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Chronique —Kroniek

Her learning about Renaissance musical instruments is no less astonishing than her expertise. The real problem arises in the author's interpretation of the events she describes. What, in fact, was their meaning? Russell's answer, if perhaps a trifle hesitant, is perfectly clear: It was to embody and set forth, in most sumptuous and dramatic guise, an Anglo-French understanding which hardly existed". Now this is an astonishing conclusion. First, and most superficially, it is difficult to see who was, or even who was to be, deceived. Certainly not the emperor Charles V.

In their own negotiations with the English, which followed on the Anglo-French meeting, they simply ignored the tenuous English commitments to France. It seems even less likely that the English and French could have thought of deceiving each other. They knew, after all, what they were negotiating about and how far they got. The inescapable conclusions is, alas, that if anyone was deceived it was the author of this book. Miss Russell's fundamental deception lies in her inability to take the historical personages she writes about seriously.

She finds it impossible to believe that the English and French governments should have spent such enormous sums on "mere" festivities, a kind of glorified and extended sports and speech day, without some ulterior, and therefore presumably "true", motive. But this is to see Renaissance aristocratic and court society in terms of a much later puritan and utilitarian ethic. The ethos of the European aristocracy was essentially a military one. This ethos was, of course, in direct contradiction to the teachings of the Christian Church and, to the more perceptive, its destructiveness of other prized values was very obvious.

Out of these contradictions there developed, in the later middle ages, the ideals and tenets of chivalry. It is fashionable to write chivalry off as an ineffective fig leaf for Machiavellian politics and unremittingly brutal warfare. It was, however, a very real attempt by an aristocratic society to tame and civilise its propensities towards violence without giving up its traditional ideals of what constituted admirable manly behaviour. It had, moreover, the great advantage over war of creating an important and meaningful position for women.

Equally significant is the very elaborate symbolism of peace and amity in poetry, music and scenery, even in the context of athletic competition and make-believe. Such symbolism, often very sophisticated and esoteric, was a characteristic feature of this and similar festivities x. The meeting of the Field of the Cloth of Gold was not a deception but an affirmation, a palpable demonstration of the magnificence, the splendid, civilised nature of the monarchies and the countries they represented. The diplomacy which accompanied it was almost a secondary consideration.

Sixteenth century diplomats were as sceptical of "summit meetings" as their modern counterparts. Sixteenth century princes were as optimistic about them as modern heads of governments. But, then as now, the fact of the meeting of the heads of state was more important than the diplomatic results which were achieved. There was no deception about this. Francis and Henry wanted to impress each other and the rest of the world.

They could do this either by war or, in a much more civilised and cheaper way, by a highly formalised and symbolical display. The tragedy of European history, and the underlying pathos of the Field of the Cloth of Gold, is that, so far, all such splendid and imaginative attempts to find alternatives to war have had only temporary success. John Fisher, bishop of Rochester and, later, a Catholic martyr and saint, preached a sermon after the end of the great meeting in which he contrasted the tawdriness of earthly luxuries and the fickleness of mortal princes with the untarnished glories of heaven ond the immutability of God.

It was a valid but cheap piece of moralising and, as it turned out, it was the seekers of the true word of God, as much as the princes and barons, who were responsible for the wars that followed the peaceful meeting of the kings of France and England. Le genre a peu fleuri dans notre pays. Il l'accompagna dans des missions en Espagne. On y trouve un glossaire et un bon index des noms de personnes et de lieux, mais il faut regretter l'absence d'un index rerum. Les titres originaux de nombreux paragraphes peuvent y contribuer. The Folger Shakespeare Library, Van reformatorisch standpunt bekeken betekent dit dat Latimer zijn toespraken hield op het ogenblik dat de Hervorming haar hoofdaspecten verworven heeft in de vorm van de respectieve geloofsleren: Lutheranisme, Doopsgezindheid en Calvinisme.

Latimer blijft voor ons het type van de dynamisch-belevende geloofsmens, die een intense belangstelling toont voor de doorbraak van de reformatorische gedachte. Daarom is het dan ook dat wij vanwege de uitgever van de preken een bredere historische omlijsting hadden verwacht: Wij zouden het bovendien ten zeerste hebben geapprecieerd een bondige historiek te krijgen van de reformatorische gebeurtenissen in verhouding tot de gepubliceerde preken en, — waarom ook niet?

We zien het zo: Deze restrictie terzij gelaten, verdient bewuste publicatie de volle aandacht op grond van de voortreffelijke presentatie der teksten: De keurige afwerking en een foutloze tekst vergemakkelijken het binnendringen in het weinig gekend domein van de behandelde predicatiemotieven. The author has worked through a most impressive range of original material and presented it in a form which even those quite unacquainted with the general history of the period can. The writing of this kind of history is by no means easy.

The very abundance and diversity of sources can so easily overwhelm the author or tempt him to be capriciously selective. On the whole Bridenbaugh manages to maintain his balance and to keep his material under control as he presents for us the background to the great English migrations of the s. His emphases are not entirely new or unprecedented. The part played by the ship owners and the profit motive in peopling the Chesapeake colonies is clearly contrasted with the primarily religious motivation of the early New England settlers. Perhaps the contrast is a little too rigorously maintained.

The faults of the book are few and in the main the result of over-enthusiasm. One passage which begins as a description of the appearance of a 17th century English village becomes imperceptibly a 20th century traveller's guide to rural England. The derivation of 'urbane' and 'urbanity' is explained with the gracious condescension of one who has just discovered it. The irony in a quotation from a contemporary ballad is quite missed.

The extent and rapidity of economic change is sometimes exaggerated 'these were the years in which England was developing a capitalistic economy'. The timespan of Charles I's 'personal government' and of the ascendancy of Strafford and Laud is unwarrantedly stretched by implication 'under the aegis of Archbishop Laud and the Earl of Strafford, the administration of the Poor Law was improved and better supervised from to '. One or two place names are mis-spelt but the fault is perhaps the proofreader's and not the author's. On the whole the work reaches and maintains a high standard.

It cannot, however, hope to explain the great migration. The picture of England that it paints would be equally true of many other periods in that country's history. Land, The Dulanys of Maryland. Celles-ci appartiennent en droit aux Lords Baltimore. De waarnemingen, die hij aan Rome overmaakte, betroffen immers gebeurtenissen van zeer uiteenlopende aard. Allen waren ze van belang voor zijn taak en voor het wereldgebeuren.

Wie de werking van de kerkelijke diplomatie kent, weet al van vooraf aan dat deze publicatie belangrijke bronnen moet ontsluiten voor de kennis van het godsdienstige en politieke gebeuren in ons land en ook in de landen waartoe de rechtsmachts van de internuntius zicht uitstrekte. Weliswaar zijn de Vatikaanse documenten over deze tijd niet meer totaal onbekend. Voor zover zij op Noord-Nederland betrekking hebben, werden zij gepubliceerd door Dr.

Sommige uitgaven van L. Een vergelijking echter met deze publicaties valt wel ten nadele uit van onderhavige uitgave: Vooreerst had men in de inleiding een korte uiteenzetting mogen verwachten over de rechtsmacht van de internuntius. Wel wordt gezegd dat de Hollandse missie onder Santini ressorteerde. Maar uit de correspondentie blijkt verder nog dat de universiteit van Douai, het aartsbisdom Kamerijk en het bisdom Atrecht onder zijn bevoegdheid vallen.

Voor het hertogdom Limburg is dit niet zo duidelijk, want Santini raakt in conflict met de nuntius van Keulen en moet hem de zaken van dit gebied overlaten zoals hij ook — althans na een zekere tijd — zijn bezorgheid over een deel van Luxemburg, met name de abdij van Orval bisdom Trier aan deze nuntius moet overdragen. Wellicht had een onderzoek van de documenten die de jurisdictie van de internuntius bepalen, de uitgever hierbij kunnen helpen. Verder kan men zich afvragen in welke mate het nodig was brieven, die uitsluitend op het Noorden betrekking hebben, nog weer te geven.

Zij werden immers door Polman op een voortreffelijke wijze gepubliceerd. Ook had hij kunnen vermelden waarom hij soms dezelfde brieven anders dateert bv. Het hanteren van de kerkelijke en canonieke terminologie is niet altijd zeer gelukkig. Slordig is de uitgever, wanneer hij de dominikaan Delbecque in oktober laat sterven volgens doe. Arnoux volmachten om anderen te ontslaan van banvloek en andere kerkelijke straffen. Een voetnoot had bij wijze van toelichting ons eventueel kunnen duidelijk maken dat de Curie — en niet de uitgever — een verkeerde interpretatie aan de tekst heeft gegeven.

Een groot aantal zetfouten ontsiert de tekst. Van Susteren moet J. Van der Dussen zijn. Het is wel jammer dat men Polman moet consulteren om te weten of hier de vicaris-generaal van Mechelen of de Nederlandse diplomaat bedoeld is. Ook spreekt de uitgever regelmatig van de apostolische vicaris van Rolduc: Storend is het tevens wanneer de eigennamen in de index anders gespeld worden dan in de tekst: Damen en Lambrechts worden in de index der namen Daemen en Lam- brecht ; Sullivan in de tekst en in de index, wordt Sullivane in voetnoot doe.

Polman heeft ons wellicht verwend met de zorgvuldige identificatie van de aangehaalde personen bij hun eerste vermelding: De index werd met weinig zorg opgesteld: Helemaal niet opgenomen werden bv. De bisschoppen werden niet volgens hun naam opgenomen in de index, maar wel bij de referentie naar hun bisschopszetel. Anderen werden bij de verwijzing soms verward zoals Adam en Herman Daemen. Men kan er soms niet uit afleiden of het getuigenis van Santini in een aangelegenheid belangrijk is. Soms ook lijkt de uitgever niet te begrijpen waarop gezinspeeld wordt: Het werkt ook storend, wanneer plots de kronologische volgorde der gepubliceerde documenten zonder reden onderbroken wordt zoals voor doe.

En wanneer men bronnen in extenso publiceert, is een voorafgaand regest nog steeds een normale hulp. Deze en vele andere analoge tekorten maken onderhavige publicatie voor heel wat correcties vatbaar. Voor documenten, die op het Noorden betrekking hebben blijft gelukkigerwijze de verificatie bij Polman mogelijk en tevens noodzakelijk. Wat nu de draagwijdte van de gepubliceerde documenten aangaat, moet men er vooreerst rekening mee houden dat hier alleen de correspondentie tussen de internuntius en de kardinaal-staatssekretaris in aanmerking kwam.

Naar de rest van de correspondentie van Santini wordt alleen soms terloops verwezen. Wel wordt hij regelmatig geprezen om zijn steun aan de Romeinse objectieven ; over zijn minder gunstige zijden wordt met geen woord gerept. Dit beperkt wel enigermate de rijkdom van deze documenten- publicatie. Naar wij hopen zal ze voortgezet worden, maar dan in overeenstemming met de wetenschappelijke eisen en normen, waaraan ons Historisch Instituut ons gewend maakte. Hoewel hij slechts over weinig rechtstreeks bronnenmateriaal beschikt, komt de auteur tot een vrij volledig en geloofwaardig beeld van de 2 Antwerpse loges en de logebroeders.

Antwerpen was allerminst een verlichte stad op het einde van de 18 e eeuw en was als dusdanig zeker niet representatief voor wat de andere Zuidnederlandcse steden betreft. Toch ontstonden er te Antwerpen twee volwaardige loges: In de eerste loge zetelden vooral renteniers en magistraten terwijl in de tweede kooplui en beoefenaars van vrije beroepen beter vertegenwoordigd waren.

De beide loges moesten hun activiteiten stilleggen na de afkondiging in van de 2 edicten van Jozef II. Vooral tracht hij na te gaan welke invloed hun logelidmaatschap op hun daden heeft uitgeoefend. In dit verband verwerpt hij de stellingen van alle auteurs. Deze stelling zal vermoedelijk niet opgaan voor wat bepaalde Gentse loges betreft. Al met al is het werk van De Schampheleire een voorname bijdrage tot de kennis van het doordringen van de Verlichting in de Zuidelijke Nederlanden.

Les protestants demeurent dans l'ombre et la condition des juifs est plus obscure encore. Chaque jour, en moyenne, la ville perd au moins cinq de ses habitants. Mais il n'y a pas eu, seulement, irruption d'un fait nouveau. Le nom de M. Trois colloques en perspective avant de conclure A ce moment, en effet, pour de nombreuses raisons les Anglais ne peuvent soutenir la cause grecque. Quand le cas se produit M. The parties had become so important an aspect of Greek political life by the 's that their careful examination in this study has resulted in new light on virtually the whole range of Greek politics.

For a proper perspective on the parties, Professor Petropulos has provided a penetrating descriptive analysis of their formation and activities from to The book comprises a detailed presentation of Greek. Though the author was unable to use a host of official documents in the General State Archives regarding this aspect of Otho's reign, his investigation of other relevant materials has been meticulous and thorough. He makes no claim that his book may be definitive, but it is so broadly based and critically analytical that it is difficult to imagine that very much of major importance on the subject will be modified significantly when the materials mentioned above are available for scholarly study.

No single other title is as careful and impressive. This is easily the best work covering Greece during Otho's first ten years. In format the main text is supplemented by a prosopographical chart giving important information on all Greek political figures between and , including party affiliations, regional identities, and social-occupational categories. The index is superb and the sixty-nine page Selected Bibliography is a mine of specialized information.

Extensive documentation and commentary lend a special value to the narrative, resulting in a fine example of historical writing, the fruit of prodigious research. Professor Petropulos has carefully explained the impact of the Revolutionary experience on party development, noting especially the role of local notables and chieftains. The legations were particularly important because Greek politicians soon realized that the Bavarians responded to international considerations ; and so, Britain, Russia, and France came to play virtually direct roles in Greek politics.

The precarious looseness of the party structures merits the author's special and continuous attention. Bavarian policies are seen largely from the outside and are subject generally to a critical judgment. Despite the inherent weaknesses in the parties, they each show remarkable vitality when under strong pressure from Otho's government. At the same time while strong enough to survive, they each in turn prove unable to remain in power.

With the focus on the parties, the story moves methodically and almost inexorably from the point of Otho's arrival in Greece to his yielding in the face of a revolutionary situation in While the narrative unfolds this drama of Greek politics, it also sheds significant new light on the roles of Britain, France, and Russia in the Near East.

The author has skilfully placed his work in the broad contexts of both Greek and European history and all scholars interested in the politics and diplomacy of the period are now in his debt. Colin, ; un vol. Dans son avant-propos M. From time to time there is clearly a need for a scholarly yet popular book which will sum up for students the results of modern research. This is what Ekkhard Verchau offers in his short well illustrated biography of Bismarck: His method is to try to explain the major aspects. This technique is by no means so successful as might be expected owing to the author's somewhat curious selection of documents for quotation.

Sparte VS Athènes - L'Odyssey du Péloponnèse

A critical evaluation of the considerable literature on the vexed question of the origins of the war of might have been more helpful to students of Bismarck. Today much of Bismarck's work lies in ruins. Prussia has disappeared and Germany is no longer united. But something of his social policy survives. Here is an aspect of Bismarkc's policy that deserves more serious attention from historians. Schweitzer et les partisans de W. Stanley, Emin Pasha and the Imperialists. Unfortunately, this book can hardly be regarded with popularity by a wide audience.

The stilted style of the author combined with massive and unilluminating quotations will turn the most active interest on the part of the readers to dull indifference. Having consigned his audience to boredom, the author cannot retrieve what might have passed for a sound work of historical scholarship. There are many errors of fact and interpretation. Moreover, the author is simply unaware of the past ten years of historical scholarship concerning Africa. His bibliography has no work published in the twentieth century and is confined largely to the accounts of the explorers and the participants in the partition of Africa.

Nowhere in the pages is there any reference to the many articles, essays, and books which have dealt with the partition of Africa and particularly the fascinating question of the Upper Nile. This failure of research is accompanied by an effort on the part of the author to do too much with too little. If he had confined himself to just the story of Emin Pasha or to Stanley's relief expedition or both, he might have written a fascinating work. His understanding of Lwo migrations and his acceptance of the Hamitic myth is confirmation of his shallow research.

Moreover, it is quite unnecessary to spend many pages introducing the Upper Nile and describing Napoleon's conquest of Egypt or the establishment of Egyptian authority at Sennar, which he incorrectly places north of Khartoum p. The reader is then informed about the role of of Sir Samuel Baker in Equatoria, despite the fact that Baker preceded Emin Pasha by nearly a decade.

There is little attempt to see the Africans or the Europeans or the Arabs in any but the crude stereotypes so common in the nineteenth century. The Europeans are intrepid. The Arabs are always brutal and vicious. Such descriptions were common in the nineteenth century literature and indeed fixed the stereotypes which linger on nearly a century after these events took place in central Africa.

It is regrettable that an author writing today must simply perpetuate such stereotypes which have been shown by many scholars to be inaccurate and unfair. Again the reader is plagued by long quotations taken from nineteenth century accounts by Emin Pasha himselt, Casati, and Dr.

Emin Pasha appears as a sincere scientist interested in developing the economy and concerned for the welfare of his people. He is also, however, muddled and confused, irresolute and hesitant. The author relies much too heavily on the work and judgments of the Italian wanderer, Casati. The author's treatment of the Mahdist uprising and the subsequent invasion of the Southern Sudan, which isolated Emin Pasha, is drawn, like his other descriptions, straight from nineteenth century accounts.

Thus the Mahdist are brutish savages who only wish to reconstruct the slave trade and to destroy the work of civilization which the European Christian administrators had begun to build in the Sudan. The Relief Expedition has always been one of the most controversial episodes in the history of Europeans in Africa. The author is well aware of the contradictions, the conflicts, the ambiguities, the greed, and the imperial interests which surrounded that expedition.

His failure, however, to appreciate and understand the diplomacy revolving around the question of the Upper Nile has led him to make statements which modern scholarship can no longer sustain. He is only partly certain of the role of Sir William Mackinnon in the relief expedition and unaware of the role of Mackinnon in the important Heligoland Treaty of between Britain and Germany.

Moreover, his appreciation of King Leopold's role and interest in the Upper Nile is only fragmentary. His bitter dislike of Henry Morton Stanley is perhaps understandable, yet his obvious dismay at Emin Pasha signing on in the German Imperial service clearly compromises the more positive characteristics of the Pasha which were enumerated during his early years as Governor of Equatoria. Lost Empire On the Nile can thus not be recommended to either the scholar or the general reader.

XLVII, , 2, pp. Ce volume contient en. Thus while the earliest accounts of Germany's overseas possessions by Alfred Zimmermann and M. Townsend examined the development of the colonies from a purely European standpoint, a new generation of historians has placed the native African in the centre of the picture. These historians are interested in the impact which white invaders had upon African societies and to the responses of those societies to European conquest and administration. In one respect, however, the older historians had an advantage over their successors. European administrators have left written records behind then but native African societies have rarely done so.

Much that one would like to know about an African territory in the days when the Europeans first arrived and about the impact of western domination and culture upon native societies will presumably never be discovered for lack of adequate documentary evidence. University Press, ; xiv p. It is well known that the first phase of German colonial rule was characterised by many mistakes and much maladministration which culminated in a number of scandals and disasters. Only twenty years after Bismarck founded the overseas empire Germany's reputation as a colonial power was shattered by the revolt of the Herero in South West Africa and the Maji Maji rising in East Africa.

There followed a period of reform, initiated by the able Colonial Secretary Dr. In East Africa the new era was initiated by Freiherr von Rechenberg. His policy of reconstruction after the suppression of the Maji Maji rising was based upon the doctrine that the future of the colony lay not as a white man's land of great plantations but as a black man's land with an expanding native agricultural economy.

Rechenberg's policy — adopted by Dr. This line was intended to link the native farmers of the interior with the Indian merchants on the coast. But the existence of a small white community in East Africa — which found powerful allies at home in the Reichstag — proved to be a fatal barrier to the success of Rechenberg's plan. Iliffe shows how on one issue after another — the policy towards the Indian immigrants on the coast, local self-government for white settlers, the corporal punishment of natives — Dr. Dernburg in Berlin and Rechenberg in Dar es Salaam were forced to retreat step by step from the principles that they had adopted.

On these — and on many other aspects of the history of German East Africa between and — Dr. Iliffe is a sure guide. It is a pity that this monograph has not been extended to or No one is better qualified than Dr. Iliffe to answer a question which has long puzzled students of German colonial history.

How was it possible in the first World War for an overseas territory in which there had only recently been a serious revolt to survive for so long against overwhelmingly superior forces, although cut off from the mother country? Centrum voor Militaire Geschiedenis, Bijdragen, 4 wil een ontleding zijn van de visie op de oorlog die tot uitdrukking kwam in ongeveer 80 romans, dagboeken en novellen, die verschenen van tot Aanvankelijk overheerste een toon van geestdriftige vaderlandsliefde.

Het oorlogsdagboek van Streuvels viel uit die toon omdat het de tegenstelling blootlegde tussen de individuele drang naar zelfbehoud en de verheerlijkte heldenmoed. De auteur heeft maar een flauwe echo opgevangen van de polemieken die daarom in werden gevoerd rond Streuvels' boek. Ook Ernest Claes wilde al tijdens de oorlog de mens in zijn kleinheid benaderen, ontdaan van het cultuurvernis dat zijn ware aard omhult. Na de bevrijding verdween al vlug bij alle schrijvers de eenzijdige verheerlijking van de idealen waarvoor men had gevochten.

De oorlog verscheen nu als een verdediging van schijnwaarden waarbij de menselijke waarden werden.


Cahiers de la Fondation nationale des sciences politiques, Dreyfus sur les facteurs qui ont fait la puissance de l'U. Or, nous dit bien M. Rudolph Binion, Repeat Performance: Studies in the Philosophy of Hutory, vol. Spaak sur son strapontin, et guider tout droit le pays vers la catastrophe: On en pensera ce qu'on voudra. Castaing et en , celle du Dr.

Bougrat de Marseille et du sinistre Dr. Tournai et Paris, Caster- man, ; un vol. Bor- wicz, Vies interdites Tournai, Casterman, ; un vol. Si le lecteur moyen y trouve son compte, car Georis agit en bon journaliste, qu'en est-il de l'historien? Qu'il me suffise d'en citer quelques-unes: Des affirmations de l'auteur sont fort contestables. On ne sait quand elle disparut. Pour le reste, la destruction des archives de ces deux.

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Aux travaux de ses devanciers, Astrik L. Gabriel n'ajoute apparemment rien de neuf: Knecht, ; un vol. En fait, si E. Signalons enfin l'article de Ch. Perelman, A propos d'E. Daarop volgen een reeks referaten, o. Meer methodologisch gerichte teksten volgen o. Het boek wordt afgesloten door een syntheserapport van Marcel Bolle de Bal en door enkele interventies. We zijn van oordeel dat het boek zou moeten gelezen worden in brede kringen — en niet alleen van sociologen — omdat het een reeks epistemologische problemen stelt op een ongemeen duidelijke manier. Het belangrijkste probleem is dat van de wereldvisie in haar bindingen met het konkrete wetenschappelijke onderzoek, m.

Vooral de marxisten — en meer speciaal Andreeva — leggen de nadruk op het sociaal gebonden zijn van de menswetenschappen, op het feit dat elke methode in de sociologie eveneens te verklaren is door de wereldvisie en het mensbeeld van wie de wetenschap bedrijft. Het is verheugend vast te stellen dat geen enkele van de referaathouders de noodzaak van teoretische onderzoek en van empirische onderzoekingen gefundeerd op ernstig teoretisch onderzoek in twijfel trekt. Het is verheugend omdat te veel sociologen zich bezondigd hebben aan ruggegraatloos empirisch onderzoek en aan het vooropstellen van de objek- tiviteit en de neutraliteit van hun wetenschap sommigen zijn niet bewust van het maat- schappijgebonden karakter van de sociologie!

In zijn syntheserapport merkt Marcel Bolle de Bal op dat er aan het begrip mensbeeld drie inhouden kunnen gegeven worden: We wijzen er terloops op dat de D.

rainer maria rilke gesammelte werke german edition Manual

Vraag is nochtans wat ze doen met de tevredenheid van de arbeiders in de kapitalistische landen en wat tevredenheid betekent het bestaan van een psycho- sociologische mens p. In het westen zijn de meeste sociologen ook regime-gebonden maar er bestaat toch een belangrijke kritische sociologie waartoe de grootste sociologen behoren. Bolle de Bal tracht dan een typologie te maken: Een verwijt aan het geheel: We denken dat stellingen als deze van Henri Lefebvre, Georg Lukacs en Lucien Goldmann zeker tot een duidelijker inzicht in de problematiek zouden hebben geleid, in de mate dat ze de sociologie in funktie stellen niet van een bestaande maat- schappijvorm, maar van de in de klassenstrijd gewikkelde arbeidersklasse.

But very little attention, if any, has been paid to this genre in the preceding period, a defect which this meritorious book — originally a doctoral dissertation at Hamburg University — to a great extent makes good: After a short introduction which deals with the relevant patristic literature and also includes Bede , the author turns to her main concern, that is, the role which the four cardinal virtues played in the Carolingian period.

This main part of her work deserves thorough respect and commendation: There is real empathy and sympathy. What she has demonstrated is that it was only in the Carolingian epoch that the cardinal virtues began to exercise active influence by contributing to the establishment of an embryonic moral philosophy. The lion's share belongs to Alcuin, and the author's exposition of Augustine's influence upon Alcuin and of the latter's not unoriginal and delicately manipulated development of Augustinian and Isidorian elements makes particularly interesting reading.

No less revealing is her convincing proof that the four cardinal virtues were not only not realised as basic virtues in the Carolingian age, but were conceived separately and independently of the sevenfold gifts of the holy ghost. And yet, paradoxically enough, the later scholastic treatment of these very same questions had, as she also shows, its roots in the Carolingian age, notably in Alcuin. I very much agree and share her view concerning the genetic and seminal role which the Carolingian writers, such as Hrabanus Maurus, or Halitgar of Cambrai, played and a host of others could have been cited.

It is certainly true that 'there was a great deal of mere compilatory activity but the very manner of compiling presupposes not only selection, but also an intelligent assessment of the value of the selected passages in order to achieve a particular effect and aim. The chief merit of this study is to have paved the way for further analyses in this and related topics, for there is a yawning gap in the current literature between the late patristic and the early scholastic period.

But as this work shows, the Carolingian age once more assumes the function of a bridge builder between the ancient and late Roman and the medieval world. Moreover, wider vistas are opened up by this book: Another topic, at least as old as the. Hrabanus Maurus would seem to offer some source material. What, above all, needs an answer is the question of how one can explain the absence of any serious attempt to relate the stoic cardinal virtues to the three theological virtues faith, hope and charity before the early scholastic period? Here indeed lines of communication lead to the related problem of reason and faith, the essence and substance of which too was not fully perceived until a much later date.

In this context the concept of the virtus politica of Plotinus' provenance which served Macrobius as a designation of the cardinal virtues, would also demand some attention: These are some of the questions which the present book evokes and which none would seem better qualified to answer than its author. Elles ne le sont plus par la suite. His attitude, nonetheless, is sympathetic ; his method, a two-hundred-page essay outlining the movement's historical development, its present situation and its prospects, followed by one hundred pages of illustrative documents.

This theme is by no means novel. Yet to attempt a wide-ranging discussion of it in so small a space is a formidable undertaking — a striving to enclose infinite riches in a little room. It is much to Professor Simon's credit that he has succeeded in imparting, in a lively manner and without sacrificing coherence, a great deal of information and comment which those who know little of anglicanism will find instructive and illuminating.

Regrettably, neither the information nor the comment is altogether reliable. In categorising seventeenth-century theological views, unqualified use of the. No less striking are the book's sins of omission. It is astonishing to find no mention of Professor A. Indeed, a selection of documents which finds room for four substantial extracts from Rose Ma- caulay's The Towers of Trebizond might reasonably be expected to have included more by way of liturgical and statutory material.

The readers at whom this book is aimed may fairly complain of Professor Simon's failure to match with carefulness the considerable insight at his command. Parce qu'elle sait s'y adapter: Carrare, Paris, S. Centre de Recherches Historiques. Mais il y a plus. Le beau livre de Mme G. Georges Hansotte, Inventaire des archives de la S. Aucun document provenant de la S. Wallonie, Art et Histoire. La monographie de M.

XIX , pp. Il en omet toutefois un important: Syntaxe du verbe, Paris, Larousse, Martini et Sogno e ironia de Chiaves. XXV , , pp. Voir surtout le chapitre Poeti aW ombra di Medusa. Maeterlinck, XI , pp. Bakker zegt zelf dat hij een deel van het probleem onbesproken gelaten heeft en verwijst o. Russell does not quote them, perhaps because they deal mainly with events some fifty years later. They are, however, very relevant for an understanding of the Field of the Cloth of Gold. Robert Devleeshauwer, Le cas de la Belgique, pp. Plan Sommaire [link] Propos de table [link] Volume I [link] Stanley, Emin Pasha and the Imperialists [link] Une explication nouvelle [link] Gotovitch, Le gouvernement Jaspar-Huysmans, Londres, D'autant plus, poursuit le maire, que: Jean-Paul-Nicolas Fayard, de Grigny, en fait les frais: Au point de vue agricole, M.

Ruralia Sciences sociales et mondes ruraux contemporains. En amont et en aval: Waar Blijven de Siana- schalen? Geralda Jurriaans-Helle [B e rijder stapt op, ibid. Beatrice de Fraiture [Priemende Ogen, prangende Vragen, ibid. Albesti province de Constanza. Un seul bol est du type outturned-rim. Les canthares sont de deux types: Basileus, Polieus et Ombrimos.

Coja, alors en charge de cette fouille. Popovic sous la dir. Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates, MeditArch 13 , p. Docter, Fethi Chelbi, Boutheima M. Preliminary report on the first bilateral excavations of Ghent University and the Institut National du Patrimoine , BaBesch 78 , p. Essai de reconstitution ; 1 vol. Comme argument principal, l'A. Snodgrass BAR S , , p. History and settlement Evidence, ibid. Du 2e quart du vne s.

Le 1er tiers du VIe s. Bilge Hurmuzlu [Burial Grounds at Klazomenai: Geometric through Hellenistic Periods, ibid. Oikonomos at the Archaic Cemetery of Monastirakia in Klazomenai, , ibid. Naumann avait conduit en une fouille exploratoire. Michael Kerschner [Zum Kult im friiheisenzeitlichen Ephesos. Interpretation eines protogeometrischen Fundkomplexes aus dem Artemishei- ligtum, in Griechische Keramik im kulturellen Kontext cf.

Siebert, BCH 92, , p. Ein Vorbericht, in Griechische Keramik im kulturellen Kontext cf. Vers la fin du vme s. Ce sont surtout les enseignements de la fouille de Kelenderis qui ont fait progresser la question de la colonisation de la Cilicie. West Slope attique et non — attique, v. Ergiin Lafli [Hellenistic Pottery from Pisidia: Einige vorlaufige Uberlegungen, in Griechische Keramik im kulturellen Kontext cf.

Kersley [Greeks overseas in the 8th century B. John Boardman [The excavated history of Al Mina, ibid. Gunnar Lehmann [Al Mina and the East. Il faut remercier l'auteur, S. Miron Ilyitch Zolotarev [Chersonesus Tauricus. Une vingtaine de tessons du Ve s. Une bonne bibliographie enrichit l'article. Volumineuse bibliographie, surtout pour Phanagoria. Vadim Alexan- drovitch Kutaisov [Kerkinitis, ibid.

Il illustre un pied de coupe et un fond de skyphos du ve s. Ewdoksia Papuci-Wladyka, Tatiana N. Kyta 40 km au Sud de Kertch. Olga Yurevna Sokolova [Nymphaeum, ibid. Krapiniva [Olbian chora, ibid. Walter, Samos V, p. La bibliographie est abondante. Alexandrescu Histria VII, pi. Ksiega poswiecona mamieci Profesora Tadeusza Sulimirskiego, J. Yevgeniy Alexandrovitch Katyushin [Theodosia, ibid.

Peter James, Nikos Kokkinos, I. Tykot , Exeter, p. Papadopoulos [From Macedonia to Sardinia: Preliminary Implications for Phoenicia and Beyond, Radiocarbon 43 , p. Il discute ensuite les positions prises par N. Maryanne Newton, Ken A. Essays in Honor of Sara A. Nota Kourou [An Attic geometric amphora from Argos.

Festschrift filr Jorg Schafer zum Certaines attributions laissent cependant un peu perplexe: Photini Zaphiropoulou [EAD Avant de dresser le catalogue p. Les photos d'ensemble des vases en n. Elle invoque des exemplaires de vases. Laura Petacco [Anfore fenicie, anfore pithecusane, anfore etrusche: Ce ne sont pas que les. Orazio Paoletti [Appunti su un gruppo di anfore arcaiche a deco- razione lineare dall'Etruria, ibid.

Studies in Honor of John M. Fossey II , p. On notera que le canthare de la fig. Nina Zimmermann-Elseify [Mimesis und Kiinstlerwettbewerb: Pasquier in MonPiot 78, , p. Panayota Badinou [La laine et le parfum: Et si nous sommes dans le domaine de la symbolique, pourquoi ce choix apparemment curieux de. Ces quelques questions montrent que l'article de N. Storia di una forma ceramica fra archeo- logia e cultura ; 1 vol.

Elle dresse le catalogue p. Eurydice Kephalidou [Vases for the Dead: Maria Grazia Marzi [Ceramografia corinzia e ceramografia attica: Alexandre Carneiro Cerqueira Lima [Contatos entre corintios e etruscos: Stibbe [Lakonische Vasenmaler des sechsten Jahrhunderts v. Supplement ; 1 vol.

Les ressemblances sont certaines, mais peut-on vraiment parler d'influences? Wiel-Marin et de A.

VIAF ID: 7386272 (Personal)

Sacchetti, Ocnus 8, [], p. Maurizio Pistolesi [Sui vasi etruschi atticizzanti a figure nere: Un'analisi prelimi- nare, in Appunti sul bucchero cf. Laura Ambrosini [SulPuso di modelli iconografici attici un un offi- cina di specchi etruschi tardo-classici, Studi Etruschi 70 , p. Comme le fait H. Pionniers de la figure rouge. Et pourquoi nommer 9 des 12 choreutes? Suivant les habitudes de K. Un exemple, selon H. Martine Denoyelle [Style individuel, style local et centres de productions.

Les deux peintres, selon M. Margot Schmidt et Marina Mazzei. L'ouvrage se termine par la retranscription des discussions p. Lippolis et Marina Mazzei [La ceramica apula a figure rosse: Andreas Hoffmann [Risultati di una ricerca sistematica dei contesti tombali di Taranto contenenti ceramica apula a figure rosse, p.

Angela Ciancio [Recenti acquisizioni di ceramica italiota da Gravina in Puglia, p. Lucia Colangelo [Nuove acquisizioni sulla ceramica apula in Daunia. Elle rappelle quelques autres contextes dauniens. Martine Denoyelle [L'approche stylistique: L'on attend avec impatience la publication d'une monographie de l'A. Il propose, sur la base de l'analyse stylistique et des distinctions dans la morphologie des. Amelia D'Amicis [Ceramica apula a figure rosse e sovraddipinta ; rapporto di produzione e cronologia, p.

L'utilisation accrue de cette technique chez les successeurs du P. Elle publie trois nouveaux fragments. Eliana Mugione, Claude Pouzadoux [L'approche iconographique: Mugione [L'iconografia corne contributo alla definizione di officine e ambiti di produzione, p. Margot Schmidt [Livello culturale di singoli pittori: Deniaux ; Bari, Edipuglia Insulae Diomedeae 2 , , p. Gli Etruschi, i Greci e Vimmagine, Rome, , en particulier p.

Angela De Filippis [Skyphoi a decorazione sovraddipinta dalla Campania: Korkut , Ege Yayinlari, Istanbul, , p. Spigo ou encore de L. Sinn dans sa monographie de AM. Mosca [La ceramica megarese: Puppo [Attestazioni di ceramica megarese nell'alto Adriatico, ibid. Rotroff [Attic West Slope Ware, ibid. Bonne analyse de ces noms. Productions et diffusion en.

Henryk Meyza [Cypriot Sigillata and its hypothetical predecessors, ibid. Rotroff [West Slope in the East, ibid. L'article fournit une importante documentation bibliographique. Vassiliki Adrymi-Sismani et al. Hestiaiotide nome de Trikala. Kruglov, [Vases antiques inhabituels, Bosporskii Fenomen: Voir aussi notices nos 60, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , et Qasar, [], ISBN , p. Luca Giuliani [Bild und Mythos.

Ulf Kenzler [Helden der Hopliten: Ajax jouant au trictrac ou d'Ajax portant le cadavre d'Achille. Corpus de documents sculpture, toreutique, monnayage et glyptique, peinture de vases attique et italiote. Kleopatra Kathariou [Amymonedarstellungen auf attisch-rotfigurigen Vasen des 5. La contribution de V. Sonia Klinger [Artemis Holding a Deer: Les deux lectures me paraissent toutefois possibles. Maria Pipili [Wearing an Other Hat: Athens and the Construction of the Other in Greek Art ed. Cohen , Brill, , p. Alec Tilley [Seafaring on the Ancient Mediterranean. ISBN ] donne dans le 1er chapitre p.

Le commentaire du fameux stamnos du P. Mais ne force-t-on pas le trait? Miller [The Myth of Bousiris: Ethnicity and Art, in Not the Classical Ideal cf. Plus tard, au cours du vie s. Michael Padgett, William A. Childs, Despoina Tsiafakis et al. Centaurs and Satyrs in Early Greek Art, p. Childs, The Human Animal: The Near East and Greece, p.

Manolis Manoledakis [Strafendarstellungen auf archai- schen attischen Vasen und ihre politische und soziale Dimension, in Grie- chische Keramik im kulturellen Kontext cf. D'autre part, selon Lazarov, op. Toujours selon Lazarov, ibid. Susanna Sarti [La kithara greca nei documenti archelo- gici, Rev. Belge de Philologie et d'Histoire 81, I , p. Cornelia Weber-Lehmann [Musik um Adonis. Beobachtungen zur Rechteckkithara auf apulischen Vasen, in Griechische Keramik im kulturellen Kontext cf.

Catalogue de 67 vases italiotes, principalement apuliens, que l'A. Tyler Jo Smith [Festival? Gerda Schwartz [Selige Helden. Erika Simon [Daidalos — Taitale — Daedalus. Neues zu einem wohl- bekannten Mythos, AA [], p. Plusieurs indices facilitent les recherches dans cet important ouvrage. Michael Turner [The Woman in White: Dionysus and the Dance of Death, MeditArch 16 , p. Jenifer Neils, John H. Images of Childhood from the Classical Past Catal. Le catalogue de l'exposition p. Panayota Badinou [Epinetra et alabastres. La femme du Ve s. Alan Shapiro [Brief Encounters: Allison Glazebrook [Reading Women: Aliki Kauffmann-Samaras [Des femmes et des oiseaux.

Yehudit Turnheim [Visual art as text: Bruneau, Ganymede et l'aigle, BCH 86 , p. Le Rovine Circolari 6, Le 2e chapitre p. Le chapitre 3 p. S'il est difficile de suivre l'A. Eliana Mugione [L'iconografia del guerriero nelle produ- zioni tirreniche, in Alessandro il Molosso e i condottieri in Magna Grecia. Les renvois aux illustrations du CD-Rom et les erreurs de renvoi aux figures rendent la lecture de l'article laborieuse. Antikensammlungen und Glyptothek, L'essentiel du livre se trouve dans les 61 chapitres p. Herbert Hoffmann [Flying through the air, Hephaistos 18 , p.

Pour le reste, l'A. Jacques Chamay [Le don de la vigne dans Le vin. Poux , Gollion, Infolio, , p. Chamay, Matteo Campagnolo [Le don de la vigne. Vase antique du baron Edmond de Rothschild ; 1 vol. Cet important article de M. Oakley [Picturing Death in Classical Athens. The Evidence of the white Lekythoi; 1 vol. Partant de certaines remarques de Ph. Belge de Philologie et d'histoire 78 , p.

Untersuchungen zu zwei vorho- chzeitlichen Motiven und zur Liebessymbolik des Apfels auf Vasen archai- scher und klassischer Zeit, AM , , p. On ne saurait mieux dire. Gestes, attitudes, regards dans l'iconographie antique L. ISBN 2- , p. Sang sur les autels. Gunnel Ekroth [Blood on the altars? On the treatment of blood at Greek sacrifices and the iconographical evidence, AK 48 , p.

Derniers numéros

Beaucoup d'autels ne comportent aucune trace de sang. Michael Turner [Iconology vs. Dimitri Paleothodoros [Le culte des satyres: Satyrs on 6th-Century Greek Vases ; 1 vol. Elizabeth Langridge-Noti [Mourning at the Tomb: ISBN 0- ou ]. Miller [Ancient Greek Athletics ; 1 vol. Jennifer Neils, Stephen V.

The Games at Athens ; 1 vol. Witold Dobrowolski et al. Sport w sztuce greckiej od VI w. ISBN ] proposent en pol.

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    Athenes Dispersee Parmi les Fleurs (French Edition) Athenes Dispersee Parmi les Fleurs (French Edition)
    Athenes Dispersee Parmi les Fleurs (French Edition) Athenes Dispersee Parmi les Fleurs (French Edition)
    Athenes Dispersee Parmi les Fleurs (French Edition) Athenes Dispersee Parmi les Fleurs (French Edition)
    Athenes Dispersee Parmi les Fleurs (French Edition) Athenes Dispersee Parmi les Fleurs (French Edition)
    Athenes Dispersee Parmi les Fleurs (French Edition) Athenes Dispersee Parmi les Fleurs (French Edition)
    Athenes Dispersee Parmi les Fleurs (French Edition) Athenes Dispersee Parmi les Fleurs (French Edition)
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