Stories from the Horn of Africa. Somalia 1990-2011

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Al-Shabab threatens to target anyone collaborating with him. Al-Shabaab is prime suspect. The higher taxes will apply to almost 6, items, and mark the biggest round of US tariffs so far. Somalia profile - Timeline 4 January A chronology of key events: The Horn of Africa has been home to Somalis since ancient times. Top Stories US escalates trade war with fresh tariffs The higher taxes will apply to almost 6, items, and mark the biggest round of US tariffs so far.

Elsewhere on the BBC. Killing Eve The new deadly drama you need to watch. Daily news briefing direct to your inbox Sign up for our newsletter. By May 21, it had consumed over 1,, acres of land, which included several thousand acres in the neighbouring province of Saskatchewan. In Fort McMurray alone, it had destroyed over 2, buildings. With thousands residents about to return to their smoldering city, Byrne got an idea. And I drove down there, and people are honking as they drive by, and I had to take a moment to kind of breathe that in.

People have been driving by the welcome sign since , when the community had fewer than 2, residents and changed its name from McMurray to Fort McMurray. People may read the amended sign in silence, but the message it speaks reflects a new determination within the community to be resilient. Nuclear energy is used in many parts of the world to generate power. We know that if we are willing to use this power, we must also be willing to take responsibility for what we do with the waste products of this industry. Australia is a sparsely populated continent and might seem to the casual observer to be an obvious place for a nuclear waste dump.

However, while it might be sparsely populated, Australia is not the empty land, or terra nullius — the European legal fiction that enabled the 18th-century British invaders to pretend that they had discovered the place, that the land was empty and available for their possession. At the time of European invasion, more than Aboriginal nations lived in Australia, and while many were decimated or completely wiped out by massacre, disease, and criminal neglect, Aboriginal Australia lives on and continues its unbroken physical and spiritual connection with the land.

Recently, the government of the state of South Australia — after many months of consultation and the writing of a major report — designated Wallerberdina station near Barndioota in the Flinders Ranges as the preferred site for a dump.

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However, the site is also a part of Adnyamathanha Aboriginal country. And while Senator Chapman is more than happy to sell part of his property to the government for the dump, many Adnyamathanha are not. Adnyamathanha woman Regina McKenzie said the local indigenous community has been shattered by the announcement. Resources minister Josh Frydenberg insists that a final decision has not yet been taken and said further consultation and analysis would need to be undertaken. In that fight, the state government sided with the Anungu.

This time the government is in favour of a dump. When we think of famine, we often think of Sub-Saharan Africa, where we have been used to hearing about and seeing famines come and go for many decades with devastating results. In the to famine that hit Somalia, more than a quarter of a million people perished.

One area of the world we do not often think of first with regard to famine is the Middle East. Yet there is a famine unfolding at this moment in the poorest Middle Eastern country, Yemen. However, Yemen, according to the U. According to Ging, the U. Yemen is in the midst of a civil war. Or at least that is one way of describing the ongoing fighting.

The other is that Yemen is the battleground for wider Middle East tensions. There are a number of groups who benefit from the ongoing conflict. Each also has a motive to impede the peace process. Regardless of the cause of the conflict and its prospects for a peaceful end which suffered a setback when the peace process broke down in Switzerland last year , people are suffering and the food security situation is getting worse. The United Nations says that as of the beginning of , , children are suffering from malnutrition.

And while they are not responsible for their situation and may not even understand why they suffer, without our help, their suffering will continue. How might our story in 1 Kings be understood or experienced by people in Yemen at this moment in time? Are there situations in your own life or in your community where things are so dire that there seems to be no hope? How might the story of the widow and her son speak into those situations?

A widow and her son, in ancient Israel, are perhaps at the bottom of the heap when it comes to importance and influence.

Somalia: The Forgotten Story (Part 2) - Al Jazeera World

Even the title of this book 1 Kings and its sequel 2 Kings , tells us who and what is important. Why do you think this story is included in the narrative? God, save us from despair and weariness when we think of our brothers and sisters who are suffering. May we not give up on your call for us all to be one human community. May we never stop working for the world you want, where everyone belongs and everyone has enough.

UN warns 76 million one step from famine. How can war-torn Yemen find peace?

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The Sumatran rhinoceros Dicerorhinus sumatrensis is one of the most endangered animals on Earth. Experts estimate that there are now only about individual animals living in the fragmented and diminishing rainforests of Southeast Asia. So the news two weeks ago of the birth of a Sumatran rhino at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia was good news for the world, for those who are trying to breed the animals in captivity and protect the remaining wild population, and for the rhino population.

This birth is only the fifth to have occurred in a breeding facility and such a rare and precious offspring needs much care. This newest rhino will be under 24 hour surveillance and protection for the next six or seven years before being mature enough to mate. It took zoologists 17 years of careful study of the rhino before the first animal was born in captivity at the Cincinnati Zoo in In the wild, the Sumatran rhino is under constant threat from the clearing of their forest habitat for pulp for making paper and to make way for palm oil plantations.

The species is also under pressure because of poaching.

Stories from the Horn of Africa. Somalia 1990-2011

The horn of the rhino and other body parts fetch high prices on the black market for use in traditional Chinese medicine. God, despair is easy and natural when we face the destruction our world at our own hands. Hope is hard and requires us to work together in community. Give us the courage and tenacity we need to be your hopeful people, not giving into despair and hopelessness but living with our eyes trained on what can be and what will be as we trust and work for love, joy, and peace.

At present in European media, there are countless stories of how people are reacting to the migrant crisis. Refugees have been coming from war-torn lands such as Syria, Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan in large numbers.

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They seek to better their lives in Europe where some countries, notably Germany and Sweden, have opened their borders to these desperate people. Others, such as the UK, have been reluctant to take more than a handful of refugees. Right-wing groups are fearful of large influxes of foreigners to their countries and are taking more extreme measures to stem the flow of people.

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In Austria, attempts to build a fence on the border with Italy, which has many landing points of refugees coming by sea, have been met with violent protest. The famous Brenner Pass is one of the main routes used by migrants to access Germany. In many European countries, there has been a rise in right-wing and anti-Islamic protest groups angry at governments who open their borders to large numbers of migrants. This has prompted counter activity from left-wing groups who organize demonstrations, welcoming refugees and migrants.

Inevitably, violent clashes often ensue between rival groups.

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In this situation, which is one of the most critical for Europe as a whole, the voice of wisdom struggles to be heard. There are many different voices. Often, depending on where they emanate, whether from a front line country like Greece, or from one more remote from the immediate impact of large numbers of migrants, the voices can be poles apart. Meanwhile, refugees and migrants themselves are now helping others to make the perilous journey, to find relatives or communities where they would be welcomed.

But listening for the voice of wisdom amongst the clamour of voices is increasingly difficult. Amid the clamour of the world and its media voices, may we find space for the Voice of Wisdom and the creative spirit to discern what it might be saying to us about our community our land and our world. The lighting of beacons creates a chain of celebration.

To kick off her 90th birthday celebrations, the Queen herself lit the first beacon at Windsor Castle setting off a chain of beacons lit throughout the United Kingdom. The beacons were constructed in a variety a ways, from special gas-filled brazier to traditional bonfires and replica beacons placed on top of posts that recalled the days before lighthouses along the coastline.

Since time immemorial, the light of beacons has relayed important messages across the land. Hilltops were always ready to warn the population of invasion or seaborne raids, and to relay news of important births or deaths. In many ways, this kind of celebration using firelight resonates with of many of the themes of Pentecost, when, the story tells us, it was as if the apostles almost had little beacons of fire on their heads.

May the Spirit of Pentecost blow among us and instill in us a sense of awe and wonder as we celebrate life, community, and following in the Way of Jesus together. For the Common Good. Twenty-seven years ago there occurred the worst disaster ever at a British soccer match when 96 people died watching Liverpool play Nottingham forest in the English cup semi-final at Hillsborough soccer stadium in Sheffield.

  1. Haushalt und Finanzen: die kleinen Hilfen im Alltag inkl. Privatinsolvenz (German Edition).
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Most of the supporters who died were crushed to death as gates were opened to let them into the ground without checks being made as to whether they had the correct tickets. The local police force, backed up by the national media, blamed fans for the deaths. Some of the media headlines were lurid, referring to fans being drunk, stealing from the dead, and preventing medics from reaching the injured.

However, some 29 years later, an inquest jury has found that in fact the actions of South Yorkshire police officers were the principal cause of the disaster. In a verdict that represents one of the most damning indictments of a British police force, the jury answered 14 questions about what happened at the football ground including the fact that the 96 fans were killed unlawfully. It was only through the dogged perseverance of the families and relatives who were determined to clear the names of their loved ones that the truth of that day has come to light.

All through the various enquiries and investigations, the collective will of the relatives and families and the rock solid belief that blame had been wrongly attributed gave them the succor to continue their case in the face of a torrent of slurs and media scapegoating, not only of the fans who attended on the day but by implication all Liverpool fans.

Prosecutors will now examine evidence to see if there is a case to be made for criminal proceedings. Only by their struggle for the common good has this group of ordinary people been strong enough to take on the forces of the establishment and to achieve a just outcome for the deceased and injured.

We pray for all victims of injustice that they may persevere in their cause, be strong in their faith, and know that there are others who are able to offer prayerful support and that, where their struggle is just, there too is the Spirit of Christ at work.

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What they found there fit that image — makeshift shelters, people sleeping under plastic, children bitten by rats, and families extremely vulnerable to the loss of everything due to fires. After Bert and Margriet returned home from that trip, Bert found the experience continued to grip his heart and before long the couple decided to move to Romania. The Roma, commonly called gypsies, who have faced discrimination and rejection by mainstream society for generations, continue to suffer today due to lack of employment opportunities, education, malnutrition, and poverty.

When the Looijs returned to Romania, they began by working with the families living in and around the dump, who harvested glass and plastic bottles to recycle. Bert worked alongside the men harvesting the bottles, as it is called, and Margriet with the women cleaning them. Even this modest source of income disappeaered when the dump closed last year.

Some were able to find other jobs, but employment is always a struggle for Roma. Projects among the poorest Roma date back to and include schools and tutoring, rehabing houses, road improvments, and sewers. Looij also works tirelessly as an advocate for the Roma. Today he is executive director of Pro Rroma, a foundation started in March , as a collaboration between Romania and the Netherlands.

ProRroma operates throughout Romania, with offices based in Cluj-Napoca, a city of about ,, located in northwestern Romania. With ProRroma, Looij has focused on four Roma camps, where some families and 1, children are living. Orphaned at 7, living on the steets at 19, he knows firsthand what it means to have someone like Looij, who can offer help and hope for a better life.

Creator and redeemer, we pray we may be alert to the call, however it comes to us, and may we have the courage to answer with lives of compassion and joy. Website Design by Csek Creative. About Spirit Sightings and the Authors September 23, Mountain Sunday September 16, Sky Sunday September 9, Humanity Sunday September 2, Planet Earth Sunday August 26, Love Is Our Defence August 19, Seabin spokesman Richard Talmage said the concept was simple but effective. How might you rewrite this text as an address to a climate sceptic? God, the earth is our precious and forgiving home.

But we know that we have damaged this planet with our neglect and our greed.

Stories from the Horn of Africa. Somalia 1990-2011 Stories from the Horn of Africa. Somalia 1990-2011
Stories from the Horn of Africa. Somalia 1990-2011 Stories from the Horn of Africa. Somalia 1990-2011
Stories from the Horn of Africa. Somalia 1990-2011 Stories from the Horn of Africa. Somalia 1990-2011
Stories from the Horn of Africa. Somalia 1990-2011 Stories from the Horn of Africa. Somalia 1990-2011
Stories from the Horn of Africa. Somalia 1990-2011 Stories from the Horn of Africa. Somalia 1990-2011
Stories from the Horn of Africa. Somalia 1990-2011 Stories from the Horn of Africa. Somalia 1990-2011

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