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Hello Bankole, thank you for interest. You can buy the kindle version on Amazon and other ereader formats on Lulu. Sunil, saw you on CNBC and bought your book this morning as my read on the farm for the next few days. Will no doubt let you have my thoughts in due course. What a fantastic read! A book which I struggled to put down.

A fine balance between insight into the asset management profession and an intriguing story-line. I hope you write more books Mr Shah! Dear Sunil, Congratulation on this wonderful success!! Yoou really deserve it. Who knows better for how long and how hard you had been working for this than we. Hope to see you soon Stephanie. November 12, at There is also an insight into the South African business situation which is not always that clear cut, dealing with politics, employees and remuneration.

White Man's Numbers by Sunil Shah

The personalities of the characters in the story are well defined and so detailed, drawing the reader into the psyche of each person characterized in the book. What a fabulous event. Thank you all for making it happen! Mervyn, the Book Lounge owner and interviewer, said it was one of the best this year. And most of you bought the friggin book!!

Please RSVP directly to venue: Sunil has put a lot of himself into the book. His courage and effort to show the life around the numbers will be rewarded. Thanks for the pics Good luck and best wishes ciao, Alice. You, my pal, totally ROCK! I found exactly what I was looking for. Your article on whitemansnumbers. I do have one small favor though, when you have some time, could you check out my site on find imei number?

Sunhill, O Sunhill, what a good way to escape. I fell the road was hard, and dark and dangerous too… The book-top looks like you so much! A slap given with two suddenly frozen black eyes, a killer smile, and I got the dried and short laugh. The vertical succession of the three parts linked only by the standing of the two bodies.

Great- Britain and West Europe in the full middle, a water-pool where the sitting naked body is hesitating to jump. So sadly but strongly beautiful. Congratulations Sunhill, Congratulations and admiration. You must be logged in to post a comment. Sometimes Swami is very graphic. After a noisy slurp he elaborates: September 14, at 3: Hi — please send me an email. I would like to contact you directly. Log in to Reply.

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January 24, at 6: September 13, at January 6, at 8: March 14, at 7: December 24, at 2: December 24, at 6: February 16, at 2: March 3, at 9: May 8, at 4: November 1, at 1: Send me an email with your contact info. This is your colleague from Ithaca. November 3, at 6: November 5, at 5: November 30, at 3: December 2, at 9: May 21, at April 26, at 8: March 31, at 2: March 7, at 3: December 3, at 7: Stephanie von Scheven says: November 15, at 2: November 13, at November 13, at 1: A year or so later I got a permanent brother who was half Pakistani.

He was a part of the family like everyone else. Kids are colour blind and no-one ever gave it a second thought. The idea of joining a racist hate group like the Aryan Brotherhood has therefore, always seemed about as attractive to me as volunteering for a manned flight to Pluto. There have been a few memorable occasions in my life however, that caused me to wonder about questions of race and racism.

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One in particular, seemed particularly revealing. Essentially, an inmate arriving in one of these institutions would have to do the hundred-yard dash across the prison to find his own racial group. He would then be faced with two choices. Choice one, for a white boy like me, would be to sign up with whichever White Supremacist group held sway in that particular prison.

This meant probably shaving my head, getting a burning cross tattooed on my neck and agreeing to take part in extreme violence against people of other races. If that sounds unappealing, wait until you hear the alternative.

White people

Within short order, you would be grabbed by another powerful gang in the prison usually either The Bloods, or The Crips. Gang members would then fight over you, with the biggest and meanest taking you as the prize. The trick, you might think, is to not get banged up in the first place. To most of us, this is not the kind of decision we have ever had to make. The society I grew up in excepting immediate family members was almost entirely racially homogenous. People of other races lived in their own areas which were far away and easily avoidable.

No-one I knew would dream of moving to such places. White people were powerful in our own countries. People of different races stayed in their own areas. Just being in a white area put them under a degree of suspicion from a potentially hostile police force. But that was then, and this is now. A recent Government report in the UK identified White Indigenous English people as the only racial population with declining numbers. All other racial groups are experiencing a population explosion. Today, small towns all over the Western world are being overwhelmed by different racial groups.

Towns like Luton, Oxford, Rotherham, Burnley and strings of others are changing.

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Once famous for things like cotton mills or universities, these days they are hitting the news for different reasons; like Muslim paedophile rape gangs. The English are set to become just another minority group in England. The same is happening to White people all around the world. Meanwhile Africa, which is currently unable to feed the people it has, will increase its population by around one billion by the end of the century. Those new people will not want to stay put. Our leaders feel an obligation to deal with this problem. Their solution is to re-settle them all in Western countries.

How will this affect countries like Australia with a population of traditional Anglo-Celtic Aussies of little more than 15 million? They believe that this policy will be an overwhelming success. At least not before they become powerless minorities and are afraid to challenge the multicultural status quo, which our leaders are so busily creating. Our elites seem to believe that whenever White people have power, we have a potential problem. Looking through history, they see how White people invaded others, took their land and killed and enslaved them.

The Israelites: The Bible Is Not A White Man's Book!!!

When White people handed these lands back, they still retained control and exploited them through subversive Government agencies and aggressive Western multinational conglomerates like Johnson and Johnson. I see the Japanese who burst out across Asia, raping and murdering their way through native populations. The barbaric Barbary coast slave trade.

Once these Muslims were expelled, they spent centuries more conducting slave raids on European coastal settlements from Greece and Yugoslavia, right round as far as Iceland.

By Harry Richardson

I see Sub Saharan Africans for whom slavery has been a part of life since before the pyramids were built. I see Rwandans who recently slaughtered half a million of their compatriots with machetes. I see Zimbabweans whose leaders celebrated the end of White rule by murdering 14, of their tribal rivals. I see South American Indians who practised widespread human sacrifice until the evil Spaniards turned up and wiped out this sick tradition. I see North American Indians whose mark of prestige was murdering as many people as possible and hanging the scalps on their belts.

Are these the people who are going to put our world right once the evil Whites have been rendered powerless? On what basis does this theory rest? How many other races or nations have ever produced a document similar to the Magna Carta? How many other peoples even imagined a system of law similar to English Common Law? Who else had concepts such as habeas corpus, innocent until proven guilty, judicial independence, separation of powers or a host of other safeguards on which the English-speaking people built their societies?

I am not an evolutionary scientist, but some of the people we are now importing seem to have the sole group survival strategy of breeding as rapidly as possible. In a wealthy democracy, this is an unbeatable method for gaining power. By pursuing our current policies, we are guaranteeing a transfer of power to whichever group can outbreed the rest of us. What could possibly go wrong?

White Mans Numbers White Mans Numbers
White Mans Numbers White Mans Numbers
White Mans Numbers White Mans Numbers
White Mans Numbers White Mans Numbers
White Mans Numbers White Mans Numbers

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