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Open the chest and search for the second map piece. The third and final piece can be obtained by talking to Wormbrain. You can make your way to the Goblin Village and talk to the General who will tell you that Wormbrain has been arrested and is located in the jail in Port Sarim. With all three map pieces, simply use two together, and they will all combine into the treasure map. A hammer , the Crandor map , 90 steel nails , 3 planks , and 2, coins. If you are a free to play ironman, the only place to get planks is at the Graveyard of Shadows in level 19 Wilderness.

Next, get a hammer and 2, coins. Go to Port Sarim and look for Klarense , a sailor. He is located on the second-most southern dock. He will sell you his boat named Lady Lumbridge for 2, coins. Pay him the 2, coins, and the boat is now yours. Go on the ship and go inside it.


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Repair the hole in the ship by using the planks with the hole. Do this three times, and the hole will be repaired. Next, go to Draynor Village and find Ned , the person who makes ropes for you. Ask him to be the captain and help sail you to Crandor. Make sure you have the Crandor map in your inventory, or you will need to retrieve it from your bank. He will agree and tell you to meet him on your ship. Food , combat equipment and the anti-dragon shield. Now, it is time to prepare. Equip the Anti-dragon shield , some armour , and a weapon.

Elvarg is weak against stab attacks , so consider bringing a sword or dagger instead of a scimitar. Adamant or better is recommended. Elvarg is also weak against Ranged Attack , so Rangers should bring their best crossbow with the best bolts they can use. The rest of your inventory should be filled with food; lobsters or swordfish should do.

Swordfish are preferable to lobsters since they heal more per bite 14 vs 12 , but with a combat level of around 40 and appropriate gear, you should be able to easily defeat Elvarg with just lobsters. A meat pizza heals 8 HP per bite 16 total while an anchovy pizza heals 9 per bite 18 total. Go to your ship and sail to the island Crandor. After crashing on the island, make your way through the island to the top, avoiding the monsters there. You'll see stairs behind some lesser demons. Run past them, and enter the hole.

You'll be in a cave surrounded by skeletons. Keep walking and you'll see Elvarg behind a door in a room. Sigurd overhears two nearby birds discussing the heinous treachery being planned by his companion, Regin.

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In response to the plot, Sigurd kills Regin, thereby averting the treachery. Mythologists such as Joseph Campbell have argued that dragonslayer myths can be seen as a psychological metaphor: When Siegfried has killed the dragon and tasted the blood, he hears the song of nature. Psychologically, the dragon is one's own binding of oneself to one's own ego.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Dragonslayer disambiguation. Saga of the Volsungs: Berkeley, Los Angeles, London: Somehow the King can't stop this decision even though he's King so its up to MacNicol to save her. Really the whole crux of the film is the last half where MacNicol must fight the dragon with his big dragon slaying spear, his magic shiny ring which he got from his sorcerer Master and dragon scale shield.

Its the effects that make this film stand up and get counted, for the time the effects were mind blowing and they ain't half bad now. A classical mix of stop motion, puppets, large scale puppets, bluescreen and some matte paintings bring the dragon to life. I can't deny the visuals do get a bit creaky as the film progresses through to the big confrontation.

Bluescreen becomes very obvious, especially against the stop motion dragon, the flying sequences are a bit iffy looking and the stop motion isn't quite as good as I remembered. Its the puppets and large scale dragon heads that take your breathe away, some really nice detail and great fire breathing effects The other thing that hit me was the level of shock factor in this film.

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We do see poor old Ian McDiarmid get incinerated up close, we do see the Princess get half eaten by baby dragon puppets, one has its mouthful with her foot! In short there is a reasonable amount of blood on show here! Its quite a slow film with a lot of character building which is a tad dull but it works. The whole plot to kill the dragon does seem pretty convoluted really, they're messing around with magic rings, spells, resurrection blah blah blah when all you wanna see is MacNicol hack at the dragon with a large sharp weapon.

End of the day they kill it with a remotely detonated old sorcerer via the magic ring it seems, kinda made me think why we had to go through everything just to do that. But I guess the old sorcerer had to die to come back as a magical explosive old sorcerer resurrected from the dragons fiery underground lake The film appears to be your bog standard fantasy film where the hero must save the Princess from the dragon, but it isn't, the Princess gets eaten!. The plot also feels a bit heavy at times, a bit bloated with magic when really you just wanna see a bit more kickassery, I guess in this day and age a remake would give you that for sure.

I can't moan about the plot as it is well done and offers more than just hack n slash, the characters are all pretty good really which isn't expected. This is a fantasy so you half expect high levels of flaming grilled cheese but no, everyone plays it straight and it works well, I especially liked the portrayal and look of 'King Casiodorus'. So no this isn't entirely a silly childish fairytale story, far from it. The visuals may trick you into thinking this at times but its quite a bleak film mostly.

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For me I just wanted to watch it again for the dragon sequences, there I said it, I'm sure most would be the same truth be told. In that sense the film doesn't disappoint, despite its age the film offers some great draconem action, and yes I did feel sorry for the dragon when its babies got slain by the hero pfft! This is one of the earliest fantasy films that dared to present a dragon and actually managed to pull it off. The story of the mage apprentice who has to step up to protect a realm from the fire-spitting monster is rather simplistic and we learn very little about the characters that inhibit it.

The film still has a very unique and somewhat disconcerting atmosphere, which makes up for a lot. It's also smart enough to hide the dragon from our sights for the longest time. Once it enters the scene, it's pretty damn convincing even by today's standards. Even though the plot is far from generic and always keeps you uncertain about what's happening next, the movie does not manage to grip you entirely. Especially by today's standards it feels aged.

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The dragon is still impressive, though. This is not as terrible a film as I originally believed it to be. Actually I never really thought it was that terrible at all, but I may have been being a bit generous just because I enjoy these kinds of movies. The pace of the film is incredibly slow and lacks any sort leading character or protagonist for the audience to relate to or have things explained for them.

Not all films need this sort of thing, but in a film like this, it's absolutely necessary. The effects work is fantastic and the story is pretty good, but it creeps along without a proper focus.

The gore peppered throughout the film is also a bit jarring. Now, I like gore, but it feels out of character for what the filmmakers were trying to achieve with this. It tries to play things realistically and just let the gore be the gore, but it doesn't work well within the confines of a PG-rated environment. Personally, I enjoy it, but it is problematical, and contains definite allusions to J.

Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer
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