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The or is great for hunting when you don't have the optimal focus talents The is the one that will one shot shields when you do have the talents. For focus you primarily want to prioritize Zenurik and Madurai. My best suggestion for Focus tree progression is: Naramon Get Affinity Spike This will help you a lot at the start since it will increase affinity gained by melee and make it easier to cap your daily focus 2. Madurai Void Strike Once you got the waybounds from Zenurik use this.

It will increase your amp dmg when you leave void mode. Rest of the waybounds are survivability and movement. I suggest going back to naramon and waybound Mind Sprint, and then move on to Unairu for the Unairu Wisp. After that just do Waybounds as you see fit. Frames are devided into 4 categories: Buff, Lures, Shields and Protection. The 2 most important roles are Buff and Lures.


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Buff is there to increase your dmg when you need to destroy limbs. Lures is for making sure the lures don't die. Since it's generally unlikely that the Terralyst will be able to kill them. Still worth bringing no matter what For the 2 other roles Shield and Protection Shield: Volts shields increases crit damage, even when shooting through it with operator, so it's used to increase your damage against the Eidolons shield aka. Once you destroy a limb the eidolon will release magnetic waves after a short period. It's your job to nullify that damage. When running Eidolons you do not want more than 3 Corrosive Projections!

Using Coaction drift can be overkill, You can replace these with [Enemy Sense] for an easier time locating Vombalysts. As Chroma your focus is to have Vex Armor active when the limbs become vulnurable.

A Beginner’s Guide to Warframe Plains of Eidolon

This requires you to have a weapon on you for self damage. You can use a secondary with concealed explosives, castanas, etc. If you're running public or helping some new hunters, it could be suggested to add some efficiency to lower your vex armor costs since it can end up requiring a lot of energy pads. My Chroma is missing a forma, add a power drift in exilus Because of how Vex Armor scales you want to focus your weapon on the radiation damage Lanka is your best choice.

Build is similar to Chroma. Since rhino's buff is instant on activation you can skip on some duration, and focus more on strength and range. For Trinity you use a Bless build. Your job when the hunt starts is to get lures and make sure to keep them alive by always having your Bless buff up! Range is not needed on Trinity since her bless works in affinity range and not based on ability range. These are the spots I use, dependant on Teralyst spawn, one other player grabs a lure closest to the entrance towards the direction of the Teralyst generally lake to the west.

Trinity should do a round starting the opposite side of where the first lure was grabbed. If you want to get more lures at once include the large camp bottom right in your round, but be careful of Turrets. For volt all you want to focus on is duration and efficiency. When playing volt the most important thing is to place your shields smart! Volts shield increases the crit damage of everything shot through it, so it will increase the damage of both your amp and weapons! Best suggestion is set up a wall of shields 3 on the ground next to each other and 2 in the air above them and then set a marker where you put them.

Try to put them towards where the Eidolon is moving so you don't have to relocate them. Important note for shield placement: If your team is running amps Madurai - Void Strike make sure your shields are close to the eidolon. Void strike uses the secondary fire, and has a short range! For the final phase stack the shields and mark it so that your Buff player can get ready.

Just like trinity his Covenant is based on affinity range, so range is not needed. Your job is to use covenant just as the Eidolon is about to do his magnetic waves after you've destroyed a limb. This is the easiest role, but also the hardest aka. When trying to time it you can listen for the eidolon to breath in, or you can pay attention to its movement it will do a headturn then do the waves Your job at the start of a hunt is to get 1 lure, charge it up and then join the volt and buff on the teralyst.

When fighting an Eidolon you want your weapons to do Radiation damage! Because of how the fight works you want weapons that do high dmg and are accurate. Limbs cannot be affected by status effects, so crit weapons are your best choice. Weapons for these fights are forma intensive, and requires atleast forma's to work. None of the weapons comes with a polarity. Except for the Vulkar Wraith and Vectis Prime.

For primaries when fighting Eidolons you want to choose: Lanka - Does electric damage at base, and can be build to do pure radiation damage. If you don't own a good riven for any of the weapons go with the Lanka, it will outperform everything else. Rubico - Best second choice for snipers. Vectis Prime - Hits hard, but got a very low ammo count.

It needs a riven to compete. For other choices look in the "Current Bug" section! For hunts you use a Melee for 2 reasons: To strip armor from the Eidolon - Sarpa use this with [shattering impact], for the rest of it you want attack speed. Use this for solo runs if you want to use it.

Classics without fragility.

To quickly aoe down vombalysts - Your classic maiming strike weapons Whips, polearms, staves. There are a lot of combinations, and a lot of good reasons for doing A, B or C for Arcanes. Simply for choosing arcanes when you're not trying anything specific. Get a Arcane Nullifier set. For amp arcane you either use strike or fury. With the nerf to Adarza Kavats it's suggested you now use Virtous Fury since it's more reliable with your amp. Teralyst is the first of the 3 Eidolons you need to fight. As soon as you get into the plains people got different jobs.

Find the Teralyst and start removing it's shield with your amps Harrow: This depends on if you are doing Teralyst or all 3 Eidolons. Get 1 lure and join the others if Harrows isn't charged, go find vombalysts to charge it too before you join - Tridolon: Find 7 lures while the others fight.

You need to be quick, and this requires an archwing. Once you hear them destroy the 3rd limb it's time to join the others If you haven't found all the lures yet, you need to find the rest later! The fight in itself is quite straight forward. The Teralyst got 5 attacks in his shield phase and everyone can be negated by going into void mode crouch as operator 1. Knockback The Teralyst will the a wave that will knock you back around 70m. This can contered by either jumping over the wave, or entering void mode as it comes near this is a very tight timing, so you are often better off jumping the wave.

Spikes he will release a spiked wave in all directions that do a lot of dmg. When he does it enter void mode to avoid it. If your operator dies to it, quickly roll and enter operator again. Missiles It's the same attack in 2 different forms. Both are avoided by using void mode. Starfall Like missiles but large area with shots raining down. Either move around or use void mode. After you shot all 4 limbs vombalysts will start moving to him. The more that reach him the more hp he will have once he gets up again. This is where you charge your second lure and the ones for the other Eidolons if you got those shoot the shell off the vombalysts and the lures will take them.

Once he's about to get up Harrow uses convenant for the crit buff, and you shoot the Teralyst til he's down. One of the lures will explode and give you your Eidolon shards.

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To summon the Gauntalyst you need to use the Brilliant Eidolon Shard you got from capturing the Teralyst. Go to the middle of the large lake outside the gate of cetus, and put it on the small altar. Once the whole party has done so the Gauntalyst will spawn. The Gauntalyst has a few extra mechanics, but just like with the Teralyst.. Void mode to bypass most of them. He will make some orbs that will drop to the ground and do an AoE.

Either move away from them, or void mode. He creates a large sphere around him. Be inside the sphere. Sometimes his pushback like with the Teralyst will come in multiple waves. He will summon large beams randomly around him, these cannot be bypassed with void mode!

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If you can, destroy these first since they are a hassle. Make sure to keep an eye on the vombalysts around him and kill them, they will at times tether to him and provide an extra shield. As the Trinity you need to be really up on your bless, if you are not careful the Gauntalyst will destroy the lures!

You summon him the same way as with the Gauntalyst, this time you need to use the Radiant Eidolon shard you got from the Gauntalyst instead. This fight adds 3 new mechanics and changes 1 from the Gauntalyst. Throughout the fight pink rifts will spawn that supercharges vombalysts and the Hydrolyst, when you see these start shooting them with your amp. Vombalysts will make the hydrolyst invulnurable by tethering to him, and these rifts makes 1 of them unkillable until it's down. The ground will look weird and green'ish. When this happens don't stand on it.

Target player loses 1 life and you gain 1 life. Whenever you cast a multicolored spell, you may return Entropic Eidolon from your graveyard to your hand. Target creature can't block this turn. Whenever you cast a multicolored spell, you may return Sandstorm Eidolon from your graveyard to your hand. Add three mana of any one color. Whenever you cast a multicolored spell, you may return Verdant Eidolon from your graveyard to your hand. Search Criteria Updating search parameters Standard Compact Checklist Visual Spoiler. Deathtouch Any amount of damage this deals to a creature is enough to destroy it.

Flitterstep Eidolon can't be blocked.

Eidolon Eidolon
Eidolon Eidolon
Eidolon Eidolon
Eidolon Eidolon
Eidolon Eidolon
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