Acting as One: Unleashing Our Collective Creativity

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Now, everyone is encouraged to be creative — at work, in our personal lives, in our political activities, in the neighbourhoods in which we live, in schools, in our leisure time, in the choices we make in what we eat every night, in how we design our CVs. We are bombarded by messages that by being creative, we will live better, more efficient and more enjoyable lives.

In doing so, we will create innovative products and services that will empower us in work and social life. Creativity can be found in unskilled amateurs, on the street, on the shop floor or in the waiting room. We are all invited to take part in this new democratic and liberating form of creativity and in so doing, we will create new often digital products and processes that will transform social and economic life.

Contemporary society is formulated, operated and maintained with creativity as the core source of progress.

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This is having a huge impact on everything around us, from the places where we work to the ways we are managed. The traditional corporate hierarchy is now a defunct system that negates creative activity. Governments are too bureaucratic and stifle innovative policy thinking. Regulation is the enemy of flexible, agile and creative work.

Social services, charities and other third sector institutions are failing not because their funding has been drastically cut, but because they are not creative enough. The spread of this economized and capitalism-friendly version of creativity has been turbocharged by the infusion of neoliberal ideologies. Various readings of neoliberalism have seen it viewed as a mixture of free-market economic thought, the elevation of self-interest as the guiding force of progress, minimal state intervention and, increasingly, invasive forms of biopolitical control. At its core, though, neoliberalism is about the marketization of everything, the imprinting of economic rationalities into the deepest recesses of everyday life.

If I hug my child now, will it help her become a more confident and employable adult?

The new paradox of power: Give it to gain it

Swipe left or right for love? If I spend more time counselling this student will it increase my student feedback scores? It is easy to see then how neoliberalism and the creativity rhetoric go hand-in-glove. Being creative today means seeing the world around you as a resource to fuel your inner entrepreneur.

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Creativity is a distinctly neoliberal trait because it feeds the notion that the world and everything in it can be monetized. The language of creativity has been subsumed by capitalism. Guattari, Anti-Oedipus, Continuum, Beyond its self-propagating aspect, what contributes to scale up its impact are the following characteristics of the GAR methodology. Another—and potentially more productive—strategy is scaling across: Below are the ones that I see, presently, on the horizon of an action research for identifying and realizing the emancipatory potential of narrow AI.

Who should be in the room? Where should the first cycle of our Generative Action Research start? Who should be in the room, co-initiating it? To answer that question, we need to first address another issue.

A History of Creativity

We need to define the specific challenges that we ask it to meet. Below is a list of 10 sample areas in which I have a personal and professional interest. I couple the naming of each area worth researching with a challenge question that suggests a practical orientation of the research. How to prototype use cases that combine the power of Linked Open Data and AI with collaborative civic technologies for strengthening real democracy in the political ecosystem of the current shift from a planet of nations to a planet of cities?

How could an opportunity seeking AI embodied in deep learning use challenge propagation for helping to increase the fitness of organisations and larger systems in their sociocultural evolution , by learning to adapt to and thrive in the changing climate conditions?

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How do the open source movement, next-stage organisations , commons-based peer production , and other new forms of social interaction and coordination spin the distributed collective intelligence around the virtuous circle of increasing returns to society? Can the evaluation of climate policy options by the collective intelligence of expert teams provide useful information to policy-makers about the highest probable social return on the investment in those options, applying a trained Logistic Regression Classifier as it is already used in the private sector?

What kind of societal innovation projects involving soft power could have big enough data sets to benefit from the power of computer simulation or machine learning, thus enabling the synergy of human and artificial intelligences? How could appropriate combinations of transformative scenario planning , generative scribing , social data mining , collective sensing organs , movement sense-making and other tools and processes for collective self-reflection , be put in service of the networked movements of the multitudes?

Diverse and broad-based participation in AI-enabled CI projects that call for generating new options is a condition for their success. What information can be useful for AI to become instrumental in developing tools for facilitating lay people learning to master AI? How to validate practices worth replicating in AI design for the common good and civic technologies, in direct engagement with the communities of practitioners on the ground? What parameters of collaboration among meshworking partners need to be defined for assessing the applicability of a Foraging Search algorithm to create a synergy index as a multiplier of their collaboration power?

Emergence, by definition, cannot be designed but the conditions favouring emergence can. What can we learn from the functions of intelligence in human beings, which would inform our design for the distributed intelligence of the planetary meta-being? In fact, with some colleagues, I tried to organise a Collective Intelligence Convergence already in , then in , still ahead of my time, when neither the field nor my idea was quite ripe for it to happen.

However, the page anthology, Collective Intelligence: By working together as a unified system, the organization bee colony is able to amplify its intelligence well beyond the capacity of any individual member of the group. And they do this with no bosses or workers--with no hierarchy at all. Rosenberg authored an article on Next Web in which he references the honeybee phenomenon and its influence on "human swarming," a practice of connecting teams through specialized networking software that allow them to form closed-loop systems and tackle problems as a unified intelligence.

Collective Creativity to Design a Better Future

Real-world testing suggests it has great potential for harnessing collective intelligence. Linus Torvalds, the developer of the Linux open source operating system, gave power away to thousands of programmers all over the world and was rewarded with a different kind of power.

Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay, and the CEOs who followed him at that company, gave power away to their customers, and were rewarded with a different kind of power. Even a relatively flat organization can have barriers to unleashing their collective intelligence, however.

As Malone's research on group intelligence and the measurement of that intelligence shows, some groups are clearly smarter than others. This differentiation can be attributed to a variety of factors, including the degree to which all group members participate equally, social perceptiveness within the group, and the number of women in a group. Groups that are less effective include those that operate more like herds--a single individual darts in one direction and the rest of the group follows.

This herding tendency is exacerbated by social media and other modern technologies that enable random impulses to go viral. The United Kingdom recently asked the public to help name its new, state-of-the-art polar research ship. As reported on NPR , the UK was seeking an "inspirational name" that exemplifies the "vessel's mission, a historical figure, movement, landmark, or a famous polar explorer or scientist.

To be fair, the man who coined the front-running name was attempting to be funny and had no idea he'd inspire a such a herd effect. In the shift toward the decentralized workplace, Malone says we're likely to see these changes first in the places where the benefits are most impactful.

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  8. They're able to be more flexible when they can adapt to the specific situation in which they find themselves rather than having to follow rigid rules sent down from on high that may or may not apply in this particular situation. And often, they just plain like it better. Those benefits of decentralized decision-making won't be important everywhere. According to Malone, in cases where a decentralized way of working actually works better, those new companies will have an advantage.

    They'll grow or be replicated by lots of other similar companies. And eventually, the old companies that haven't figured out how to change themselves will either be acquired or go out of business or belatedly imitate the new ways of doing things.

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    There is a growing body of evidence that shows that organizations with flat structures outperform those with more traditional hierarchies in most situations. There are other forces at work as well that may make it imperative to test out new, flatter organizational structures. Young employees and millennials, for example, don't respect hierarchy for the sake of itself.

    Acting as One: Unleashing Our Collective Creativity Acting as One: Unleashing Our Collective Creativity
    Acting as One: Unleashing Our Collective Creativity Acting as One: Unleashing Our Collective Creativity
    Acting as One: Unleashing Our Collective Creativity Acting as One: Unleashing Our Collective Creativity
    Acting as One: Unleashing Our Collective Creativity Acting as One: Unleashing Our Collective Creativity
    Acting as One: Unleashing Our Collective Creativity Acting as One: Unleashing Our Collective Creativity
    Acting as One: Unleashing Our Collective Creativity Acting as One: Unleashing Our Collective Creativity
    Acting as One: Unleashing Our Collective Creativity Acting as One: Unleashing Our Collective Creativity
    Acting as One: Unleashing Our Collective Creativity Acting as One: Unleashing Our Collective Creativity
    Acting as One: Unleashing Our Collective Creativity

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