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Getting Ready Clean up, fix up, or toss out! Showing Leave this part to us!

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Walk-Through The final inspection by the buyer. Settlement The last of the paperwork, handing over the keys. Go To Next Page.

Residential Real Estate Services. We attempt to keep it current, but some delays may occur. To verify the most current information, contact us. Guide to Selling Your Home There are a number of steps that are involved in selling any house Paperwork An important part of the process. Our Guide to Selling a Home. Our Homes and Land for Sale. View Our Homes for Rent. Fair Market Value of Your Home. Search Homes and Land for Sale.

Our Guide to Selling Your Home in Maryland

Make sure you examine how the furniture is arranged and that it makes sense with the layout of the room. Ask yourself these questions: A marketing campaign for your property should include both traditional and digital marketing tactics. We want to give you a list of marketing techniques that are essential to getting your house out there. Your ideal buyer is out there, and Triangle Realty has an innovative marketing team and strategies to reach your target audience! When buyers make an appointment to see your house, you should be prepared to do the following in order to help your agent:.

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  5. You should know, sadly, not every house seller gets into a bidding war. Your agent will walk you through what to expect come offer time, but if there is only one buyer for your house, you can expect to see the following two conditions in an offer:. Other things to be negotiated are items such as price, closing date, inclusions, option period, and deposit.

    Before You Put Your Home On the Market

    Your agent should advise the best strategy to help you get the highest price. Closing day is the day the new buyer takes possession. As closing day approaches, you will need to make sure to:. You should also get help form your agent to make sure all deadlines are met.

    Real Estate Tips: What to expect when selling your home

    As the seller, it is your choice to respond to the buyer about repairs they want made in one of three ways. You may decide to:. When the property is transferred to the new owner, you will receive the money via the title company. Triangle Realty conducts extensive comparative market analysis research.

    We offer a professional opinion on list price to ensure a quick sale at the best price possible. We always hire a professional photographer in order to put the best foot forward in showcasing your property. We then utilize the photographs in our marketing plans we personalize for each of our clients. The marketing plan includes all of the steps we take in order to effectively market your home. Triangle Realty has monthly service listing reports that will keep you in the loop on what is going on with your property.

    With our local, friendly service, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands. We are a trusted face in the community and we want to make this a good experience for everyone involved! Your email address will not be published. Subscribe to our mailing list! Consider the Timing When selling your home, timing is a huge factor. Be Prepared To be prepared, you should first understand and be able to explain the reason you are selling your home. Pricing Your Home The first thing that buyers notice about your property is the price.

    De-Personalize and De-Clutter Once the prepping of your home starts, it is vital to let go of your personal attachments and begin considering how to make your home a marketable product that will appeal to a buyer. Neatly arrange all items and organize closets and cabinets Clean off kitchen and bathroom countertops Pack up all non-essential items such as clothing Step 2: Remove or Replace If you want to take built-in appliances or fixtures, remove them before the showing.

    Here are some other things to put on your to-do list: Patch and paint cracks and holes in walls Fix any leaks on faucets or elsewhere Repair any doors or drawers that do not close properly You may consider painting the walls a neutral color to freshen things up, especially if you have flashy colors Replace burned out light bulbs Step 3: Make it Sparkle A polished appearance will go a long way.

    Wash the windows inside and out Dust away cobwebs Re-caulk tubs, showers, sinks Polish faucets and mirrors Clean out the refrigerator Vacuum Dust furniture, ceiling fan blades, light fixtures Steam clean carpet Replace any worn-out rugs Hang up fresh towels Clean and air out any musty or bad odors Step 4: Pressure wash and spray down sidewalks and house exterior Mow the lawn, rake leaves, trim bushes and mulch flowerbeds Paint any faded or chipped trim Plant flowers or add some potted plants.

    As you would whenever hiring professional help, consider interviewing multiple realtors before making your decision.

    Marketing Your Property

    Unfortunately, variables such as what you paid for it, how much you spent on upgrades and how much income you need from the sale of your home in order to make your next purchase cannot factor into the sale price. First, they should visit your home to get a feel for its condition, size and any upgrades or extra amenities.

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    A copy of the SPD is given to prospective buyers. Increase your chances of attracting buyers by making a good first impression.

    Home Seller Guide: How To Sell Your Home

    Think of curb appeal the same way you would a date or a job interview: Add flowers, whether in a bed or planter. Staging your home simply means arranging the rooms in the clearest and most aesthetically pleasing way. While there are companies that you can hire for this, you can do the work yourself by following a few easy steps:. The average buyer spends less than a minute looking at listings online before deciding whether to see a home in person. First, clean your home. Dust particles and other microscopic materials can show up on photographs and distract viewers.

    Guide to Selling Your Home Guide to Selling Your Home
    Guide to Selling Your Home Guide to Selling Your Home
    Guide to Selling Your Home Guide to Selling Your Home
    Guide to Selling Your Home Guide to Selling Your Home
    Guide to Selling Your Home Guide to Selling Your Home
    Guide to Selling Your Home Guide to Selling Your Home
    Guide to Selling Your Home Guide to Selling Your Home
    Guide to Selling Your Home Guide to Selling Your Home

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