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Think of it this way: You put in so much time and effort at they gym, but the only things fueling your body are French fries and Twinkies. No matter how much good work you do, your efforts will be thwarted because you're not healthy at your core. Matthew Frassica has worked with known brands like Zynga and Peet's Coffee, and is currently leading the People function at PagerDuty , a successful startup in one of the most competitive talent markets in the country: He's created this 5-Step Culture Detox program to help you get back on track. As the brain of the operation, you need to map out a clear company vision.

It is hard to create a strong culture if the leader can't articulate where the company is headed.

Having a plan is critical to engaging employees and earning trust amongst your staff. Share this vision with your team and show them that they have an active role in the adventure. Sit down with focus groups and talk about what culture looks like. This can start with a simple definition of what constitutes a company's "culture. Ask the right questions and be ready, willing, and brave enough to listen. Cultures of fear do not work.

Leaders have to be willing to hear the bad and to be able to help guide the team to a healthy solution. This starts with understanding how people behave now and why.

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The MeToo movement, launched by activist Tarana Burke 10 years ago, went viral in October after actress Alyssa Milano and other prominent women publicized it, and after countless women and a few men published the hashtag on their social media pages to indicate that they had been sexually harassed or violated at some point in their lives.

This is such a common occurrence in the lives of women that few were startled at the sheer numbers of MeToo postings. Live long enough while being female and it will happen to you. NotMe is a movement that will never catch on. What is different this time is that more men are listening, that accused men who were protected by their prominence are nonetheless being shamed and getting fired, and that the white-hot spotlight is trained on the entertainment industry.

The titillation of those perpetrator names also being household names drove the movement, which would not have taken off at all had the names been those of guys who lived down the street. A survey by Cosmopolitan magazine found that 1 in 3 women is sexually harassed at work. An October ABC News- Washington Post poll reports sexual harassment at epidemic proportions, happening to more than half of all women. Most harassers are coworkers, clients, customers, and managers, in that order. Harassment is most common in food service and hospitality, retail, and arts and entertainment in a tie with STEM industries science, technology, engineering, and math.

All those numbers are far too low, claims the U. Harassment is bad business, costing companies millions in job turnover, sick leave, and decreased productivity. And, adds the EEOC, sexual harassment seminars are colossally ineffective. We have a culture of social, legal, and governmental systems that positions men more favorably, safely, and respectfully than it does women.

Men do not like to have this pointed out to them. To avoid looking at these origins squarely, we blame women for reporting and for not reporting, hold women responsible for the violence that men do, and point to individual men as singular perpetrators.

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What impact does that have on your day? Over time, what impact does that have on your world view? Is that really the impact you want to have? News organizations are businesses, and their goal is to get the maximum number of people engaged in their products.


Detox Culture and the rise of Toxic people | The Pochemuchka

Traffic volume affects what they focus on. So in a very real sense, every click is a vote for more of the same. Think about that the next time you are about to click for more information about the latest violence, scandal or tragedy. Start building a habit of looking for the light in people.

When you catch yourself doing that, use it as an opportunity to look for the light. What can I admire about this person? What does this person care about that I agree with? Then expand that to cover people who give you little irritations. This is where all of this has the potential to get traction.

Enroll a friend in your culture shift. Better yet, enroll five. And get them to commit to doing the same.

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Incorporate it into your conversations. Spread the word, and live it.

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I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. What here resonates with you? What other ideas do you have?

Detox Culture and the rise of Toxic people

Thank you so much, Curt! And then there is what they are exposed to on the internet.

It also illustrates a me against them or them against me mentality. Thanks so much for what you have shared!

The culture fan's detox diet

Great addition to the list, Jen. Good magazine or maybe it was Ode posted a question on Facebook once on what course you would add to the school curriculum if you could. My vote was for a course in compassion, hands down even better if it was a mandatory class taught every year.

Culture Detox Culture Detox
Culture Detox Culture Detox
Culture Detox Culture Detox
Culture Detox Culture Detox
Culture Detox Culture Detox

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