Improv to Improve Your Business

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By keeping these options open and exploring their full potential, you might end up some place better than you ever thought possible. The second rule of improv is to bring energy and contribute something. Yes, AND implies that not only do you accept and validate what you have been presented, you add something. The agreement you have established will stall unless you build on it.

Every interaction is ultimately a transfer of energy — and you get what you give. To get the most out of the interaction — start by turning on your receptors.

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Listen with an open mind and allow the interaction to evolve. Interestingly, people who are negative or resistant are often more conflicted with themselves than anything else. Do you trust yourself to be part of the solution? Humor Specialist John Kindle discusses improv comedy, the trust mindset and working together in Humor Power: The skilled player…the pro…brings out the best in others. As they say, when you point a finger at someone else there are four more pointing back at you. Make it a priority to be a part of the solution. In improv, the focus is always on moving forward. There is no room for looking back, placing blame or making judgments.

Coca-cola , too, was invented by accident.

Improv to Improve Your Business

The human race has a history of accidental discovery. But we must first remember to experiment and play. Whether you need a half-day workshop or week-long class, we will tailor the curriculum to meet your needs. We can focus on one aspect or combine any of the following topics:.

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Read articles and watch videos about our professional communication training programs:. Great news, we've signed you up. Sorry, we weren't able to sign you up.

How Improv Methods from Comedy Can Lift Business Performance

Please check your details, and try again. Unable to display Facebook posts. People could not stop talking about it. I would think there probably have been cases where you get a cross-eyed look about why improv is important. About 17 or 18 years ago that cross-eyed look was also met with a scowl and very pursed lips. Improvisation has a connotation of comedy and comedy alone….

5 Fundamentals of Improv For business

You also write about how it takes away a little bit of a layer of fear that some people may have in a situation. If you look at just the core barriers to creativity or collaboration, communication, change, and improvisation on its own, fear is a major element of it.

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Are you really innovating? There has to be a place in time in which risk-taking and mistake-making is not only accepted, but is encouraged.

1. Respect

The batting average is taken by every single at bat over the course of an entire year. Having the ability to be able to improv at times can enhance the other skills that you have in the office place. The ability to improvise is based on several core elements, no matter what the context.

I saw my heart-based entrepreneurs’ creativity and imagination come to life!

Those concepts of being present, reacting, adapting and communicating can fit in so many arenas. Presence alone, and the tenets that I just described, link directly to mindfulness which is a topic du jour for leadership, which of course then links to emotional intelligence. Mindfulness overall is a great concept that almost everybody can use…. You have these soft eyes and you can observe and audit and take in with a high level of awareness the environment and people in the environment, and do the best you can at that time.

Is being able to use improvisation a skill that is transferrable to other people within your company? I would think that there are people who have the ability to see that quality and then use that in their own performance. But I would think there are probably other people for whom it would be hard to make that transition. There always will be hard nuts to crack, no matter what. We lead by example, so our lip service does mean something to a lot of people, and the framing of our language should affect and support how we behave.

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  3. 2. Contribute.
  4. Is this something that you see growing more at the lower levels of companies and maybe into middle management, than at the C-suite?

    Improv to Improve Your Business Improv to Improve Your Business
    Improv to Improve Your Business Improv to Improve Your Business
    Improv to Improve Your Business Improv to Improve Your Business
    Improv to Improve Your Business Improv to Improve Your Business
    Improv to Improve Your Business Improv to Improve Your Business
    Improv to Improve Your Business Improv to Improve Your Business
    Improv to Improve Your Business Improv to Improve Your Business

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