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1. Marketing Your Music Is Necessary, But Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

If everything you post on social media is promotional and an attempt to drive sales, people aren't going to care about your posts, and may unfollow you. To keep followers and drive engagement, it's a good idea to follow the social media rule of thirds:. Follow this rule, and you're more likely to see a highly engaged following, which is what record labels, managers, and booking agents look for when looking at social media stats.

6 Things You Can Do To Promote Your Art

Timing is everything on social media. It's important to understand your fanbase, and know when they use different social networks. The time of day that you post on social media can dramatically affect engagement. So that you can post to different social networks at the best times without sitting at your computer all day, use something like Hootsuite to pre-schedule your social media posts throughout the day.

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world, with more than 2. Remember, your goal on social media is to engage with your fans, not constantly post about your music and ask your fans for money. According to this article by Simply Measured, statuses get the most comments, but video gets the most shares. You want to post your music on your Facebook artist page, but consider looking for music related groups within your niche with members that may be interested in looking for new music.

It's not enough to simply post your music video to YouTube; you need to set it up for success with a great title and description. Since YouTube doesn't have a way of analyzing the actual contents of your video, it works off of the text. This article can provide you with some great advice on optimizing your video so it can be found on YouTube more easily. It's also important to effectively promote your music video. Twitter is a great social network for getting your music in front of an entirely new audience.

With hashtags, retweets, and even likes, Twitter can expose your music to an interested audience. Instagram is all about beautiful, engaging photos. If you're releasing a new album, this is the place you'll get great feedback on the artwork. Album artwork, band pictures, and even pictures with fans can result in high levels of engagement. Like Instagram, Pinterest is all about images.

Creating boards for high quality album art or band member interests can result in a large amount of organic exposure through Pinterest's platform. Boards can even show up in Google search results. Reddit is all about becoming an active member of the community without coming off as too promotional. For more details, we've put together a reddit music promotion guide. StumbleUpon can be an amazing source of free traffic for your music videos and social media pages. Users of StumbleUpon identify what they're interested in including music genres , then click a big orange "Stumble" button to discover new content.

This is great for musicians, because StumbleUpon users are actively seeking something new. After you've used StumbleUpon, you can add links with specific tags here. While online music marketing is extremely important in todays digital world, offline music marketing still holds value. If you've accomplished something interesting, or have a unique story, the local media may be interested.

In some cases, it's as simple as calling them and seeing if they'd be interested in an interview, but if you're less connected, you may need to write a press release. Check out this guide on writing press releases by HubSpot, with some awesome examples. Reaching out to music bloggers isn't as hard as you'd think.

Unlike mainstream media, you don't need to write press releases. Some bloggers actually prefer that you don't write a press release. If your music is good, you can score a number of reviews for it. Check out these guidelines for improving the efficiency of your outreach efforts. If radio stations in an area near an upcoming show are already playing your music, they may be interested in an interview. This can result in increased awareness for your show and your music.

2. Music Marketing Is All About Raising Awareness

Crowdfunding doesn't just provide a way for you to fund your next album - it also provides you with exposure to the crowdfunding platform's audience. When choosing between Kickstarter and Indiegogo as your crowdfunding platform, it's important to consider the size of the audience, and the number of similar projects. Whichever platform you choose, you're bound to get a good amount of exposure for your music simply by being a part of the platform.

Basic rewards like downloads of your album are good, but don't be afraid to get crazy with your offers. Let people donate enough for you to fly out to see them for a private show, or even fly them to your album release show. One big donation can make a huge difference in how quickly you're able to raise the money.

Marketing Tips for Emerging artists – Subscriber Q&A

Why are you raising money for this release? Don't make if about you, or even your fans - provide a story that lead up to you choosing to crowdfund your album. If someone backs you, send them a personal thank you email. This can go a long way, and if they respond, you can ask them to share some of your music on social media.

Backercamp can offer some additional paid promotion for your crowdfunding campaign. If you're inexperienced in the world of crowdfunding, or need help, this may be a good option. Around half of music projects get successfully funded according to Kickstarter stats , which is awesome. Even if you don't meet your crowdfunding goal, it's likely that you'll receive some exposure from the campaign.

Getting any kind of radio airplay is a great way to quickly be exposed to a large audience. Pitching radio stations will result in a lot of rejection, but when you finally get a "yes," it'll be worth it. Many internet radio stations like Pandora have a review process before accepting your music onto the platform. However, there are many internet radio stations and music services that accept most music submissions. If you do submit your music to Pandora , make sure you have high quality recordings though you should have high quality recordings before releasing music anyway.

Getting played on college or FM radio stations is a great way to expose your music to a dense population, which is great for touring. When considering radio promotion, you want to educate yourself on the arts of direct mail and cold calling. Simply put, reaching out to radio stations over the phone is a massive cold calling effort. Bigger radio stations are likely owned by huge corporations that are in bed with the major labels, but there's opportunity to be found for independent artists and labels in smaller radio stations and the college radio market, so don't think it's out of reach for you.

If you don't have a big budget, and want to go at it DIY, check out this guide on promoting your music to radio stations. If you do have the money, you can hire a radio promotion company to reach out to radio stations on your behalf. These companies have existing connections at radio stations, and can give you play reports to help with touring efforts. While large FM radio stations are likely to play music from major labels, satellite radio may offer some exposure for you as an independent musician.

Simply find a station that plays your type of music from SiriusXM's list of stations , and submit your music to the programming department:. Getting found on music streaming services is another valuable way for you to grow your fanbase for free. Having great artwork, getting placed in well-followed playlists, and connecting with DJ's can work in your favor.

Album art is extremely important for the online music world. In most cases, your music will be prominently featured with album art being the first thing people see - before ever hearing your music. If you want a chance at someone clicking the artwork to hear your song, the image better look worth clicking.

Getting placed in a well-followed, niche playlists can quickly expose your music to hundreds, or even thousands of people. So if you want a better idea on how much you should focus on this side of things, give that a read. Often, doing all the marketing needed alone can lead to much slower progress, frustration, and possibly burnout. I know the internet has made it easy to sit and promote your music from the comfort of your own home.

1. Choose the Right Email Marketing Provider

By gigging, you get to connect face to face with your audience, make instant money by selling merch and physical CDs a lot of gig goers still buy them , and make money from royalties. Email can be a slow process, but when dealing with companies, often a phone call or going to see them in person can speed things up considerably.

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So give offline music marketing a go too. If you found this guide useful, please give it a share.

6 Things You Can Do To Promote Your Art - Agora Gallery - Advice Blog

I think getting others involved is key throughout marketing your music, building connections with fans, bloggers and local people who enjoy your music should be a key part in the promotion process. Thanks for this blog and your 7 marketing truths Shaun.

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I've just put together the first publicity stuff for a festival for our new band and found getting and editing pics, bios, about the music and sound samples consumed several days that I'd have preferred to be doing music. I'll have to push harder to enlist friends with skills and time to help out. Can't wait to read your Introduction to Music Marketing book. Check it out guys: Another guy who sells marketing products, yet has no accolades to show for his "truths".

Music promotion is often the missing link between an Artist's music and the potential fan base. Without promoting the music, the music fan doesn't get to find out about the music. Without a label, musicians don't have a music promotion team behind them. However, this doesn't have to mean that a musician can't get a team behind them.. Terrance Records http: This guy does a really good job - he is offering a free week of Social Media Management for anyone to see how an expert can improve their sales and leads without expensive advertising..

It is true that the idea is to get a campaign from him as a freelancer or hire him - but that's fine - he's actually really good and he's looking for a job.. I'm really big on the whole, don't promote just your music. I believe that stepping outside of your music will make other artists more inclines to share your work. They automatically become a fan when you take the time to actually engage in their work. And I'm talking outside of the vain artists who see no one but themselves, or refuse to even acknowledge that there is a world outside of themselves.

Hello musicians, An important notice.

I would like to invite you all to a new social network that I have been using over tha last few weeks. The most important word in your question is participate. Social Media has become part of popular culture. While Social Media can be as simple as an authentic conversation, it can also be as intricate as an oil painting. Like art and music, form and function matter in Social Media. My favorite trick for platforms with limited characters Twitter, for example is to think of it as Haiku.

Social Media participation can add new layers to art projects, and real-time revelations which fuel creativity. However, creating profiles just for the sake of having them is ineffective. Start with platforms and stay active. Learn to use each tool to its maximum ability, without constantly pitching a sale. The key is to not feel overwhelmed, and have fun! I would recommend finding more time in the week. Authenticity requires knowing how the social media platform works, and practice is required. However, if 30 minutes is the maximum amount of available time, I recommend spending that time joining conversations and replying to others.

Use a photo, a link, a video, and get comfortable with the possibilities of each platform. Use each minute wisely, and socialize. Try everything and fail fast.

Online Publicity Techniques For Artists ...that really work! Online Publicity Techniques For Artists ...that really work!
Online Publicity Techniques For Artists ...that really work! Online Publicity Techniques For Artists ...that really work!
Online Publicity Techniques For Artists ...that really work! Online Publicity Techniques For Artists ...that really work!
Online Publicity Techniques For Artists ...that really work! Online Publicity Techniques For Artists ...that really work!
Online Publicity Techniques For Artists ...that really work! Online Publicity Techniques For Artists ...that really work!
Online Publicity Techniques For Artists ...that really work! Online Publicity Techniques For Artists ...that really work!
Online Publicity Techniques For Artists ...that really work! Online Publicity Techniques For Artists ...that really work!

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