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Join the Battle for the Soul of Water on Crowdrise. In many cases, health standards for tap water are stricter than those for bottled water.

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Well over half of purchased plastic single-serve bottles are not recycled. In blind taste tests, consumers often rank tap water ahead of some types of bottled water. Concentrations in bottled water roughly double those in tap water. Bottled water companies do not have to produce quality reports for their consumers.

By , it is estimated that there will be more plastic by weight in our oceans than fish.

Taking a Look at Bottled Water

What's in your bottled water? A previous study also found high levels of microplastics in tap water. Of the bottles tested, only 17 were free of plastics, according to the report. Convenience In , Safety In many cases, health standards for tap water are stricter than those for bottled water. Garbage Well over half of purchased plastic single-serve bottles are not recycled. I have to go. Just say something like "Sorry, I can't hear you. I will have to call you later. I need to go" without giving any specific details. Ending a Phone Call.

Go outside and ring the doorbell. Then say "Sorry I really have to go; someone's at the door. Make your home phone ring.

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If you're on your cell phone, take your home phone, and turn the ringer volume up. Next, say that your home phone is ringing, and that you have to go. Start an argument in the background. I didn't eat the last pizza slice, Nancy did! Pretend to bicker, then say "Sorry, I have to get off the phone. Use your cell phone to call your home phone and say, "I have an incoming call, got to go, bye! Tell the person on the other end you need to go to the bathroom right now.

Say sorry, and then hang up.

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Of course, there is an unspoken expectation that you'll call back afterward, so this can be a rather rude way to ring off if you don't. Press the mute button on and off. If your cellphone has a "mute" button, you can do this. Muting your phone essentially turns all recording volume off on your end, so the recipient can't hear you.

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  • By pressing this button on and off in very fast motions , it will sound like the connection is breaking. Hang up on the caller.

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    If they ask you about it, say that you must have been disconnected. Of course, if you don't bother calling back, this comes across as just plain rude. Mostly because it is. Take a piece of paper, hold it away from the phone and crush it a little. Bring it towards the mouthpiece, and start crushing it more and more. This will create a crackling sound, similar to the one made when there's a disturbance in the phone line. Play a recording of your mom yelling at you. If you are living with your parents, play the recording holding the speaker so that is sort of sounds like it's coming from a little further away.

    Say "I got to go, get back to you later" and hang up. Come out and say something very simple.

    Instead of beating around the bush, actually end the call. Here are some ways: I have to go now. I've enjoyed hearing what you've been doing. I must go now. I'll look forward to talking to you again soon.

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    Tell the other person you like short calls. Bear with a bit of up-front brusqueness for longer term honesty between you. If people know you as someone who hates talking for a long time on the phone, they'll be more aware to keep the conversation short; and if they don't, they're already forewarned when you end it brusquely that you've reached your fill. Try to veer the other person away from what they're saying. Change the topic to get them away from their lengthy discussion.

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