69 Shades of Purple

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The Color Purple

Dramatic structure The Color Purple: Historical and social structures The Color Purple: Further reading and resources The Color Purple worksheet downloads. Letter 69 Synopsis of Letter 69 Celie and Shug decide to pay a visit to Alphonso Pa whom Celie has only seen once since she was married off.

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LitCharts From the creators of SparkNotes, something better. The Color Purple by Alice Walker.

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Download this Lit Guide! Themes and Colors Key. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Color Purple , which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Celie decides that she wants to see Pa , to ask about the information she has just learned from Nettie.

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Celie has only seen Pa once since leaving home, and only briefly and from far away, in town. Though Pa lives not far away, Celie has cut herself off from him—no surprise given all that he did to her. But Celie's new knowledge of her background gives her new strength, and an ability to escape her former passivity. Shug and Celie drive to Pa's house, which is a now a large white structure, on beautiful land, that Shug believes must be owned by white people.


Shades of purple

Shug tells Pa, who is now married to a very young girl Daisy , that Celie has come with her to visit Pa, and that Celie would like to ask Pa a few questions. Pa has, by all accounts, done very well for himself.

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  6. It was not totally apparent when Celie was young, but Pa was running the dry-goods business successfully, and pulling down a large income as a result. It is instructive that Shug assumes that any beautiful land must be owned by whites.

    Synopsis of Letter 69

    Also note Pa's continuing predilection toward young girls. Celie tells Pa , in front of Daisy and Shug , that she knows he is their stepfather. Pa pretends, for Daisy's benefit, that he took Celie and Nettie in because it was the nice thing to do, the Christian thing, and Daisy lauds him, now, for his generosity.

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    Pa sees, from Shug's expression, that Shug knows Pa assaulted Celie. But Pa doesn't care, and knows that neither Shug nor Celie will mention Pa's abuse in front of Daisy. Another instance of Pa's power over the women in his life. It's not clear whether Daisy would even believe Celie's story that Pa sexually abused her, but the very fact that Pa can anticipate, and silence, this story by simply looking at Celie and Shug, points to his continued influence over the family.

    69 Shades of Purple 69 Shades of Purple
    69 Shades of Purple 69 Shades of Purple
    69 Shades of Purple 69 Shades of Purple
    69 Shades of Purple 69 Shades of Purple
    69 Shades of Purple 69 Shades of Purple

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