Life is a Marathon not a Sprint

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She limped and lurched around the track, holding her head and alternately stopping and restarting as the crowd groaned. Her left arm flailing at her side, her right leg unbending at the knee, she nevertheless waved off medical assistance, which would have meant her immediate disqualification. Finally, after navigating the final meters in an agonizing 5 minutes 44 seconds, Andersen-Scheiss fell into the waiting arms of three medical staffers as she reached the finish line in 37th place, 24 minutes behind winner Joan Benoit.

When you finally cross the finish line, your body is -for lack of a better word- broken. At the end of the run, you are broke, spent, wasted. I suppose you could say that your body could file bankruptcy, because there is nothing left in the bank but a big deficit, because you withdrew more than you could ever deposit. Even elite Marathoners are broken and rarely will even go for more than a walk to the car for at least a week after a race, while the body heals itself.

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Life is Not a Sprint, It’s a Marathon…

Remember the Greek Soldier who ran the approximately 26 miles from Marathon to Athens to announce that the Persians had been miraculously defeated in the Battle of Marathon? What nobody wants to talk about is that a few minutes after delivering the message, he dropped dead. And this is what they named the race after — in honor of a guy who finished… but died? His name now pretty much forgotten. Sounds good to me.

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And my friends would look on with awe. What is a Steve anyway? All of which trains your muscles, and perhaps more importantly, trains your mind to believe that the end is obtainable. If you have the right equipment, and have made the sacrifices necessary and learn to manage your pace, and your stride, and your fluids, and your fuels properly along the way, success is a given and the finish line is a footnote to what you have accomplished.

Ultimately, if the preparation for and management of the race is adequate, the end is assured That is a positive outcome is assured… not like the first Marathon runner. On October 5th, I ran the Chicago Marathon, my first. But more startling, another 10, for a total of nearly 20, people did not finish the race they trained for months to run. The weather conditions made for a brutal day. More than were sent to the hospital and hundreds more were treated in medical tents located throughout the course. This leaves many to ask how someone can be crazy enough to run a Marathon.

Life is a Sprint, not a Marathon – Donn's Fragments

For it reeks of death and skeletons which is what most marathoners resemble. Think about the big picture and the small.

‘Life is a marathon, not a sprint’

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This included attention to nutrition and exercise as well as making smart choices in my work and social circles. And yes, there are times when staying medically compliant feels like a struggle. I was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night vomiting blood, and before I knew it, I was stuck there for three weeks until I was healthy enough to fly. Another mile in my marathon-like life is my focus on nutrition.

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Life is a Marathon not a Sprint Life is a Marathon not a Sprint
Life is a Marathon not a Sprint Life is a Marathon not a Sprint
Life is a Marathon not a Sprint Life is a Marathon not a Sprint
Life is a Marathon not a Sprint Life is a Marathon not a Sprint
Life is a Marathon not a Sprint Life is a Marathon not a Sprint
Life is a Marathon not a Sprint Life is a Marathon not a Sprint
Life is a Marathon not a Sprint Life is a Marathon not a Sprint

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