Nevermore: To the Beams of Darkness

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Back to the two Titans. Maybe it wasn't a trap. Maybe it's Raven's way home. Maybe this is where she's from. Cut to a rocky arch over the path. Perched on it are three small black birds, each of which shows a pair of large red eyes to the camera. One at a time, they repeat the two-word instruction and continue under the next line.

Nevermore: To the Beams of Darkness

Betcha they can tell us how to get home. Pan; he passes Cyborg. Cyborg is not a bit convinced that this guy knows what he is doing. Said guy turns to the arch and adopts the sort of tone one might use with a small kitten. Tilt up to the arch on the end of this; the birds are gone.

When the camera tilts down again, five of them have gathered at his feet. The beaks suddenly elongate and sprout small sharp teeth, and each eye splits into two smaller ones to match the raven seen earlier. Their snarls are met with a surprised cry from Beast Boy, who turns and runs smack into Cyborg; the former tumbles o. The birds, now multiplied into a flock of ravens, fly past Cyborg and zero in on the skidding shape-shifter. He turns into a hippopotamus and opens wide, and three of them perch on his tongue.

Snap go the jaws; the prey squirms inside, and after a moment he has to open his mouth again and shake them off, they have clamped their beaks onto the lingual muscle. Cyborg, faring no better, shouts as he tries to beat off the attackers. Back and forth they go. Beast Boy, as an ostrich, followed by Cyborg, then the flock.

The flock, dodging a sonic cannon shot, then Cyborg riding Beast Boy in llama form and firing away.


One dodges a few shots and buzzes past him; he hunches down over his mount and fires another round. We then see the creature fly low, and in response Cyborg growls and blasts straight down at it. Fractured by the energy, the stone path starts to crumble away; the two Titans trade the classic "uh-oh" look and Beast Boy's ears droop sadly just before they drop out of sight. Cut to the broken edge of the path, seen from below, and pull back. Cyborg has one hand buried in Beast Boy's pelt and the other dug into the broken rock. Close-up; he starts to haul the green animal up, but a very familiar voice stops him cold, not so much the speaker, but the tone.

Pull back a bit. On the underside of the path, she can be seen from the knees down. However, her boots and cloak are bright pink rather than the usual blue, and the cloak does not hang down as it would if a person stood on his head. Cut to Cyborg's perspective; she is hanging upside down with no ill effects whatsoever, and she waves. Her wristbands have also gone pink. Pull back to frame all three. The camera turns degrees to put Raven right side up and the two interlopers upside down.

He and Beast Boy slam down onto the path. Raven giggles as the latter stands up, back in human form. How did, where are, what just--? A question mark pops up by his head. Why are you wearing pink? Pan slightly to put her out of view and frame the rest of the path, which runs under a couple of other arches and stops at a distant asteroid. It's the only way out, but you don't want to go there. Back to the three. Cut to the nearest arch. Making airplane sounds and stretching her arms out like wings, she runs through it and down the path.

Have you ever seen her this happy? He and Beast Boy walk after her. Their images fade away. Cut to a peaceful-looking landscape under a bright yellow sky; a stone arch springs overhead, and they appear beneath it. Dissolve to a long overhead shot and pull back slowly. A path goes on and on, threading through that arch and bisecting a huge meadow filled with pink grass and trees.

A small strawberry floats past the path; follow it over to two extremely bewildered Titans. I've always thought you were funny, BB. But hey, looks aren't everything. Laughing even harder now, she takes her leave of them. Cut to the exterior of the Tower and zoom in toward the roof. We stopped by your room and the door's been knocked down.

He and Starfire come up behind her on the end of this. Raven's eyes pop open, wide as saucers, and she laughs uncontrollably for a few seconds. The sound scares the other two Titans out of their wits; she cuts it off by clapping both hands over her mouth. The camera placement makes it almost appear as if she passes through the barrier. Cut to just inside the wrecked door of her room. She looks in around the frame, enters, and puts the wall back in order with an easy motion of the hand.

Walking in a bit farther, she stops short at the hand mirror on the floor. Cut to the pink meadow; the camera points down from the treetops, where a few four-eyed ravens have perched. Pan to bring Beast Boy and Cyborg into view, making their way along the path that runs on and on toward an arch that looks very much like the one they started at. I can't believe Raven ditched us!

Next time I see her, it's not gonna be pretty. As he says this, the scenery dissolves to the outer-space region they were in before. They are back on the winding stone path. Cut to a long shot and pull back briefly, then back to them. Hey, I know where we are! We're in that place where I didn't know where we were before.

Raven pops up in front of them, her back to us, and startles the daylights out of them. Her cloak is now gray; cut to a close-up, revealing a very sad and fearful facial expression. The two quickly return to normal size as her tears stop. He points ahead down the path toward the asteroid at the end; they are closer now. That's that Forbidden Door, right, Raven? She nods worriedly; Cyborg starts to run. More walls emerge to box in the trio. Dissolve to an overhead view of the area; a large maze has assembled itself here, ad the camera tilts up to show it filling much of the stretch leading to the asteroid.

Inside, Beast Boy turns into a hawk and flies up toward the open top of the labyrinth. Just as he is about to surmount the walls, a force field crackles to life and sends him crashing to the ground. He sits up in human form and rubs his head. He fires a few bursts at the walls, but it does not even put a scratch on them.

Gray Raven speaks up for the first time; her voice matches her expression perfectly. You can't get out. You have to go through. I can show you the way, but when we reach the end, you won't like me anymore. She has already started down the way. The two boys stare after her with a fair bit of irritation.

Dissolve to another part of the convoluted architecture. Gray Raven's voice is heard from around a corner shortly before she walks into view. I'm sorry for that, too. And also, the-- Cyborg and Beast Boy round the corner. Beast Boy and Cyborg: Cut to Gray Raven, who has stopped at a wall. She waves timidly toward it, and it slides open like a pair of interlocking doors to reveal a short path that leads out of the maze.

Tilt up, putting her out of view, to show two tall stone statues positioned to either side. They wear long cloaks and have faces that match the masks in Raven's room.

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Each has only one arm, on the side toward the wall next to it. They head for the egress, but she does not join them. The eyes of the smiling statue glow red, followed by those of the frowning one, and they slam together back to back. Three quick half-turns put the smile in view, then the frown, then the smile again. Close-up of each hand in turn; long swords materialize in them, and when the camera pulls back, we see that the double sculpture has now grown a second set of arms.

She drops out of sight, but the guys have no time to worry about her; the stone giant is advancing toward them. Suddenly, the screen fills with static and resolves to a view of a screaming man running from a huge green monster. More static, which clears to show a chef working in his kitchen. He lounges on the couch while Starfire paces behind him. Another click, and the screen again fills with static. It clears to give a view of the end of the outer-space path; tilt down to Cyborg and Beast Boy, who back nervously along it. The sound of swords being drawn is heard, and here comes that sculpture guardian with both blades ready to go.

As it bears down on them, Beast Boy becomes a hawk and flies away, and Cyborg lets loose a blast from his cannon that does no damage. A sword clangs down on the stone next to him. That green hawk swoops down, talons extended, only to be caught in one of the two free hands and squeezed cruelly. It changes back into Beast Boy as Raven's voice is heard once again, but this time, she sounds radically different. She leaps at the foe, now back on its feet, and dodges one sword slash after another without changing the little smirk on her face. Up she goes, index and middle fingers of one hand extended together, and brings them straight down the length of the rock body.

Smoke billows out to follow the trace; cut to a close-up of the surface, which breaks apart along the new cleavage. The two halves drop away, leaving Cyborg and Beast Boy staring in pure amazement at this new incarnation of their fellow Titan. What is your deal?! First you nuke breakfast- Cut to the trees, full of red-eyed ravens; he continues o.

See a Problem?

Make up your mind. Green Raven directs a quizzical look at him as grinning Pink leaps into view and glum Gray slinks up. Green, Gray, and Pink Ravens: Poleaxed by the sight, Beast Boy faints. The last four words are aimed at Beast Boy and spoken through gritted teeth. A big drop of sweat rolls down his face. Pull back to the treetops; the ravens are still watching. Oh, no, you don't! Pull back to frame him. I've had it with this mystery-girl routine. I want to know exactly what we're talking about here.

There is an unholy roaring from o. Cut to a gargantuan black vortex that has formed over the horizon; the ravens are flying into it. Gradually, this retreats from the top down to expose a super-king-sized humanoid male with red skin, flowing white hair, and four glowing yellow eyes. He is clad in a black and gray loincloth, steel wristbands, and a belt similar to the one Raven wears, as well as a jewel on his forehead.

The belt is silver, set with black stones, and a matching piece is set at the throat to match her brooch. There are short, curved black stripes on the arms and chest. This is Raven's father, the demon Trigon. His voice is the same as the one overlaid with Raven's when she snared Doctor Light at the beginning of the episode. Tilt down to the horizon; he also wears shin guards to match his wristbands. Raven and the boys stare up at his sheer size. Cut to Trigon, who moves steadily ahead and leans down with a roar, giving the camera an extreme close-up of his face.

Tilt up to his head, he roars, throwing a scare into all of them. Beast Boy and Cyborg turn to run, but Raven holds her ground.

DotA - Nevermore ~ Presence of the Dark Lord

A quadruple blast from those glowing eyes hits the ground just in front of her, forcing her to jump clear. Those enormous feet stomp down the path after Cyborg and Beast Boy, who are making a beeline for a portal set into the base of a rock formation-the Forbidden Door. A beam hits just in front of them and brings that plan to a very abrupt halt. Raven drops into view facing Trigon. She creates a shield around herself, the boys, and the Door; daddy not-so-dearest unleashes another blast that cuts a long furrow in the stone as it races toward her.

So much rock and dust is thrown up that we cannot see whether her barrier is holding. The screen fills with static, Robin is changing channels again. Stop briefly on a tropical waterfall, then flip to a man and a woman about to kiss, then cut to him on the couch, the remote in his hand. Starfire pops up behind him. Another flip brings jungle sounds from the TV's direction; irked, she turns away. Cut to a profile close-up of Trigon; he fires another eye beam, and the camera pulls back to a long overhead shot of the area.

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Raven's shield is indeed holding up. Pan to Cyborg and Beast Boy. The Door has now filled with a whirlpool just like the one that carried them into this place to begin with. Pulling his hands back, Trigon produces a ball of energy between them and swings it forward to throw a mighty burst at his daughter. It breaches the shield, and a second shot blows it apart altogether. There is a great cloud of dust, which clears to show her still on her feet, arms crossed to protect her head.

She swings one hand behind her in a sudden lash of telekinesis. Beast Boy and Cyborg are flung screaming toward the portal, but skid to a stop just short of its mouth.

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe - Poems | Academy of American Poets

She flies up toward his level and fires a black salvo from her hand, annoying him enough to make him start trying to swat her down. Her evasive maneuvers make this a rather tougher prospect than it might seem at first; his next eye blast also hits nothing. The two fellows watch, then look at the exit, and finally trade a knowing look. Raven dodges Trigon's attempt to crush her between his palms and lands a shot on his chest. She is behind his head in the briefest instant, but he whirls and scores a direct hit that drops her like a rock.

He catches her-knocked senseless-in one broad hand. Pull back; he is standing on a nearby mountain ledge and has his cannon locked and loaded. His blast is blocked when the demon raises a forearm, but with the chest left wide open, a second shot finds its mark. Trigon stumbles backward, letting go of Raven, and topples over the edge of the asteroid into empty space.

Raven tumbles helplessly toward a high-speed hello with a granite slab, but Beast Boy, as a hawk, is diving down at top speed. Close-up of her; his talons close on her shoulder, and she starts to come around with a barely audible moan. Pull back to ground level. He sets her down safely, leaving her to fall to her knees with a small groan, and drops back next to her in human form. Yo, I like both of you. Now get your butts over here! Each of these groups kept to themselves, and each were separated from the others with natural boundaries.

But that all changed when vampires and werewolves declared war on each other. Born during an epic battle between vampires and werewolves, Elizibeth Timberman has no idea of the difficult choice she would have to make someday. When tragedy strikes days before she turns sixteen, she is rescued by a mysterious boy with the magnetic beauty of an angel.

She finds herself torn when a newfound friend takes one side while her love takes the other. As she is neither vampire nor werewolf, she must make a choice--a choice that would change everything. To The Beams of Darkness is the story of that choice, of what she turned into and how one action ended an ongoing battle. Riveting from the first page until the last, this debut novel by Molly Lynn Robinson is sure to delight fans of fantasy, forbidden romance, and adventure stories.

The author's masterful storytelling and intriguing plot makes for a truly unforgettable read. Readers won't want to put down this enthralling page-turner. Kindle Edition , pages. Published first published October 11th To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Nevermore , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. John Carroll marked it as to-read Dec 16, Lillian Smith is currently reading it Dec 16, Hannah marked it as to-read May 04, Sabrina marked it as to-read Sep 14, Crystal marked it as to-read Sep 14, Jessica Galczynski marked it as to-read Sep 14,

Nevermore: To the Beams of Darkness Nevermore: To the Beams of Darkness
Nevermore: To the Beams of Darkness Nevermore: To the Beams of Darkness
Nevermore: To the Beams of Darkness Nevermore: To the Beams of Darkness
Nevermore: To the Beams of Darkness Nevermore: To the Beams of Darkness
Nevermore: To the Beams of Darkness Nevermore: To the Beams of Darkness
Nevermore: To the Beams of Darkness Nevermore: To the Beams of Darkness
Nevermore: To the Beams of Darkness Nevermore: To the Beams of Darkness
Nevermore: To the Beams of Darkness Nevermore: To the Beams of Darkness
Nevermore: To the Beams of Darkness

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