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Don't assume we have them figured out because we read a book about them.

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Be present on college and high school campuses -- Want to make a difference in how they view the workplace? Talk with this generation and share your expectations; help them manage theirs. Don't wait until they show up for their first interview and be shocked they don't act like we did at that age. Start viewing Gen Y as a strategic business investment -- Put resources and time where it is critically needed: They will someday run our organizations and if they are not ready, we only have ourselves to blame.

Scrap "do as I say, not as I do" -- These young people are very bright; they watch and learn. If they desire reasons for why we do things, tell them. What does that hurt? If we can't provide them with an authentic experience, we have little chance of coming together Smart organizations will learn to tap into their potential -- This generation grew up with advanced technology and instant access to information.

They get social media. They want to make a difference and they will follow trustworthy leaders. Successful organizations of the future will find a way to harness their power. Recommendations for Gen Y You are the new kids on the block, vast in number and the future is yours. But, today's business leaders hold the keys to that future. They have experience and insights which you need to be successful. Listen, engage and be flexible Having perspective is important -- Today's leaders grew up in a very different world. Much of what research says Gen Y wants out of your careers took most of us a long time to earn.

Today's leaders have perspective that differs -- that is a good thing, learn from them. Be patient -- It is human nature for managers to expect you to earn their trust, to impress them with your abilities and make a long term commitment to their organizations. You may have a different timeline and plan for your career, but be patient and stay long enough to maximize the opportunities in front of you. Change is normal but it is sometimes met with resistance. Look at relationships and communication differently -- The explosion of social media has heralded the arrival of the "virtual" relationship and Gen Yers are leading the charge.

The prevalence of texting to communicate is typically not well received in most businesses.

1. Rethink how you incentivise

Also, LinkedIn, not Facebook, is currently the preferred social network for making business related connections. Convey respect while pursuing goals -- It is appropriate to have goals and pursue them to your fullest, but cultivating positive and respectful relationships with company leadership and learning from their successes will help you achieve them. Pursue mentors and advocates -- Most business leaders will point to mentors and advocates early in their careers who played important roles in their success. There is enormous value in having experienced guides to help you navigate your career.

Many leaders are willing to be a mentor, but you must win their advocacy first by showing your commitment to the relationship.

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Compromise is inevitable as we hire, train and develop this next generation of leaders. Their day will come and there will be pain, tears and hopefully laughter along the journey, just as it was for us. Let's enthusiastically embrace this next generation of leaders, take them under our wing and teach them how business is done. Research conducted by Deloitte shows millennials are more likely to stick around if an organisation offers mentorship, as it signals an investment in their career.

Factor 2:Complexity matters

Set up a mentoring program that pairs millennial staff with employees of a different generation to enhance knowledge sharing and development. Establish communication guidelines that allow for two-way mentoring. Regularly evaluate and refine the program to ensure it meets its goals.

While millennials and businesses have many aligned values, the biggest gap is around purpose. By comparison, baby boomers and Gen X workers have inclined more towards meeting organisational goals, regarding people issues as a lower priority. This difference manifests in one key way: When older generations stifle their opportunity to contribute, it causes them to look elsewhere for a role that appreciates their input.

Establish open communication channels and keep things transparent. Fostering a culture of equality benefits all workers — helping to align values and encourage a sense of ownership.

3 Challenges to bridging the Generation Gap in the Workplace

An effective way to bridge the generation gap, which addresses many of the issues outlined above, is regular team building. This not only builds a company culture, but also encourages collaboration and highlights broader strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, organisations need to forget about forcibly integrating millennials to an existing model. Rather, they should be thinking about how they can leverage the skills of Gen Y alongside existing employees to better their business, while keeping staff of all generations creative, productive and happy.

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Bridging Generations 3 Bridging Generations 3
Bridging Generations 3 Bridging Generations 3
Bridging Generations 3 Bridging Generations 3
Bridging Generations 3 Bridging Generations 3
Bridging Generations 3 Bridging Generations 3
Bridging Generations 3 Bridging Generations 3
Bridging Generations 3 Bridging Generations 3

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