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Roddenberry further specified that the Enterprise would operate mainly in space, have a crew of , and be incredibly fast. The second C was added because Soviet aircraft used C s, and Jefferies believed a venture into space would be a joint operation by the United States and Russia. Navy would call a hull number. The first miniature built from Jefferies' drawings was a four-inch scale model. Datin to make a pre-production model. A new Enterprise was designed by Jefferies for use on a planned Star Trek: Phase II television show, and some models were created.

The Motion Picture necessitated additional Enterprise redesigns: Although art director Richard Taylor wanted to start over with designing the Enterprise for film, Roddenberry convinced him to continue working with Jefferies' design. Taylor worked on the nacelles, Probert the rest. Jim Dow was in charge of building the model and creating the molds and structural processes.

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Production designer Harold Michelson was responsible for the ship's interior design, [45] though director Robert Wise was responsible for the ship's drab interior color scheme. Rear projection films for bridge displays came initially from Stowmar Enterprises of Arlington, Virginia.

When production exhausted the films faster than Stowmar could supply them, production designers manufactured their own from oscilloscopes , medical imagery, and an experimental computer lab. Corridors were initially a straight-wall design similar to the television series; Michelson changed them to an angular design with light radiating upward. Set designer Lewis Splittgerber described the engine room set as the most difficult to realize.

The model was refurbished slightly for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan , with its exterior shine dulled and extra detail added to the frame. The Search for Spock was otherwise predictable, producer Harve Bennett decided to have the Enterprise destroyed. Ralston had hoped the Enterprise 's destruction in The Search for Spock would open the door to designing a new model for future films. The Voyage Home decided to have the crew return to a duplicate of their previous ship. The sleek "Okudagrams" created for this Enterprise -A bridge, were later adopted in subsequent films and television spin-offs.

The Next Generation — , several interior Enterprise sets, such as the bridge, were redressed for use on the television show. Later, some Next Generation sets, such as the Enterprise -D 's engine room and conference room, were modified to depict interiors of the Enterprise -A. The Enterprise was redesigned for the Star Trek film. Previsualization lead David Dozoretz credit the designers for overcoming the challenge of doing "a version of the '60s". Abrams wanted Enterprise to have a " hot rod " look while retaining the traditional shape, but otherwise afforded ILM "tremendous" leeway in creating the ship.

Overall, according to production designer Scott Chambliss, the designers wanted the Enterprise to appear as carefully crafted as a luxury car.

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This design was then given to ILM for further refinement and developed into photo-realistic models by Alex Jaeger's team. According to Abrams, recreating the original bridge would have been ridiculous and too small. Animators for Star Trek: The Animated Series —75 rotoscoped Enterprise footage to recreate the ship's movement from the original series. The Enterprise bridge was partially recreated for the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode " Relics " The original set had long been torn down, and producers initially planned to use the film-era set.

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Ultimately, a portion of the set was built and the rest filled in with archival footage and greenscreen technology. Some props and set pieces were rented from fans. Deep Space Nine episode " Trials and Tribble-ations " Greg Jein created a model that was exactly half the size of the original foot model, [80] and it was the first production model of the starship to built in more than 30 years.

Enterprise series finale, " These Are the Voyages A new design of the original Enterprise briefly appears in the first-season finale of Star Trek: Discovery , which takes place 10 years prior to the original Star Trek. Starfleet commissioned the Enterprise in Kirk commands the ship on an exploration mission from to The Motion Picture begins with the Enterprise completing an month refit overseen by its new captain, Willard Decker.

Decker describes the refit vessel as "an almost totally new Enterprise ".

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Kirk Chris Pine Enterprise -A first appears at the end of Star Trek Beyond after the destruction of the original Enterprise when the crew resume their five-year mission. Sean Hargreaves stated that he was given the brief to "beef up the neck and arms" on the Ryan Church design, but went further to give the ship echoes of Matt Jefferies' original design.

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According to The Star Trek Encyclopedia , the registry number NCC was devised by Matt Jefferies , art director of the first Star Trek series, inspired by an old science fiction cover that Gene Roddenberry liked, with a starship flying through space. In such 20th-century usage, an "N" first letter refers to an aircraft registered in the United States. A "C" for a second letter refers to a civil aircraft. Jefferies added a second "C" because he thought it looked better. He concluded that any major future space projects would likely be a combined international effort, thus he invented the combined designation NCC.

The had two functions, it represented the first 01 ship of a 17th federation cruiser design, and that the digits were unlikely to be misread, unlike 6, 8, or 9. In , before Star Trek: Planet of the Titans. Early in the production, Ralph McQuarrie had been hired to redesign the Enterprise.

The major feature of the redesign was to replace the cigar-shaped secondary hull with a larger, triangle-shaped " delta wing " section.

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McQuarrie's design was discarded in favor of keeping the general shape of the Enterprise intact for the redesign unveiled in Star Trek: Discovery , a series that takes place ten years earlier than the original Star Trek. The captain's yacht is a large auxiliary starship built into the design of several Federation starship designs including the Galaxy -class and Sovereign -class. It was docked to the underside of the saucer section.

Although it was never seen in use, it is labeled on the master systems display screen in main engineering, docked at the bottom of the saucer section almost directly opposite the main bridge. Probert suggested possible ways for the yacht to be used during the first season, including not showing the yacht but mentioning it in dialogue, but his ideas were rejected.

The producers almost used the yacht in the episode " Samaritan Snare ", but decided to use an "executive shuttlecraft" due to budgetary constraints. Moore noted in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual that real-life naval tradition would insist on calling such a craft the captain's gig , rather than the captain's yacht.

As on the Enterprise -D, however, these vessels were only depicted on technical schematics and never seen in operation or referred to in dialog. Time described each iteration of the Enterprise as "a character in its own right".

Celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has spoken highly of the influence and legacy of the original Enterprise on other fictional spaceships. Drawing a parallel to comparing athletes between eras, he said of spaceship design, "What matters is not what they look like now, but what they looked to others at the time that they prevailed There is only one spaceship that's earlier than [the original Enterprise ], and that's the flying saucer from The Day the Earth Stood Still.

So, what matters here is, what did [the Enterprise ] look like at the time it came out compared with anything that had been imagined before? And when you consider that, that is the most astonishing machine that has ever graced the screen. It was revolutionary in terms of what we would think space would, and should, be about. NetDragon Websoft , a gaming and mobile Internet company in Fuzhou , China, based the architectural design of its headquarters building on the Next Generation -era Enterprise primarily the Enterprise -E , under an official license from CBS.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Star Trek ship name. The second-long video begins with the foot-long 26 meters oceangoing Enterprise from the s, then progresses to the foot-long m USS Enterprise aircraft carrier that among other adventures served in World War II after receiving an alert at sea that the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor.

From there, the video shows the space shuttle Enterprise , a test version of NASA's spaceship that ferried astronauts to and from low-Earth orbit from through Enterprise never flew in space, but it performed several glide tests with NASA astronauts at the controls. Originally, the space shuttle prototype was supposed to be named Constitution, but it was changed to Enterprise after a massive write-in campaign by " Star Trek " fans.

Spaceship USS Earthprise Spaceship USS Earthprise
Spaceship USS Earthprise Spaceship USS Earthprise
Spaceship USS Earthprise Spaceship USS Earthprise
Spaceship USS Earthprise Spaceship USS Earthprise
Spaceship USS Earthprise Spaceship USS Earthprise
Spaceship USS Earthprise Spaceship USS Earthprise
Spaceship USS Earthprise Spaceship USS Earthprise
Spaceship USS Earthprise Spaceship USS Earthprise
Spaceship USS Earthprise

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