Haunted Mississippi: The Most Haunted Locations

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The Most Haunted Place in Every State

When she was alive, Wharton herself often wrote about ghosts, so it's no surprise that her former home may be haunted. Visitors can see for themselves on one of the ghost tours that the estate sponsors. Cold spots, doors slamming, odd shadows The Detroit Masonic Temple has it all. And it's not surprising, given that the massive building has over 12 million square feet and hundreds of rooms.

One ghost in particular that is said to haunt the giant building is that of George D. Mason, one of its architects.

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The Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota, is the oldest operating theater in the city, and its long history carries some ghost stories with it. The theater is perhaps best known for its production of Garrison Keillor's variety show "A Prairie Home Companion" beginning in Over the years, visitors to the theater have reported sightings of a ghost named Ben who apparently used to work on the site as a stagehand. King's Tavern in Natchez, Mississippi, has many stories to go along with its hundreds of years of history it's the oldest standing building in the Mississippi Territory according to its website , including some that involve ghosts.

The ghost of the mistress of the tavern's first owner - who is said to have been murdered there - reportedly haunts the restaurant. The Governor's Mansion in Jefferson City, Missouri, is one of the state's most beautiful historic buildings, dating all the way back to In , the governor's family experienced a tragedy when their nine-year-old daughter, Carrie, died from diphtheria. Years later, a construction worker who was renovating the mansion reported seeing a young girl playing in the attic. Some people believe that he saw the ghost of Carrie, who still remains in the home. Over the years, staff at the estate have reported occurrences of paranormal activity , including a gold picture frame that is frequently found removed from the wall and placed on the ground.

Centennial Hall in Valentine, Nebraska, is known to be the state's oldest still standing high school building. The school, now a museum, dates back to , and with that history comes many accounts of paranormal activity. Visitors report hearing voices, knocking lights, and even music coming from the music room, though it no longer houses any instruments. The main ghost, however, is said to be that of a girl who died on the premises in , allegedly from a poisoned clarinet reed. The home once belonged to local millionaires Eilley and Sandy Bowers, and, as legend has it, after Sandy died his wife held seances to try to conjure his spirit.

It's unclear if she was ever able to get through to her husband, although visitors report seeing mysterious figures around the property to this day. This historic government building in Alton, New Hampshire , is not only a beautiful landmark, it is also allegedly the site of paranormal activity.

Locals have reported seeing furniture that moves, doors that open and close on their own, and hearing mysterious voices. There's not one single landmark in Pine Barrens, New Jersey, that hosts spirits and mysterious creatures - the forest spans seven counties and contains ghost towns galore. During the colonial era, the area was bustling with sawmills, paper mills, and towns to accompany them, but they were all abandoned when coal was discovered in Pennsylvania.

It's also said to be home to the infamous Jersey Devil , a beast that the Pinelands Preservation Alliance describes as "a kangaroo-like creature with the face of a horse, the head of a dog, bat-like wings, horns and a tail. Upon its birth, the newborn sprouted talons, hooves, and wings, and killed its mother, siblings, and the midwife before disappearing.

Sightings persist today, as it continues to terrorize livestock and humans. Diners, however, might get a little more than they bargained for when they sit down for their meal. Visitors have reported seeing ghosts from the estate's past, including a woman by the name of Josefita. Letchworth Village is a former mental institution that has fallen into a state of complete disrepair. Located in Thiells, New York, the campus sits on 2, acres and includes various medical buildings, dormitories, and a synagogue.

Like many hospitals and institutions, Letchworth Village is allegedly haunted by the spirits of former patients. The Cape Hatteras lighthouse is an iconic fixture on the North Carolina coastline, but said to be haunted by a woman named Theodosia Burr who was killed as a result of a shipwreck in She is believed to haunt the lighthouse and the surrounding shore to this day. Fort Abraham Lincoln's history dates all the way back to George Armstrong Custer, a Lieutenant Colonel for the Union Army during the Civil War, built the fort but died just four years after construction was complete.

People who visit the fort today often report seeing the ghost of Custer and his wife on the property. Now overgrown and covered in graffiti, the Moonville Tunnel is a favorite spot among urban explorers and ghost hunters in Ohio. The tunnel was once used by the local railroad, although it has been in disrepair for years.

According to local legend, some of the ghosts that haunt the tunnel include an old engineer and railway brakeman. Over the years, many players have reported ghost sightings, specifically of a woman named Effie who died at the hotel. The Shanghai Tunnels in Portland get their name from the practice that became known as " Shanghaiing " - kidnapping and selling men as workers on ships headed to East Asia. Restless, agitated spirits of men who were drugged and trafficked in the city's ports during the early 19th century are said to haunt the underground tunnels through which they were reportedly sold.

Legend has it that the local saloons contained entrances to the tunnels, enabling swindlers to prey on unsuspecting patrons and bring them directly underground before they even knew what was going on. Today, visitors can take walking tours to learn more about the dark history of the tunnels.

During its heyday, Eastern State Penitentiary was one of the most expensive and well-known prisons in the world. It was built in and housed big name criminals like Al Capone and bank robber "Slick Willie. Up until overcrowding became a problem in , prisoners were kept in complete solitude at all times. Even when prisoners left their cell, a guard would cover their head so they couldn't see and no one could see them. Today, the decaying penitentiary offers ghost tours and a museum. Shadowy figures, laughter, and footsteps have all been reported as paranormal activity within the prison walls.

The Breakers Mansion is a popular museum for tourists in Newport, Rhode Island, but is said to have paranormal activity. Alice Vanderbilt, the matriarch of the wealthy Vanderbilt family in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, lived in the mansion for many years after her husband Cornelius died.

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Her ghost is said to still roam the giant home. Besides bearing the distinction of South Carolina's oldest bridge, Poinsett is also believed by many to be a particularly spooky spot. The bridge, which was built completely out of stone in , is rumored to be home to multiple ghosts. There's the story of the mason who died while building the bridge; his body is allegedly entombed inside of it. Then there's the man who died here in a car accident in the 50s, and a slave who was lynched near the bridge. According to the hotel's website, many guests feel a ghostly presence in the hallways on the second and third floors of the hotel.

The Orpheum Theatre in Memphis has survived bankruptcies, a fire, and threat of demolition since it opened in Furnished with 2,pound chandeliers and gold leafing, its stunning interior seats 2, people, but also leaves plenty of room for spirits. A little girl named Mary is one of six ghosts that have been spotted in the theater, according to Haunted Houses.

Performers onstage have spotted her in the audience of their shows, and theatergoers have seen her dancing in the lobby. You can hear babies crying in other rooms when no one is around. Weird things happen that is unexpected. In the back room there have been times when you can hear footsteps. And the lights go on and off and there have been times reported when the microwave has gone on and off by it self. When they lock up there have been odd times when the owner has come back to get something and the door has been unlooked.

The employees have seen misty figures floating around then disappearing when someone come in or they hear a loud noise. Dekalb - Bogue Chitto Swamp, - Home to a specter that roams the near bridge of the swamp late at night. Footsteps are heard here and vehicles tend to stop half way across the bridge. Tall man wearing black suit and black hat is seen walking down roads near swamp trying to stop you for a ride. Ellisville - Deason Home - someone killed there during civil war blood stains appear when it rains, for more information, check out The Deason House Gautier - The Old Place - It has been noted that some of the slaves still haunt the property and the graveyard across the way.

The Old Place is the only plantation house still standing in Gautier and the family cemetery is across hwy 90 from the home. Some of the slave quarters are still there and the hanging tree is still there as well.

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Gulfport - Grandgulf - A civil war park that has a man thats head was blown off. People claim that if you go out there at night you can see his ghost walking around looking for his head. Hattiesburg - Burnt Bridge - The legend has it that on the old bridge there would be a young girl in a prom dress ride across the bridge on the hood of your car around midnight. Seems she and her boyfriend were killed on prom night on that bridge. There is a new bridge now and the girl no longer rides. Heidelberg - Bogue Homa Reservation - Reports of lights turning off and on, doors slamming shut, sounds of footsteps when the church is empty at night.

Hernando - Hernando Middle School - Any time when its dark and the gym is empty you can hear someone walking on the ceiling. The music teacher has actually heard the ghost playing his piano but when he went to check nothing was there. There were a few incidents that students at after school programs have actually seen the image of a young girl. These happenings still go on to this day. Houston - Asbury Cemetery - Asbury Cemetery is located way back on a dirt road, down in a valley between some hills.

It's a really pretty place, and I have been to more than one funeral there. But it's also a place where people like to park and stargaze. On several occasions, people have described a low voice talking, or an overwhelming, almost gut-wrenching feeling that something is watching them or something is after them. More than one serious accident has occurred from people driving from it at night as fast as they can.

Haunted Places in Mississippi

A witness involved in a wreck reports: We ran to our vehicles and everyone flew from there. I'm a biologist with a minor in Physics; I don't believe in "ghosts". On top of that, my father is a minister, and I have strong convictions against ghosts. Naturally, I thought it was just a change in the wind, sudden drop in pressure, etc. We were sitting in the car talking when I felt a horrible feeling that someone was right on me.

At the same time the girl I was with began to scream and tell me to get out of here, start the car! We flew out of there at full speed and kept speeding down the narrow two-lane road that led to it.


The Most Haunted Place in Every State from The Most Haunted Place in Every State Gallery

Even though we had left the area and were a half mile away, she continued to look out the back window and say that someone is coming, and our friend was saying "go, man, go! We were at the bottom of this hill and all any of us could do was yell excitedly in fear at what might be out there. To this day, neither I nor any of my many friends who used to go out there will even turn down the road that leads to it at night.

Not from what I said, but because they were there and I have felt it, too. If you are in the cemetery when it comes out they will dance around you, but if you are just entering it when they are already out they will force or scare you out. Jackson - Old Capitol - This building was used as the state capitol from , and is now a museum open to the public. At one time during the 's, a legislator died from a heart attack in his office, and slumped from his desk, hitting the floor. To this day, sometimes around 5: Security officers have also reported hearing doors slamming and hammering in the night.

Jackson - Chastain Middle School - One day a young boy was skipping school and decided to leave out of the top of the auditorium where a hole was. But there was also a big fan there.

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Reportedly the little boy got chopped to pieces and if you walk down a certain hall in the school he will chase after you. Jackson - University Club Amsouth Building - A former employee reports hearing footsteps, automatic doors opening and shutting rapidly. Kosciusko - City cemetery - A statue seems to weep. Several have also testified that a fresh rose could be found on her anniversary date, in her cupped hand. An year-old visitor to this cemetery reports the lady's name is Mrs.

At the time of Mrs. Kelly's death her husband had this statue made in France. The statue is said to look just like Mrs.

The Best Haunted Places in Every State | Travel + Leisure

Laurel - Downtown Hospital - The Spirits of two young girls haunt the hospital. The hospital has burned down. Laurel - Laurel Machine and Finery Rd. No one will go down that road on a full moon night the production plant on the road will not even work at night when its a full moon. Visions of seeing a girl drenched in blood and loud screams have been reported. Magee - casket hollow - This is said to be a place that has been rumored to have had caskets floating down the road on Halloween night, you can often feel a presence watching you from the woods.

The Most Haunted Places in Every State

Mantachie - Mount Pisgah Cemetery - strange lights and figures seen and sound for someone being beat. Meridian - Merrehope - This antebellum home is haunted by 2 spirits. One is of a man who committed suicide in one of the back bedrooms. His heavy footsteps can still be heard from that upstairs bedroom. The other spirit is of a young lady. Although never linked to the house, she started making appearances when an antique photo was placed in the house for display.

Conditions were horrid, with some prisoners fighting over rats to eat. Among the paranormal activities that some have claimed to witness: What makes this cemetery a potential paranormal hotspot, besides its deceased residents? Legend has it the graveyard has a hidden stairway that descends into hell itself.

There are also tales of witches being killed by local townspeople. The former psychiatric hospital was known for poor sanitation, lobotomies performed with ice picks, and for locking patients in cages. Witnesses claim to have heard shouting and the sounds of someone falling down a staircase. The hotel, built in , is home to numerous spirits, according to believers.

Alaska: Historic Anchorage Hotel

Some say former owner Thomas Taggart still operates the hotel elevator, and the apparition of a late bellhop has been spotted. Members of the staff have claimed to receive mysterious phone calls from empty hotel rooms. The theater was once used as a field hospital after Tupelo was hit by a deadly tornado in Still an active lighthouse, the tower is open to the public by day and hosts ghost tours by night.

Shadows and voices of spirits have been reported, perhaps belonging to the three girls who died in an accident while the tower was being built. Nearly settlers were murdered at the site in , during the Utah War, by members of the Utah Territorial Militia. Area visitors have reported hearing the sounds of voices and cries at the site.

Haunted Mississippi: The Most Haunted Locations Haunted Mississippi: The Most Haunted Locations
Haunted Mississippi: The Most Haunted Locations Haunted Mississippi: The Most Haunted Locations
Haunted Mississippi: The Most Haunted Locations Haunted Mississippi: The Most Haunted Locations
Haunted Mississippi: The Most Haunted Locations Haunted Mississippi: The Most Haunted Locations
Haunted Mississippi: The Most Haunted Locations Haunted Mississippi: The Most Haunted Locations
Haunted Mississippi: The Most Haunted Locations Haunted Mississippi: The Most Haunted Locations
Haunted Mississippi: The Most Haunted Locations Haunted Mississippi: The Most Haunted Locations

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