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Safely Nobody's by Tall Friend. Bandcamp Album of the Day Aug 28, A Hairshirt of Purpose by Pile. The beloved Boston indie rockers' latest is complex but accessible, harsh but with moments of warmth. Warm Shadow by Greys.


A surprise companion and true sonic shadow to the group's April release "Outer Heaven. The quirky, smart Brooklyn singer-songwriter is offering all their albums for Pay What You Want for today only. As You Please by Citizen. They can eat almost anything and a lot of it! Among all domesticated animals, goats probably have the most going for them.

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Milk from goats never costs a lot. And goat milk is easy for the body to digest.

Don't Let Anyone 'Get Your Goat'

Their meat is tasty and can be prepared in different ways. In addition, goat hair is used to make some of the finest and softest clothing money can buy. With such a long history and so much going for goats, you would think that English has many expressions with the word goat. Now, goats have small, tufts of hair on the lower part of the face. So a goatee is facial hair in about the same part of the chin on a man. It looks a little like the beard on a male goat. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary claims that the word goatee first appeared in However, by the s, the word had come to mean any facial hair that is on the chin but not higher up on the cheeks.

So it also involved men wearing a mustache. Some would argue -- and people who study men's facial hair do -- that a true goatee is only hair on the chin. Hearing this expression the first time, you might think it means to steal someone's goat. But that is wrong. Apparently, one way people could get milk was from a goat. So naturally, taking the animal would anger its owner. In the s, people who trained horses were said to have put goats near racehorses to keep them calm.

Lubricate Yourself

Just before the race, the goat was removed. This would, supposedly, make the horse nervous and ready to run. However, there is no evidence to support this explanation. People who study languages for a living have a name for it -- folk etymology. It my also be entirely possible that these goats are the source of the Cosmere-war.

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It's goat vs llama, the war to end all cheeze-its. Posted September 27, Dang if only I got the chance to ask Brandon about this. Plus, there are Mistborn Llamas and Catquisitors, so why not almighty goats? Posted September 28, Odium is the troll, and Bavadin, Glumness, and Despair all hate Hoid for intruding in their Shardworlds and eating their porridge.

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Posted September 29, The primary Shard dwelling there is a Dragon. Posted September 29, edited.

Dragonsteel takes place efore Adonalsium blew up, so techinically the primary shard is Adonalsium. Brandon mentioned Ati and Leras, along with all the other shards as being characters. Well, if you want to get technical, the main Dragonsteel sequence does not take place before the Shattering. The way I understand it is that Dragonsteel is divided into two sections. Liar of Partinel and The Lightweaver of Rens are sort of a duology that take place before the Shattering, with Hoid as a character. These are presumably the books that will contain the Shardholders as characters.

Fast-forward a couple of centuries and you'll get the main Dragonsteel storyline, a series of five books that are also set on Yolen.

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  • The first book of this set of five is the one Brandon wrote for his thesis that is now at BYU. He often refers to the seven collectively as Dragonsteel, but unless I'm very much mistaken, the first two are the only ones before the Shattering.

    The Almighty Goat The Almighty Goat
    The Almighty Goat The Almighty Goat
    The Almighty Goat The Almighty Goat
    The Almighty Goat The Almighty Goat
    The Almighty Goat The Almighty Goat
    The Almighty Goat The Almighty Goat
    The Almighty Goat The Almighty Goat

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