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Register a free 1 month Trial Account. Download as many books as you like Personal use 3. After falling in love with her paranormals, I have been wanting to give more of her historical romances a try. And boy does The Chase come out on top as a winner in my book. One of the best books I have read so far this year, so good that I stayed up all night reading it!! That is a rare occurrence, since I adore my beauty sleep. So I do love that one book that keeps you from your rest, but you don't care because the story is so good. First off I want to say that this couple was so entertaining from the first page, I knew I would have quite a fun time reading it.

Blake Sherwell, has such a commanding presence, and I loved his confidence, although it tends to get him in trouble quite a bit, with Seonaid at the helm of the ship called Trouble and Strife. Now Seonaid is one unique heroine,she has spirit, independence, a will of iron, and a fighter. I loved how she can fight like a man, but still has many feminine qualities that made her into a winner of a package. At the beginning Blake and Seonaid are at odds--with Blake chasing and Seonaid constantly harming him in one way or another and running.

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But you see that once Seonaid starts to slowly form a trust with Blake, that their relationship really kicks off at full speed. I find that I couldn't help myself into being held captive by this story and the beautiful and tender love story that builds. The only downside to the story is some of the language, tends to throw the reader off a bit at the beginning, but once you get fully into the story, you adjust and then you barely notice it. A charming highland romance to captivate your attention, a tale to remind you of the magic of historical romance, a exquisite love story full of enchanting characters and a richly filled emotional tale to pull you in!

Jan 03, Lucie "a heart so wild" rated it it was amazing Shelves: If you look at the summary it is truly funny with 'merry-chase around' theme, the 'Groom to be' chase his 'Bride to be', and she run away, and run away, and run away again This was also less-funny IMO than the others, so I just didn't find it a fitting conclusion to the "Deed" trilogy.

Mar 16, Mary - Buried Under Romance rated it it was amazing. Quite an enjoyable re-read, as I always felt Lynsay Sands's earlier medievals were the crowning height of humorous writing. But what happened to Lord Rolfe and Lady Helen? There is no mention of such a critical plot-driving character after she disappears down the secret passage.

At least let us know she is safe, even if her tale won't be told! Oct 22, IamGamz rated it really liked it Shelves: A great ending to the series. It brings you back to the start with all three couples, plus a couple others. Nov 27, Dreamer rated it really liked it Shelves: Sep 04, Mancho rated it really liked it. Feb 17, Diana rated it really liked it Shelves: Blake has dallied 10 years in going for his betrothed Seonaid.

Now forced by the king, he finds himself chasing after a verigo who has decided not to make things easy for him. This was a really good read. The characters were believable and not at all unlikeable. It also didn't fall into the romance novels cliches, keeping the story fresh and interesting. Aug 25, Amy Butterbaugh rated it it was amazing. Lynsay Sands is an awesome author and I love her books. This book here was no exception. A couple that was bethroded to each other since they was young and never met each other. Now the groom has showen up finally and now the bride to be is leasing him on a chase to capture her and when he does they begin by arguing with each other and giving each other a hard time.

When he does finally merries her and they are going to be going to his home and meet his family her life is in danger or is it him Lynsay Sands is an awesome author and I love her books. When he does finally merries her and they are going to be going to his home and meet his family her life is in danger or is it him that is in danger. After he gets stabbed and they go to his best friend's home and things get done will her recover or will the new bride loose her husband after only a few days? May 29, Amy rated it really liked it.

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Randomly grabbed this audiobook as something to listen to while doing days of massive cleaning. As a romance novel, I figured it was something it would be okay missing some bits here and there if I couldn't hear it over a vacuum.

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For the most part, that was fine, and it was a fun light hearted listen while I was toiling away in the hot weather. I didn't know it was the third book, it reads fine as a stand alone. Apr 27, maria rated it liked it Shelves: Enjoyed the introduction of varied and New characters throughout the book. I find this series enchanting ll I wasn't sure if I would like the historical undertones that are throughout this series but the.

Excellent Funny, romantic, and a much needed to read, book. I don't think I laughed so hard while reading. My family thought I was losing it. They would hear me laugh and would stick their head around the door and ask if I was alright. Feb 15, Barb Nickelsen rated it it was amazing.

Love all the historicals. I wait impatiently from one book to the next! Great characters, sweet romances, good humor, interesting mysteries.

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Nov 19, Oksana rated it really liked it. Seonaid is amazingly wild and naive but very lovable. Blacke needed this chalange. Mar 02, Randi Paige added it. Awesome book Loved the book. It had adventure, and was very hard to out down. This is a true Highlander book. Oct 02, Linda Klages rated it really liked it. Jul 17, Sarah Z rated it really liked it. Cute wrap up to the trilogy. Lovely, fun and wity.

Blake and Senoiad make the perfect couple. A really excellent book. Like that all the characters from previous books come together in this one. Lindsay sands " The Chade" This book us truly a great read. Funny, feisty, truly a book about being who you are. Being true to your own being. Absolutely loved the story. Leider in diesem Fall etwas voreilig, denn der Titel ist bereits unter anderem Namen erschienen!! Dieser Band ist der dritte Teil eine Reihe, ich hab zwar den ersten gelesen, man kann ihn aber genauso gut ohne die vorherigen lesen.

Man trifft aber auf die vorherigen Charaktere wieder. Lynsay, Helen needs a Happy Ending ; It fell flat on it's butt. Where The Deed was hysterical and The Key engaging, The Chase was boring, which is weird given that the heroine was wonderful it's the books only saving grace. It actually took 3 days to read this book and anyone who knows me well, knows I read a book in 4 hours. The heroine, Seonaid is sister to the hero in the previous book "The Key".

She was a lively heroine that Sands was able to give a glimpse into her vulnerabilities and make her a more complex hoyden. Unfortunately, the hero came across as flat. He was in the first book, "The Deed" and was much more interesting and funny then. So he went from being a funny lady's man to an arrogant lady's man. The story line has been used before view spoiler [ girl runs across the countryside to escape an unwanted marriage hide spoiler ] but Sands is able to make it new and tolerable perhaps one more saving grace.

It's worth the read if you've read the first two but as a stand alone, there are many other books to read.

There are also some loose ends in the series that were left open - view spoiler [Lord Rolfe "the matchmaker" Kenwick, the cousin of the heroine in The Deed - he has played a prominent role in each of the books. I'll have to take a peek at Sand's books from this time period to see if he ever got a story hide spoiler ].

Jan 11, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves:

The Chase (Deed Book 3) The Chase (Deed Book 3)
The Chase (Deed Book 3) The Chase (Deed Book 3)
The Chase (Deed Book 3) The Chase (Deed Book 3)
The Chase (Deed Book 3) The Chase (Deed Book 3)
The Chase (Deed Book 3) The Chase (Deed Book 3)
The Chase (Deed Book 3) The Chase (Deed Book 3)

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