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Geoffrey Chaucer was one of the first to put this notion into print, in Troilus and Criseyde , circa , although the belief itself may well be much older:. The expression may have started as a warning about the risk of waking a potentially dangerous animal, but it later turned metaphorical.

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  4. let sleeping dogs lie;

By the time it became established as a proverb its meaning had 'leave well alone', or as we might have it in the 21st century, "if it ain't broke don't fix it". The cautionary phrase was well enough known by the 16th century for it to have been included as a proverb in John Heywood's definitive A Dialogue Prouerbes English Tongue , It is so closely associated with him as to have been the source of a later cartoon. When John suggests complete honesty, Amy lies and tells him that she had a lesbian experience with her best friend Linda.

Let sleeping dogs lie.

On a trip to her parents' house, Amy finally relents to John's badgering and tells him. The next morning, Dougie, Amy's drug addict brother who had overheard the conversation, spills the beans at the breakfast table and, much to her parents' shock, Amy admits that he is right.


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Amy and John leave as her father will not speak to her and her mother says that she is ashamed. Once back, Amy and John's relationship is strained. Despite all their attempts to fix things, one night while drunk, John calls her a "dog-blowing cunt" and Amy decides to leave.

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  • She shacks up with Linda and her boyfriend Carl, but leaves due to their noisy lovemaking. With the help of her co-worker Ed, Amy finds a new apartment and begins a relationship with Ed after he learns that his wife has been cheating on him.

    let sleeping dogs lie

    After Amy's mother dies of an aneurysm , Amy returns home and reconciles with her father, who gives her a letter her mother had written her prior to her death. Amy and Ed visit Dougie in prison to inform him of their mother's death. He instantly begins to blame Amy, who leaves quickly before Ed can figure out what Dougie is trying to say. The crux of the film is that his inquisitive son, by arousing the sleeping dog of the past, finds himself in danger.

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    The present form of the proverb seems to be traceable to Walter Scott's novel Redgauntlet References in periodicals archive? But on the grounds that it is best to let sleeping dogs lie , a different site would need to be found for Frankel's statue.

    Frankel and king a better bet than China balls. LEO July August 23 Let sleeping dogs lie and don't push an already volatile matter in the workplace my friend. And, while China insists on its principles of sovereignty and national integrity, it is pragmatic enough to let sleeping dogs lie.

    The meaning and origin of the expression: Let sleeping dogs lie

    Back in the present day, Catherine refuses to let sleeping dogs lie and resolves to unearth what really happened all those years ago. Let sleeping dogs lie , I say, otherwise our new Cardiff-centric country will see all seven wonders within a stone's throw of the Taff. Don't let the south bag all the wonders of Wales.

    When Sleeping Dogs Lie When Sleeping Dogs Lie
    When Sleeping Dogs Lie When Sleeping Dogs Lie
    When Sleeping Dogs Lie When Sleeping Dogs Lie
    When Sleeping Dogs Lie When Sleeping Dogs Lie
    When Sleeping Dogs Lie When Sleeping Dogs Lie
    When Sleeping Dogs Lie When Sleeping Dogs Lie

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