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The Starday record, above, is rare because it was a limited DJ pressing, called an acetate.

Look up prices in this massive book! Record Price Guide Lookup. Look up the values of records from the 's to the 's. Buy or sell with these Record Price Guides. Vinyl Grading Our Record Grading: All vinyl records are grading using the standards listed in Goldmine Magazine. Guarantee If for some reason you are not satisfied you will get a full refund excluding postage.

I try to grade them as fair as I can. All records will play as good or better than the grade. If there is a difference in one side to the other I will note it. All records are guaranteed. We Accept PayPal Payments. Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention records albums prices value collector guides vinyl listed artists collection selling collectors edition pricing lps listing values listings sell informative. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. This is a big disappointment. As someone who does some dealing in used records, I had hopes, and indications, that Goldmine was going to put some work into revising their record values. While there are some changes and improvements in this volume, a high percentage of the prices quoted still remain unchanged from the edition, which is the earliest I have. Considering the way the market has changed over the years, especially since the advent of eBay, a book with prices unchanged since will inevitably be misleading.

Let me give you an example of what I am referring to. I became aware of this probably close to twenty years ago and initially thought that the lp actually was valuable. In subsequent years however, I saw several copies and even found one which I bought for resale. Even at very low prices I had no success with it, and I ended up selling it to a used record store for a dollar.

This is admittedly an extreme example, and I am not saying we should condemn this price guide on the basis of one highly questionable value.

Home Book Review: Goldmine Price Guide to 45 RPM Records by Martin Popoff

The problem is there are probably thousands of albums whose values need to be reassessed and perhaps, revised. In my opinion, almost all common country albums from the s are overpriced, as are most recordings of early style jazz. Modern jazz, on the other hand, tends to be under priced, and while Goldmine has made some progress is this area, there is still plenty of work to do.

I could also point to several artists whose whole listings may need to be revised there are currently about Ricky Nelson lps listed on eBay, yet Goldmine still prices them as rarities. I could go on and on with examples, and would be interested in what other dealers think in this regard.

Album Price Guides - Find the Value of Record Albums in this Vinyl LP Price Guide

Certainly it would be a time-consuming task to make the needed changes, but the resources are there. It should not be difficult to keep track of eBay results and popsike is a valuable online source also. It would not hurt to visit record stores or even talk to dealers to get their opinions. I simply do not understand why Goldmine continues to pump out price guides with the same old inaccurate values.

Is there some psychological barrier to lowering prices? Do they rely exclusively on the opinions of "big-time" dealers who have a vested interest in keeping prices high?

Goldmine Record Album Price Guide by Dave Thompson (2017, Paperback)

Perhaps it is sheer laziness or indifference. In the introduction the author gives some examples of common albums for which there is little demand. There is no excuse for such slipshod work and this leads me to suspect that Goldmine may know many of its prices are out-of-date, but cannot be bothered to change them.

Despite all this, I could probably recommend this book to any collector or dealer who does not have any of the earlier editions. One gets the feeling they actually have worked on the discographies, and they seem to be well done and comprehensive. Anyone who has this book can use it as a guide to what is out there and it is, in many respects, a wealth of information. Plus, once one gets a feel for the inaccuracy of the prices, it can be somewhat of an indication of worth, especially for lps of certain genres. Until Goldmine decides to be more accurate in its values though, this volume is, at best, a mixed blessing for the record collecting hobby.

It will give collectors an unrealistic view of the value of their collections and will make life difficult for record dealers who attempt to purchase their collections from them. In many respects this book does a disservice to the hobby Goldmine purports to appreciate.

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Maybe they'll do better next time. I own at least a dozen record price guides hard to get rid of 'em when my primary aim with these guides is research like year of issue, not price. When I saw that this 9th edition would include compilation LPs, I was thrilled. Unfortunately, the comp-LP section is undersized and underwhelming. But my main gripe with this 9th edition is that it seems to be a clone of the 8th edition of American Records, which I already own. Or go with Jerry Osborne who tends to be better at being comprehensive. Bad show, Goldmine and Dave Thompson!

I've bought these guides for many years, and have always found them useful as a general guide and reflection of some market trends. The most notable price increases here, after a casual glance, can be found obviously for Prince and David Bowie, as well as vintage jazz. However, there seems to be a printing error in the "Various Artists Collections" section. All of the listings here are for jazz compilations I'm thinking that this mix-up may have come from their most recent jazz album guide, published last year. There was good information in this section in previous editions, so this is definitely disappointing.

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  6. Great source for offline prices. I found this to be a great tool for pricing my Albums, very informative, and depicts the "Slight Differences" that make HUGE differences in value, that you just can't find in "On-Line" listing resources. Good Reliable, and Trusted Source, I have used the Goldmine Price Guide for Years, and as a resource for pricing my over 40, albums, is invaluable and current.

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    I was disappointed that this book did not list the many obscure albums I own, K-Tel, Ronco, Pickwick records, etc. It does have a wealth of information, just not the information I needed. It only list's the records value if in 'Mint' condition. There is a price guide out there by Goldmine written by 'Tim Neely' that one might consider.

    Very few prices were updated and they don't seem to accurately reflect what records are currently selling for on auction websites. There were several records that were listed in previous edition that were mysteriously deleted. If you don't have any previous editions, this book may prove useful, but since I already had the last edition, buying this one was a complete waste of money.

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    This book is crammed with a wide variety of music, super easy to read and navigate. Definitely a great deal for the money paid. Very very happy with my purchase. Good reference book, but wished the DVD version was a little more reasonable cost. One person found this helpful. See all reviews. See all customer images.

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    Goldmine Record Album Price Guide Goldmine Record Album Price Guide
    Goldmine Record Album Price Guide Goldmine Record Album Price Guide
    Goldmine Record Album Price Guide Goldmine Record Album Price Guide
    Goldmine Record Album Price Guide Goldmine Record Album Price Guide
    Goldmine Record Album Price Guide Goldmine Record Album Price Guide
    Goldmine Record Album Price Guide Goldmine Record Album Price Guide

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