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The authors think that the publicity of nationwide collective thoughts to an enlarging communicative house inside Europe impacts the ways that nationwide stories are framed. This well timed paintings is the 1st to enquire collective identification development on a pan-European scale and may be of curiosity to lecturers and postgraduate scholars of political sociology and ecu studies. Wilson How is it that the United States—the state that cherishes the correct of non-public estate greater than the other within the world—has selected to put aside approximately one-third of its territory as public lands?

Whitehand Taking a multidisciplinary method this addresses the tutorial and functional concerns about the current and way forward for the outfitted atmosphere, arguing for its enlightened administration sooner or later of our present-day environment.

Scott A coal mining strategy practiced in southern West Virginia referred to as mountaintop removing is enormously changing the terrain of the Appalachian Mountains. Peaks are flattened and valleys are crammed because the coal degrees millions of acres of wooded area to entry the coal, within the technique turning the wooded area into scrubby shrublands and poisoning the water. Scott exhibits in Removing Mountains , the problems at play are drastically complicated. In this wealthy ethnography of existence in Appalachia, Scott examines mountaintop removing in gentle of controversy and protests from environmental teams calling for its abolishment.

Scott finds those southern Appalachian coalfields as a significant panorama the place daily practices and representations aid form a community's dating to the environment. Removing Mountains demonstrates that the anomaly that faces this community-forced to spoil their land to make a wage-raises very important questions similar not just to the surroundings but additionally to American nationwide identification, position, and white working-class masculinity.

Maiellaro This quantity comprises the prolonged models of chosen papers provided on the first Mediterranean convention "Sharing wisdom on Sustainable development" held on the Polytechnic ofBari in December , supported by way of the nationwide examine Council of Italy. The book of this ebook used to be made attainable throughout the efforts of the contributing Authors.

Technical points, besides the fact that, may be supported through sufficient guidelines, built with acceptable instruments and pushed through significant demanding situations. By Robert Vanderbeck,Nancy Worth Intergenerational area offers perception into the remodeling relationships among more youthful and older contributors of up to date societies. Resultater efter primaer stapedotomi ved otosklerose. Five experienced ear surgeons performed the operations. The surgeons were still in the learning phase with regard to otosclerosis surgery. A significant improvement was found regarding the air-conduction pure tone average PTA Inflammatory bowel diseases IBD - critical discussion of etiology, pathogenesis, diagnostics, and therapy; Chronisch entzuendliche Darmerkrankungen - Kritische Diskussion von Aetiologie, Pathogenese, Diagnostik und Therapie.

New endoscopic and radiologic techniques provide the necessary diagnostic tools. Obwohl sich, angetrieben durch therapeutische Erfolge der Zytokinforschung, immer mehr medizinische Einrichtungen mit Fragestellungen rund um die CED beschaeftigen, stellen diese Erkrankungen fuer Patient und Arzt immer noch eine lebenslange Herausforderung dar. Die enge interdisziplinaere Zusammenarbeit zwischen Gastroenterologie, Radiologie und Chirurgie ist entscheidend fuer ein effizientes Diagnose- und Therapiekonzept, dessen Grundlagen wir in unserer Uebersichtsarbeit erlaeutern wollen.

Ergebnisse Eine genetisch beeinflusste, ueberschiessende und anhaltende Immunreaktion gegen die eigene Darmflora scheint eine der wichtigsten Ursachen dieser Erkrankungen zu sein. Auch Umwelteinfluesse sind von Belang. Da die CED und insbesondere der Morbus Crohn als systemische Erkrankungen betrachtet werden muessen, setzen therapeutische Ueberlegungen eine genaue Kenntnis des Organbefalls voraus. Therapeutisch scheint es zu einem. Poliartritis y tenosinovitis grave por Streptococcus agalactiae en un paciente con hipoesplenia funcional Severe polyarthritis and tenosynovitis caused by Streptococcus agalactiae in a patient with functional hyposplenia.

Full Text Available La artritis por Streptococcus agalactiae es infrecuente. Como antecedentes presentaba carcinoma papilar de tiroides e hipoesplenia funcional. Presentaba tenosinovitis en ambos pies y en la mano izquierda. Los hemocultivos y el cultivo de la bursa olecraniana derecha fueron positivos para S. Cases of arthritis caused by Streptococcus agalactiae are infrequent and in our knowledge there are no case reports of tenosynovitis caused by S. A year-old woman presented with fever, polyarthralgia, myalgia, diarrhea and vomiting.

She had a history of papillary thyroid carcinoma and functional hyposplenia. She was febrile, with arthritis in hands, wrists, elbows, right shoulder and left ankle joints, and presented tenosynovitis in both feet and left hand. Blood and right olecranon bursa sample cultures were positive for S.

An ultrasound scan made at the musculus tibialis anterior of left foot revealed signs of tenosynovitis. She was treated with intravenous cefazolin for 20 days and oral cefuroxime for 12 days. The joint involvement completely subsided in 60 days. Streptococcus agalactiae can cause, infrequently, a polyarthritis and tenosynovitis syndrome similar to disseminated gonococcal. Unfortunately, the onset of joint destruction and inflammation in these models represents a significant detriment to breeding management.

Joint histology and bone morphology were assessed by histological analysis and micro-computed tomography CT , respectively. To determine whether depressive symptoms assessed in treated patients with early inflammatory polyarthritis EPA influence disease activity during follow-up. Consecutively recruited EPA patients were actively treated to remission. SDAI scores were log-transformed to compute univariate and multivariate linear regressions. Parametric interval-censored Kaplan-Meier and survival regressions using Weibull distribution were used to assess time to and predictors of SDAI remission.

A total of EPA patients were recruited at a median of 4 months into disease. To compare changes in regional bone mineral density BMD of the metacarpal joints measured by dual x ray absorptiometry DXA and digital x ray radiogrammetry DXR in relation to disease activity and radiographic outcome in a two year follow up study of patients with early RA The patients with RA were divided into groups according to mean disease activity, average glucocorticoid dose, and MRI and x ray detected bone erosions in the hands.

Clinical and biochemical measurements were made every month and an x ray examination of the hands and BMD of the metacarpal joints Osteoprotegerin Serum Levels in Rheumatoid Arthritis. MR imaging in chronic epicondylitis humeri radialis at 1. Klinik und Poliklinik fuer Radiologie; Riedel, C. Eine pathologische Verdickung oder eine Ruptur respektive Partialruptur des Lig.

Zusatzinformationen durch Kontrastmittelgabe wurden im Vergleich zur Nativdiagnostik nicht gewonnen. Nederlandse richtlijn Chronische urticaria - Behandeling met omalizumab. Van Den Elzen, M. B A; Tupker, R. The Dutch guideline Chronic Urticaria aims to present a stepped-care model for the treatment of chronic spontaneous urticaria CSU. In this manuscript omalizumab is discussed as a treatment option. Omalizumab is a humanized monoclonal antibody that selectively binds to immunoglobulin E IgE. We examined suicide attempters' use of health insurance services as part of an effort to prevent suicidal behaviour Ny behandlingsstrategi for patienter med primaer , ikkeresektabel rectumcancer.

Patients with locally advanced rectal cancer LARC have a poor prognosis. Preoperative radiotherapy may shrink the tumour and make subsequent resection possible. The use of modern principles of preoperative radiotherapy in combination with chemotherapy and an active surgical attitude A single-institution, prospective evaluation of a new treatment strategy in patients with LARC was done. Sixty percent of the patients subsequently had microscopic radical surgery. Patients with LARC should preferably be treated with high-dose preoperative radiotherapy in combination with chemotherapy.


Die Automobilindustrie in Den Neuen Bundeslandern Seit Den 50ern (German, Paperback)

We performed a retrospective review of children below 15 years submitted with CNS vasculitis to the department between and Six two boys, four girls of ten children with clinical and vascular imaging findings Age at onset was three to 12 years. Acutely acquired hemiparesis was seen in five children, two had facial palsy. Among other symptoms were headache, ataxia, dysarthria, loss of consciousness and seizures. Ook de chronische fase na een beroerte kent behandelmogelijkheden.

In contrast to the chronic phase, for the acute and rehabilitation phases following a stroke it is sufficiently clear what care is adequate care. Most stroke patients no longer have contact with healthcare professionals in the chronic phase. In this phase, new psychosocial problems may develop. Vergrijzing en toekomstige ziektelast. Prognose chronische ziektenprevalentie Due to ageing and growth of the population, the number of persons with a chronic disease will increase in the next twenty years, with the largest increase expected in the number of persons with diabetes and osteoporosis.

In the next twenty years, , additional cases of diabetes are expected,. De behandeling van kinderen met chronische hepatitis C. A 9-year-old boy, a year-old boy, and a 6-year-old girl were infected with chronic hepatitis C virus HCV. They had no physical complaints and a virus genotype that was favourable to treatment with peginterferon-alpha and ribavirin. The younger boy and the girl had liver fibrosis and were. Primary tumors of the pineal body can produce dyscoordinative movements of the eye, pupillary dilatation, paralysis of adduction during convergence and nystagmus. Obstruction of the aqueduct can cause hydrocephalus, increased intracranial pressure and papilledema.

Diabetes insipidus may be a pres Primaer brystrekonstruktion i forbindelse med mastektomi ved mammacancer. Indikation, procedure og umiddelbare operative resultater. Mastectomy and immediate reconstruction of breasts were performed in patients in close collaboration between plastic surgeons and general surgeons. In 56 patients reconstruction was performed using tissue expanders including 13 bilateral operations, 29 patients had a latissimus dorsi Radiologic comparison of erosive polyarthritis with prominent interphalangeal involvement.

Psoriatic arthritis, Reiter's disease, and multicentric reticulohistiocytosis may manifest prominent interphalangeal joint and cutaneous involvement. All three disorders may also affect the sacroiliac joints and spine. Despite these similarities, there are basic radiologic differences enabling distinction between the three disorders.

Erosive osteoarthritis must also be considered in the differential diagnosis of interphalangeal erosive arthritis. Psoriatic erosions are characteristically ill defined, often bilaterally asymmetrical, usually unaccompanied by significant osteoporosis, and frequently associated with florid proliferation of subperiosteal new bone.

An unilateral polyarticular pattern, which often occurs in a single ray, is the most prevalent of several patterns of involvement. Reiter's disease exhibits many clinical and radiologic similarities to psoriatic arthritis, but in the former there tends to be selective involvement of the joints of the lower limbs and particularly the feet, with relative sparing of the hands and wrists, while in the latter the joints of the upper and lower limbs tend to be involved to an equal extent.

Lesions predominate in skin and synovium and result in sharply circumscribed, rapidly progressive, strikingly bilaterally symmetrical erosions spreading from joint margins to articular surfaces. Most or all of the diarthrodial joints may be affected, but interphalangeal joint predominance and early and severe atlanto-axial involvement are characteristic.

Erosive osteoarthritis is characterized by interphalangeal subchondral erosions, accompanying periosteal new bone that is more subtle than that of psoriatic arthritis, and interphalangeal bony ankylosis that occurs with the same frequency as that of psoriatic arthritis. Widespread pain syndromes of the musculoskeletal system present to general practitioners, internists, neurologists and orthopedic surgeons every day.

The syndromes may result both from organic diseases inflammatory joint diseases, rheumatic manifestations of organ diseases as well as dysfunctional syndromes, the latter including mainly biomechanically induced syndromes and fibromyalgia. The approach is predominantly clinically oriented and requires laboratory means or technical procedures only in a limited extend. The duration of history, the recognition of synovitis and of myofascial trigger points or of integumental tender points allow in most patients to achieve appropriate diagnostic criteria.

A 34 year old white male patient suffering from seropositive "probable" rheumatoid arthritis developed a severe hypocomplementemic mesangiocapillary glomerulo-nephritis. The third component of complement C3 was markedly depressed, while the fourth component C4 was within normal range. The rapid progression of the disease forced us to start an immunosuppressive drug therapy using azathioprine and steroids.

Despite marked clinical improvement, e. Polyarthritis flare in patient with ankylosing spondylitis treated with infliximab. Nevertheless, there is a growing number of studies describing several adverse reactions in patients treated with biological agents. Imaging of primary muscular diseases. What do neurologists expect from radiologists? Was erwartet der Neurologe vom Radiologen.

Anna, Luzern Switzerland ; Fischer, D. Imaging, in particular magnetic resonance imaging MRI , has in recent years increasingly become a crucial tool for the diagnostics of inherited and acquired muscular diseases. The aim of imaging in neuromuscular disorders goes beyond the detection and quantification of degenerative muscular changes, such as fatty degeneration and includes recognition of very early signs of muscular pathologies presenting as muscular edema.

Therefore, imaging is a valuable diagnostic method to support the clinical diagnosis and to narrow down the differential diagnoses, leading to specific additional diagnostic tests in order to establish the correct diagnosis. Although advances in MRI hardware and technology have led to a faster, more accurate and advanced image acquisition allowing whole body examination in a feasible fashion, the standardization of image acquisition and interpretation remains a challenge. The aim of this review article is to address the important and clinically relevant issues concerning the role of imaging of neuromuscular diseases in order to facilitate a good interdisciplinary management for the diagnostics and monitoring of neuromuscular diseases.

Die Bildgebung ist dabei nicht nur in der Lage, Muskeldegeneration z. Die Bildgebung ist somit eine wertvolle diagnostische Modalitaet, um die klinische Diagnose zu unterstuetzen, die Differenzialdiagnose einzugrenzen und somit eine zielgerichtete weiterfuehrende Diagnostik zu ermoeglichen. Obgleich die technischen Weiterentwicklungen, insbesondere der MRT, eine schnellere, genauere und erweiterte z. Ganzkoerperuntersuchungen Bildakquisition erlaubt, bleibt die Standardisierung eine grosse Herausforderung. Der Bedarf einer angemessenen Standardisierung schliesst auch die Bildanalyse und -interpretation mit ein.

Ziel dieser Uebersichtsarbeit ist es, wichtige, fuer Radiologen wie fuer Neurologen klinisch relevante Punkte der neuromuskulaeren Bildgebung zu benennen, welche wichtige Voraussetzungen fuer ein gutes interdisziplinaeres Management in der Diagnostik und Verlaufsbeobachtung neuromuskulaerer Erkrankungen sind. However, several pitfalls have to be observed regarding choice of technical parameters coils, sequences, imaging planes , tissue differentiation, and tumor staging.

When staging malignant tumors, critical aspects which have to be observed are tumor extension, integrity of the cortical bone, soft tissue components, infiltration of a joint or neurovascular bundle. The use of contrast agents provides important additional information but can also give rise to misinterpretations.

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Thus, all features of a tumor have to be observed in order to establish a final diagnosis. Particular difficulties can occur with the interpretation of MR images of osteomyelitis, osteoid osteoma, stress and insufficiency fractures, bone infarcts, myositis ossificans, hemangiomas, and aneurysmal bone cysts. Zahlreiche Pitfalls finden sich jedoch bei der Wahl der technischen Parameter Spulen, Sequenzen, Schichtebenen , der Tumordifferenzierung und beim Staging von malignen Tumoren. Beim Staging sind die kritischen Punkte die Beurteilung von Tumorausdehnung, Integritaet der Kortikalis, Vorhandensein einer Weichteilkomponente, Infiltration eines Gelenks oder des neurovaskulaeren Buendels.

Die Verwendung von Kontrastmitteln gibt wichtige Informationen, jedoch auch Anlass zu Fehlinterpretationen, so dass zur Diagnosestellung stets alle Merkmale eines Tumors beruecksichtigt werden muessen. Insuffizienzfrakturen, Knocheninfarkte, die Myositis ossificans, Haemangiome und die aneurysmatische Knochenzyste bieten. Chronische ziekten bij allochtonen: In the Netherlands, chronic diseases, such as diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease, are more common and have a poorer prognosis in patients of Surinamese, Turkish and Moroccan origin. Surinamese develop cardiovascular diseases more often and at an earlier age; it is recommended that their.

Recente ontwikkelingen in de behandeling van chronische hepatitis B en C.

Chronic hepatitis B and C are life-threatening diseases, treated with variable success. Peginterferon-alpha is one of the standard therapies for chronic hepatitis B as well as C. To prevent the development of resistant viruses, combination treatment is preferable to monotherapy. Hoofdpijn na een laparotomie: A year-old man underwent an exploratory laparotomy because of rectal carcinoma. The operation was performed under general anaesthesia in combination with epidural anaesthesia.

Since the operation the patient complained of a headache. Eight weeks after the operation he was hospitalized because of. B cell chronic lymphocytic leukaemia CLL is the most common leukaemia in the Western world. It is wrongly considered to be an indolent disease: Prospektive Entwicklung des postoperativen Sprachverstehens nach Tympanoplastik bei chronischer Otitis media.

In der Literatur werden erfolgreiche operative Behandlungen mit Verringerung der Schallleitungskomponente air-bone gap belegt Gierke et al. Functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRI is frequently used in the presurgical diagnostic procedure of epilepsy patients, in particular for lateralization of speech and memory and for localization of the primary motor cortex to delineate the epileptogenic lesion from eloquent brain areas.

This diagnostic sequence leads either to the decision for or against elective epilepsy surgery or to the decision to proceed with invasive diagnostic techniques Wada test, intra-operative or extra-operative cortical stimulation. It is difficult to evaluate the contribution of the fMRI test in isolation to the validity of the entire diagnostic sequence.

Complications such as memory loss and aphasia in temporal lobe resections or paresis after frontal lobe resections are rare and rarely of disastrous extent. This further complicates the evaluation of the clinical relevance of fMRI as a predictive tool. In this article studies which investigated the concordance between fMRI and other diagnostic gold standards will be presented as well as the association between presurgical fMRI and postsurgical morbidity.

Das Ergebnis dieser Sequenz ist die Entscheidung fuer oder gegen einen elektiven epilepsiechirurgischen Eingriff bzw. Komplikationen epilepsiechirurgischer Eingriffe, z. Minderungen des Gedaechtnisses oder der Benennleistung nach Temporallappenresektion bzw. In diesem Artikel werden daher Studien vorgestellt, die die Uebereinstimmung zwischen fMRT und anderen ''Goldstandards'' oder postoperativer Morbiditaet untersucht haben.

Diagnosis, therapy and follow-up results; Chronische Pankreatitis. Diagnostik, Therapie und Langzeitergebnisse. The incidence of chronic pancreatitis is increasing in industrialized countries due to the steady increase of alcohol abuse. The pathogenesis of this disease is still incompletely understood. A cure is not possible.

The knowledge of the patients history and a thorough clinical investigation together with the availability of a wide array of laboratory tests and imaging procedures enable the physician to characterize the stage of the disease. Exact knowledge of the present pancreatic morphology, potential complications of the disease, and knowledge about the present exocrine and endocrine function capacity are prerequisites for adequate therapeutic decision making.

The therapeutic possibilities include termination of alcohol abuse, various options of treatment of pain according to the various pathogenetic possibilities leading to pain, pancreatic digestive enzyme supplementation, treatment of diabetes, and either endoscopic or surgical treatments of complications of the disease. Die Diagnose der chronischen Pankreatitis wird oft spaet gestellt. Eine Heilung ist noch nicht moeglich. Eine detailierte Anamnese, Beurteilung der Klinik, Laborparameter, Pankreasfunktionsanalysen und eine ganze Palette unterschiedlicher bildgebender Verfahren ermoeglichen eine Charakterisierung des jeweiligen Krankheitszustandes.

Wie bei jedem nicht heilbaren chronischen Krankheitsbild ist eine stadiengerechte Therapie erforderlich. Die Tinnitus-Belastung wurde mit Tinnitus-Fragebogen Chronic orofacial pain; atypical facial pain? Difficult to diagnose pain in the orofacial area may be a challenge to the dental practitioner. There still is uncertainty about the taxonomy of chronic orofacial pain, and even more so about its etiology. Treatment of chronic orofacial pain may aim at goals which are set in advance, but also at the.

Hersenschade door blootstelling aan oplosmiddelen; diagnostiek en beloop van chronische toxische encefalopathie. Since more than 3, patients have been referred to one of the two Dutch Solvent Teams with health problems that may have been caused by long-term occupational exposure to organic solvents. A diagnosis of 'chronic solvent-induced encephalopathy' was made in approximately patients. Chronic pulmonary embolism - radiological imaging and differential diagnosis; Chronische Lungenembolie - Radiologische Bildmorphologie und Differenzialdiagnose.

In chronic pulmonary embolism branches of the pulmonary arterial tree remain partially or totally occluded. This may lead to pulmonary hypertension with the development of right ventricular hypertrophy as well as structural changes of pulmonary arteries.

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According to current guidelines ventilation-perfusion lung scanning and pulmonary angiography are still recommended as the methods of choice. MSCT and MRI provide technical alternatives which are helpful in differential diagnosis versus other types of pulmonary hypertension. In spite of medical and surgical measures in rare cases pulmonary thromboendarterectomy the prognosis of chronic pulmonary embolism remains unfavourable. Dies kann zu einer Erhoehung des pulmonal-arteriellen Drucks mit den Folgen einer Rechtsherzbelastung und strukturellen Veraenderungen der Pulmonalarterien fuehren.

Differenzialdiagnostisch sind andere Formen der pulmonalen Hypertonie abzugrenzen. Trotz medikamentoeser und chirurgischer Therapiemassnahmen z. Cardiac rehabilitation is no longer just used to treat patients after the manifestation of a coronary artery disease such as a myocardial infarct, after a PTCA or after a coronary bypass operation. Patients with a congenital heart disease, patients who have received an implantable cardioverter.

Die Bedeutung von Interleukon-1 beo der Entstehung der Knochenerosion. Full Text Available A case report of early debut and severe course of juvenile poly arthritis with eyes lesion refractory to classic immuno suppressive agents is presented in this article. Successful application of biological agent adalimumab is described: Range of motions in affected joints was recovered.

The remission of veitis, normalization of indicators of disease activity ESR, concentration of creactive protein in blood plasma was registered by 89 th week. Value of sialography and salivary gland scintigraphy in the evaluation of rheumatoid polyarthritis. This work aims to establish the frequency and severity of salivary gland disease. Very many techniques are available for the exploration of these glands.

Each patient was subjected to: These two methods of salivary gland exploration should be carried out together, since sialographic data are largely static and anatomical while scintigraphy mainly supplies dynamic, functional data. The radiotracer used is technetium 99m. A goal management intervention for polyarthritis patients: Background A health promotion intervention was developed for inflammatory arthritis patients, based on goal management.

Elevated levels of depression and anxiety symptoms, which indicate maladjustment, are found in such patients. Other indicators of adaptation to chronic disease are positive affect,. A year-old man with polyarthritis and severe autonomic neuropathy. Orthostasis due to autonomic neuropathy can cause severe debilitation and prove refractory to treatment. Symptomatic management, plasma fluid expanders, and IVIG therapy failed to offer a salutary response to the condition.

Etanercept therapy provided improvement of the orthostasis and autonomic function measured as high and low frequency respiratory effects on heart rate variability as well as enhancement of skin blood flow using Laser Doppler. It would be of considerable interest to determine the effectiveness of etanercept in other autoimmune neuropathies. Acute seronegative polyarthritis associated with lymphogranuloma venereum infection in a patient with prevalent HIV infection. A year-old man who has sex with men presented with a three-month asymmetrical polyarthropathy. He had a positive HIV-1 antibody test consistent with infection acquired more than six months previously.

Following successful treatment for LGV his arthritis resolved completely. Infection with HIV-1 has been hypothesized to cause reactive arthritis but this has been disputed. The most likely diagnosis in this patient was sexually acquired reactive arthritis secondary to LGV infection. As LGV can be asymptomatic and treatment differs from that of the other serovars, screening should be considered in all men who have sex with men MSM presenting with acute arthritis, particularly if they are HIV infected.

Congenital anomalies, hereditary diseases of the pancreas, acute and chronic pancreatitis; Entwicklungsstoerungen, angeborene Erkrankungen des Pankreas, akute und chronische Pankreatitis. The most important congenital anomalies include pancreas divisum, annular pancreas and ectopic pancreas. Patients with pancreas divisum may be more susceptible to acute or chronic pancreatitis and patients with an annular pancreas may develop duodenal stenosis. In pancreas divisum the key finding is the visualization of the main duct draining into the duodenum via the small papilla, separated from the common bile duct.

Annular pancreas may show as a well defined ring of pancreatic tissue that encircles the duodenum. Ectopic pancreas is usually asymptomatic but may give rise to abdominal complaints and may be confused with submucosal tumors. Acute pancreatitis is classified as mild or severe. In mild forms ultrasound is the imaging modality of choice whereas in severe forms with extensive pancreatic and peripancreatic necroses computed tomography is the favored method.

It is crucial to identify signs and criteria that come along with an increased risk of infection of the necroses. MRI plays an inferior role in the assessment of acute pancreatitis. Chronic pancreatitis is a longstanding inflammatory and fibrosing process causing pain and loss of function.

Cross-section imaging is particularly in demand for the detection of complications and the differentiation from pancreatic cancer. Autoimmune pancreatitis is a unique form of chronic pancreatitis characterized by lymphoplasmacytic infiltration and fibrosis, and favourable response to corticosteroid treatment. Impingement syndrome of the shoulder; Schulterimpingement. The impingement syndrome is a clinical entity characterized by shoulder pain due to primary or secondary mechanical irritation of the rotator cuff.

The primary factors for the development of impingement are a curved or hook-shaped anterior acromion as well as subacromial osteophytes, which may lead to tearing of the supraspinatus tendon. Secondary impingement is mainly caused by calcific tendinopathy, glenohumeral instability, os acromiale and degenerative changes of the acromioclavicular joint. Conventional radiographs are initially obtained, mainly for evaluation of the bony structures of the shoulder. If available, sonography can be used for detection of lesions and tears of the rotator cuff.

Finally, MR-imaging provides detailed information about the relationship of the acromion and the acromioclavicular joint to the rotator cuff itself. In many cases however, no morphologic cause for impingement syndrome can be found. While patients are initially treated conservatively, chronic disease usually requires surgical intervention.

Als primaere Faktoren gelten ein gebogener oder hakenfoermiger Vorderrand des Akromions oder von diesem entspringende Osteophyten, was zu Laesionen der Supraspinatussehne fuehren kann. Zu den sekundaeren Faktoren zaehlt man v. Bildgebend steht an erster Stelle ein Nativroentgen, mit dem sich die knoechernen Strukturen gut darstellen lassen. Falls vorhanden, kann in weiterer Folge die Sonographie Auskunft ueber den Zustand der Rotatorenmanschette geben.

Radiological assessment of loss of disc height during acute and chronic degenerative lumbar disc alterations; Radiologische Beurteilung der segmentalen Hoehenabnahme bei akuten und chronisch degenerativen lumbalen Bandscheibenveraenderungen. Aim of the study: A loss of disc height with increasing segmental mobility is an important reason for low back pain. The measurement of hyaluronic acid content of the nucleus pulposus prolaps shows a difference between acute group 1 and chronic group 2 disc degeneration. The purpose of the present investigation was to determine the decreasing of disc height between these two groups and the no-symptomatic segments of these patients.

The used method is not suitable to answer the present question conclusively. Die segmentale Hoehenabnahme der Bandscheibe mit nachfolgender Instabilitaet im Rahmen von degenerativen lumbalen Bandscheibenerkrankungen hat eine wesentliche klinische Bedeutung. In einer vorgeschalteten Untersuchung konnte ueber die Bestimmung des Hyaluronsaeuregehaltes von Nucleus pulposus-Material der Grad der Bandscheibendegeneration beurteilt werden.

Die Frage ist, ob hier ein praeoperativ radiologisch nachweisbarer Hoehenunterschied zwischen den akuten Gruppe 1 und den chronischen Gruppe 2 Bandscheibenvorfaellen im Vergleich zu den klinisch nicht betroffenen Bandscheibensegmenten der Patienten besteht? Es wurden 20 konsekutive praeoperative seitliche Roentgenaufnahmen der Lendenwirbelsaeule nach der Methode von Frobin et al.

Diese bestanden aus einer ersten Gruppe 7 Patienten mit einem durchschnittlichen Alter von 41 Jahren und einer zweiten Gruppe 13 Patienten mit einem durchschnittlichen Alter von 44 Jahren. Die Ergebnisse der Untersuchung zeigten lediglich in der 2. Zusammenfassend konnte gezeigt werden, dass die Messmethode nach Frobin et al.

Radiosynovectomy of the knee joint in chronic arthritis; An easy and useful treatment. Radiosynoviectomie van de knie bij chronische artritis; Een eenvoudige en zinvolle behandeling. Afdeling Reumatologie ; Corstens, F. Afdeling Nucleaire Geneeskunde ; Bruyn, G. Medisch Centrum, Leeuwarden Netherlands. After that the patient stayed in bed for 3 days. Main results, group 1. Becoming an adult often proves extra challenging for those who grow up with chronic conditions, because adaptive tasks related to living with a chronic condition can clash with normal developmental milestones.

Finding a good balance and integrating these tasks in daily life is also referred to as. Gerapporteerd wordt een viertal gevalsbeschrijvingen. Radiation sensitivity and the acute and chronical radiation injury of the liver. Strahlenempfindlichkeit und die akute und chronische Strahlenschaedigung der Leber. The extended German version of the contribution 'Radiation-induced injury of the liver' from the manual of experimental pharmacology, volume XVI, part 5 p.

Following a brief presentation of the radiation-induced change of the human liver by external and internal radiation source, experimental results in the latter case of the radiation effect on the regeneration behaviour of the liver particularly regarding the nucleic acid synthesis are indicated especially using findings after thorotrast application. Furthermore, effects on the metabolic activities and on the liver function with combined radiation drug application on test animals is shown. Developing health economic models of chronic diseases for reimbursement purposes.

De bevolking van Nederland en andere Europese landen vergrijsd. Hierdoor neemt het aantal mensen met chronische ziekten, die vaak chronische medicatie nodig hebben, toe. Nieuwe geneesmiddelen, diagnostische testen en medische hulpmiddelen zijn vaak effectiever dan de tot dan toe beschikbare. Het chronisch vermoeidheidssyndroom CVS is een chronische ziekte die wordt gekenmerkt door ernstige vermoeidheid die vaak gepaard gaat met reumatische, infectieuze en neuropsychiatrische klachten.

Het is een ernstig invaliderende aandoening waar tot nog toe geen genezende behandeling. Cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging CMRI has become the primary tool for the non-invasive assessment in patients with suspected myocarditis, especially after exclusion of acute coronary syndrome ACS for the differential diagnosis. Various MRI parameters are available which have different accuracies. Volumetric and functional ventricular assessment and the occurrence of pericardial effusion alone demonstrate only a poor sensitivity and specificity.

The calculation of the T2-ratio edema assessment , the early or global relative myocardial enhancement gRE and the late gadolinium enhancement LGE , which represents irreversibly injured myocardium, are more specific parameters. All MRI parameters demonstrate the best accuracy in infarct-like acute myocarditis, whereas in chronic myocarditis sensitivity and specificity are less accurate.

Therefore, a multisequential at least two out of three parameters are positive approach is recommended. The assessment of the value of newer, more quantitative MRI sequences, such as T1 and T2-mapping is still under investigation. Die Beurteilung der Volumetrie und Ventrikelfunktion weisen ebenso wie der Nachweis eines Perikardergusses alleine nur eine geringe Sensitivitaet und Spezifitaet auf. Alle MR-Parameter zeigen die beste diagnostische Genauigkeit bei einer ''infarktaehnlichen'' akuten. Fluoroscopic-guided primary single-step percutaneous gastrostomy.

Zentrum fuer Radiologie; Herrmann, J. In 39 patients mean age The clinical data and outcome as well as any complications originated from the electronic archive of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. The intervention was technically successful in all 39 patients. Within the mean follow-up time of Complications manifested after a mean of One patient had to be surgically revised under suspicion of a malpositioned tube and suspected intestinal perforation. Clinically relevant wound infections were not detected. The total costs per patient were Material costs as well as human and time resources could be significantly reduced using the single-step treatment.

Connective tissue metabolism in patients with unclassified polyarthritis and early rheumatoid arthritis. Relationship to disease activity, bone mineral density, and radiographic outcome. At 2 years, 51 patients fulfilled the American College Rheumatology criteria for rheumatoid arthritis Treatment of folliculitis decalvans using intensity-modulated radiation via tomotherapy. Folliculitis decalvans FD is a form of primary neutrophilic scarring alopecia that is characterized clinically by chronic suppurative folliculitis and often associated with pruritus or even pain.

Treatment of FD is often difficult. Herein, we report a case of recalcitrant and painful folliculitis decalvans refractory to antibiotic and anti-inflammatory therapies, which was successfully treated by intensity-modulated radiotherapy IMRT in order to irreversibly eliminate hair follicles that prove to be one etiological trigger. A year-old male patient with a refractory FD presented with a crusting suppurative folliculitis and atrophic scarring patches on the scalp associated with pain and pruritus. We attempted relief of symptoms by reducing scalp inflammation and eliminating hair follicles through radiation.

The symptoms markedly decreased but did not totally disappear. Therefore, we delivered a second radiation series 4 months later with an additional 6 Gy. This led to almost complete epilation on the scalp and abolished pain and pruritus on the capillitium. The patient was regularly followed up until 26 months after radiotherapy.

Draining lesions or exudation did not recur. He only experienced discrete hair regrowth in the occipital region with folliculitis 12 months after radiotherapy. These residual lesions are currently treated with laser epilation therapy. A radical approach to eliminating hair follicles by repeated radiation therapy may induce lasting relief of symptoms in chronic suppurative FD associated with persistent trichodynia. Da es bisher kein einheitliches Behandlungskonzept gibt, wird hier ueber eine FD berichtet, welche trotz mehrfacher antibiotischer.

In 12 horses chronic interstitial lung disease was diagnosed. All horses were referrred because of unexplained loss of performance. In general there was no history of respiratory problems; 4 horses showed nasal discharge and 2 horses coughed. Results of arterial bloodgas analysis, tracheobronchial mucus cytology and radiological examination of the lungs were found in a typical combination, and they were different from results found generally in horses suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Mean value of arterial partial pressure of oxygen was ,6 mm Hg, arterial partial pressure of carbon dioxide was 45,1 mm Hg and alveolo-arterial difference in oxygen 5,1 mm Hg, respectively.

In tracheobronchial aspirates pulmonary alveolar macrophages and neutrophil granulocytes were found in a relation of 2,6: Chest radiographs of all horses showed diffuse interstitial pattern throughout the lung. Radio-Tympano-Sinu-Orthesis - a new therapy of recurrent otitis media and chronic sinusitis; Die Radio-Tympano-Sinu-Orthese - ein neues Verfahren zur Therapie von rezidivierender Otitis media und chronischer Sinusitis.

The practicability, safety and clinical efficacy of intracavitary therapy with Recolloid in patients with recurrent otitis media and paranasal sinusitis, resistant to pharmacotherapy and surgical treatment is demonstrated based on a preliminary treatment trial. Biodistribution and biokinetics were studied by gamma camera imaging. Acute and chronic gastric emptying disorders in rats after localized X-irradiation, and the therapy of these disorders. Akute und chronische Stoerungen in der Magenentleerung nach Roentgenbestrahlung des Rattenmagens und deren therapeutische Beeinflussbarkeit.

Bartholomew' s Medical Coll. After localized kV X-irradiation of the rat stomach the stomach emptying time of a liquid and a solid test meal was examined with a non-invasive radiological method. In the acute period one to three weeks after irradiation with single doses between The faster emptying of the liquid test meal was treated successfully with atropin. In the chromic period we observed a delayed emptying of the liquid and of the solid test meal.

These emptying disorders were treated partially successfully with the parasympathomimeticum carbachol and they were treated completeley successfully with the dopamine antagonist metoclopramide. Diagnostic evaluatuin of gastrointestinal tumors; Diagnostik bei Tumoren im Gastrointestinaltrakt. Klinik und Poliklinik fuer Nuklearmedizin.

In such cases a PET scan may be helpful. PET seems to be more accurate in this respect, too. Auch die Differenzierung eines Lokalrezidivs von postoperativer Narbenbildung, z. Lebertumoren sollten primaer sonographisch und bei fraglicher Dignitaet anschliessend mittels MRT untersucht werden. In der Differentialdiagnostik von unklaren Leberherden ist die nuklearmedizinische Rezeptorszintigraphie wegweisend. Ergeben die vorgeschalteten Untersuchungen den Verdacht auf einen malignen Prozess, sollte zusaetzlich eine CT-Arterioportographie durchgefuehrt werden, da dieses.

Functional magnetic resonance imaging for evaluation of radiation-induced renal damage; Funktionelle MRT der Niere zur Erfassung strahleninduzierter Nierenschaedigungen. The importance of renal diagnostic evaluation will increase continuously due to the increasing number of long-term survivors after radiotherapy. This article evaluates the potentia diagnostic contribution of magnetic resonance MR imaging with a focus on functional MRI.

The following functional MRI approaches are briefly presented and evaluated: In summary, only DWI and contrast-enhanced MR perfusion currently seem to be suitable approaches for a broader, clinical implementation. However, up to now valid data from larger patient studies are lacking for both techniques in regard to radiation-induced renal alterations. Durch die zunehmende Anzahl von Langzeitueberlebenden nach einer Strahlentherapie wird die Bedeutung dieser Diagnostik jedoch weiter zunehmen. In diesem Beitrag wird der Frage nachgegangen, in wieweit hierzu die MRT-Bildgebung und hier besonders die funktionellen Bildgebungsmodalitaeten ihren Beitrag leisten koennen.

Die folgenden Verfahren werden kurz vorgestellt und bewertet: Immune responses in hepatitis B and C virus infection. Het hepatitis B en C virus zijn virussen die chronische infectie van de lever kunnen veroorzaken. Zulke langdurige ontsteking van de lever kan leiden tot leverschade, met als gevolg het ontstaan van cirrose en hepatocellulair carcinoom. Naar de behandeling van deze chronische virus infecties wordt. Wat mensen met astma of COPD beweegt.

Algemeen wordt aangenomen dat chronisch zieken weinig bewegen en dat bewegingsstimulering aanzienlijke gezondheidswinst kan opleveren. Uit een quickscan van TNO naar het beweeggedrag. Drie van de vijf mensen met chronisch obstructieve longziekte werkt niet. In Nederland hebben In Nederland zijn bijna Bij COPD zijn de longen chronisch ontstoken, waardoor mensen moeite hebben met ademhalen en minder energie hebben. Roken is verreweg de meest. Standardization and application of the solid phase C1q radioimmunoassay using soluble tetanus toxoid-antitetanus immune complexes in sera of patients with chronic polyarthritis and Lupus erythematodes.

Soluble tetanus-antitetanus immune complexes were prepared with affinity-chromatography and gel chromatography. Serial dilutions of these immune complex preparations were tested in a solid phase C1q radioimmunoassay. Soluble immune complexes as well as aggregated human gamma globulin of identical protein concentrations were comparatively investigated. Soluble immune complexes rendered a more sensitive standardization of RIA.

Upper limit of mean values and two standard deviations of ng second antibody obtained in investigations of 55 normal sera was designated as 1 unit immune complexes and regarded as border line of negative results. According to these values a standardization curve was constructed allowing a conversion of ng-second antibody obtained in serum investigations into immune complex units equivalent to defined standard immune complexes.

With this curve investigation results of 56 RA sera and 21 SLE sera were expressed in the range of units, making a distinct gradation of positive results and a clear cut separation of positive and negative results possible. SLE sera of patients in acute stage showed highly positive results.

According to these observations a relation between.. Histologische veranderingen bij koeien en schapen die in de praktijk en experimenteel blootgesteld zijn aan polygechloreerde dibenzo-p-dioxinen en -furanen. Histologisch onderzoek is verricht op organen van koeien en schapen, welke chronisch en experimenteel bloot hebben gestaan aan dioxinen.

Alle dieren waren op het moment van slachten klinisch gezond. Bij de meeste dieren werden histologische afwijkingen waargenomen. Role of proteoglycans in renal chronic transplant dysfunction. Het zijn veelbelovende targets voor interventies om chronische dysfunctie van de getranspanteerde nier te vertragen. Dat blijkt uit het promotieonderzoek van Kiran Katta. Derivation of conversion factors to estimate an indicative chronic NOAEL from short-term toxicity data.

Vaak zijn echter slechts acute en sub-acute toxiciteitsgegevens beschikbaar. Arthrosis deformans van het kaakgewricht: De meest voorkomende zijn: Costen's syndroom, pijn-dysfunctiesyndroom, mandibular joint syndrome of -disorder, chronische Kiefergelenkerkrankung en. Prophylactic cranial irradiation could improve overall survival in patients with extensive small cell lung cancer.

Der primaere Endpunkt der Studie war das OS. Die Daten zum Ueberleben der Patienten wurden statistisch ausgewertet. Das Risiko von Hirnmetastasen wurde signifikant verringert HR: Akute und chronische Nebenwirkungen waren gering und wurden gut von den mit PCI behandelten Patienten vertragen. Initial clinical experience with a new percutaneous peripheral atherectomy device for the treatment of femoro-popliteal stenoses; Erste klinische Erfahrungen mit einem neuen Atherektomiekatheter zur Behandlung femoro-poplitealer Stenosen.

Partner, Hamburg Germany ; Reimers, B. Nach derzeitiger Auffassung liegt der Schwerpunkt in der Dysregulation lokaler immunologischer Reaktionen in der Darmmukosa. Roken is verreweg de meest voorkomende oorzaak van COPD. Klachten zijn continu aanwezig en mensen kunnen daarnaast een plotselinge verergering van de klachten hebben longaanval.

Bijna alle mensen met COPD gebruiken medicijnen vo Is multiple sclerosis a disease of the cerebrospinal venous outflow system? Ist die Multiple Sklerose eine Erkrankung des zerebrospinalen venoesen Abflusssystems? Medical Center, Amsterdam Netherlands. Neurologische Klinik; Bendszus, M. Klinik fuer Neuroradiologische Diagnostik und Intervention.

Chronic impaired venous outflow from the central nervous system has recently been claimed to be associated with multiple sclerosis MS pathology. The concept of CCSVI is based on sonography studies showing that impaired venous outflow leading to pathological reflux is almost exclusively present in MS patients but not in healthy controls.

Based on these findings, a new pathophysiological concept has been introduced suggesting that chronic venous outflow obstruction and venous reflux in the CNS result in pathological iron depositions leading to inflammation and neurodegeneration. In particular, the potential shift in treatment concepts possibly leading to an interventional treatment approach including balloon angioplasty and venous stent placement is currently being debated.

However, results from recent studies involving several imaging modalities have raised substantial concerns regarding the CCSVI concept in MS. In this review article, we explain the concept of CCSVI in MS and discuss this hypothesis in the context of MS pathophysiology and imaging studies which have tried to reproduce or refute this theory. In addition, we draw some major conclusions focusing in particular on the crucial question as to whether interventional treatment options are expedient.

In conclusion, the present conclusive data confuting the theory of CCSVI in MS should lead to reluctance with respect to the interventional treatment of possible venous anomalies in MS patients. An assessment of the performance of the immunity system in iron and steel workers exposed to hazardous industrial factors. Regulation of immuno-deficiencies in iron and steel workers suffering from chronic bronchitis. Die Beurteilung der Leistung des Immunsystems bei Huettenarbeitern unter Einwirkung schaedlicher industrieller Faktoren. Regulierung von Immundefiziten bei Erzhuettenarbeitern mit chronischer Bronchitis.

A local antibacterial treatment was empolyed as well as local and systemic regulation of the immunosystem.

primaere chronische polyarthritis: Topics by tevopaleqopi.tk

Significant immuno-deficiencies were found in the patients concerned. EEP in an isotonic saline solution was applied locally by means of inhalations as a remedy with antibacterial and immunotropic effects. The systematic immunotherapy was carried out by administering Propolin tablets, Dolomit, Methindol Indomethazin , Biostymina, and Decaris Levamisole.

After the treatment we stated a favorable change of several parameters. To evaluate the efficacy of passive cardiomyoplasty with the determination of biventricular volumes, global systolic function as well as left-ventricular muscle mass. In 19 patients with congestive heart failure of idiopathic or ischemic origin, a polyester mesh-graft was implanted around both ventricles for stabilization and functional support.

Before and three months after surgery, 15 patients underwent EBCT and 4 patients with impaired renal function underwent MRI, for the evaluation of the volume and ejection fraction of both ventricles. We report a ten-year-old child with the newly described entity of fibroblastic rheumatism. This child developed rapid, progressive, symmetrical polyarthritis , similar to the radiographic appearance of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, except for the rapidity of progression.

Category: Human Geography

The polyarthritis was preceded by the development of skin nodules with characteristic histological changes. This form of JIA may turn into rheumatoid arthritis. It may involve 5 or more large and Evaluation of the relationship between Chlamydia pecorum sequence types and disease using a species-specific multi-locus sequence typing scheme MLST.

Chlamydia pecorum is globally associated with several ovine diseases including keratoconjunctivitis and polyarthritis. The exact relationship between the variety of C. A French foreign legionnaire returning from Djibouti developed feverish polyarthritis with acral purpura. Diagnostic workup demonstrated gonococcemia contracted during unprotected fellatio. Based on this case report, diagnostic and therapeutic management is described. Inflammatory Arthritis, Sacroiliitis, and Morphea: Evidence of a Systemic Inflammatory Disease.

Morphea is a skin disease characterized by local skin inflammation and fibrosis. Extracutaneous manifestations have been described with this disease including inflammatory arthritis. We describe a case of morphea who developed inflammatory polyarthritis and sacroiliitis coincident with new skin lesions. Articular syndromes in association with HIV infection. Lifescience Database Archive English. Full Text Available sted as a rapidly fatal sepsis associated with meningitis, polyarthritis and pneu ADHD and atopic diseases:

Die Automobilindustrie in den neuen Bundesländern seit den 50ern (German Edition) Die Automobilindustrie in den neuen Bundesländern seit den 50ern (German Edition)
Die Automobilindustrie in den neuen Bundesländern seit den 50ern (German Edition) Die Automobilindustrie in den neuen Bundesländern seit den 50ern (German Edition)
Die Automobilindustrie in den neuen Bundesländern seit den 50ern (German Edition) Die Automobilindustrie in den neuen Bundesländern seit den 50ern (German Edition)
Die Automobilindustrie in den neuen Bundesländern seit den 50ern (German Edition) Die Automobilindustrie in den neuen Bundesländern seit den 50ern (German Edition)
Die Automobilindustrie in den neuen Bundesländern seit den 50ern (German Edition) Die Automobilindustrie in den neuen Bundesländern seit den 50ern (German Edition)
Die Automobilindustrie in den neuen Bundesländern seit den 50ern (German Edition) Die Automobilindustrie in den neuen Bundesländern seit den 50ern (German Edition)
Die Automobilindustrie in den neuen Bundesländern seit den 50ern (German Edition) Die Automobilindustrie in den neuen Bundesländern seit den 50ern (German Edition)
Die Automobilindustrie in den neuen Bundesländern seit den 50ern (German Edition) Die Automobilindustrie in den neuen Bundesländern seit den 50ern (German Edition)

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