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Unbornness and the Human Encounter

Rebecca Boehling and Uta Larkey reveal how the Kaufmann-Steinberg family was pulled apart under the Nazi regime and dispersed over three continents.

The family's unique eight-way correspondence across two generations brings into sharp focus the dilemma of Jews in Nazi Germany facing the painful decisions of when, if and to where they should emigrate. The authors capture the family members' fluctuating emotions of hope, optimism, resignation and despair as well as the day-to-day concerns, experiences and dynamics of family life despite increasing persecution and impending deportation.

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Headed by two sisters who were among the first female business owners in Essen, the family was far from conventional and their story contributes new dimensions to our understanding of Jewish life in Germany and in exile during these dark years. As anyone who has had a child knows, newborns enter the earthly world with their own individuality, being, and history. From the beginning, they manifest an essential dignity, a unique I, which they have clearly brought with them from the spiritual world.

Not only do we pass through the gate of death as immortal beings, we also enter through the gate of birth as unborn beings.

We need the term "unbornness, " as well as the term "immortality, " to encompass the whole human being. Rudolf Steiner As anyone who has had a child knows, newborns enter the earthly world as beings different from their parents. They arrive with their own individuality, being, and history.

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From the beginning, they manifest an essential dignity and a unique I, which they clearly brought with them from the spiritual world. We meet our people, our culture and learn and grow at a rapid rate. Is there a process other than the one studied in embryology and fetal development in the womb? This space shapes who we become. The body is subject to the laws of hereditary; the soul is subject to self-created destiny,..

Then a journey is taken out into the cosmos over a long period of time when eventually the decision to return initiates the journey back.

This return journey also occurs over a long period of time and is an intention, a careful construction of a body that is suitable and a situation that is orchestrated to best suit the needs of the new being coming to birth. At the same time a willingness is born- and develops in us- to accept this destiny as our own.

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It is the whole collaboration of many human beings that will eventually bring about the relationship of a particular couple…. It is these traits that shape this particular pathway and are orchestrated by the incarnating being. The future child loves the parents long before conception.

This is a complex process and is lined with difficulties and obstacles. Before birth countless and even harsh biographies are arranged, including illness, which must occur later, so that something essential may be endured and overcome. Steiner "The willingness of souls to incarnate into difficult situations was achieved before birth only with great difficulty… They are faced with horrendous inner struggles. It seemed to me there was knowingness of something. When my newborn granddaughter saw her mother and father for the first time and for months afterwards she seemed to be scrutinizing them , and indeed me, her grandmother, there seemed to be a recognition and a taking in of our being with interest and love.

If we hold the thought that we have all deliberately chosen our family and situation to be born into and have helped to orchestrate the event, how might that change the way we meet our family and indeed all the people that come into our lives? A year-old single man identified himself in his first contact on the telephone, and in his first session, by his litany of diagnostic conditions.

These ranged from physical symptoms such as Scheurmanns disease, and bowel pain to schizophrenia, bi-polar and depression. A psychiatrist first saw him at the age of 14 when he was sent to a psychiatric institution instead of a Correctional Centre after setting fire to a pine forest. During his childhood he had born the brunt of much bullying at school, and much physical abuse from his family especially his father at home.

Since then he has seen one psychiatrist for 5 years and another one for the past 7 years.


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Unbornness: Human Pre-Existence and the Journey Toward Birth by Peter Selg

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