The Ultimate Garage Sale Guide

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Advertising Is A Must

I turn old tvs into vintage looking cat beds! I agree — when your sale is over take down the signs!!! Some sales are waaaay down the road I just turned off of….. The most embarrassing thing happened one day — the FIRST day my husband actually agreed to go with me!! Has anyone ever had a garage sale just for jewelry and has it been a success?

At a holiday craft fair there was a seller who had two tables of vintage and retro costume jewelry. Her goods were in excellent condition and her displays were nicely grouped. I think she goes to several such events every year. Yes, jewelry goes very quickly. Jewelry makers love to look for old jewelry for the findings they want to use in their jewelry work.

There are so many tips in here and you make it all seem SO doable. Address not totally necessary if you use the arrows. If you have alot of smaller items, be sure to have alot of plastic bags to offer the customer. If someone is looking at books, offer a bag to hold them in. Sounds mean, but I think early birding is rude! One person actually bought from me…at double the price…lol. Having water and soda is a nice idea.

The Ultimate Yard Sale Pricing Guide

No disrespect, but this whole read took longer than I care to spend selling items I somehow bought and must have considered necessary in the past. The smart money for my market is on the And honestly are things guys need to take care of the families safe domain.

Beneficial to both parties, I might add. Garage sales are A LOT of work!

They are about finding a serious bargain for the buyer and cleaning out the clutter for you. When having a sale the 1 rule is to be willing to mark it to move! When I go to sales with prices marked close to the store price, I leave thinking those people are crazy! Sounds like you should box it all up and go to Goodwill — take the tax write off. I live on a new street that is not on any maps yet.

The Ultimate Tag-Sale Guide

I posted in my ads to follow the signs to get to my home. I will post the first one at the main Strret. From there it is 3 to 4 turns. I listed that it was in a new section of town. NEVER have the garage sale the same hours or day as someone in your area!! It will ruin the whole sale! The best tip is to just post pone it for the next week. NOT the next day! Someone could come but not as much people! People would not want to come around to another one!!!!! I am much more likely to go to a garage sale if there are several others in the area.

When people go garage selling they usually commit their whole mornings to them. I always check the paper and craigslist to see where the most are and I start out there. If I have time I might hit up the lone one in a different neighbor hood, but most of the time I just skip it. I plan my route the night before to save the hassle and gas money!

I will always hit neighborhood sales before the single ones. Not only do I save gas money, but I end up getting a little exercise walking the neighborhood on a beautiful sunny day. Many people who go to a garage sale are happy to find multiple families with stuff in very close range, since it saves driving from one sale to another.

Our subdivision has an annual subdivision-wide sale anyone who wants sets up in their own yard; the sub does the advertising — and hordes of people come.

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My apartment complex has a yard sale every year with at least 7 families participating. A lot of the same people come back each year. The management advertises and provides signs and stickers. Thanks for the tips. I want to have a yard sale. I lay three tarp and lable each one a dollar, 2 dollar and five dollar instead of pricing evey little pece, if I have a bunch of small items not worth a dollar. I will bundle them up in bags and put them on the dollar tarp. They usaly find something in those bags they like. Why do you think car dealers all locate next to each other on the same street…….

Thanks for all your tips. I have had several garage sales and you are right with your tips. I learned a few suggestions which may help as well. We live in a adult community and we have multiple garage sales as well as the communities next door to us. And our community has reported over the past 4 years that the sales have been successful. Multiple sales helps when folks have to drive out into the country and they are successful too.

Our community is having our annual garage sale at the end of May and looking forward to it. It is a lot of work but worth it at the end. At least we can get rid of a few things and what is left and in good shape, we donate to an organization.

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  • Garage Sale Planning Guide.

Thanks for the time you take to help us with garage sales. One time I had a sale during the early spring. Thanks for all of your tips. I need some direction on ho to price power tools. My husband recently passed away and he had so many different kinds of tools…most of which I have no idea what they do. I looked at tools on CraigsList and saw some that I think are like what I have.

They had some pretty hefty prices on them, but, I am apprehensive to price them as I am not sure they are the same things that I saw. Can you gve me a hint as to how to price them, and maybe what I should keep for myself? I appreciate any assistance you can provide. I would not hold much weight in prices on Craigslist or EBay. Condition and age are everything. They are a dime a dozen at garage sales and are not worth more than a few dollars in most cases. Not only for safety reasons but due to the fact that motors succumb to moisture and non use poorly.

VLOG #2 - Ultimate Garage Sale Guide - Preparation Tips & Tricks

Best advice would be go to a few garage sales and look for similar tools and how they are priced. A quick piggy-back on the use of signage: I used to work with weekend juvenile community service and during the warmer months, part of our duties were to pull down code violating signs. Nail your sign to a stake and drive it into the ground — totally do-able. Thanks for this article!

We wanted to have a yard sale, but this will help us take it to the next level and hopefully raise more money! When not in use, they easily tack up on a garage wall or slide behind larger items. I use arrows to direct traffic. Customers frequently comment on the quality of my signs! Thanks for the tips! You may want to see when local churches, schools, or civic groups may be sponsoring fund-raising tag sales in your community; you can rent a table or space.

The Ultimate Tag-Sale Guide | Real Simple

The charity benefits from the entrance fee, while you benefit from lots of traffic and get to keep the proceeds. One-day sales are best in most cases. A two-day schedule is most appropriate for an estate sale, in which an entire household of inventory needs to be moved, Rinker says. Estate-sale goods tend to be upscale; if your items fall into this category, an auction may be a better solution.

To find a professional appraiser where you live, go to isa-appraisers.

Tips for a Successful Sale

If you hate it but are keeping it because it was a gift, sell it. Just make sure the giver does not attend the sale. Would you buy them again, even at a discounted price? If not, then sell them, keeping these points in mind: Mead makes a waterproof poster board that won't wither in the rain. Use a permanent marker. Money to make change: Keep bills in one pocket, change in the other. For keeping track of sales. So shoppers can measure pieces of furniture. So shoppers can see what clothes look like.

So shoppers can test lamps, radios, and other electrical appliances. Old newspapers, bubble wrap, plastic bags, boxes. The more people involved, the better. But keep in mind that having more sellers also requires more organizing and delegating.

When Should You Have It

Some people use different-colored price stickers for each seller green for you, red for Mom, blue for Aunt Evelyn and then place the stickers in a notebook next to the cash box after items sell. Others simply send interested shoppers to the appropriate seller, using the price tags as a reminder of who is entitled to the cash. Why not have them operate a well-placed lemonade stand? Do Some Research Spend one Saturday comparing items similar to yours at other tag sales, or consult a reputable market-price guide.

Discount Realistically Try to look at your merchandise objectively. For newer items, start at about 25 percent of retail. Most items usually end up selling for closer to 10 percent of retail. For buyers, this transforms a mere purchase into a sport. But if your price is firm, say so. Any money is found money. Tag-sale veterans say that attracting buyers to the sale should be your top priority. But first make a quick call to the town hall.

Some towns require a permit to hold a tag sale. Others have strict rules about where you can post signs. Some, for example, allow you to place them only at a central intersection, as with political advertising during election season. The simplest contingency plan for bad weather is to designate a rain date in your ad, on your flyers, and on social media.

The Ultimate Garage Sale Guide The Ultimate Garage Sale Guide
The Ultimate Garage Sale Guide The Ultimate Garage Sale Guide
The Ultimate Garage Sale Guide The Ultimate Garage Sale Guide
The Ultimate Garage Sale Guide The Ultimate Garage Sale Guide
The Ultimate Garage Sale Guide The Ultimate Garage Sale Guide
The Ultimate Garage Sale Guide The Ultimate Garage Sale Guide

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