. Others, however, couldn't say the same. Or; the 1-A kids find ways to weaponize Izuku's cuteness. Ask for a Light reviews When Enji sent Shouto away to Baba Yaga's hut in order to get fire which will never go out in order to win his freedom, Shouto expected to see an old woman with wrinkly face, shark-sharp teeth, and an appetite for children's flesh.

He didn't expect to meet a young man his age with curly hair and eyes the color of spring leaves, or how he'd feel so comfortable with him. Babysitting Duty reviews You're not sure what got you into this karmic punishment involving Le Petit Vingtieme's youngest, smallest trouble magnet.

God, you wish he was a little bit older; you wouldn't feel bad cussing out loud otherwise. Adventures of Tintin - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: Blooming Gladiolus, Fall to the Ground reviews When Midoriya Hisashi finally comes home from years-long work outside the country, Izuku expected to have some family down time that he hadn't ever had with him since… well, forever. But his expectations were thrown when he found out that Hisashi really wasn't what he seemed. And really, being accused of being a villain is just a bonus; when have life ever stopped messing with him?

Most doesn't realize how dangerous he can be. He was dangerous because he doesn't realize just how adorable he is. Or; Izuku is an adorable sunshine child, a cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure, and no one can say no to him. You're like our own Toph from Avatar. Or, Hunk discovers his powers and beats a bunch of giant alien insects with the team. Also, he cusses alien badgers a storm.

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Of Broken Bonds and Corrupted Core reviews In an attempt to protect his teammates, Lance let himself be captured in a rescue mission gone wrong. He thought he was ready for anything the Galra and Druids threw at him, but he was proven wrong when Haggar herself took over and tried to make him into the Galra Empire's newest weapon. Against his will, he became the Ice Mage of Galra Empire. Of Seas, of Streams, of Falling Rain, of Naval Hurricane reviews "I should tell the others," he whispered to himself, like he did every morning since he got the ability, despite knowing that today would probably end the way other days did: He wants to tell the others, but either he has the worst timing in the universe ever or Fate just likes to fuck with him.

Under the Roof of Marlinspike Hall reviews "He supposed he had always known, but amidst the adventures they had, it slipped his mind. Now, though, the fact that Tintin was so very young rammed into him viciously. How old was he, exactly? He couldn't be older than twenty. It Comes With a Price reviews They survived. The gallery could hurt them no more. They were alive, breathing, living

The Guardians of Eve (Legacy of the Poisoned Promise Book 1) The Guardians of Eve (Legacy of the Poisoned Promise Book 1)
The Guardians of Eve (Legacy of the Poisoned Promise Book 1) The Guardians of Eve (Legacy of the Poisoned Promise Book 1)
The Guardians of Eve (Legacy of the Poisoned Promise Book 1) The Guardians of Eve (Legacy of the Poisoned Promise Book 1)
The Guardians of Eve (Legacy of the Poisoned Promise Book 1) The Guardians of Eve (Legacy of the Poisoned Promise Book 1)
The Guardians of Eve (Legacy of the Poisoned Promise Book 1) The Guardians of Eve (Legacy of the Poisoned Promise Book 1)
The Guardians of Eve (Legacy of the Poisoned Promise Book 1) The Guardians of Eve (Legacy of the Poisoned Promise Book 1)
The Guardians of Eve (Legacy of the Poisoned Promise Book 1) The Guardians of Eve (Legacy of the Poisoned Promise Book 1)
The Guardians of Eve (Legacy of the Poisoned Promise Book 1) The Guardians of Eve (Legacy of the Poisoned Promise Book 1)

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