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Their recent sophomore album debuted 1 in 13 countries across the Americas, including the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Argentina and Chile, and Top 20 in more than 30 countries in four continents. The quintet is conquering each corner of the planet regardless of cultural or language barriers and set to be one of the most prestigious Latin acts in recent history.

The band has already amassed a loyal following of fans, and performed on Good Morning America, Live! But they give me a lot to write about. Somewhere between nineties American pop and eighties European disco, rises the undeniable voice of Kim Petras. The track quickly amassed more than 10 million Spotify streams and went to 1 on the Spotify Global Viral 50 Chart just four days after release. Skai is a passionate advocate for anti-bullying and is quickly becoming a household name and a role model for younger generations using her large following to stand up to bullies on social media.

While continuing to host for Radio Disney, touring as an artist and accumulating 2. Aiono is currently working on his debut album for Interscope Records. What began as a personal healing journey, channeling their pain and anger into the writing of the song, quickly evolved into what has become an anthem for a generation determined to make a change in the world. Shine MSD was formed to teach the power of artistic expression and to give the students a platform to find their own voice. The non-profit currently runs Camp Shine providing free drama, music and art therapy to MSD students.

Sawyer, Andrea and their families and friends realized the power of healing through artistic expression, and the positive impact the arts has in inspiring hope and unity in the aftermath of tragedy.

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Morgan also appears frequently on Disney Channel, Freeform, Marvel networks and others. In addition to hosting live events all over the country, Morgan is also the digital host for the return of American Idol on ABC and for the past four years has served as the stadium host and voice for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Serena has won a staggering 23 Grand Slams, inlcuding the , , , , and US Open. She has finished world No. The world ranked No. The Spaniard has also thrived representing his country, winning a gold medal in singles at the Beijing Olympics and in doubles at the Olympics in Rio.

He's led Spain to four Davis Cup titles, most recently in Nadal is known as perhaps the greatest clay-court player of all time. His win at the French Open made him the only player in the Open era, man or woman, to win a single Grand Slam 10 times. Last Saturday of April [20]. Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Uruguay [ citation needed ].

Children's Week is an annual event celebrated in Australia during the fourth week in October, from the Saturday before Universal Children's Day to the following Sunday. It was established as a holiday in Until Child Care Week was held in various Australian states and territories focusing on children in care or those in institutions. It was held at different times. In it was decided to coordinate a national week to include all children. In Bangladesh , Children's Day is celebrated on 17 March. It is also the birthday of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Since the JAAGO Foundation has been celebrating this day throughout its primary education and child well-being campaigns countrywide on 20 November. In Brazil Children's day is celebrated by kids receiving presents from their parents. In the past all drivers were expected to drive with their lights on all day long to demonstrate extra vigilance over children's safety. Now it is compulsory to drive with the lights on every day of the year. In Cameroon , Children's Day was established as a holiday in National Child Day has been proclaimed across Canada since to commemorate the United Nations' adoption of two documents centered on children's rights: This Act promotes awareness and teaches children that they have rights, like adults do, under the law.

However, it is observed on the second Sunday of August. When the People's Republic of China was first established in , the State Council Cabinet designated a half-day holiday for all primary schools on 1 June. Schools usually hold activities such as children's performances, camping trips, or free movies on Children's Day or the day before to allow students to have fun. Children of civil servants might also receive small gifts from the government until they are fourteen, and Civil servants who have children sometimes have a half-day holiday on 1 June to spend more time with their children.

Entrance and set out ceremonies of the Young Pioneers of China are usually held on 1 June as well. CNY30 [ citation needed ]. In Croatia , Children's Day is celebrated on 11 November. Generally, kids up to 12 years old receive presents. In Egypt , Children's Day is celebrated every 20 November with festivals and games for children. This list includes 25 countries which regained independence from USSR , seceded from Yugoslavia Federation , as well as Czechoslovakia and Ethiopia after their respective splits.

In East Germany, the holiday was introduced in , and was from then held on a yearly basis for the children. On this day of the year, children would typically be congratulated and would receive presents from their parents and did special activities in school , such as field trips and the like. In West Germany, Children's Day Universal Children's Day laid its emphasis not on games and presents, but more on political efforts to strengthen children's rights.

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This, however, was not accepted by large parts of the East German population. Most parents still celebrate Children's Day on the former date of 1 June, and public events pertaining to Children's Day take place on 20 September Weltkindertag. In Greece , Children's Day was established as a holiday in In Guatemala , Children's Day is celebrated on 1 October. It was established as a holiday around In Honduras , Children's Day is celebrated on 10 September. Children's Week began in Hungary in Since it has been reduced to Children's Day, taking place on the last Sunday in May.

In Haiti , Children's Day is celebrated on June In Indonesia , Children's Day is celebrated on July In India , Children's Day is celebrated on 14 November, on the birthday of the first Prime Minister of independent India, who was fondly called Chacha Nehru Uncle Nehru or Chachaji Uncle , and who emphasized the importance of giving love and affection to children , to give him tribute. There is a long tradition, from the 8th century, to celebrate children's day twice a year; 3 March for girls and on 5 May for boys.

On 3 March, also known as the Doll Festival , Japanese people decorate their households with traditional Heian Period doll sets and plum blossom, and drink Amazake. The International Children's Day is celebrated annually on 1 June and is established as a national holiday for children. Over 3 million children across Kazakhstan celebrate the holiday with special children's events. Before , it was celebrated on 1 May.

Parents often give presents to their children, as well as spend time with them. The children are taken on excursions to zoos, museums, and various venues of children-oriented entertainment. Children's Day was first conceived by innovative Korean students and social leaders on the basis of the March 1st Movement to achieve Korean independence from Japanese colonialism. From Jinju , many people gathered to promote and improve the social status of children and encourage adults to teach awareness of their deprived sovereignty.

In , [34] several groups of students studying in Tokyo agreed to designate 1 May as Children's Day. A predominant intellectual figure, Bang Jeong-hwan , greatly contributed to the popularization of the holiday. After independence in , the movement to respect children was revived. The children's welfare law written in the constitution officially designated 5 May as Children's Day in And by 'the law of holiday of government office', Children's day became a holiday in Korea in In Liberia , Children's day was established as a holiday in In Maldives , Children's Day is celebrated on 10 May.

On this day all the school children go to school to the event to celebrate Children's Day. The schools that are involved would also organize numerous activities for their pupils. In Myanmar , Children's Day is celebrated on 13 February. On this day teachers in schools organize the day for their children. In some schools, lessons are suspended for the day. They organize games, music, and the children bring in their favorite foods to share with others.

Some families also have a day out with their children. There are special activities for the children in parks and sports centers. Sometimes, also, the children will be given presents by their families. This is the day when children are honored in Mexico. As it is spring, children wear many bright colors to celebrate their youth and the coming of Spring. Children's Day in Mexico started in Later, the Geneva Declaration of the Rights of the Child was adopted on 26 November by the League of Nations recognizing that children are the most affected by war events.

United Nations recommended 20 November to celebrate Children's Day throughout the world, but that day coincides with Revolution Day Mexico. Traditionally on 1 Oct. But nowadays it's also being celebrated on 20 November following international children's day. From , the day has been declared a public holiday. It is celebrated by conducting various programme on various institutions around Nepal.

It honours children as a taonga Maori for treasure , and is a day families can relax and share in activities to honour their children. In , the focus was on peace and aroha Maori for 'love'. New Zealand has high rates of child abuse and family violence. The Government of New Zealand has recognised this as one of the most important issues for New Zealanders, with an event such as Children's Day helping to focus on the practice of sharing, loving and caring as well as honouring tamariki Maori for 'children'.

Children's Day is celebrated on 27 May in Nigeria. It is a public holiday for Primary and Secondary school children. Due to the large size of the country, only few group of children schools or any other organization are selected to march past in a parade. The children are usually given treats such as an outing or doing jobs that adults would normally do. In some situations, primary and secondary school children compete in military parades format for a prize which will be given at the end of the competition.

Kids Day America.

Religious groups in Nigeria also celebrate children's day in grand style. Many private and public organizations usually put together children's party for privileged and less privileged children in a bid to give them a sense of belonging. It is also a day media organizations analyze the plight of children in the society and efforts government and non government agencies make to better the lot of children.

Children's Day in Norway is held on 17 May, the same day as Norwegian Constitution Day , with many children's parades simultaneously celebrating both events and thereby emphasizing the importance of children in Norwegian society. In Pakistan , The National Assembly on 16 December passed a unanimous resolution expressing deep grief and sadness over the martyrdom of more than students and teachers of Army Public School Peshawar on 16 December Earlier Children's Day was celebrated on 1 July.

For Children's Day, there are many festivals and events organised by schools and organisations, that focus on having fun and lively activities that kids and their families can enjoy. Most charitable organisations also partake in the festivities, by holding functions or partnering with bigger organisations.

Thus, everyone joins in to make this day a memorable event each year in Pakistan. Children day is celebrated in the Palestinian territories on 5 April. Even though Paraguay had been already completely defeated, it is said that Lopez forced them to stay and face the enemy, others sources claim that the children volunteered to fight against the Allied forces after their families had been killed by the advancing allied forces see more in Paraguayan War. Children's Day is a national holiday, used to remember the event, which happened during the five-year war. On this day of the year, Peruvian children would typically be congratulated and would receive presents from their parents.

Since it is celebrated on Sunday, all special activities in school , such as field trips and the like are done the previous Friday. All major stores offer special discounts on toys, appliances, electronics, clothes, etc. In the Philippines , Children's Day was established on 20 November as a holiday in The International Children's Day was introduced in Poland in It coincides with the beginning of meteorological summer and it is usually treated as a special day, free from lessons, as it takes place near the end of the school year.

Children's Day

Schools usually organize special activities for the pupils to celebrate the day, and during the first week of June, is a time of festivities organized in parks and entertainment centres for children. In Romania , Children's Day Romanian: Children often receive presents from parents and other family members.

Various events are also organized. In Russia , Children's Day is celebrated on 1 June. Traditionally, 1 October is the day which Singapore officially celebrates Children's Day. A similar event celebrated every year is Youth Day , which is celebrated on the first Sunday of July every year.


Kindergarten and primary school children in Singapore do not have to attend school on this day. From , Children's Day was celebrated on the first Friday of October. In South Africa , Children's Day is on the first Saturday of November but not really celebrated in any significant way. In South Sudan , Children's Day is celebrated on 23 December, the birthday of South Sudan's "greatest child" according to tribal mythology.

Children get a free entrance to some attractions like zoos. In Sudan , Children's Day is celebrated on 23 December, the birthday of North Sudan's "greatest child" according to tribal mythology. Generally, children up to 12 years old receive presents from their parents. In Switzerland , Children's day was established as a holiday in Because of pressure from parents demanding to accompany their children in the celebration, Taiwan celebrated Women's Day together with Children's Day on 4 April It has been a public holiday of Taiwan, ROC since After , the holiday was cancelled and it was incorporated into the week off holiday.

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