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Something's gotta be out there! How can we possibly assume that we're alone here? It's a 12 week series. Roy was interviewed late April by radio host Tom Schmid. Here is the link he sent me to share with you: Convention picson news page!

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Recent Interviews with Roy. And that [when] they tested it, it had gone through the roof. They had huge expectations for it, so when it just did okay, there was a sense of disappointment. At the same time, Vincent and Scoville uncover evidence that the aliens have finally decided to stop fooling around and have built a sonic device that will wipe out all human life on Earth. During the race to stop them, Scoville is seriously wounded and still more Believers perish. It was a fine season finale, but a disappointing ending for the series. Unlike The Fugitive , The Invaders would not go out with the bang of a highly-rated final episode in which all the loose ends of the ongoing storylines were tied up.

Few at QM were sad to see the series depart. It just got sillier and sillier. All along, Larry Cohen had monitored what he felt was the decline of his original concept. Everybody was an invader, and [David Vincent] was shooting them right and left and they were burning up right and left, and once you saw it there was nothing new about it and it became tiresome. Armer and Cohen criticize their creation too harshly. The Invaders may not have been cutting-edge science fiction, but it was a beautifully produced and vastly entertaining bit of escapism, a mood piece that still holds up thirty years later.

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And The Invaders itself lives on, continually reinventing itself into the 21st century. Scott Bakula, the likeable star of Quantum Leap , starred in the remake and seemed an acceptable successor to Roy Thinnes, but sadly he was all the new Invaders had to offer. The film tells the nearly incomprehensible story of Nolan Wood, a recent parolee from a mental institution who finds himself framed for murder by an alien.

As he flees the police and investigates for himself, Wood helped, naturally, by the fiance of the man he allegedly killed learns that his ex-wife has married an alien and that his young son is in danger. In the second half, he becomes involved in a plot to stop the aliens from killing an environmentally conscious politician at the dedication ceremony of the Los Angeles subway system.

A few things remained the same. The aliens still burned up when they died, and they still infiltrated the human race in disguise. During the interminable climax of the first half, the aliens show up in their natural form — humanoid, bald, with wrinkly skin and a hook-like apparatus over their mouths. The alien makeup is unutterably silly and the special effects look cheaper than those from the sixties series. A more fitting tribute to the real Invaders came a year later, when Roy Thinnes played a pivotal role in the cliff-hanger that bridged the third and fourth seasons of The X-Files.

Series creator Chris Carter, paying deliberate homage to The Invaders , cast Thinnes as Jeremiah Smith, a mysterious extraterrestrial who has the power to heal with his touch. If the Invaders mini-series was a disappointment, the Invaders feature film that kept hovering on the verge of being green-lit during the nineties was an even bigger bust.

They sold theirs to Carolco, and Carolco had to deal with me because I owned the other half. Carolco had gone bankrupt by that time, but they were selling their assets, so the bankruptcy lawyers sold their half and I sold my half. That project never happened. But at the beginning of the television season, each of the three major networks had an alien invasion series on its prime-time schedule: But each of the three carried on the worthy legacy of The Invaders, adapting its notions of paranoia and xenophobia to the post-September 11 world: Threshold with its jackbooted team of security experts trampling civil rights as they round up aliens, Surface with its environmental theme of nature turning on man.

Cancelling each other out in the ratings, Surface , Threshold , and Invasion all lasted less than a season, making the airwaves safe again for humans.

The Invaders

Maybe David Vincent will too. This piece was originally written in as a behind-the-scenes look at the series for the journal Television Chronicles.

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Since then I have made minor revisions to bring the text up to date, as well as for style and clarity. Much gratitude to the following for their assistance in researching this article: Written by Anthony Wilson. Directed by Joseph Sargent.

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Diane Baker, James Daly, J. Written by Anthony Spinner. Written by David Chandler. Directed by Paul Wendkos. Written by Dan Ullman.

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Written by John W. Directed by Richard Benedict. Written by John Kneubuhl. Written by Louis Vittes. Smith, Don Kennedy, Rick Murray. Teleplay by Don Brinkley. Story by Clyde Ware. Directed by Sutton Roley. Teleplay by John W. Written by Don Brinkley. Story by Theodore Sturgeon and John W.

Directed by John Meredyth Lucas. Written by Robert Sherman. Directed by Robert Butler. Robert Walker, Lynn Loring, R. Bloch and Rita Lakin. Story by Rita Lakin. Teleplay by Don Brinkley and Dan Ullman. Story by Dan Ullman. Written by Laurence Heath. Directed by Don Medford. Directed by Jesse Hibbs.

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Story by Earl Hamner, Jr. Teleplay by Robert Sabaroff. Story by Howard Merrill and Robert Sabaroff. Written by George Eckstein and David W. Directed by William Hale. Written by Jerry Sohl. Directed by George McCowan. Written by George Eckstein. Teleplay by Warren Duff. Story by Jerry De Bono. Directed by Robert Douglas. Written by Art Wallace. Directed by Murray Golden.

Written by Barry Oringer. Written by Robert Collins. Directed by Lewis Allen. Written by Warren Duff. Directed by Gerald Mayer. Written by Jack Miller. Written by Franklin Barton. Written by David W. Directed by Robert Day. Teleplay by William Blinn. Story by Robert Sabaroff and William Blinn. Teleplay by Robert Collins. Story by Robert Collins and Norman Herman. The invaders were not tiny, but were human astronauts from Earth; the woman in the small farmhouse belongs to a race of giant humanoids native to another planet. She finishes destroying the ship and then climbs back down from the roof into the house, exhausted.

When the episode was adapted for the Twilight Zone Radio Dramas , starring Kathy Garver , [3] the story was changed from an old non-speaking woman to an elderly couple. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas. The Twilight Zone episodes. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. Languages Nederlands Edit links. This page was last edited on 28 August , at

The Invaders The Invaders
The Invaders The Invaders
The Invaders The Invaders
The Invaders The Invaders
The Invaders The Invaders
The Invaders The Invaders
The Invaders The Invaders
The Invaders The Invaders
The Invaders

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