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I have some thoughts about how to introduce the final book in this series, but they're not confident ones. Some questions for series writers who use cliffhangers and the readers who love them: Do you want a preview of the action in the book description, or do you basically just want to make sure that the finale is really that--a finale?

I read this one in the 70ss. I don't remember this particular story but there were many in there and I only read a few. I can't remember any of the exact stories, unfortunately. Concerning unsolved mystery A53, I ran across a children's story called The Snooks Family in a listserv to which I subscribe. The person submitting the story says: My photocopy says From Tales of Ebony by Harcourt Williams Putnam, London " I also read a version of this on the Storytelling list, so it may be one of those often re-told stories with many variations.

I've taken the liberty of making some little changes of my own. He was born in and died in I found 1 film with Actor containing "Harcourt Williams: There are many films in which Harcourt Williams played minor roles. Preface reads in part 'This book originated in a series of little reading lessons prepared for the first grade pupils in the Santa Rosa California public schools The spirit of the book may be illustrated by referring to the roast turkey in the story of The Little Match Girl.

The story was told as dear old Hans Christian Anderson gave it to the little German children fifty years ago William Patten, Junior Classics: Fairy and Wonder Tales , , copyright. Maybe you are looking for the Junior Classic, they are a set of 10 books, each with a different subject matter, the first one is Fairy and Wonder Tales. First Published in , and compiled by William Patten, there are many later editions as well.

Wynken, Blynken and Nod is by Eugene Field. Neither Robinson or Parrish really did wispy pastels, though. It was illustrated by Garth Williams, and had many wonderful coloured illustrations. The stories included one about Georgie, a little ghost, and there were also lots of poems including the battle between the gingham dog and the calico cat. Does this ring any bells with the inquirer? Olive Beaupre Miller ed. There are various printings, but the edition I grew up on is, indeed, bound in blue, and "wispy pastels" is a fine description of the illustrative style. It dates from the 30's or 40's.

It is presented over four pages with very large elaborate pictures! I'd say the gorgeous illustrations would have tremendous appeal to a child and would certainly be vividly recalled long afterward. While the cover color does not match your recollections, I thought it might be worth a look! Just a possibility -- A wonderful poetry book I just came upon with your poem in lovely soft colors, blue and yellow! Watty Piper, The Bumper Book, , approximate. Someone has already suggested The Bumper Book which is my guess if it's an anthology.

I am 59 and loved the book. It also contained among others Christopher Robin, The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat, the days of the week and months with clever pictures, etc. Arthur Mee's Children's Encyclopedia , I remember reading Winken Blynken and Nod from a blue textured hardback. It was a collection of children's writings that came with the Arthur Mee's encyclopedia that was sold door to door for many years both in the USA and the British Empire. I was checking out where you may find this book and looked on this site loganberrybooks and discovered a list of anthologies.

Well, here's the link I found with the children's poetry, including yours of "Wynken Blynken and Nod. Loganberry Books Anthology Finder: I just finished re-reading the Young Wizards series and this doesn't appear to match any incident described within them. It does sound vaguely reminiscent of the part in A Wrinkle in Time where Mrs. Which take the children to a two-dimensional planet where they cannot breathe.

Just guessing here - the synopsis says "Further adventures of four children who can travel to other worlds - this time to a distant planet where enemies are fought with imagination and will power. About twins who use astral projectiom. Christopher Fahy , Nightflyers or Night flyers or Nightfliers. About teenage kids in high school, bullying and central character learns to astral project. A brilliant book that stayed with me for years.

Joy Cowley, Ticket to the Sky Dance, They know every free food place in the city and how to make the best of looking helpless and cute. Their favourite possessions are hologram players and zeus boots - they are freedom children of the twenty-first century, using their good looks and cunning to survive. Risk-taking and danger start to unnerve Shog and Jancie and make tem jittery. When Class Act, a famous, international modelling agency, welcomes them to its private world of extravagance and luxury, they can't believe their luck.

But as the newness of luxury wears off, it is replaced by terrible fears: Each picture contains a myriad of unusual objects, all beginning with the same letter. Includes pictures of antique dolls and toys and many other childhood artifacts and treasures with accompanying text. Setting about to fill it, she plucks and chooses objects of delight from each letter of the alphabet.

Bitten by the collector's bug, she embarks on an exciting adventure. This poster may be thinking of the animal books by Thornton W. All of them seem to be in print. The poster might check the Thornton Burgess books. Peter Rabbit and his many friends are followed in their daily lives and have many adventures while the reader learns about nature. They were published in the early 's and were in most school libraties in the 50's. A87 animal's daily routine: This could have been a book about "Pedro," the little airplane that takes over his father's mail route. Originally a cartoon short in "Saludos Amigos" by Disney, I remember seeing the story in one of my Disney storybooks.

This looks like a book about Jay Jay the Jet Plane. There are several - they are based on a cartoon series of the same name. It sounds like the plot of an MGM cartoon I saw, where an older propelled cargo plane is always being razzed by the younger, faster jets. What's worse is that his son is also a baby jet! In order to raise money for his family, Dad Prop-plane enters some sort of contest against the jets. He tries, nearly crashes, until Junior saves the day and his dad.

Fly-away at the Air Show. We had a colorful book in the mid or so that seems to fit the description of this searcher. Not that it helps. Mine as a child included a 45rpm record!

Ni no Kuni book report Part 2

In it, humans were putting on teddy bear disguises so they could sneak into the teddy bears' picnic unnoticed. Hope you find yours soon! This collection contains a story called "Pancake", "Henny-Penny", as well as a couple of "Fox" stories. It was originally published in and there have been numerous reprints, including one in Unfortunately I don't know if "Pancake" was the first story in the collection, but I bet someone else out there can look it up and let us know for sure.

I think this anthology is the one I had from the Childcraft series I don't know which printing - but I had mine in the earely 70s. The runaway pancake was the first stroy, and the cover was had a picture of the fox and the stork, which may account for the memory of the fox stroy. AII6 I think it may be this, which I reproduce from an ad beause it lists a lot of the stories.

I can't find my copy to check myself. Chimney corner stories; tales for little children. Collection of children's stories from: Hoban, Russell, Harvey's Hideout. Could you be thinking of Harvey's Hideout? It's about a brother and sister muskrat who squabble all the time. The brother has a secret cave and at the end of the book he finds out his sister has a secret cave next door to his. I'm not sure about it, but this one keeps coming up in my WorldCat searches - seems there aren't too many books with muskrats as main characters!

As a result, they both spend some lonely hours refusing to play with each other. I remember the brother and sister eating cheese, which looked funny. I keep thinking his name is Eddie. Maybe these clues will help someone come up with the title. Glad she remembered "Hollow. Emmit Otter's Jugband Christmas '70s, approximate. Part of the Parents Magazine Press Series. Oversized and orange makes me think of the Childcraft series. Science and Industry meets that description 10" tall x 14" wide , and certainly has many illustrations and photographs.

But I didn't see the story you cite. There's a picture of the full series on the Anthologies page , check that out just in case. Again, sorry I don't have the complete solution, but the story about the stomach is the same as the book "Dr. Beaumont and the Man with a Hole in His Stomach. Jorja Tabu: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

Anthony Ravielli, Wonders of the Human Body. Thanks for giving it a shot however your suggestions for the book in A are not the book. The book was oversized, probably " wide by 12" high. I'm still keen to track it down. I think the story about the rods and cones in the eye might be the key clue. I had a book with this title as a boy, and it certainly included the story of the felloe with a flap in his stomach. I got the author's name and publication date from AbeBooks, so another book with this title is also possible.

This is just a suggestion. Willard Price, Amazon adventure , The boys are accompanying their zoologist father down the Amazon, to explore an uncharted river. They face the natural hazards of the jungle, hostile natives, an anonymous telegram, and a hunchback with bloodshot eyes. It's probably this book, since it has almost entered "classic" status, but there are lots with this plot. Morgan Swift and the lake of diamonds by Susan Saunders , published in , about a teacher and twins Jan and Jill that go on a plant research trip to an Amazon tributary - and it turns into a dangerous encounter with thieves and suspicious Indians.

Another one published in , Ambush in the Amazon, by Walter Dean Myers, is about two brothers I don't know whether there are parents involved camping in the Amazon who try to save a tribal village from the attacks of what appears to be a reincarnated swamp monster. The brothers' names were Chris and Ken. They probably have to keep records of the copyrighted material that appears on the test and they would be able to tell you where it came from. Some of their material is really out there--my SAT reprinted some portion of an article on cloud formation.

Rita Dove, Through the Ivory Gate, This is an alphabet book of things in the city. It's the only one I could come up with that the copyright dates fit. A I just checked McGinley. I think this may be too recent but worth a check. Diana Patrick, First Your Penny, The whole world, she believes, is hers to command.

She had yet to learn the important lesson of life.. First Your Penny is the story of her discovery of the important things in life -- and the meaning of true love". I'm not sure that this is the book being sought, but it is an extremely sentimental romantic novel with a lead character named Amaryllis! A strong-willed five-year-old named Amaryllis is neglected by her parents, separated from her brother and shipped off to live with Uncle Paul. The boy, John Guido, is about twelve and plays her the "Amaryllis, fairest flower" tune on his violin.

They promise to meet again, and they do, each knowing from that moment that the other is their one and only and determined to keep themselves pure. At the end, you're supposed to think JG is dead but he isn't because he stopped to rescue a homeless dog. There was a film version made in with Joyce Coad and Philippe deLacy. This book has all the poems you listed. Although I can't be sure this is the book you have, this book does have the four poems you cited.

My source is "Index to Children's Poetry, first supplement. All of those poems listed in the stumper are in that book but here are some more that are not: It's possible you were looking in a later book with the same title that was abridged for example, the edition is only 68 pages long. The one that has them listed is Werner, Jane , ed. This book is 97 pages and is 28 cm.

I hope this helps. Golden Book of Poetry. Is this the illustration for The Sugar Plum Tree? Colin Dann, Animals of Farthing Wood, c. This is probably a long shot, but could it be The Animals of Farthing Wood? In this series they are escaping a housing development, but I'm sure I remember a scene involving rafting down the river. Or else it could be Watership Down by Robert Adams, where something like that also happens. I posted this a few months ago. My book was probably written in the s to s. Anyway, I was in the archives to see if I could solve anything and ran across A which sounds a lot like the book I'm looking for F I don't remember the raft or the map but the rest sounds the same.

Curiously, my request is indexed F Is that on purpose? I have been looking for this book for several years. My sister and I used to check it out from the small library in my hometown in Michigan back in the 's. It must have been published in the 40's or 50's as the copy we used was showing its age. Is it possible that this is a book from Canada or England? As I recall the illustrations seemed to be influenced by Milne. I hope someone can find this one. I would like to by a copy for my sister. Paine wrote several other books about the Hollow Tree animals, Mr. I don't remember a fire but I do remember a flood.

The line drawings do have a sort of Milne-ish actually Ernest E. Every book is a thick one on basically peaceful forest creatures, whom face war or disaster and are forced to fight. There are so many books in this series, but it sounds similar to Jacques's books. Friendship Valley by Wolo. A story packed with illustrations about a variety of animals, large and small, who work together to make a home after the tragedy of a forest fire.

Endpapers are a pictorial map of "The Little Lake and Friendship Valley," color pictorial paper over board. I'm sending the same solution for unsolved stumper F Forest Fire drives animals to new home. This is definitely the book being sought! A badger, woodchuck, family of racoons, squirrel, hedgehog, and frog escape from a forest fire on a raft, and rescue a kitten as they float downriver. The fire does occur late at night, and the front and back inside covers do show a detailed map of the place where they make their new home.

Robert Lawson, The Fabulous Flight. Could this be it? A boy suffers an injury that causes him to shrink to a very tiny size. He makes friends with a seagull and they have some wild adventures together. I think there is a part where the seagull is trapped, but I could be wrong. Could this be Sid Hoff's Albert the Albatross I'll have to hunt for my book to see if it contains the picture you describe.

Well, I just scanned through both and didn't find the box reference Please take a look at this one. Kitty Styles, Nicholas Thomas and Timothy series. These books, in addition to stories, included mazes, games and other activities. Perhaps a more likely possibility would be one of the various "Rainy Day" books that used to be very popular.

Big Red Fun Book. Was it a thick book maybe 3" and about 8" tall? Did it include chapters on charades, and handwriting analysis? I had a book alled either "the big red fun book" or "my big red fun book", and the riddle you mention was one of the first ones in it. Another of my favorites was "what goes up a chimney down, but can't go down a chimney up? I still have the book somewhere in my collection, so if this sounds right I'll dig it out for more info.

Do you remember a chapter on soap carving, another on knot tying, and a page showing a street accident and you're supposed to look at it for a minute and then remember details? You were indeed meant to take a pencil to the book for the puzzles and designs, and my first edition was a nicely bound black hardcover with gold lettering on the spine. It also came out in paperback. Whittemore, Jerusalem Poker, Part of a series of marvelous interconnected books that featured the Wandering Jew as a character. The books are a magical realist retelling of the history of the Middle East, with Jerusalem as the focal point.

The Smyrna section is near the end of the second book, Jerusalem Poker, a book about a never ending poker game between the shadowy true rulers of the Middle East. Books were recently reissued by Old Earth Books in a uniform trade paperback edition. I have an idea that he has written some YA books about flying, he might be a possibility. Miriam Blanton Huber et al. I am almost positive this is the book - I read it not too long ago and it had the filling-in-holes-in-the-fields bits and everything. But Bob and Andy are friends, not brothers. This is part of the Aviation Readers series of textbooks.

Tyndall and Bolsover, Annie The Anteater , Apparently there were at least three books in the "Trumpy Tales" series: Is there a school bus that gets trapped by the creatures? Rabbit gets Alligator into an argument about who has the most relatives. When a couple thousand alligators show up, Rabbit jumps across their backs, counting them and succeeding in his plan to cross the muddy swamp without dirtying his long fluffy tail, until one impatient alligator bites off his tail. Sorry, definitely not Alvin Maker. That series has reached six books, most recently The Crystal City , and the only one where he was young was the first one?

No Death by black carriage, but plenty of threat by water and things related to water. Roderick MacLeish, Prince Ombra , I remembered also that each page had a letter of the alphabet that was at the top of each page, the letters where wispy and the rhyme was under it. This is such a stumper for me.

Is there a site to look at that has s books that were popular? Aexander Key, The Magic Meadow. My sister just lent this book to me, all the details match. You can see online here. We didn't have a very colorful version but I can remember it had toy soldiers, land of nod, etc Mother Goose , c. This was a book some neighbours had, and I envied it, though it was too young for me.

I never could get a copy for my kids,but I saw a copy of it not long ago in a used bookstore in Streetsville, Ontario. Alcott, Louisa May, Jack and Jill. In jack and Jill, the two main characters have a sledding accident and I remember the girl was in bed or convalescing for a year. I don't have the book here and i don't remember if there was an apple blossom connection. Coolidge, Susan, What Katy Did. Could it be this often-reprinted story? This is the story of the dreadful accident that gave Katy the chance to achieve her aim.

A best-loved story for more than years. I looked on the website, but the books aren't correct. Do I just keep checking to see if anyone else has any ideas? Thanks for all of your help! I remember reading something similar about the same time. Try searching for a girl who has polio. I remember a horse in the story I read, and a big tree in a yard that bloomed. Sorry I can't be of more help, but maybe a lead.

I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but there were some similarities. The girl in the book is not sick, but she basically waits a year to see what will happen to the tree at her new home a farm. The story contains illustrations combined with actual photos. The girl wanders her farm with her doll, Jane. The trees eventually bud and blossom then she finds out they are apple trees. Are the characters in your book black? I remember a story from my childhood about a little girl in the South, something about a tree in her grandmother's yard.

At some point in the book the girl is injured either a broken bone or a head injury and I think the cover of the book was purple. I think the gurl was either visiting or living with her grandmother. I don't know if this is the correct answer but your question made me think of a story I read many years ago about a little girl named TooLoo who wasn't allowed to climb the chinaberry tree because she was too small.

She eventually climbed it and got stuck. When her mother got her down, she was put to bed. David Small, Imogene's Antlers, ? I thought this may be the book you were talking about. Especially the end because she ends up growing tree branches which grow as cherry blossoms? She gets a treat when cold in better and dances under the blossom trees at her grandparents orchard, the blossom is like the falling snow she missed, I have no idea what the book was called but would love to know if you find out!

Not a solution, but book stumper A sounds like the same book as B This sounds like the Book Trails series. Is it possible that your sister is remembering this book in addition to the ones you describe? In response to the comment provided by a reader, I'd like to thank that person for writing. I've tried to check on the Book Trails book, but I don't think this is the source of our book set. Our covers were not so elaborate, but beyond that, the Books Trails description mentions black-and-white illustrations; our books had richly colored illustrations.

I can definitely rule out the Better Homes and Gardens Storybook after having seen copies. I have other memories about our volumes other than those I already mentioned, but they are more vague and therefore more unreliable: I seem to recall a story called The Land of Nod which might be the same as the story about the boy named Pod, already mentioned I think our books had Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates. I think both of our books had a mix of stories and poems for beginning as well as better readers as opposed to books that contain only poems, another only stories.

I don't think either book had projects or "try it" activities. If there were other books beyond the two we had a larger set I was unaware of them. As I've continued to try to find these books, I've come to realize that book sets from a variety of publishers in the s contained many of the same stories, which makes the search even more difficult. I have tried searching through the Mysteries Solved section of this website to find a solution, but haven't had a "that's IT" moment yet.

I appreciate any and all help, so please continue to share your thoughts and suggestions. They were burgundy, leather textured hardbacks and several volumes contained poems and short story classics. That was the source of lots of our childhood literature.

See a Problem?

Marjorie Barrows , ed. Mine is a edition, two volumes, dark red-brown covers. Inside the cover is a colorful picture of children dancing in a circle in outfits from all over the world. Joe Bean caught a cloud and thought he'd bring it home and it nearly wrecked his house. His wife was a lot smarter than he was. The Land of Counterpane is one of several Robert Louis Stevenson poems in there, with soft grey-washed pictures. The one about the baby born to the upside-down-reading parents is "Clown Town".

The book is notable for not only having the story about the house that Jack built -- but also the house that JILL built. Childcraft series, s to s. The poem about the "Jolly giant Joe Green" was contained in an encyclopedic style set of books called " Child Craft ". There were something like 20 or more books in the set.

There were many stories and poems included, and the targeted age range probably was from 1st grade to 7th grade children. The books were richly bound in a dark red leather, and as I recall, good quality paper. So there probably are surviving editions squirreled away in many attics waiting to see the light of day.

If anybody knows where to find the Childcraft series, and in particular, the specific book with the Joe Bean poem in it, I would appreciate contact information of where to find it. Strangeways, Mark, The Secret Base: A very similar stumper was recently solved on another site. Sounds like the same book this poster is looking for is that you ElMagnifico?? Alert - it isn't The Secret Base!! I just got it and there was a mix-up of information! Nope, tis Elwyn who posted this - it seems we were only half right about this book.

Has half the elements but not all - we are still seeking the Chinese cook among other things! One Ah Sin I know of is a character from the poetry of the 19th century writer Bret Harte - I believe it's from the narrative poem about California prospectors with a title something like Tales of Truthful James. William Nicholson, The Wind Singer Since your not sure if your plots are mixed I'm going to suggest this one, although it has nothing about astrology, people are segregated into different classes based on testing.

They can only live in their assigned part of the city, wear their assigned color, and are limited on career advancement as well. This tale also features, Mud People, really scary Old Children who steal away youth by touching you , and some kind of prophecy. You may remember remember cities on wheels that sail across the desert, and an evil foe called "the Mora". I hope that's enough information, and I hope you find the right book. It's not quite the same as the description, but could it be The Children of Green Knowe? The main character is a boy, Toseland, not a girl, but it has many of the same elements: However there are non-creepy ghosts.

As a result, Mary becomes the ward of an uncle in England she has never met. As she hesitantly tries to carve a new life for herself at imposing and secluded Misselthwaite Manor, Mary befriends a high-spirited boy named Dickon and investigates a secret garden on the Manor grounds. She also discovers a sickly young cousin, Colin, who has been shut away in a hidden Manor room. Together Mary and Dickon help Colin blossom, and in the process Mary finds her identity and melts the heart of her emotionally distant uncle.

This reminds me of a book I read about the same time. I think it was titled The Octagon House. The girl goes into a strange octagonal shaped house to get out of the rain as she walks home from school. She finds a key that opens a doll house that is the exact replica of the house she is in. There is something magic that occurs and she finds treasures. I think there is an old woman involved and the key was inside a box with a velvet ribbon? Another person brought a stumper within the stumper about an octagon house. A girl named Lorrie? She finds refuge in a strange eight-sided house that has a replica dollhouse inside and I do seem to recall a rocking horse perhaps there's a connection between her riding the horse and magic happening.

It isn't a sinister book, and I think at the end the old ladies who lived in the house end up as dolls in the dollhouse? Anyway, maybe this description will help. Most of the things that you described are in this book I have to disagree; this sounds nothing like The Magician's Nephew. In that book, two children a boy and a girl travel to worlds through a wood full of pools using green and yellow rings invented by the magician of the title.

It is a prequel to the rest of the Narnia books, explaining the origins of things such as the White Witch and Lantern Waste, and there are most definitely parts of it that could be considered creepy. Tibby, the main character, is the daughter of the housekeeper at a grand house. Tibby has a friend who comes over, a slightly older boy who works in the stables. She explores all over the house and gets in trouble for sneaking around. She finds the will that leaves the house to the rightful owners maybe Tibby's mom or the stable owner?

I don't know if it will help you find your book, but I can tell you what galoshes are. They are a lot like rubber boots but they are oversized so that your regular shoes can fit inside them. They have no lining inside because if you are wearing shoes inside you don't need one.

Perhaps too recent, but it is a horror novel based on the Yeti or Abominable Snowman legend. No plot description available. Some said a demon resided on the rocky slopes, an unholy thing that periodically emerged from the mist to claim a life. Mark Newman had hiked the trails to the mountain's peak many times. He'd heard the tales, but he didn't believe them - until the day his friend disappeared in a sudden, blinding snowstorm while they were on the mountain. Mark witnessed something he knew couldn't be real - something that would kill again and again.

I think this may be the one you're looking for it does have color illustrations. No it's not wonderful fashion doll. I just found one on e-bay with pics and they are not the same. The doll in my book was more of a baby doll. The end pages were one full page for each outfit in bright colors not pencil and watercolors. The blue I mentioned outfit was a deep velvet blue. I just talked to my sister who is also looking for this book. We brainstormed and here are more clues. I was wrong it was not a baby doll but a young girl doll.

The was a riding habit among the pictures. They had bustles and hats and shoes. The girl looking for the doll was visiting a relative when looking for the doll. I remember reading a book like this as a child. The girl, Sally, goes to visit her Great-Aunt Sarah. She doesn't get along with the aunt and somehow she winds up going back in time about 50 years and becomes another girl also named Sally.

Reward Yourself

The "olden times" Sally has a doll with golden hair which is lost. In the end it turns out that the cat had taken it and hidden it in the attic. In the modern time Sally finds the doll because her great-aunt's cat had golden hair in its claw. It turns out that she was the young Sally from the past. I don't remember the title or author but this might give you more to go on. The last suggestion is the book "Magic Elizabeth"- great story- but I don't think it really matches the request.

Mystery involving clues and a doll could be "Missing Melinda"- but no fashion doll stuff at all that I know of. Maybe this is two books being mixed in memory? Twins Cordelia and Ophelia find a valuable antique doll in an attic it's stolen, and they have some scary adventures getting it back.

The final clue comes, perhaps not unexpectedly, through Shakespeare. This Sounds like the Book. Catherine Woolley, Ginnie and the Mystery Doll. I don't remember much about this book's plot, but I loved reading this book so much when I was a little girl that I've always remembered the title. Ginnie and a friend find an antique doll that belonged to her great-aunt. Bosworth's White Water, Still Water began with a similar raft incident, and the boy spends the rest of the book trying to walk home through the wilderness.

I don't remember the dog, but it's been about 40 years since I read it! I don't know if that has ABC's in it though See if any look familiar on the Anthology Finder. Nelson Young World, Yes, though the key words I gave you were, I think, "alphabet alliteration sheep sharp shape," my adult daughter whose book it was—which I LOST!

It might have been Hungarian, for that matter—but no, the humor did have a rather British flavor Visit this website for more info. This is definitely the book. How long do I get to keep this maddening thing out there? Christine Bernard, A Shiver of Spooks. A collection of ghost stories published by Armada in the s, so possible.

Armada, , pp. It's also depicted as the cover art of that anthology. I can't find any indication that the story has been reprinted or appeared anywhere else. Nesbit's Accidental Magic is a short story is about a boy who falls asleep at Stonehenge and ends up in Atlantis. It doesn't have bracken or fern in it, though. A This is a total shot in the dark because I've never read it, but perhaps the title will ring a bell. There's a book about Atlantis that was published in both London and New York in According to the summaries, there is a prohecy that a boy will destroy Atlantis, and his sister can do nothing to prevent the tragedy.

And in case the detail helps, it is the Archer family and they tend saffron. Two races of Atlanteans on islands of another sea beneath the Sargasso Sea. This could be a possibility. Looks like it's a fairly rare book.

Thanks to all of you for these suggestions so far. None of them is the right book yet, but I really appreciate your trying. Any other suggestions would be very welcome. Farmer, Penelope, William and Mary. This was already one of the solved mysteries, but I believe it might be british and there is a boy main character. Jan Siegal, Prospero's Children.

This is more for teens and was probably too late, but it does have a main character named Fern who goes back to Atlantis to search for a way to stop the Atlantean queen. She meets up with a boy who helps her and they fall in love. Elinor Lyon, Hilary's Island , around This sounds like Hilary's Island by Elinor Lyon. Hilary was actually a girl named Amaryllis who pretended to be a boy named Hilary. She named "her" island Atlantis her favorite of several near-by islands and she ran away to hide on it.

Long shot, but this features a girl whose family originally came from Atlantis I remember a crystal ball that shows things and that the family have strange abilities Nesbit, The Story of the Amulet , , approximate. This is a sequel to "Five Children and It. It is a British book, and there very well might be bracken - I can't remember.

Three in a trailer. Holiday in a trailer. Tony for keeps; a story of a house on wheels. The Feather family car pulls a trailer around the western half of the US as father swaps labor and objects for needed cash. Orphan Tina accidentally joins them, is disguised as a boy so there will be no accusations of kidnapping before they can get her back and adopt her.

Florence Musgrave, Trailer Tribe. This might be the book. The cover shows a family and their airstream trailer. This book sounds a lot like Dr. Seuss's book of ABC's. Although it is common to have a Yak represent Y such a difficult letter! Rey, Curious George Learns the Alphabet.

In this book the Man with the Yellow Hat drew alphabet animals so George could learn the alphabet. The little-h horse rings a bell for me. Rey, Curious George Learns the Alphabet , I have to second the motion for Curious George Learns the Alphabet. I have the book here on my lap, and the illustrations are exactly as the stumper requester remembers.

Here is the text for each page: He is happy because he has heaps of hay. George had his own horsea hobby horse. Yaks live in Tibet. If you haven't seen any yaks yet you may find one at the zoo. The only word on each page was the spelled-out name of the animal, as I recall.

I remember just the large drawings of animals, one on each page. This may have been a book from the fifties or very early sixties. Dorothy Schmiderer , Alphabeast Book: An Abecedarium , Sounds like Schmiderer's Alphabeast Book -- letters morph in a sequence of four drawings into animals. My copy shows h becomes a horse, and y, a yak. The only colors used in the book are red, white, and blue, if that helps.

James Vance Marshall, Walkabout , Sure, it's not Africa, but the Austrailian outback could be remembered as sub-saharan Africa. Two white teens lost in the outback survive by relying on a young black aborigne who is on a manhood quest, I believe. Very popular at the time. This is the exact title of a book I started and never finished; it has quite a lot of description in it but is not a children's book.

Makes reference to eating insects and hatchling birds. Sorry I don't know the author; I'm going to guess I read it 10 years ago. Maybe this is the book you are looking for. Lawhead, Dream Thief , It's about a sleep scientist who goes to live on a space colony. He also ends up on Mars and in India before the story is over. It definitely fits the bill of a love story and a christian story. This was by far my least favorite books by Lawhead the author of some of my favorite books of all time, like Patrick, Son of Ireland , but it was ok.

Thanks for the idea, however, I know this is not it. It was definitely not a Science Fiction. More of a romance. Orson Scott Card author , Ender's Game. I know that Ender's Game isn't the right book, but man, it sure is eerily similar. Samuel Delany, The Fall of the Towers , , reprint. I don't remember the helmet, but the part about the government starting a war for the reason you mention Through the Gate of My Bookhouse , c. Might even be called My Bookhouse Through the Gate but, pretty sure this is the book you want. Olive Beaupre Miller, My Bookhouse , - I had this age-appropriate set of books in the s.

My set started with a light green cover for the Nursery Rhymes and advanced through shades of green and then blue for older readers. I remember Tipity Witchit! I think he dipped his tail in whitewash. Later it must have rained because his tail was revealed to be solid black again.

His story was probably in Volume 2 or 3. I remember the Bookhouse books, my mother had a set of them. I do recall the Teeny-tiny women, I think she stole a scarecrow lady's clothes. With Tippety-Witchet, I remember that Tippety's white tip was to protect him from being stolen away by the witches. One old witch in particular kept trying to pour a shadow on his tail so she could catch him, after she turned his mother into a porceline sculpture! It was a good spooky story full of ghosts and devils and dancing. I was born in , and I have fond memories of an illustrated book about one of these "aliens.

He was usually very strong and quite mischievous, but the water had to be replenished periodically or he would become weak and ill. In the tale I remember best, the kappa befriended a little human boy and decided to live with him. He wanted to keep his identity a secret, so he engaged the boy in a playful water-throwing battle and managed to replenish his supply without admitting he wasn't human.

I remember more than one story about this kappa, but I cant remember the name of the book or the author, and I dont know if these were multiple tales in a single book, or a series of picture books by the same author. I can't even tell you if the author is of Japanese descent many libraries have culled "inauthentic" folktales from their collections. I've found three possible children's books from the correct time period for you. The first is 'Kappa' and other stories by Shigeru Tomiyama , 54 pages. The third is Clinton and the Kappa by Edgar C.

Grove-Merritt author and Yasuo Kazama illustrator , 38 pages. I haven't seen any of these and don't know whether the illustrations match your description. When searching for stories, please note that some adult tales feature frightening or monstrous kappa, quite unlike the odd and endearing creature I remember.

Good luck in your search! I don't know the specific book in question, but the description of the beings sounds like it must be about the Kappa of Japanese folklore. Here's an online description: Deep in the rivers of Japan, as all Japanese children know, there live mischievous little Water Elves called kappas pronounced koppas.

They have shells on their backs, webbed hands and feet, and shallow bowls of water in the tops of their heads. As long as the bowls are full, the kappas are gay and strong. But should the water spill out, they become very weak and may even die. This is the story of a young Kappa Prince named Kap.

One day he wandered too far downstream from his royal palace and was lifted out of the water on the end of a fishing pole. The next thing he knew he had been adopted by a Japanese family, who hid the fact that he was really a kappa from all the villagers. But no one could hide Kap's mischievous nature, and soon he was playing tricks on everyone.

Kap's pranks will delight American children, who will share his adventure when he tries to find his way back to his river kingdom. It is Kap and The Wicked Monkey another possible solution for you! See more on the Solved Mysteries page. Mary Chase, Loretta Mason Potts. The children do go through the back of a closet and end up by a bridge. When they cross the bridge they become ant-size although they don't realize this at first. They go into a castle and meet a lady who turns out in the end to be bad.

SINGLE WHITE WITCH SEEKS SAME (Cupids Companion Finders Book 1) SINGLE WHITE WITCH SEEKS SAME (Cupids Companion Finders Book 1)
SINGLE WHITE WITCH SEEKS SAME (Cupids Companion Finders Book 1) SINGLE WHITE WITCH SEEKS SAME (Cupids Companion Finders Book 1)
SINGLE WHITE WITCH SEEKS SAME (Cupids Companion Finders Book 1) SINGLE WHITE WITCH SEEKS SAME (Cupids Companion Finders Book 1)
SINGLE WHITE WITCH SEEKS SAME (Cupids Companion Finders Book 1) SINGLE WHITE WITCH SEEKS SAME (Cupids Companion Finders Book 1)
SINGLE WHITE WITCH SEEKS SAME (Cupids Companion Finders Book 1) SINGLE WHITE WITCH SEEKS SAME (Cupids Companion Finders Book 1)
SINGLE WHITE WITCH SEEKS SAME (Cupids Companion Finders Book 1) SINGLE WHITE WITCH SEEKS SAME (Cupids Companion Finders Book 1)
SINGLE WHITE WITCH SEEKS SAME (Cupids Companion Finders Book 1) SINGLE WHITE WITCH SEEKS SAME (Cupids Companion Finders Book 1)
SINGLE WHITE WITCH SEEKS SAME (Cupids Companion Finders Book 1) SINGLE WHITE WITCH SEEKS SAME (Cupids Companion Finders Book 1)

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