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Consequently occurrence of flood events in low-relief areas, erosion processes and urban sprawl have a strong impact on agricultural activities and real estate market, but also in research activities about archaeological heritage, with the risk to loose signs of the past. To consider this phenomenon from a spatial point of view is essential to determine protection policies, but it is nowadays still a problem. In this contribution, we performed a detailed study of the geological and geomorphological features of the drainage network of the Tavoliere di Puglia plain in order to investigate erosional and depositional processes.

GIS-supported statistical analysis of the drainage network features allow us to compile a map of the hydrogeological hazard [1]. The map has been used as a basic tool useful to consider areal distribution in soil consumption coming from alluvional processes, erosional phenomena and the urban sprawl of the Tavoliere di Puglia plain Southern Italy.

Moreover, we investigated the relationships between sectors of the Tavoliere di Puglia plain featured by higher hydrogeological risk and archaeological sensibility areas, such as places with existing or with not yet discovered archaeological sites or areas characterized by crop marks [2]. Spatial Methods for Archaeological Flood Risk: A series of papers were presented dealing in particular with the respective legal positions of operators and constructors of nuclear power plants in Italy , the requirements and standards, national and international, imposed on users of radioactive materials and equipments.

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In addition, a series of conclusions are drawn from the Inter Jura' 75 Congress organised by the International Nuclear Law Association, as well as from the London Conference on Nuclear Insurance and Indemnity which dealt in detail with nuclear insurance problems for nuclear equipment and materials and their transport, in Europe and the United States.

Finally, it is made clear from the III Symposium on German Nuclear Law organised in Goettingen in that the Federal Republic of Germany is concentrating on further developing its nuclear legislation in step with nuclear developments, in particular regarding compensation for possible victims of a nuclear incident.

Sub anno domini Profile of microbial communities on carbonate stones of the medieval church of San Leonardo di Siponto Italy by Illumina-based deep sequencing. Comprehensive studies of the biodiversity of the microbial epilithic community on monuments may provide critical insights for clarifying factors involved in the colonization processes. We carried out a high-throughput investigation of the communities colonizing the medieval church of San Leonardo di Siponto Italy by Illumina-based deep sequencing.

The metagenomic analysis of sequences revealed the presence of Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukarya. The predominant phylum was Actinobacteria, with the orders Actynomycetales and Rubrobacteriales, represented by the genera Pseudokineococcus, Sporichthya, Blastococcus, Arthrobacter, Geodermatophilus, Friedmanniella, Modestobacter, and Rubrobacter, respectively.

Cyanobacteria sequences showing strong similarity with an uncultured bacterium sequence were identified. The presence of the green algae Oocystaceae and Trebuxiaceae was revealed. The microbial diversity was explored at qualitative and quantitative levels, evaluating the richness the number of operational taxonomic units OTUs and the abundance of reads associated with each OTU.

CURIOSAGGINE - Definition and synonyms of curiosaggine in the Italian dictionary

The rarefaction curves approached saturation, suggesting that the majority of OTUs were recovered. The results highlighted a structured community, showing low diversity, made up of extremophile organisms adapted to desiccation and UV radiation. Notably, the microbiome appeared to be composed not only of microorganisms possibly involved in biodeterioration but also of carbonatogenic bacteria, such as those belonging to the genus Arthrobacter, which could be useful in bioconservation. Our investigation demonstrated that molecular tools, and in particular the easy-to-run next-generation sequencing, are powerful to perform a microbiological diagnosis in order to plan restoration and protection strategies.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons residues in Gentile di maiale, a smoked meat product typical of some mountain areas in Latina province Central Italy. It is obtained from dehydration, salting, smoking and ripening of swine rectum. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons detected in 8 samples of raw material swine rectum and samples of smoked gentile were: Their residues were detected in all samples of finished product.

According to first levels, in force until September , only 2 out of 8 samples exceeded legal limit. According to the subsequent, more restrictive, limits all samples would be non-compliant. An improvement and a standardisation of traditional smoking procedures are recommended. The on-land marine Valle di Manche section Crotone Basin, Calabria, Southern Italy , one of the candidates to host the GSSP of the Middle Pleistocene ;Ionian; Stage, preserves a manifold record of independent chronological, paleoclimatic and stratigraphic proxies that permit a straightforward correlation with marine and terrestrial reference records at the global scale.

In particular, the section holds an excellent record of the Matuyama-Brunhes magnetic reversal, which occurs in the midst of Marine Isotope Stage MIS We report on a complete revision of the section that improves dramatically the available dataset, especially in the stratigraphic interval straddling the Lower-Middle Pleistocene boundary. We obtained an age of Since the section fulfills all the requirements to host the GSSP of the Ionian Stage, we propose that the boundary should be placed at the base of the ;Pitagora ash;, ca.

Following this research line, the aim of this paper is twofold. In order to carry out this kind of empirical investigation, we have built up a new and original historical data set which, using statistical information drawn from the Italian Industrial Census carried out from to , provides data on the number of employees for 15 manufacturing industries and for 18 regions. R12, L60, R11, R23Keywords: Manufacturing, Regional Development, Regional.

Multidisciplinary research for the safe fruition of an active geosite: Mud volcanoes are emissions of cold mud due to the ascent to the surface of salty and muddy waters mixed with gaseous methane and, in minor part, fluid hydrocarbons petroleum veils along faults and fractures. In the Northern Apennines mud volcanoes are closely linked to the active tectonic compression associated with thrusts of regional importance. They are mostly cone-shaped and show variable geometry and size, ranging from one to few metres, and are located in 19 sites in the northwestern part of the Apennines.

Particularly noteworthy is the Nirano mud volcano field, located in the Fiorano Modenese district, which, with a surface area of approximately 75, m2, is one of the best developed and largest mud volcano field of the entire Italian territory and among the largest in Europe; it is thus protected as natural reserve Salse di Nirano since The Nirano mud volcanoes are found at the bottom of an elliptical depression, interpreted as a collapse-like structure caldera that may have developed in response to the deflation of a shallow mud chamber triggered by several ejections and evacuation of fluid sediments.

There are several individual or multiple cones within the field of the mud volcanoes of Nirano, with a rather discontinuous activity; apparatuses become dormant or even extinct whereas new vents can appear in other spots. In the research here presented about 50 vents have been mapped and few of them appeared in May The mud volcanoes of the region have been known since a long time and have always aroused great interest due to their outstanding scenic value, and, in the past the mud volcano emissions have been used in many ways.

Beside their cultural value, the mud volcanoes of the study area represent a tourist attractiveness as testified by the increasing number of visitors e. Numerous initiatives, targeted at various potential users, have been developed in the. Full Text Available Abstract From 1st.

The mean density was 0. Significant differences resulted between the density found in the four altitudinal ranges: The highest densities were recorded in protected areas 0. Health risk assessment for the consumption of fresh and preserved fish Alosa agone from Lago di Como Northern Italy.

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As these contaminants are still present in aquatic ecosystems, fish can be an important contributor to their total dietary intake. Alosa agone specimens were sampled over a period of 10 years from to to provide a representative overview of the DDT and PCB levels of Lago di Como, a deep Italian lake where a DDT input due to secondary sources was observed in recent years.

The potential health risk from the consumption of both fresh and preserved fish was evaluated. While DDT levels have generally decreased during the monitored period, reaching quite stable levels, PCB concentrations were variable, with values exceeding, in some cases, the European Union limit for human consumption and enabling potential carcinogenic effects.

However, typical local processing of this fish species markedly appeared to decrease these contaminant levels, thus making the fish product called missoltino a safer food. The results of this work highlighted the need of continuous biomonitoring of those contaminants considered a past issue along with the emergent ones.

Ammonoids collected in these localities belong to three biostratigraphic units: Two species of Zestoceras were found: Two species of Trachyceras, distinct from T. These species predate the first appearance of Trachyceras, justifying the canadensis Subzone to be included in the Carnian also on the basis of nomenclatural stability. Other significant taxa of this subzone are Rossiceras? Taxonomical notes and stratigraphic consequences: At present, Frankites regoledanus, F. A have been recognized in the Southern Alps.

The lectotype of Ammonites Trachyceras? The latter species is exclusive of the regoledanus Subzone, whereas the. A high-resolution record of the Matuyama-Brunhes transition from the Mediterranean region: High-resolution palaeomagnetic and rock magnetic investigations on the Valle di Manche section Crotone Basin, Calabria, Southern Italy provide a detailed record of the Matuyama-Brunhes M-B reversal that, to our best knowledge, is the only available record of the last geomagnetic reversal for the Mediterranean on-land marine stratigraphy.

Demagnetization analyses indicate a stable palaeomagnetic behaviour throughout the section for both normal and reversed polarity directions, with demagnetization vectors aligned toward the origin of Zijderveld diagrams after the removal of a small viscous low-coercivity remanence component. In the lower part of the studied interval, some samples acquired a spurious gyromagnetic remanent magnetization GRM during AF demagnetization in high fields.

Rock magnetic analyses confirm that magnetite is the main magnetic carrier for all measured specimens, which also have an abundant paramagnetic fraction. Only the lower part of the record, well below the M-B boundary, is characterized by a downward-increasing presence of iron sulphides greigite. According to our chronology, which is based on a robust, cross-validated age model, the final reverse-to-normal directional change of the M-B transition occurred at ca.

Full Text Available The stratigraphy of clayey and sandy beds outcropping in Val di Pugna locality near Siena Tuscany, Italy celebrated for the past finds of fossil mammalian remains, is studied here. The research is aimed to date and define the depositional environment of the sediments that yielded fossil bones of known provenance. Two sequences have been studied in detail; they are located near the hamlets of Ruffolo and Case il Poggio, where both marine and land mammal remains had been found.

The integrated biostratigraphic analysis of the planktonic foraminifers and calcareous nannoplankton indicates that the deposits straddle the transition from the Zone MPL3 to MPL4 of the planktonic foraminifer biostratigraphic scale, which is correlated with the Reticulofenestra pseudoumbilicus Zone MNN Zone of the calcareous nannoplankton scale. The sedimentary characters and the faunal content are suggestive of a progressively deepening marine environment, with a transition from upper shoreface deposits to lower shoreface-offshore deposits. The vertebrates include a cetacean Tusciziphis crispus and a sirenid Metaxyterium gervaisi amongst the marine mammals, while the land mammals are represented by a rhino Stephanorhinus jeanvireti and a bovid Alephis lyrix.

The sirenid remains are likely the only autochthonous elements because of their ecologic consistency with the depositional environment of the embedding sediments. The other fossil specimens are interpreted here as parts of decaying and floating carcasses that deposited their bones as they drifted away, inflated by decomposition gasses. The biostratigraphy of the sites permits to date the fossil bones. Noteworthy occurrences are those of Stephanorhinus jeanvireti and Alephis lyrix in levels correlated with Zone MN14, since they are usually reported in Zone MN16 and Zone MN15 assemblages, respectively.

Within this project, broad research is being financed regarding the importance of the development of the main ancient merchant routes in this region. These various tasks include this integrated geophysical survey at the Tres Tabernae site, an ancient statio along the Appian way close to Latina, central Italy. This was carried out using several techniques that are focused on the identification of buried archeological remains.

The main goal of this investigation was to cover the area surrounding this partially excavated site to obtain a quick, but meaningful, result relating to the presence of interesting buried features. For this, the geophysical techniques involved were frequency-domain electromagnetic induction, ground-penetrating radar, and magnetometry. To obtain the best results, these methods were optimized, taking into account the kind of structures involved and their relation to the environmental context.

The combination of these different geophysical techniques shows good results, indicating the possible presence of new buried structures, such as walls, floors and a lead pipe. The growth of public debt in Italy: Full Text Available Il lavoro esamina l'esperienza italiana , con riferimento alla crescita e debito pubblico. The work surveys the Italian experience with reference to growth and public debt. It does not seek to test conflicting views, as the effects of some financial and policy innovations are too recent and some data is of poor quality.

Rather, its more limited scope is to draw on past experience and, more importantly, assess future prospects in order to discuss some problems regarding both fiscal and monetary policy. Finally, possible future developments and some connected policy problems are examined. Evolution of the magma feeding system during a Plinian eruption: The current paradigm for volcanic eruptions is that magma erupts from a deep magma reservoir through a volcanic conduit, typically modelled with fixed rigid geometries such as cylinders.

This simplistic view of a volcanic eruption does not account for the complex dynamics that usually characterise a large explosive event. Numerical simulations of magma flow in a conduit combined with volcanological and geological data, allow for the first description of a physics-based model of the feeding system evolution during a sustained phase of an explosive eruption.

Information available from volcanology, petrology, and lithology studies was used as input data and as constraints for the model. In particular, Mass Discharge Rates MDRs assessed from volcanological methods were used as target values for numerical simulations. The model solutions, which are non-unique, were constrained using geological and volcanological data, such as volume estimates and types of lithic components in the fall deposits. Three stable geometric configurations of the feeding system described assuming elliptical cross-section of variable dimensions were assessed for the Eruptive Units 2 and 3 EU2, EU3 , which form the magmatic Plinian phase of PdA eruption.

Marine ostracod turnover tracks orbitally forced palaeoenvironmental changes at the Lower-Middle Pleistocene transition: Ostracods, small crustaceans living in almost every aquatic depositional setting, are widely used in palaeoenvironmental reconstructions due to their well-known ecological sensitivity. A close connection between the composition of ostracod fauna and the Milankovitch climate-eustatic variability has been documented in several Plio-Pleistocene marine sections of the Central Mediterranean area.

The Valle di Manche section VdM; Calabria, southern Italy , one of the suitable candidates to host the Global Stratotype Section and Point GSSP of the Ionian Stage-Middle Pleistocene, represents an ideal venue where to investigate ostracod turnover in relation to orbitally forced palaeoenvironmental changes, being firmly constrained in time and well documented by a number of independent climatic proxy. A high-resolution, quantitative analysis of the ostracod fauna has been undertaken on the middle part of the VdM, ca. Within each cycle, a relatively thin, fining-upward transgressive muddy unit is overlain by gradually coarsening upward and more expanded regressive silty to sand packages.

A total of 40 samples have been selected to characterise the whole spectrum of lithofacies and detect high-frequency palaeoenvironmental variations especially within homogeneous clayey stratigraphic intervals. Furthermore, ostracod assemblages document that the oxygen availability at the sea floor changed during MIS In contrast, a less-diversified ostracod fauna dominated by Aurila convexa, a species preferring. Development of regional environmental protection agencies in Italy ; Lo stato di evoluzione delle agenzie regioanli per l'ambiente in Italia.

The Italian agencies' system of environmental protection is almost completed: Nevertheless, the system is quite heterogeneous in terms of degree of experience and operational capacity of the different agencies. A new phase of development of the agency system is beginning where the main task is the necessity to guarantee a minimum level of environmental quality over the whole national territory, respecting local peculiarities. Agencies need to have guaranteed technical-scientific autonomy as well as adequate financial allowance.

However, all this must be related to the definition of adequate, homogeneous and wide working methodologies and performance assessment criteria. Il sistema e' tuttavia caratterizzato da rilevanti disomogeneita' in termini di esperienza e capacita' operativa. Si entra in nuova fase di sviluppo del sistema agenziale la cui principale criticita' e' costituita dalla necessita' di garantire un livello minimo di qualita' ambientale su tutto il territorio nazionale, nel rispetto delle specificita' locali.

A tal fine deve essere garantita l'autonomai tecnico-scientifica delle agenzie e attribuita loro un'adeguata dotazione finanziaria, a fronte, pero', della definizione di adeguati metodi di lavoro e criteri di valutazione delle performance sufficientemente omogeni e condivisi. Survey on the consumptions of energy sources in the tertiary sector in Italy in ; Indagine sui consumi di fonti energetiche nel settore terziario in Italia.

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Statistiche Economiche, Rome Italy. This report has the aim to introduce the results of the sampling survey performed to determinate the consumption of energy sources electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, diesel oil, etc. The energy consumptions report to and they are disaggregated for typology of use: The economic energy intensive activities have represented the nucleus of the survey. Particular attention has been devoted to the production of energy and the consumption of heat. I consumi energetici si riferiscono al e sono disaggregati per tipologia di utilizzo: Le attivita' economiche ad alta intensita' energetica hanno rappresentato il nucleo dell'indagine.

Particolare attenzione e' stata dedicata alla produzione di energia e al consumo di calore. Among the exhibited copies the one belonging to the Roman edition of of the work of the Christian scholar Lactantius, the only one copy printed by Sweynheym and Pannartz owned by the Library in Bagnacavallo, and a selection of books printed by Aldus Manutius and his heirs, among which the only copy found in this library of a book printed by Aldus The Elder, belonging to Institutiones Grammaticae of Xylella fastidiosa Co Di RO strain associated with the olive quick decline syndrome in southern Italy belongs to a clonal complex of the subspecies pauca that evolved in Central America.

Xylella fastidiosa, a xylem-limited bacterium transmitted by xylem-fluid-feeding Hemiptera insects, causes economic losses of both woody and herbaceous plant species. The introduction of infected plant material from Central America in Apulia was also postulated even though an ad hoc study to confirm this hypothesis is lacking. In the present study, we assessed the complete and draft genome of 27 Xyl.

Through a genome-wide approach, we confirmed the occurrence of three subspecies within Xyl. These results support the close relationships of the two strains. The four strains in the clonal complex contain prophage-like genes in their genomes. This study strongly supports the possibility of the introduction of Xyl. The data also stress how the current global circulation of agricultural commodities potentially threatens the agrosystems worldwide.

Cornisello, a low-alkalinity high mountain lake of the Adamello mountain range m above sea level, South Eastern Alps, Italy. The archeopyle is large, clearly hypocystal, polygonal, and slightly peanut-shaped. The species producing this cyst belongs to the Peridinium umbonatum group and is described A historical review is given of the literature oil Italian members of the genus Gammarus.

Only three Gammarus species were known with certainty from Italy , viz G. Sars, , and G. Ostracod faunal turnover and oxygen isotope data foraminifera along the Valle di Manche VdM section are herein compiled. In addition, the multivariate ostracod faunal stratigraphic trend nMDS axis-1 sample score is calibrated using bathymetric distributions of extant mollus The purpose of this study is to improve, by random analysis, the current knowledge about functional and running data of gas turbine cogeneration plants in Italy.

The analysis consider simple and combined cycle gas turbines plant with electric power less The collected data show different plant selection criteria, energy performances, reliability and availability values as well as maintenance costs. These data support some general suggestions and recommendations for a better selection and utilization of these plants. The use of adequate indexes showed as expected, a high faunistic and biocenotic affinity among all sites of the Natural Reserve.

Moreover, the values of trophic leve1 are analogous to the mean values found by others in the province of Rome. The biotic diversity is low and this result can be explained with predation of the barn owls over the most anthropizated areas out of the Natural Reserve. Faunistic and biocenotic indexes were utilized to compare the study area with other localities of Centra1 Italy characterized by typical mediterranean or temperate bioclimate. In one of the sites studied Podernovo, seasonal changes of predation were analyzed. Riassunto In 15 siti posti all'interno della Riserva Naturale "Monte Rufeno" sono state raccolte numerose borre di Barbagianni Tyto alba in cui sono state rinvenute prede di cui il Predatory impact of the mosquitofish Gambusia holbrooki Girard on zooplanktonic populations in a pond at Tenuta di Castelporziano Rome, Central Italy.

Full Text Available A study of a permanent pond located in a nature reserve in Central Italy was carried out over two periods ; to determine the structure and dynamics of planktonic biocoenosis. The composition of the zooplankton community was quite different in the two periods of study: The possibility is stressed that Gambusia holbrooki, present in and absent in , may be responsible for the changes in the planktonic community.

Environmental recovery of the Scoglio of S. Maria in Tropea Southern Italy. A case of geologic and preservation normative in environmental wealth; Aspetti geologici e normativi del recupero conservativo dei beni ambientali culturali. Therefore the plan becomes an element of forecast that requires of substantial technical progressive adjustments, which are prevented and anyway not admitted from the present normative. Therefore is suggested a modification of the Law that currently is checking and governing all the jobs of consolidation and recovery of the environmental wealth.

The preservation and recovery of environmental wealth constitute, behind any doubt, a culture of management of the natural capital to transmit to the future generations.

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In this respects, environmental and architectural wealth, having no economic value, and being thus wealth of public property, are most easily subject to the risk of deterioration. The preservation of environmental wealth both natural and man-made together with their aesthetic value, is linked to the preservation of the fundamental resources of a territory, such as water, the agricultural soil, the ore materials, etc. The economy and the economical development of many countries in the World, for example Egypt and Israel, but also Italy , and southern Italy notably Calabria in particular depend upon the correct use of this cultural and environmental wealth.

For this reason there is nowadays in Italy a critical re-evaluation of the criteria to manage the preservation and recovery of environmental wealth. However, it must be stressed here that for a correct management of the environment, the technical aspects must be adequately substained by appropriate laws and rules.

Degrado strutturale, cattivo uso antropico, terremoti ed erosione si sommano ad una consolidata mancanza di attenzione sociale e, quindi, di manutenzione e salvaguardia; eccetto che in. With respect to food safety, many works have studied the effectiveness of self-monitoring plans of food companies, designed using the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point HACCP method. On the other hand, in-depth research has not been made concerning the adherence of the plans to HACCP standards.

During our research, we evaluated self-monitoring plans adopted by food companies located in the territory of the Local Health Authority LHA of Foggia, Italy. The general errors terminology, philosophy and redundancy and the specific errors transversal plan, critical limits, hazard specificity, and lack of procedures were standardized. Full Text Available The characterization of the microclimatic conditions is fundamental for the preventive conservation of archaeological sites. In this context, the identification of the factors that influence the thermo-hygrometric equilibrium is key to determine the causes of cultural heritage deterioration.

In this work, a characterization of the thermo-hygrometric conditions of Casa di Diana Ostia Antica, Italy is carried out analyzing the data of temperature and relative humidity recorded by a system of sensors with high monitoring frequency. Sensors are installed in parallel, calibrated and synchronized with a microcontroller.

A data set of , data, arranged in a matrix with 66, rows and 12 columns, was used. Furthermore, the influence of human impact visitors is evaluated through a multiple linear regression model and a logistic regression model. The visitors do not affect the environmental humidity as it is very high and constant all the year. The results show a significant influence of the visitors in the upset of the thermal balance. When a tourist guide takes place, the probability that the hourly temperature variation reaches values higher than its monthly average is The analysis of the regression residuals shows the influence of outdoor climatic variables in the thermal balance, such as solar radiation or ventilation.

The characterization of the microclimatic conditions is fundamental for the preventive conservation of archaeological sites. On the feeding of ten species of Passeriformes in Italy. The feeding of ten different speciesof Passeriformes from Italy was studied thanks to identification of Insects and other Arthropoda foundin their stomach contents.

The species examined are: Anthus trivialis, Troglodytes troglodytes, Erithacusrubecula, Acrocephalus paludicola, Sylvia atricapilla, Phylloscopus collybita, Aegithalos caudatus, Parusmajor, Oriolus oriolus and Lanius minor. Alcune interpretazioni del processo di accumulazione in Italia, Some Interpretations of the Accumulation Process in Italy: The causes of this disappointing performance may be numerous. The paper points out the investment-limiting effects of the changes in the distribution of income, in the external constraints and in the public debt.

Attention has also been paid to the impact of the monetary policy on the accumulation. The information necessary for the research has been gathered by reviewing the literature on each topic. On the whole, the above mentioned variables showed significant effects on the investments. The scale of this impact has altered within the periods examined in the study, i. By spectrophotometric analysis it has been possible to analyze quali-quantitive characteristics of such substances, while by ORAC method Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity we have measured, in vitro, the antioxidant action.

The oenological potential has been evaluated, in relation to polyphenols content, of ten Vitis Vinifera varieties belonging to autochthonous vines of Basilicata, grown in espalier and tent in two areas: The ten varieties belonging to Southern Italy autochthonous vines include four black grapes and six white grapes. The same holds true for the antioxidant activity of the 10 wine grapes varieties of this study, since it is closely related to the polyphenol. Sedimentary evolution of the Mesozoic continental redbeds using geochemical and mineralogical tools: The continental redbeds from the Internal Domains of the central-western Mediterranean Chains have an important role in the palaeogeographic and palaeotectonic reconstructions of the Alpine circum-Mediterranean orogen evolution since these redbeds mark the Triassic-Jurassic rift-valley stage of Tethyan rifting.

The composition and the sedimentary evolution of the Middle Triassic to Lowermost Jurassic continental redbeds of the San Marco d'Alunzio Unit Peloritani Mountains, Southern Italy , based on mineralogical and chemical analyses, suggests that the studied mudrock sediments share common features with continental redbeds that constitute the Internal Domains of the Alpine Mediterranean Chains.

Phyllosilicates are the main components in the mudrocks. Further, the studied sediments are affected by reworking and recycling processes and, as consequence, it is likely these proxies monitor cumulative effect of weathering. The climate in the early Jurassic favoured recycling and weathering occurred under hot, episodically humid climate with a prolonged dry season. The source-area is the low-grade Paleozoic metasedimentary basement. Mafic supply is minor but not negligible as suggested by provenance proxies.

Area Energetica; Trevisan, F. Educational buildings have been object of several activities by ENEA Italian National Agency for New Technology, Energy and Environment , referring to the possibilities of energy saving in accordance with the comfort and the hygiene regulations provided by the law see Acta of the seminar: The present work is the first concrete experience of collaboration with a municipal enterprise AMCPS which manages the school buildings of the Municipality of Vicenza.

In particular, we have analyzed the interventions on the building envelope substitution of windows and doors, insulations by modern technics, elimination of old dampers for ventilation, installation of heat regenerator from exhausted air, improvements on lighting sources, etc. These actions have been defined on the basis of an extensive acquisition data about the comfort within some schools whose heating plant is managed by AMCPS.

The influence of environmental parameters in the biocolonization of the Mithraeum in the roman masonry of casa di Diana Ostia Antica, Italy. Taking this into account, the impact of biological proliferation in a historical building is discussed for the Mithraeum of "Casa di Diana" in the archaeological site of Ostia Antica, which is subjected to guided tours.

In this work, for the first time, we propose a study on biological monitoring to evaluate the contribution of bioactivity to air quality, with the objective to increase the comfort of visitors and to open the site for more than one day per week, suggesting possible tools providing a good compromise between building conservation and human comfort.

In the sense, it has been possible to distinguish the contribution of the plants from the one deriving from humans: The window present is not sufficient to eliminate the CO2, involving concentrations of CO2 relatively high in comparison to the proposed limits and guidelines defined by law. The obtained results strongly encouraged the elimination of flora in order to increase the comfort of visitors and to open the house for more than one day per week. Although, this process involves an important economic effort, the present study allows making an objective decision which has an important value in a cultural heritage management.

Meaning of "curiosaggine" in the Italian dictionary

Graphical Abstract CO2 contribute by bioactivity as damage to human health. Gender-based violence, stalking and fear of crime: The main results of a research among female students of the University of Perugia. Oltre ai comportamenti citati, sono stati analizzati i dati sul contesto in cui sono avvenuti i fatti di molestia, sulle reazioni, sulle conseguenze e sul senso di minaccia percepito. AbstractThis article presents the main results of an empirical research among female students of the University of Perugia Italy.

The questionnaire dealt with sexual harassment, stalking and unwanted sexual acts experienced by the girls inside and outside the university. In addition, contextual data connected to these incidents, the reaction, the consequences and the perceived threat are analysed. Finally, the author proposes an explanation for a social representation of sexual harassment based on Social Identity and Self. The information coming from the radar interpretation is the basis to evaluate the state of activity and the intensity of slow landslides.

Two main situations can occur: Considering the updated landslides, the modifications concern phenomena while 48 are confirmed: All the new landslides added are considered active. It is worth noting that almost all the landslides where the state of activity is changed from dormant or stabilized to active involve urban areas and the road network where the reliability of radar benchmarks is higher. Radar satellite data were in particular very useful to map slow superficial movements named as "creep" that are widespread in the slopes around L'Aquila: Engineering Geology, 68 , 31 - Proceedings of the First World Landslide.

On 15 July the enemy fell back from the Hilde. Line and the Division The Division was rather thin on the ground, Strong patrols were pushed out on the Di - visional front From left to right: Eighty-eight breeding dens were found, of which Breeding foxes used almost exclusively deserted setts of Meles meles and burrows of Oryctolagus cuniculus. The density of breeding dens does not seem to be influenced by the presence of protected areas and by the density of hares and of pheasants.

La Volpe utilizza quasi esclusivamente le tane abbandonate dal Tasso e quelle del Coniglio selvatico. Stefano Benni's work, a blend of biting social satire and fantasy, has won him the reputation of Italy 's leading Moss ciliated protozoa as bioindicators. A study on the urban area of Pisa Italy ; Protozoi ciliati del muschio come biondicatori.

Uno studio nell'area urbana di Pisa. For each sample the type and the number of the ciliate species as well as the number of individuals for each species were determined. Lead content was also measured. The data were statistically elaborated and compared. The diversity Shannon index H was calculated to determine the health state of ciliate communities.

In any case an inverse correlation between H and the lead content was reported; the highest the H value, the lowest the lead content and vice versa. On the basis of the results here reported the use of Ciliates as biondicators appears suitable for the control of urban soil. An analysis like this appears advantageous as it is rather simple and cheap and allows to determine the possible variations in a real time.

Per ogni campione si e' proceduto all'identificazione dei Ciliati presenti, al conteggio delle specie e del numero di individui per specie, nonche' alla misurazione del piombo presente. I dati sono stati confrontati dopo elaborazione statistica. L'indice della diversita' di Shannon ha fornito informazioni sulla salute della comunita' dei Protozoi delle varie stazioni.

In ogni caso risulta una correlazione inversa tra i valori dell'indice di Shannon e la quantita' di piombo: S5, la stazione piu' esposta al traffico, risulta quella piu' degradata. L'uso dei Ciliati come biondicatori risulta quindi appropriato e vantaggioso considerando che e' semplice, poco costoso e permette di valutare in tempi reali variazioni nell'ambiente. Frammenti di storia internazionale.

Ustica, Italy , Malta, Libya, Mediterranean. Full Text Available Abstract The diet of the Fox Vulpes vulpes was studied by the analysis of gastric contents coming from hilly areas of the Province of Cuneo. Samples were gathered during January-March of the years '86 N. The mean percentage of frequency was determined for the following feeding categories: The diet is analysed in relation to some available trophic resources dumps, restoking of hares and of pheasants.

Riassunto Vengono presentati i dati dell'analisi di contenuti gastrici di Vulpes vulpes , provenienti da aree collinari della provincia di Cuneo; i campioni si riferiscono ai primi tre mesi delle annate '86 N. Sono state determinate le frequenze percentuali delle seguenti categorie alimentari: Inner structure of La Fossa di Vulcano Vulcano Island, southern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy revealed by high-resolution electric resistivity tomography coupled with self-potential, temperature, and CO2 diffuse degassing measurements.

Its activity is characterized by explosive phreatic and phreatomagmatic eruptions producing wet and dry pyroclastic surges, pumice fall deposits, and highly viscous lava flows. In addition, we also measured the sel The ENEA Italian Agency for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment forest property may be regarded as an open laboratory; interdisciplinary studies on ecology of aquatic and terrestrial mountain ecosystems are feasible.

Six sites in tosco-emiliano Apennine Brasimone area, Italy were sampled by pitfall traps to assess the forest dwellers ground beetle coenoses. In spite of different wood species, vegetation cover and physionomy, Carabid communities are quite similar in species assemblages, ecological characterization and chronological spectra.

Oltre ai comportamenti citati, sono stati analizzati i dati sul contesto in cui sono avvenuti i fatti di molestia, sulle reazioni, sulle conseguenze e su What remains of Cherubini today? Two case studies Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, the phenomenon of dialect resurgence has manifested in Italy through the emergence of dialects in Computer Mediated Communication, especially, on bottom-up created Web sites, like the free, multilingual, online encyclopedia Wikipedia. In this article, we will examine the legacy of Cherubini and his Milanese-Italian dictionary on the regional Lombard version of Wikipedia.

We will review the articles both in terms of spelling, comparing the choices of Milanese lexicographer with those most utilized currently online, and from a morpho-syntactic point of view, discussing the presence and the productivity of some phrasal verbs. Lezioni di analisi matematica. EMAS has a voluntary character; it intends to replace conflicting relations between control authority and firm with relations centred on a dialogue and action agreed upon by the parties, on the basis of impartial and reliable information.

Lo strumento EMAS, che ha carattere di volontarieta', intende sostituire un rapporto di tipo conflittuale fra autorita' di controllo e impresa con un rapporto centrato su un dialogo ed un'azione concertata tra le parti, sulle basi di un'informativa obiettiva ed affidabile. Research on inverse methods and optimization in Italy. The research activities in Italy on inverse design and optimization are reviewed. The review is focused on aerodynamic aspects in turbomachinery and wing section design.

A specimen of Sorex cfr. Thank to some morphological and morphometrical features, the cranial bones can be tentatively attributed to Sorex samniticus Altobello, The genus Sorex was not yet included in the Apulia's fauna southwards of the Gargano district; the origin and significance of the above record is briefly discussed, the actual presence of a natural population of Sorex in the Murge being not yet proved. Riassunto Viene segnalato il rinvenimento di un esemplare di Sorex cfr. The transfer of a collection of bird skins from the Solomon Islands via Australia to Italy in the late 19th century.

Within the realm of evaluating self-monitoring plans, developed based on the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points HACCP method and adopted by food companies, little research has been done concerning the quality of the plans. The critical areas considered were the following: During the period from January to June , the evaluation grid was used in examining HACCP self-monitoring plans of food companies. For the analysis of the determining factor four groups were considered, with reference to HACCP self-monitoring plans designed: The mean values of the measures elaborated decrease towards insufficiency moving from group 1 to group 4.

In particular, collaboration by teams of unqualified experts brought about drafting unacceptable HACCP plans on the levels of specificity and adherence, with respect to the HACCP method. The method proposed of the analysis of the indexes and indicators beginning with an evaluation sheet can also help the individual company to better adjust contribution by internal or external professionals to the company.

AbstractThe article suggests some reflections on data gathered from a research among female students of the University of Bologna. Kinematic analyses of shear zones at Lago di Cignana in the Italian Western Alps were used to constrain the structural evolution of units from the Piemont-Ligurian oceanic realm Zermatt-Saas and Combin zones and the Adriatic continental margin Dent Blanche nappe during Palaeogene syn- and post-exhumational deformation. Juxtaposition with the overlying Combin zone along the Combin Fault at mid-crustal levels occurred during greenschist-facies normal-sense top-SE shearing at ca.

The scarcity of top-SE kinematic indicators in the hanging wall of the Combin Fault probably resulted from strain localization along the uppermost Zermatt-Saas zone and obliteration by subsequent deformation. A phase of dominant pure shear deformation around 35 Ma affected units in the direct footwall and hanging wall of the Combin Fault. It is interpreted to reflect NW-SE crustal elongation during updoming of the nappe stack as a result of underthrusting of European continental margin units and the onset of continental collision. This phase was partly accompanied and followed by ductile bulk top-NW shearing, especially at higher structural levels, which transitioned into semi-ductile to brittle normal-sense top-NW deformation due to Vanzone phase folding from ca.

Our structural observations suggest that syn-exhumational deformation is partly preserved within units and shear zones exposed at Lago di Cignana but also that the Combin Fault and Dent Blanche Basal Thrust experienced significant post-exhumational deformation reworking and overprinting earlier structures. Full Text Available The aim of this essay is to analyse the legal framework that guarantees the adequate compensation to national and foreign victims of violent intentional crimes including sexual assault and rape in Europe and in Italy.

This current legal framework is composed of: In addition, the author will examine the principal jurisprudential Italian case on this matter in particular, Court of Appeal of Turin, 3rd Civil Section, No. Gypsum karst in Italy: Although outcropping only rarely in Italy , gypsum karst has been described in detail since the early XXth century Marinelli, Recently, important caves have also been discovered in the underground gypsum quarries in Piedmont Vigna et al.

During the late 80s and 90s several multidisciplinary studies have been carried out in many gypsum areas. Further detailed studies focused on the gypsum areas of Emilia Romagna Chiesi et al. This presentation will review the state of the art regarding different aspects of evaporite karst in Italy focusing on the main new results. Hydrogeology Journal, 18, pp. Geology, 43 6 , Terra Nova 25, pp. Studio multidisciplinare di un'area carsica nella Vena del Gesso Romagnola.

Full Text Available Abstract In order to evaluate the density of the red fox and of the domestic cat, 55 transects were made from to using spotlight census method in three sample areas. The mean density of foxes agreed substantially with its biological cycle and the hightes values 2. Foxes selected the shrub woodland macchia all year round, the inhabited area in spring. The domestic cat was widely spread and abundant, and selected especially inhabited areas where the density varied from 4. La Volpe seleziona le zone con vegetazione " di macchia" in ogni periodo dell'anno, e le aree abitate in primavera.

Recent volcanism at Campi Flegrei caldera produced more than 70 eruptions in the last 15 ka formed different volcanic edifices. The vent distribution was related to the main volcano-tectonic structure active in the caldera along which also concentrated part of the present hydrothermal and fumarolic activity, such as in the Solfatara area.

In order to define the role of major faults in the Campi Flegrei Caldera, we analyzed some volcanic craters Fondi di Baia and Astroni and the Agnano caldera, by means of different geochemical and geophysical technics including CO2 flux, electrical resistivity ERT , self-potential and permeability surveys. We provided some ERT profiles and different maps of geochemical and geophysical features.

Major fault planes were identified comparing ERT imaging with alignments of anomalies in maps. The results can improve the knowledge on the present state of these volcanoes actually not fully monitored though included in the area with high probability of future vent opening within the Campi Flegrei caldera. Merging field mapping and numerical simulation to interpret the lithofacies variations from unsteady pyroclastic density currents on uneven terrain: In order to obtain results from computer simulations of explosive volcanic eruptions, one either needs a statistical approach to test a wide range of initial and boundary conditions, or needs using a well-constrained field case study via stratigraphy.

Here we followed the second approach, using data obtained from field mapping of the Grotta dei Palizzi 2 pyroclastic deposits Vulcano Island, Italy as input for numerical modeling. This case study deals with impulsive phreatomagmatic explosions of La Fossa Cone that generated ash-rich pyroclastic density currents, interacting with the topographic high of the La Fossa Caldera rim.

One of the simplifications in dealing with well-sorted ash one particle size in the model is to highlight the topographic effects on the same pyroclastic material in an unsteady current. We demonstrate that by merging field data with 3D numerical simulation results it is possible to see key details of the dynamical current-terrain interaction, and to interpret the lithofacies variations of the associated deposits as a function of topography-induced sedimentation settling rate. Instead, a sedimentation rate higher than that threshold can preclude the formation of tractional structures, producing thicker massive deposits.

The definition of curiosity in the dictionary is habitual and inappropriate curiosity.

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Synonyms and antonyms of curiosaggine in the Italian dictionary of synonyms. Examples of use in the Italian literature, quotes and news about curiosaggine. Io v'ho messo il dito sulla piaga, ma da buon medico e nonper barbara curiosaggine. Della grandine ho detto' in addietro tra I'idro-meteore: La disavventura al cimiterol'hasprofondato nello sfinimento enella mortificazione, ma Lazzaro si ostina nello sforzo di capire, e Fichero, cui quella curiosaggine non aveva prima suscitato alcuna simpatia, orase ne compiace. Sebbene fosse autunno e le foglie secche avessero ricoperto tutta la campagna, Crisponzia pareva Il microfono si ruppe e Roma, Maggio

Banduna - 11. La Ruota di Fortuna (Italian Edition) Banduna - 11. La Ruota di Fortuna (Italian Edition)
Banduna - 11. La Ruota di Fortuna (Italian Edition) Banduna - 11. La Ruota di Fortuna (Italian Edition)
Banduna - 11. La Ruota di Fortuna (Italian Edition) Banduna - 11. La Ruota di Fortuna (Italian Edition)
Banduna - 11. La Ruota di Fortuna (Italian Edition) Banduna - 11. La Ruota di Fortuna (Italian Edition)
Banduna - 11. La Ruota di Fortuna (Italian Edition) Banduna - 11. La Ruota di Fortuna (Italian Edition)
Banduna - 11. La Ruota di Fortuna (Italian Edition) Banduna - 11. La Ruota di Fortuna (Italian Edition)
Banduna - 11. La Ruota di Fortuna (Italian Edition) Banduna - 11. La Ruota di Fortuna (Italian Edition)
Banduna - 11. La Ruota di Fortuna (Italian Edition) Banduna - 11. La Ruota di Fortuna (Italian Edition)

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