Metaphern in der Fußball-Berichterstattung im Radio und Fernsehen: Eine Fallstudie (German Edition)

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Secondly, the concept of metaphor is often applied to signify seemingly abstract games in opposition to mimetic simulations. Both observations can be made within an artgame discourse of the study of computer games as well as within the more general discourse of the study of computer games. Thirdly, however, the definitions for simulation as well as for metaphor are strikingly similar which culminates in the metaphor-simulation paradox i.

In an attempt to reconcile both notions with regard to computer games this article will make three suggestions. Observing that simulations are often called metaphors with regard to their degree of reduction or abstraction the first suggestion argues that simulations are essentially synecdochic and hence metaphoric when following a broad notion of metaphor. Based on the assumption that simulation is not a matter of similarity the second suggestion proposes to distinguish between a first order simulation and a second order simulation which can then be considered metaphoric.

As a third and final suggestion the author offers to consider simulation and metaphor as related via the notion of the model. Simulations are based on models and metaphors provide models such that one can speak of metaphor based simulations. Dec Publication Name: Play, metaphor and representation — a love triangle or une liaison dangereuse?

This paper investigates in which way classical theories of game and play like the approaches by Huizinga, Caillois, Fink, Bateson, Gombrich, Walton have been related to metaphor by the authors themselves or by other authors. Observations in the mentioned literature suggest that the notions metaphor, representation and play as well as instances of each are being used to explain each other so that they enter a circular relationship. This paper discusses the relationship of these terms. As a baseline for its argument it assumes that all three phenomena play, metaphors and representation are being conceptualized as figures which can be described as the unity of the difference, a concept stemming from George Spencer-Brown's Laws of Form which became fundamental among others for Niklas Luhmann's system theory as laid out in Social Systems.

May Publication Name: Game innovation through conceptual blending more. University of Tampere Publication Date: Games and Metaphor — A critical analysis of the metaphor discourse in game studies more. This doctoral dissertation critically investigates how the concept of metaphor is used with regard to games in game studies. The goal is to provide the field with a self-understanding of its metaphor discourse which has not been The goal is to provide the field with a self-understanding of its metaphor discourse which has not been researched so far.

The thesis departs from the observation that the notion of metaphor has been present in the discourse of game studies since it emerged as an academic field and focuses on questions such as: What are the motivations and effects of calling games metaphors in the game studies discourse? Which problems arise from that with regard to other established concepts in game studies such as simulation and procedural rhetoric? How do concepts and insights of contemporary metaphor theory affect the applicability of the notion of metaphor with regard to games?

Drawing on concepts from metaphor theory in particular the cognitive linguistic view on metaphor , play and game theory, cultural theory, semiotics, linguistics, philosophy, and game studies it investigates the metaphor discourse of game studies in the fashion of a meta-study. The main part of this thesis is devoted to three particular problems which have been derived from observations in the overview of the current use of the notion of metaphor in game studies. Firstly, this thesis investigates is the conceptual relationship between the notions of metaphor, representation, and play.

It therefore accounts for observations such that all three notions are present in non-computer game and play theory, theory of representation and art which all influenced game studies and argues for an equiprimordial relation between these three concepts. Secondly, this thesis deals with what is termed the metaphor-simulation dilemma which accounts for the observation that in game studies the notion of metaphor is very often used in close conceptual proximity with the concept of simulation to the extent that they become conceptually indistinguishable.

The two notions are reconciled through the notion of the model and a case study will demonstrate that it is possible to think of simulations as based on metaphorically structured models. Thirdly, thesis deals with the observation that the concept of metaphor is referred to in game studies in particular when games are interpreted in terms of some existential topic. Usually addressed from the perspective of procedural game rhetoric games are called metaphors for struggle, life, death, love. Wird sie bald eine Rolle im Alltag spielen? Und warum verdanken wir unsere Existenz — und die unseres Universums — einem winzigen Unterschied zwischen Materie und Antimaterie?

When is cartilage repair successful? Focal cartilage lesions are a cause of long-term disability and morbidity. After cartilage repair, it is crucial to evaluate long-term progression or failure in a reproducible, standardized manner. This article provides an overview of the different cartilage repair procedures and important characteristics to look for in cartilage repair imaging. Specifics and pitfalls are pointed out alongside general aspects.

After successful cartilage repair, a complete, but not hypertrophic filling of the defect is the primary criterion of treatment success. The repair tissue should also be completely integrated to the surrounding native cartilage. After some months, the transplants signal should be isointense compared to native cartilage. Complications like osteophytes, subchondral defects, cysts, adhesion and chronic bone marrow edema or joint effusion are common and have to be observed via follow-up.

Radiological evaluation and interpretation of postoperative changes should always take the repair method into account. Nach erfolgter Sanierung gilt es daher besonders, Erfolg und Misserfolg zu evaluieren und den Verlauf standardisiert und somit reproduzierbar zu beurteilen. Dieser Artikel bietet einen Ueberblick ueber gaengige Reparaturverfahren und deren Charakteristika in der Magnetresonanztomographie. Nach einer erfolgreichen Knorpelreparatur ist eine vollstaendige, aber nicht hypertrophe Fuellung des Knorpeldefekts das primaere Kriterium.

Zum umgebenden Nativknorpel ist ausserdem eine durchgehende Integration des Transplantats vordergruendig. Im weiteren postoperativen Verlauf sollte das Transplantat ausserdem ein im Vergleich zu nativem Knorpel isointenses Signalverhalten zeigen. Haeufig beobachtete Komplikationen sind zentrale Osteophyten, subchondrale Defekte, Zysten, chronifizierte Knochenmarksoedeme, Gelenkserguesse oder Adhaesionen.

Die radiologische Beurteilung dieser. In many fields of industry, it is the optimal solution for better marketing and development of know-how. The solar industry still has a long way to go. Franchising systems offer a good option for starting one's own enterprise and also for expansion on the market. Four franchising systems are compared in detail. Fuer viele Branchen scheint es die Idealloesung fuer gestiegene Ansprueche an Marketing und Knowhow-Entwicklung zu sein. Die Solarbranche steht hier erst am Anfang. Franchise-Systeme bieten also eine gute Starthilfe fuer den Sprung in die Selbststaendigkeit in der verhaeltnismaessig jungen Branche der Solartechnik.

Da klassisches Franchising in erster Linie eine Strategie zur Expansion im Markt ist , kann es ebenso gut von etablierten Installationsbetrieben genutzt werden, um sich das Standbein Solartechnik mit abgeschwaechtem Risiko zusaetzlich aufzubauen. Vier Franchise-Systeme werden im Detail verglichen. Tartu kunstikuust "Art ist kuku nu ut", mis toimus 9. Case study of the interdisciplinary integration in an IST-E 3 project. The case study highlights the difficulties in integrating different disciplinary approaches and suggests that a more openended research strategy should be applied by the commission Resilienz wird damit, so meine These, zu einem fundamental normativen Begriff.

Mein Beitrag gliedert sich in drei Teile: Passive solar energy recovery in non-transparent facades; Passive solare Energiegewinnung im nicht -transparenten Fassadenbereich. Lehrstuhl fuer Baukonstruktion und Bauphysik. Evaluation of theoretical and practical studies has shown that non-bearing glass facades of reduced transparency hold a considerable potential for energy recovery. The most important factors governing this process are solar irradiation and inhibition of reflection in the long-wave range.

Net energy recovery can be expressed in terms of the decrease of the mean effective heat transmission coefficient. The achievable gains are the smaller the more effective the heat insulating properties of the wall are, i. Diese ergeben sich aus der Sonnenzustrahlung sowie der Behinderung langwelliger Waermeabstrahlung.

Die Gewinne lassen sich durch eine Abminderung des mittleren effektiven Waermedurchgangskoeffizienten darstellen. Die zu erzielenden Gewinne sind allerdings um so geringer, je besser die sonstige waermeschutztechnische Ausruestung der betreffenden Wand, d. Preliminary assessment of pump IST effectiveness. This time frame coincides with the issuance of Generic Letter , which resulted in a more consistent application of the requirements by the licensees.

For this time period, pump failures were reported. A review of these failures indicated that the majority Of the remaining events, a review was performed to identify the primary failure causes, failure modes, and method of detection. Others were detected through operational abnormalities, routine and incidental observations, alarms, and while performing maintenance.

This paper provides a discussion of the results of the study. A preliminary review of inservice testing IST effectiveness for Class 1, 2, and 3 pumps at nuclear power plants was performed. For this time, 2, pump failures were reported. These events were excluded from the study because the typically do not affect pump operability and are not detected by the measurement of IST parameters. The remaining events were reviewed to identify the primary failure causes, failure modes, and method of detection. This paper discusses the results of the study. Risk-ranking IST components into two categories.

Later the ASME Operations and Maintenance O ampersand M Committee decided to use safe shutdown and accident mitigation as the scoping criteria, but continued to treat all components equal inside that scope. Although probabilistic risk assessments PRAs are incredibly complex plant models and computer hardware and software intensive, they are a tool that can be utilized by many plant engineering organizations to analyze plant system and component applications.

The process had three distinct portions: Operations could not perform the test with the required repeatability; engineering could not reliably trend test data to detect degradation; licensing was heavily burdened with regulatory concerns; and maintenance could not do preventative maintenance because of poor prediction of system health status. After identifying the customers and suppliers of the IST program data, Energy management put together an upgrade team to address these concerns. These customers and suppliers made up the IST upgrade team.

The IST program in place went through a verification process that identified and corrected over individual program discrepancies.

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Over components were identified for improved testing methods. An IST basis document was developed. All IST tests have been simplified and shortened, due to heavy involvement by operations in the procedure development process. This significantly reduced testing time, resulting in lower cost, less dose and greater system availability. Using Energy's Total Quality principles, it was determined that the causes were: The team's mission was to supply River Bend with a reliable, functional, industry correct and user friendly IST program.

Unpack, plug in, ready? A mini solar system can be connected to any outlet - but this alone is not sufficient; Auspacken, einstecken, fertig? Eine Mini-Solaranlage kann an jede Steckdose angeschlossen werden - doch das allein reicht nicht. The idea is not new, but an acceptable technical solution with the current standards in Germany is difficult.

Both - technology and standards - need to be improved. Mini-Photovoltaikanlagen aus einem oder zwei Modulen und einem Kleinst-Wechselrichter, die man sich auf den Balkon stellt oder wo sonst gerade Platz ist und einfach an die Steckdose anschliesst. Die Idee ist nicht neu, doch eine mit den in Deutschland geltenden Normen vertraegliche technische Loesung gestaltet sich schwierig. Beides - Technik und Normen - ist verbesserungswuerdig. The battered child syndrome; Die nicht unfallbedingte Verletzung battered child.

The recognition of a battered child represents a challenge for all groups of adults dealing with children. Radiology plays a special role in this setting. By detection typical injuries, imaging is able to confirm the suspicion of a battered child. Recognition of those injuries on films, taken for other reasons, gives the caretaker an important hint, thus maybe preventing a fatal outcome for the child. One of the most important injury types is represented by the so called ''shakin baby syndrome''.

The infant is held by the thorax and shaken. Thus causing a repetitive acceleration-deceleration trauma, which leads to the typical paravertebral rib fractures, intracranial bleeding and eye injuries. After shaking the child is thrown away, with subsequent injuries. The aim of this article is the presentation of an overview regarding the radiology of the battered child. Typical examples will be shown. Der Radiologie kommt eine besondere Rolle zu, da sie einerseits durch die Erkennung typischer Verletzungsmuster einen Verdacht bestaetigen, als auch bei ''Zufallsbefunden'' die moeglicherweise fatalen Folgen fuer die betroffenen Kinder verhindern kann.

Der typische Verletzungsmechanismus im Rahmen einer Kindesmisshandlung stellt das sog. Dabei wird der Thorax mit beiden Haenden umfasst und das Kind geschuettelt. Durch dieses repetitive Akzelerations-Dezelerationstrauma entstehen typische Verletzungen mit paravertebralen Rippenfrakturen, ZNS- sowie Retinablutungen. Anschliessend wird das Kind weggeworfen mit entsprechend weiteren Verletzungen.

Ziel dieses Artikels ist es, einen Ueberblick ueber die Radiologie der wichtigsten Verletzungen und deren Abklaerung im Rahmen einer Kindesmisshandlung zu geben sowie die Demonstration der Befunde. This paper describes the calculation of two-group incremental cross sections for all of the reactivity devices and incore structural materials for an RFSP- IST full-core model of Wolsong NPP Unit 1, in support of the conversion of the reference plant model to two energy groups.

In this technique, the macroscopic cross sections for the fuel regions and the device material specifications are first generated using the lattice code WIMS- IST with 89 energy groups. Incremental cross sections are calculated for the stainless-steel adjuster rods SS-ADJ , the liquid zone control units LZCU , the shutoff rods SOR , the mechanical control absorbers MCA and various structural materials, such as guide tubes, springs, locators, brackets, adjuster cables and support bars and the moderator inlet nozzle deflectors.

Their geometrical layouts are based on applicable design drawings. Mid-burnup fuel with no moderator poison was assumed. The incremental cross sections and key aspects of the modelling are summarized in this paper. The nuclear training centre of the nation. Three years after Chernobyl the question is: Die Atomschule der Nation. Drei Jahre nach Tschernobyl stellt sich die Frage: Wie sicher sind deutsche Atomkraftwerke In Essen wird deren Personal geschult. Am Simulator ist die Welt noch in Ordnung: This on-the-spot report gives an account of one day at the reactor operator's training centre of Kraftwerks-Simulator Gesellschaft in Essen, West-Germany.

Heavy criticism is raised by the reporter who found out that none of the four simulators' computer programs includes the scenarios of accidents that may lead to severe reactor core damage. The conclusion drawn from this fact is that the West-German reactor operating personnel is just as incapable of managing a severe accident as their colleagues in Chernobyl.

Braucht es nicht eine kleinere Kriegsmaschine? Recent local scale investigations of the competition of superconductivity and magnetism in molecular systems revealed rich physics associated with a quantum phase transition. Here, we experimentally study individual Fe atoms adsorbed on a reconstructed surface of superconducting Ta by inelastic scanning tunneling spectroscopy ISTS at a temperature of 1 K and as a function of magnetic field of strength up to 3 T perpendicular to the surface.

We observe strong inelastic excitations at three different adsorption sites of the Fe adatoms. The majority site shows a sharp step around 2 meV which is almost independent of the magnetic field. The other two sites exhibit excitations around 1 meV and 4 meV which have a weak magnetic field dependence indicating the magnetic origin of this excitation. In all three cases the superconducting energy gap and coherence peaks are preserved at zero magnetic field indicating very weak coupling between the magnetic moment and the cooper pairs. Full Text Available http: MR-guided percutaneous nephrostomy of the contrast-enhanced, nondilated upper urinary tract: Klinik fuer Radiologische Diagnostik; Hunter, D.

In three domestic pigs, a unilateral percutaneous nephrostomy tube was placed into the nondilated collecting system using exclusively MR-guidance with a standard 1. In all three animals, the puncture needle was safely directed into the nondilated target calyx. Even slight deviations of the needle from the optimal path were readily detected on both MR image planes which enabled immediate correction. Over a nitinol guidewire a 5 F catheter was placed into the renal pelvis. Its dysprosium labelled tip was acurately delineated on contrast-enhanced MR images.

Percutaneous nephrostomy under MR guidance is a very feasible technique for puncturing the nondilated pelvicalyceal system. This procedure offers some advantages over the current standard modalities. Bei drei Hausschweinen wurde eine einseitige perkutane Nephrostomie des nicht dilatierten Hohlraumsystems ausschliesslich unter MR-tomographischer Kontrolle mit einem geschlossenen 1,5-T-System durchgefuehrt.

Bei allen drei Versuchstieren liess sich die Punktionsnadel unter MR. Retroperitoneal relapse of non-seminomatous testicular cancer: Computertomographische Befunde vor retroperitonealer Lymphadenektomie. Ein trennscharfes bildmorphologisches Einzelkriterium fand sich nicht. Bei zwei Patienten mit riesigen, teils zystischen, teils soliden Tumormassen fanden sich vitaler Tumor und Teratom. Ausschliesslich Nekrose ist zu erwarten bei zystischen Raumforderungen in Hoehe des Nierenstieles, die glatt und duenn berandet sind.

Die Groesse der Raumforderungen war dagegen nicht von Bedeutung. Eine sichere Differenzierung zwischen vitalem Tumor und Nekrose war nicht moeglich. Die CT kann jedoch vor Lymphadenektomie Raumforderungen lokalisieren. It examines the problems that arise in their use at the different stages Interviewing, Transcription, Structuring and Reporting of three types of research project: Die Nutzer werden nicht gefragt: User research in libraries is usually understood as the usage of different types of surveys, i.

Oil as a design parameter in screw-type engines - use of non-newtonian oils. The use of non newtonian oils with a shear thinning behaviour lead to a decrease of energy consumption over a broad speed range of screw-type compressors. The decrease is mainly caused by the shear indicated lower viscosity in the clearances of the compressor.

A difficulty through the use of this oils is the estimation of the conditions in the clearances. The rate of shear in the single clearance is influenced by the relative speed of the boundaries and by the height of the clearance during operation. Up to now only cold heights were used in the model. To improve the quality of the model the clearances of a running screw compressor were measured. The losses which were determined at the screw compressor test plant are the summation of all losses including the losses caused by the power transmission and in the bearings.

Experiments at a model rotor test stand make the determination of the friction losses and the losses by the acceleration of the oil in the clearances possible. A better calculation model shall deliver the conditions to describe the influence of the oil on the energy efficiency and to define the optimal oil for every screw compressor.

Sinnvoll ist die Nutzung eines nicht -newtonschen Oeles immer dann, wenn eine deutliche scherindizierte Viskositaetserniedrigung in dem Schergeschwindigkeitsbereich, der in den Spalten des Schraubenkompressors vorliegt, erreicht werden kann. Beim Einsatz dieser Oele besteht die Schwierigkeit darin, den Schergeschwindigkeitsbereich vorherzubestimmen, der waehrend des Betriebs in dem. Die symbolische Darstellungs- und Erkenntnisform als philosophische und literaturtheoretische Herausforderung. Enhancing the effectiveness of IST through risk-based techniques.

Current IST requirements were developed mainly through deterministic-based methods. While this approach has resulted in an adequate level of safety and reliability for pumps and valves, insights from probabilistic safety assessments suggest a better safety focus can be achieved at lower costs. That is, some high safety impact pumps and valves are currently not tested under the IST program and should be added, while low safety impact valves could be tested at significantly greater intervals than allowed by the current IST program.

The nuclear utility industry, through the Nuclear Energy Institute NEI , has developed a draft guideline for applying risk-based techniques to focus testing on those pumps and valves with a high safety impact while reducing test frequencies on low safety impact pumps and valves. The guideline is being validated through an industry pilot application program that is being reviewed by the U.

The presenter will provide an overview of the NEI guideline, discuss the methodological approach for applying risk-based technology to IST and provide the status of the industry pilot plant effort. In der Technik- Bildung nichts Neues? All Quiet on the Technical Education Front? Auch die beiden vorliegenden Studien sind diesem Forschungsfeld zuzuordnen. Damit greift sie eine sehr spannende und im bisherigen Diskurs kaum beachtete Fragestellung auf.

Over the past few years, the continuing under-representation of women in technical jobs that require training, technical fields of study, and technical fields of work has been a much-researched topic. Studies have sought to investigate the causes for this under-representation, as well as to develop and try out approaches to overcome this phenomenon. The two studies reviewed in this article can be considered to be part of this field of research as well. Wolffram thus investigates an important question which has hardly been taken into account in the existing discourse.

Her central concern, enabling girls and women to actively participate in the dynamic interplay between technology and society, aims at the heart of a socio-politically relevant discourse about hegemony. Supertree methods combine phylogenies with overlapping sets of taxa into a larger one. When topological conflicts occur among source trees, liberal methods infer supertrees containing the most frequent alternative, while veto methods infer supertrees not contradicting any source tree, i. When the source trees host a significant number of topological conflicts or have a small taxon overlap, supertree methods of both kinds can propose poorly resolved, hence uninformative, supertrees.

To overcome this problem, we propose to infer non-plenary supertrees, i. The informativeness of a supertree is estimated using a variation of the CIC Cladistic Information Content criterion, that takes into account both the presence of multifurcations and the absence of some taxa. Additionally, we propose a statistical preprocessing step called STC Source Trees Correction to correct the source trees prior to the supertree inference.

STC is a liberal step that removes the parts of each source tree that significantly conflict with other source trees. Combining STC with a veto method allows an explicit trade-off between veto and liberal approaches, tuned by a single parameter. Warum werden Frauen nicht Unternehmerinnen? Few women, in contrast to men, found their own company and most women do not. Some stereotypes are reinforced whereas other, fortunately, are not.

AE - Management ; Administration. This work is described in the present article which provides scenarios for the evolution of the optical network in the coming 10 years. Sauri "The Artists of the World", H. What is ''good technology''? On the heuristic competence of the engineer; ''Was ist eine ''gute'' Technologie? Zur heuristischen Kompetenz des Ingenieurs.

This paper is intended to contribute to the discourse of this book both in a direct and indirect way, in so far as the paper can be searched for the aspects and insight brought in from the perspective of the humanities, and what impact these may have on innovative processes for technological progress. The author refers for instance to aspects of ethics that go beyond the existing concept of ethics of technology, and also refer to the connection between ethics and aesthetics, so as to maintain a wider view encompassing the latter aspects.

Dabei ist generell wichtig, dass nicht nur interdisziplinaere Kooperationen wie zwischen Techniksoziologie und Technologie eine Rolle spielen, sondern auch das Herausarbeiten bestimmter Aufgaben, die quer zu den Faechern oder Wissenschaftszweigen verlaufen. Das betrifft beispielsweise Aspekte der Ethik, die ueber das hinausgehen, was als Ethik der Technik bisher konzipiert worden ist.

Das betrifft auch den Zusammenhang von Ethik und Aesthetik. Dafuer sollte der Blick offen bleiben. Study of geothermal potential. Nordrhein-Westfalen intends to provide geothermal heat to all citizens; Geothermische Potenzialstudie.

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In Nordrhein-Westfalen soll Erdwaerme fuer alle Buerger nutzbar werden. Nordrhein-Westfalen is leading in the field of renewable energy sources. In addition to solar energy, wind power and bioenergy, geothermal energy is now being developed. Zusammen mit der Wind-, Solar- und Bioenergie gehoert die Geothermie zu den vier Saeulen der von der Landesregierung Nordrhein-Westfalen und der Landesinitiative Zukunftsenergien gefoerderten erneuerbaren Energietechnologien. Justitia ist eine Frau Justice is a Woman. The lawyer Barbara Degen intends to supply evidence supporting the claim that women, and mothers in particular, embody the core elements of justness.

The concept of condition monitoring is based on a regular or permanent registration of the condition of machines by measuring and analyzing meaningful physical quantities vibration, temperature, position. The condition monitoring pursues two objectives: But condition monitoring is controversial: New economic interest at the service increases the attractiveness of the system under consideration - but not for all systems. The contribution under consideration reports on concrete examples of use.

Ph.D. Sebastian Möring

Das Alter ist der wichtigste Risikofaktor der postoperativen erektilen Dysfunktion nach radikaler nerverhaltender Prostatektomie. Bei nerverhaltendem Vorgehen kann das Risiko der erektilen Dysfunktion gesenkt, aber nicht ausgeschlossen werden. Habitus ist Macht — politische Partizipation in Parteien. Als theoretischer Rahmen dienen dabei Geschlechter- und Ungleichheitstheorien. Today almost every library with historic collections faces the question of digitisation. A trade-off study has been carried out to compare the differential costs of using high-strength alloy copper versus oxygen-free, high-conductivity OFHC copper for the center legs of the toroidal field TF coils of an Ignition Spherical Torus IST.

The electrical heating, temperatures, stresses, cooling requirements, material costs, pump costs, and power to drive the TF coils and pumps are all assessed for both materials for a range of compact tokamak reactors. Although the savings are a significant fraction of the center conductor post cost, they are relatively insignificant in terms of the total device cost. It is concluded that the use of alloy copper contributes very little to the economic or technical viability of the compact IST. It is recommended that a similar systematic approach be applied to evaluating coil material and current density trade-offs for other compact copper-TF-coil tokamak designs.

Dazu wurden Dokumente aus dem gesamten Rekombinante bovin-humane Parainfluenzaviren Typ 3 als Impfvektoren gegen nicht -virale Antigene. Das Buch ist in vier thematische Kapitel gegliedert: The volume Jugend, Mode, Geschlecht. The book is divided into four thematical chapters: The volume concludes with a theoretically oriented chapter that consists of contributions from scientists who work in the fields of youth culture, fashion design, gender research and cultural studies. Geburtstag von Karl Raimund Popper.

Exchange of electricity in Europe; Alles ist im Fluss. Geschaeftsbereich Strategie und Politik. In Germany saw Germany's surplus in the first quarter of runs to In the public debate high net export rates are often indiscriminately attributed to excessive production capacity or to unnecessary electricity production from individual energy carriers. However, such monocausal explanations are too simple. What is needed is a closer analysis of the causes, action mechanisms and functions of cross-border electricity transmission and consideration of the technical and market-dependent factors in a European context.

Everything is possible; Bergbau in der Mongolei. In Mongolia experienced an economic boom with growth recorded at This was triggered by the start of the first phase of the Oyu Tolgoi OT project that involved investments totalling 6. Mongolia is therefore one of the most resource-rich countries on the planet 4 , having as it does plentiful supplies of gold, copper, coal, molybdenum, fluorite, tin and uranium. After presenting a briet description of the challenges that Mongolia is currently facing, the paper goes on to discuss four of the 20 or more mining projects that are under way in the country at the present t ime.

Germany has always enjoyed close economic ties with Mongolia and this explains the presence of two German business institutions, whose functions are described in more detail below. The revitalised German-Mongolian resource partnership, which is backed up by well-connected German-Mongolian institutions, offers great prospects for German companies on the Mongolian market. Efficient and reproducible sample preparation is a prerequisite for any robust and sensitive quantitative bottom-up proteomics workflow. Here, we performed an independent comparison between single-pot solid-phase-enhanced sample preparation SP3 , filter-aided sample preparation FASP , and a commercial kit based on the in-StageTip iST method.

The mantra of service development and customer orientation on the one hand and a commitment to effectiveness and efficiency in managing all business workflows on the other hand have become commonplace. It forces information institutions to remain up-to-date concerning the latest developments.

What does this mean for a manageable technical college library or a typical library of a technical university of applied sciences on an everyday pragmatic level? How can an understaffed department library sell itself as showcase, representative space or even boutique to its target groups stakeholders, users as well as employees to remain en vogue or simply remain relevant and attractive for them. On the campus of the Brandenburgische Hochschulbibliothek that is located nearby Berlin, efforts are being put into not only taking account of the appealing charm and graceful ambience of the portico of the loading facility, a listed building that the library moved into in , but also establishing the library as a leading innovation hub for the whole campus and library network where ideas and visions become reality.

This includes both technical solutions regarding subjects such as RFID, visualization, automation and software, as well as formats for events and advanced training. However, what is needed to constantly implement new products — developed in-house or bought — and identify oneself with the profile of energetic and creative avant-garde? This contribution will attempt to illuminate the environment that naturally facilitates and promotes innovation efforts. The descriptive approach chosen here shall illustrate how a corporate culture that places greater value on the unforeseeable and new than on familiar routines can be implemented into public service in order to transform the latter into an institution that takes risks and enables innovations and new outcomes.

The difference is smallest for fresh fuel, and increases with burnup.

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The fast flux gradient across the pressure tube factor of 1. The conversion factor in WIMS was found to be about one percent too high. To obtain accurate fast flux data, neutron transport calculations must be performed on a critical cell. For this study, all calculations were performed with radial albedo boundary conditions giving a critical cell. Paradise in the dark: Dominican Republic, holiday island; Paradies im Dunkeln: The contribution describes travels through the Dominican Republic, where electric power is often failing and renewables are hard to spot.

Nicht immer inklusive ist allerdings Strom und schon gar nicht aus erneuerbaren Energiequellen. Tagebuch einer Reise durch ein Land, in dem es an Energie fehlt. Wir haben ja alle Deutschland nicht gekannt: After Germany had to find a new definition for its identity on a political and social level as well as to rediscover itself as a unity in terms of geography and culture. The pressure to be economical was converted into an economy of abunda Italy's financial incentives programme for solar energy favours EU products, but it is not practicable; Willkommen in Europa.

Their motivation is clear: Since June, Italy has higher reimbursement rates for solar power systems that are 60 percent made in Europe. However, there is the problem that also many Asian manufacturers have similar certificates. The controversy shows that the Italian solar protectionism is impracticable. The reality, which is not so, as it seems. A voyage in the world of the quantum gravity. Eine Reise in die Welt der Quantengravitation. The matter the world is made of - it has nothing to do with reality as we know it, when physicists ofthe rank of Carlo Rovelli it consider.

In this book he draws us a new picture of the world: Simultaneously he tells the history, how our world-knowledge has been developed over the millennia. Das Ende eines Mythos: Full Text Available Hintergrund: Zudem wurde die Korrelation zwischen der sexuellen Zufriedenheit des Mannes und der Zirkumzision analysiert.

Nothing stays ever the same. Stationary fuel cells, the revolution in domestic and industrial power supply; Nichts bleibt, wie es ist Revolution der Energieversorgung in der Haustechnik und Industrie mit stationaeren Brennstoffzellen. Helmut Kaiser Unternehmensberatung HKU , an organisation that claims to be a leading consultant in the fields of environmental engineering, energy engineering, health and life science, investigated the current trends in stationary fuel cell applications world-wide.

The study covers market and technology forecasts and an analysis of the competitive standing of suppliers world-wide. Die Studie umfasst Markt- und Technologieprognosen sowie eine Wettbewerbsanalyse der Anbieter weltweit. EAS pole kellegi rahapump. Eine Bestandsaufnahme der feministischen Theoriebildung wird vorgenommen und — durchaus vorhandene — neue Perspektiven werden aufgezeigt und diskutiert. They carry out an assessment of the state of feminist theoretical development and they point to and discuss new perspectives, all of which exist today.

However, the book does not clarify its specifically pedagogical profile as compared to the contributions from sociology, philosophy, political science, and history. On Gender Stereotypes in Legal Proceedings. Accused men and women were not treated equally in the Nazi trials after Nach wie vor gilt Montesquieus Machtteilungslehre vielerorts als verfassungspolitisches Orakel. Reflections on a revision of the separation of powers theory. Montesquieu's division of power theory is still widely regarded as an oracle of constitutional politics although it has often been an object of misinterpretation.

Yet even if the concept is understood correctly, it appears doubtful whether it still chimes with the times years after the master thinker's death. Eine kritische Bilanz nach acht Jahren ''Liberalisierung'' der deutschen Energiewirtschaft. Im dritten Teil ''Netznutzung und Netzentgelte'' beleuchtet er in einem zusaetzlichen Kapitel die Bemuehungen der EU-Kommission, doch noch die Rahmenbedingungen fuer echten Wettbewerb herzustellen. Die neueste Forderung der Kommission nach eigentumsmaessiger Entflechtung der Netze deutet er als ''Flucht nach vorn'' angesichts der Tatsache, dass in saemtlichen EU-Laendern seit der Liberalisierung die Strompreise gestiegen sind und das zum Teil sogar ueber die Haelfte mit der einzigen Ausnahme Englands, und hier auch nur der Haushaltsstrompreise.

Zum einen findet man hier nun beschrieben, wie Ex-Bundeskanzler Gerhard Schroeder einen Spitzenjob beim russischen Energiekonzern Gazprom erhielt, dem er bereits in seiner Amtszeit als Bundeskanzler politisch behilflich war, und wie sein ehemaliger Wirtschaftsminister Wolfgang Clement in den Aufsichtsrat von RWE Power einziehen durfte.

Zum anderen wird ein kritischer Blick auf die Werbekampagnen geworfen, mit denen die Energiekonzerne versuchen, ihr Erscheinungsbild in der Oeffentlichkeit aufzuhellen und den Energieverbrauchern ein X fuer ein U vorzumachen. Kritische Revision der Gattung Parnassius Fortsetzung 8. Kritische emissiewaarden voor bouwstoffen.

Milieuhygienische onderbouwing en consequenties voor bouwmaterialen. This report presents alternative emission limit values for inorganic components to be used in the revision of the Building Materials Decree in the Netherlands. Three key factors determine the emission limit value: De methode der rechtswetenschap vanuit kritisch -rationeel perspectief. It may, however, also serve as an introduction to critical rationalism and its importance to jurisprudence, in. A critical assessment; Kyphoplastie - Vertebroplastie. Painful vertebral compression fractures.

Osteoplastic procedures, such as kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty. Anamnestic and radiological associations of clinical complaints with the radiomorphological findings of vertebral compression fractures are required for an adequate consideration to assess whether an osteoplastic procedure should be carried out.

A computed tomography CT scan allows a reliable judgement whether an osteoplastic procedure is technically feasible and promising to improve the local vertebral fracture-associated pain. Prospective controlled trials have demonstrated a satisfactory improvement of back pain associated with vertebral fractures and parameters of quality of life by osteoplastic interventions. No prospective, truly sham-controlled blind trials are currently available which demonstrate an advantage of osteoplastic interventions compared to standard pain treatment; however, the currently published prospective controlled trials show a satisfactory pain reduction by osteoplastic interventions, such as kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty.

Painful vertebral fractures and progressive loss of vertebral height of compression fractures should be evaluated in an interdisciplinary team consisting of radiologists, spinal surgeons and internists to assess whether an osteoplastic procedure is technically feasible and promising to improve local pain and immobility associated with vertebral fractures. Osteoplastische Verfahren wie die Kyphoplastie und die Vertebroplastie. Anamnestische und bildgebende moeglichst CT Assoziation der klinischen Beschwerden Hauptschmerzbereich mit dem radiologischen Befund eines eingebrochenen Wirbelkoerpers.

Das CT gestattet am zuverlaessigsten eine Beurteilung der technischen Durchfuehrbarkeit eines osteoplastischen Verfahrens bei einer Wirbelkoerpersinterungsfraktur. Kontrollierte prospektive Studien belegen die schmerzreduzierende Wirksamkeit osteoplastischer Verfahren, einhergehend mit Verbesserung von Lebensqualitaetsparametern.

Aussagekraeftige Sham-kontrollierte prospektiv-randomisierte und verblindete Studien liegen bisher weder fuer die Kyphoplastie und auch nicht fuer die Vertebroplastie vor. Zwei angeblich Sham-kontrollierte Vertebroplastiestudien weisen zahlreiche Schwaechen auf, die eine tatsaechliche Abgrenzung der Intervention von der Sham-behandelten Gruppe nicht zulassen. Dennoch belegen die verfuegbaren Studien eine gegenueber einer Standardschmerztherapie nachhaltig bessere Schmerzreduktion durch osteoplastische Verfahren.

Schmerztherapierefraktaere oder progrediente Wirbelkoerpersinterungsfrakturen sollten in einem interdisziplinaeren Team hinsichtlich der technischen Durchfuehrbarkeit und hinsichtlich der Aussichten, durch ein osteoplastisches Verfahren eine fuer den Patienten nachhaltig spuerbare Schmerzreduktion zu erreichen, beurteilt werden. Kritische Revision der Gattung Parnassius Fortsetzung Onderzoek naar kritische succesfactoren voor een laag antibioticumgebruik bij vleeskalveren.

Commissioned by SBK and the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, research is carried out to identify critical success factors for low antibiotic use in veal calves. By analysis of sectoral data-bases, associations between farm and stock characteristics and antibiotics use are.

Onderzoek naar kritische succesfactoren voor een laag antibioticumgebruik bij vleeskuikens: By analysis of sectoral databases, associations between farm and flock characteristics and antibiotics use are determined. The objective of the present work was to compare the orbital images from the CBERS 2, IRS-P6 and the Quickbird satellites, for the mapping of the stadiums of ecological succession, using different methods of classification of orbital images.

Full Text Available Penyakit ginjal kronik dikenal sebagai suatu kelainan dimana terjadi kerusakan dari struktur ginjal lebih dari 3 bulan yang disertai dengan penurunan LFG Designing Experiences to Increase Stadium Capacity Utilisation in Football. The aim of this paper is to show in what way football clubs in smaller leagues with limited capacity utilisation can increase their per-game revenue by increasing the attendance frequency. A sequential mixed method research design was employed, involving both qualitative and quantitative methods Stadium disasters in Africa: The case for crowd management Singh Managers of sport and recreation facilities have numerous legal duties.

One of these duties is an obligation to take reasonable precautions to ensure safe activity programmes and facilities for all participants, spectators and staff. The responsibility of a facility manager to ensure the safety of patrons is known as premises The second life of a stadium seat: A case study for reuse and recycling of discarded stadium seats. Confronted by more and more global sustainabilityrelated challenges, society is increasingly aiming for a circular economy.

Non-invasive diagnosis in cerebral ischemia by means of magnetic resonance imaging and near-infrared spectroscopy; Nichtinvasive Diagnostik zerebraler Ischaemie mit Kernspintomographie und Nahe-Infrarotspektroskopie. Neurochirurgische Klinik; Gueckel, F. Neurochirurgische Klinik; Weigel, R. Neurochirurgische Klinik; Schmiedek, P.

We describe the non-invasive assessment of cerebrovascular reserve capacity by means of near-infrared spectroscopy NIRS and magnetic resonance imaging. Both methods are compared with transcranial Doppler sonography. There is a good correlation of the three methods in the changes in cerebral oxygen saturation and in blood velocity following acetazolamide stimulation of cerebral blood flow, except found in one patient with unilateral carotid artery occlusion.

In this patient we found a decreased cerebrovascular reserve capacity, revealed by a magnetic resonance technique designed to quantify CBV and CBF. We postulate a raised oxygen extraction as raised oxygen extraction as the cause of his changes in oxygen saturation. Beide Verfahren werden mit der transkraniellen Dopplersonographie verglichen. Diese Uebereinstimmung war bei einem Patienten mit kernspintomographisch nachgewiesener eingeschraenkter zerebrovaskulaerer Reservekapazitaet bei unilateralem Verschluss der A.

Dies wird auf eine pathologisch ehoehte Sauerstoffausschoepfung zurueeckgefuehrt. Ere wie ere toekomt: Een kritische analyse over de relatie tussen eer, geweld en gender. Honour, violence and masculinity are closely linked in traditional criminology, and are combined with an ethnic profile of the offender. This article discusses the conclusion of this assumptions as ethnocentric, but also as a simplification of the gendered idea of honour. Beliefs about honour, which. Over de kritische psychiatrie van Thomas S. The aim of this study is to present a review and a critical evaluation of the work of Thomas S.

The work of Szasz is to be. Die Serien wiederholen und entwickeln sich, sind Teil der Medienroutine, begleiten uns im Alltag.

  • How Sweet It Is.
  • Surface and Thin Film Analysis: A Compendium of Principles, Instrumentation, and Applications;
  • Similar authors to follow?

Full Text Available http: Van lippendienst tot tegengas: Een kritische benadering van gender in organisatieverandering. For decades, organizations have been intending to employ more women in top positions, but with little success. Eine kritische Revision von Theresienstadt. Eine Untersuchung des Publikums der Premiere am 6. Denn in der konfliktgeladenen und Ein kritischer vergleich zwischen Alberts kritik und klassischen religionskritiken. In this article, it is argued that Hans Albert's criticism of Christianity is stronger than the logical positivist as well as the classical, e.

Feuerbachian, criticism, since it rests on less questionable presuppositions. Other than those other forms of criticism, it does not presuppose an. Is er een plaats voor voedingsmiddelen verrijkt met fytosterolen bij cardiovasculair risicomanagement? Kritische analyse van de bewijskracht voor cholesterolverlaging. Nynke ; Brouwers, J. Koos ; Woerdenbag, Herman. Is there a place for phytosterol-enriched food products in cardiovascular risk management? Critical analysis of the evidence for cholesterol reduction OBJECTIVE To analyse the literature of the past decade regarding the cholesterol-lowering effect of phytosterol-enriched food products.

Nuclear disasters and their consequences. An information brochure for critical citizens. Atomkatastrophen und ihre Folgen.

Eine Informationshilfe fuer kritische Buerger. The book is intended to serve as a source of information and a line of orientation for all people afraid of or angry about the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster. The author describes the effects of nuclear disasters that might happen as a result of military or 'peaceful' application of nuclear energy; he explains the situation people will have to cope with, gives advice on protective means and methods and topical information with reference to institutions or authorities where assistance might be available, also including a list of addresses and telephone numbers that has been issued by the governments after the Chernobyl accident.

Critical annotations to the Lower Saxony Government's concept for abandoning nuclear energy. Kritische Anmerkungen zum niedersaechsischen Ausstiegskonzept. This experts'opinion has been worked out soundly and correctly, material statements do largely apply but need to be corrected relative to some issues.

Hence, the bone of contention is not the experts' opinion proper, but the results and consequences derived there from. The author addresses these in his critical analysis. Unkonventionelle massnahmen der geldpolitik: Non-coventional measures of momentary policy: Secondly the non-conventional measures, implemented by the ECB, are observed at the background of the institutional arrangements of the Eurosystems recent monetary policy, which is characterized in short by free and unlimited allotment of central bank money.

So if there exist no shortage of central bank money within the banking system of the Eurosystem the question has to be analyzed why for example measures of Quantitative Easing should be necessary to make monetary policy more efficient. Afterwards the intensions of the ECB to use non-conventional measures are discussed in detail. Also a critical look is thrown on the background of the intended sizeable impact on the balance sheet of the Eurosystem by purchasing bonds or securities or by using targeted long term refinancing operations TLTROs. And at least dangers of the implicitly intended depreciation of the Euro exchange rates are discussed.

All in all these intensions of the ECB seems to be not the right way to lead to a proper solution of actually existing economic problems within the Eurozone. Thomas van Aquino en de Thomas van Utrecht. Kritische kanttekeningen bij de Utrechtse lezing van de Summa Theologiae. In section I this hypothesis is summarized in eight propositions. Its main elements are twofold. A Thomas does not. Full Text Available In a series of previous articles, one of the authors published designs of the AB Dome which can cover a city, important large installations or subregions by a transparent thin film supported by a small additional air overpressure.

The AB Dome keeps the outside atmospheric conditions from the interior protecting a city from chemical, bacterial, and radioactive weapons wastes. The design in this article differs from previous one as this design employs an inflatable columns which does not need an additional pressure overpressure inside the dome and is cheaper in construction no powered air pumping station and in operation no special entrance airlock and permanent pumping expense.

When dome is supported by columns, no overpressure is required inside the dome which is important when the dome covers a damaged nuclear reactor. The nuclear reactor may produce radioactive gases and dust, and, as inflatable domes are not typically hermetically sealed, the increased pressure inside the dome can leak out gas and dust into the atmosphere.

The suggested design does not have this drawback. Positive pressure gradients expel dust particles—neutral pressure gradients will not. Negative pressure gradients may even be possible in certain configurations. Of Bricks and Bats: This paper considers whether publicly-financed new facility investments encourage professional sports team owners to increase their investments in costly talent. We develop a model of a sports league that incorporates publicly-financed facility investments, the unique characteristics of the talent market, and revenue sharing to explore the complementarity between new facility amenities, the team budget decision and team performance.

Our empirical results suggest that publicly-financed new sta Security at football grounds: Full Text Available By violence, we understand the actions that an individual or a group of individuals committed with the purpose of causing harm to others or their property. In this conceptual scope of violence, we highlight the role of the attacks in the environment of football, where certain groups of fans —rather than acting as passive observers of the game— profane the statism of the viewer to manifest violent behaviors; we refer in particular to the hooligans or the ultras.

This exploratory study presents the results of a survey of the fans of LDU Quito Ecuador, a team that is considered the second with most supporters of the country. The results show that, despite the prohibitions, about four in ten fans consume alcohol before or during games. Also, a review or complaint of the sense of insecurity in the minds of the fans of this reference Ecuadorian football team, a conclusion that is provided without seeking its generalization is made, but that could serve as a starting point for further research. Review of laparoscopic partial nephrectomy in the treatment of renal tumors, T1 stadium in adults.

The T1 renal cancer in adults is made known; incidence, characteristics and management. Renal cell carcinoma has been the most common malignancy of the kidney, percentage is close to three percent of solid tumors of adults. The treatments for this tumor are analyzed: Laparoscopic partial nephrectomy has represented an alternative option acceptable, safely and with good oncological and surgical outcomes for patients, as it is used to conserve nephrons and simultaneously to resect the tumor of a complete form promoting in the future the patient present a good renal function.

Additionally, a adequate oncological control has reduced the risk of submit postoperative renal failure. An evolution of laparoscopic partial nephrectomy is presented determining the procedure for renal tumors in state T1 in the adults [es. A synthesis report of purpose and need: Attendance at large arena events is increasing, as the seats are added, and ground level activities such as tailgating attract visitors not attending the game.

Access is somewhat staggered as people choose their arrival times differently. Provides an overview of collegiate trademark cases; discusses several forms of infringement, including traditional infringement on commercial products, ambush marketing, and Internet infringement; addresses available remedies; and offers practical tips for dealing effectively with trademark protection.

Full Text Available Public purpose investments constitute a special group among the construction investments. They are generally large and their construction is conditioned by the needs of the local communities. The regulations impose the need to analyze variants of this type of investment and to take into account the solutions that cause the low environmental damage.

The analyzed example is a specific object, mainly due to the presence of very large groups of people during sporting events. The analysis of the evaluation criteria should cover different location variants as well as design and construction solutions. The assessment of investment variants in this paper takes into account the specific function of the facility, and the criteria used in the analysis concern such phenomena as pollution and noise reduction, environmental impact, collisions with environmental elements, and the ability to safely park a large number of cars.

Due to the large number of factors involved in the procedure, it is necessary to employ effective methods of supporting the decision-making processes. The article describes an example of evaluating variants using multicriteria analysis methods. The obtained results confirmed the usefulness of the proposed procedure. This study aimed to compare radiation only or chemo radiation treatment of local advanced cervical cancers by examining the initial response of tumors and acute side effects.

An initial assessment employed value based medicine VBM by obtaining utility values for both types of therapy. The incidences of acute lower gastrointestinal, genitourinary, and hematology side effects in patients undergoing chemoradiation did not differ significantly from those undergoing radiation alone. Utility values for patients who underwent radiation alone were higher compared to those who underwent chemoradiation. It was concluded that the complete response of patients who underwent chemoradiation did not differ significantly from those who underwent radiation alone.

Full Text Available Background: Patient satisfaction is used to evaluate performance and improve the quality of palliative care. Sardjito Yogyakarta based on a ranking that includes 5 subscales of satisfaction in palliative care. Type of research was mixed methods with sequential explanatory design, collecting data began from collecting quantitative data and followed by collecting qualitative data.

Subject of study involved cancer patient in Central Hospital of Dr.

stadium kritischer ischaemie: Topics by

Sardjito Yogyakarta during September and October number of respondent was 48 patients and 8 participants. Sampling technique in quantitative research used purposive sampling, while the qualitative research used the techniques sampling criterion. Quantitative data analysis used descriptive analysis and analysis of qualitative data used the content analysis. Integration of the results of quantitative research and qualitative used the joint displays. Cancer patients have a high satisfaction on the subscale of support in decision-making with a mean Conclusion: Cancer patient satisfaction on palliative care was high with score on every subscales above mean score.

The Gillette Stadium Experience: Mass gathering events can substantially impact public safety. Analyzing patient presentation and transport rates at various mass gathering events can help inform staffing models and improve preparedness. A retrospective review of all patients seeking medical attention across a variety of event types at a single venue with a capacity of 68, from January through September We examined events with a total of 8,, attendees generating medical contacts.

Rates were 10 presentations and 1. Concerts had significantly higher rates of presentation and transport than all other event types. Presenting concern varied significantly by event type and gender, and transport rate increased predictably with age. For cold weather events, transport rates increased at colder temperatures. Overall, on-site physicians did not impact rates. At a single venue hosting a variety of events across a 6-year period, we demonstrated significant variations in presentation and transport rates.

Weather, gender, event type, and age all play important roles. Our analysis, while representative only of our specific venue, may be useful in developing response plans and staffing models for similar mass gathering venues. Disaster Med Public Health Preparedness. CFD analysis of natural ventilation in large semi-enclosed buildings - case study: Amsterdam ArenA football stadium. Large modern sports stadia are often multifunctional buildings that are not only used for sports purposes but also for other events such as concerts, conferences and festivities. Some of the stadia that have been built in recent years in north-western Europe are equipped with a semi-transparent roof.

On the effect of wind direction and urban surroundings on natural ventilation of a large semi-enclosed stadium. It is often expressed in terms of the air change rate per hour ACH. The pressure differences created by the wind depend — among others — on the wind. The pollen spectrum indicated vegetation representative of his period. The 4 m of overlying sediment are a repetition of different layers, submitted to pedogenic processes.

The pollen diagram as a whole showed a cycle of sterile horizons and horizons bearing the same vegetation. Conventional imaging modalities provide only morphological details and do not provide information on the metabolic status of a lesion, which is very important in differentiating a benign from a malignant lesion. Early diagnosis and reliable imaging assessment of response to treatment are essential in the clinical management of breast cancer. Positron Emission Tomography PET has been widely shown to be highly useful for the diagnosis of palpable masses, for staging, for obtaining long-term prognostic information, and for demonstrating tumour response to chemotherapy at an early phase or after completion of treatment in patient with breast cancer.

There was a positive relationship between tumour metabolic and response to chemotherapy and pathological conditions SUV provides an index of regional tracer uptake and a reduced SUV are indicative of tumour regression. Full Text Available The study was carried out to investigate the effect of gonadotropin hormone supplementation into in vitro maturation medium on maturation, fertilization and embryo development of Bligon goats.

This research steps consist of oocyte collection, in vitro maturation, in vitro fertilization, and in vitro embryo development. Oocyte and embryo morphology data were analyzed descriptively. Maturation rate and embryo development data were analyzed by using independent sample t-test. Fertilization data was analyzed descriptively.

Expansion cumulus cells surrounding the oocytes might indicated the mature oocytes. Embryos obtained from the treatment, indicated uniform of blastomeres in the size, tight, compact, intact, and round-spherical shape. It could be concluded that supplementation of gonadotropin hormone into in vitro maturation medium could not increase the rate of oocyte maturation and 4 cell embryo development, but it could increase 2 cell embryo development of Bligon goats.

Hormone supplementation could improved the maturation and embryo quality. Effect of methyl jasmonate, salicylic acid, Headline and Stadium on root yield, sucrose yield, and storage properties. Methyl jasmonate MeJA and salicylic acid SA have been reported to enhance yield and protect crop plants and products against abiotic stresses and diseases. The effect of these compounds on sugarbeets, however, is unknown. Research was conducted in and to investigate the effects of an e A critical view on statistical methods applied in health physics; Sicherheit durch Statistik?

Ein kritischer Blick auf die Anwendung statistischer Methoden im Strahlenschutz. The only proper way to describe uncertainties in health physics is by statistical means. But statistics never can replace Your personal evaluation of effect, nor can statistics transmute randomness into certainty like an ''uncertainty laundry''.

The paper discusses these problems in routine practical work. What's wrong with John? Maar wat als je geliefde of iemand anders in je omgeving een paniekaanval krijgt of depressief overkomt? Alte Thesen neu gelesen: Drei Perspektiven werden hier aufgezeigt: Es wird mithin keine immanente Auseinandersetzung mit dem gesamten Text und weiteren Arbeiten der beiden Autoren angestrebt.

The critical agrarian report. Agriculture as an energy producer; Landwirtschaft The focus of the critical agrarian report in this year is the topic 'agriculture as an energy producer'. In 44 contributions, the agrarian events of the year are analyzed and the setting the points for the future are discussed. The topics of this report are: Agricultural policy and social situation, world trade and nutrition, ecological agriculture, production and market, regional market, regional development, nature and environment, forest, animal protection and animal husbandry, genetic engineering, agrarian culture, consumer and nourishing culture.

Petroleum - as far as available. Analysis and critical model calculation up to the year Erdoel - soweit verfuegbar. Analyse und kritische Modellrechnung bis zum Jahr An outline is given on the most important oil producing countries and on the petroleum reserves available there as they developed from to For the last few years, the figures at hand show a distinct decline of new discoveries i. Prospective development factors are critically examined, and a model of potential petroleum supply is developed covering the period up to the year and requiring the adjustment of production and consumption.

Until , the model shows a plateau of international oil production and of consumption amounting to 3 billion tons per year on an average, and subsequently a constant decline of output. The international average consumption being kept at a relatively high level is to give the world economy the opportunity to develop alternative energy sources. From this detailed statement follows automatically the demand to increase exploratory activities and to lead an optimal consumption policy. In a separate section deposits of heavy oil sands and oil shales and respective production technologies are dealt with as well as their potential contribution to meet energy needs.

Inflammatory bowel diseases IBD - critical discussion of etiology, pathogenesis, diagnostics, and therapy; Chronisch entzuendliche Darmerkrankungen - Kritische Diskussion von Aetiologie, Pathogenese, Diagnostik und Therapie. Aims Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis are the most frequent inflammatory bowel diseases IBD with a prevalence of approximately one out of Cytokine research opened new and potent treatment options and thus stimulated clinical and basic research.

However, the IBD still remain a challenge for patients and physicians,demanding close cooperation between gastroenterologists,radiologists and surgeons. The basic understanding of IBD,which is necessary for efficient diagnostic and therapeutic concepts is reviewed. Based upon recent publications and our clinical experience we discuss aspects of etiology,pathogenesis,diagnostics,and therapy of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

A genetically influenced, exaggerated and sustained immune response against the own gut flora seems to be one of the most important factors in the pathogenesis of IBD. Not less important are environmental influences. For instance, cigarette smoking had been judged to have some negative influence on the natural course of Crohn's disease. Now,however, recent studies show that smoking is even a significant independent risk factor in the pathogenesis of IBD.

Since IBD and especially Crohn's disease can effect the whole body, detailed analysis of inflammatory organ involvement is necessary before therapy. For instance, the MRIenteroclysis technique adds a necessary diagnostic tool for the exploration of those parts of the small bowel that cannot been reached by routine endoscopy like the upper ileum and the lower jejunum.

In terms of therapy, a change of paradigms can be observed: Furthermore,immunosuppressive agents like azathioprine and 6-mercaptopurine will establish as central concept in the medical treatment of IBD. Discussion IBD-therapy should rather be adapted to the patient's individual inflammatory pattern than be oriented to schematic treatment rules. New endoscopic and radiologic techniques provide the necessary diagnostic tools.

Obwohl sich, angetrieben durch therapeutische Erfolge der Zytokinforschung, immer mehr medizinische Einrichtungen mit Fragestellungen rund um die CED beschaeftigen, stellen diese Erkrankungen fuer Patient und Arzt immer noch eine lebenslange Herausforderung dar. Die enge interdisziplinaere Zusammenarbeit zwischen Gastroenterologie, Radiologie und Chirurgie ist entscheidend fuer ein effizientes Diagnose- und Therapiekonzept, dessen Grundlagen wir in unserer Uebersichtsarbeit erlaeutern wollen. Ergebnisse Eine genetisch beeinflusste, ueberschiessende und anhaltende Immunreaktion gegen die eigene Darmflora scheint eine der wichtigsten Ursachen dieser Erkrankungen zu sein.

Auch Umwelteinfluesse sind von Belang. Da die CED und insbesondere der Morbus Crohn als systemische Erkrankungen betrachtet werden muessen, setzen therapeutische Ueberlegungen eine genaue Kenntnis des Organbefalls voraus. Therapeutisch scheint es zu einem Paradigmenwechsel zu kommen: Patienten werden nicht mehr erst dann behandelt,wenn die Symptome unertraeglich geworden sind, sondern fruehzeitig in ein therapeutisches Gesamtkonzept integriert, das sich an Ort und Ausmass des Befalls, an den Moeglichkeiten des Patienten und auch des betreuenden Umfeldes orientiert.

Ausserdem etablieren sich die immunsuppressiv wirksamen Purinanaloga wie Azathioprin und Mercaptopurin als zentrales Medikationskonzept der CED. Diskussion Es ist absehbar, dass eine spezifisch auf das Befallsmuster des Patienten abgestimmte Therapie das aussichtsreichste Behandlungskonzept darstellt, das sich nicht mehr an strengen Schemata orientiert. Die neuen endoskopischen und radiologischen Verfahren bilden hierfuer die Grundlage. Symbolismus, Konnektionismus, Biologismus und Physikalismus. Neue Strukturen internationaler Zusammenarbeit Kritische Studien zur Geschichtswissenschaft Aus einer globalen Perspektive analysiert die Autorin eine Vielzahl von Aspekten, zum Beispiel den Einfluss des Urheberrechts auf die Entwicklung der Buchproduktion und die herausragende Rolle der Organisationen, die den Urheberrechtsschutz institutionalisierten.

Peter; Verweij, Bon H. MRI characteristics of spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage; Das kernspintomographische Erscheinungsbild der spontanen intrazerebralen Blutung. Klinik fuer Radiologie; Innsbruck Univ. Es wurden weder falsch-negative noch falsch-positive Befunde erhoben.

Auf den diffusionsgewichteten Sequenzen fuehren minimale Deoxyhaemoglobinkonzentrationen bereits in dieser Phase zu Signalausloeschungen. Das Erscheinungsbild der akuten, subakuten und chronischen IZB entsprach dem, in der Literatur mitgeteilten, Signalverhalten. Die Diffusionsgewichtung war in der hpyerakuten Blutungsdiagnose und deren Abgrenzung von der akuten Ischaemie hilfreich.

Zumindest bei 1,5 T erscheint die KST somit fuer die Diagnostik des akuten Schlaganfalls geeignet und sollte, da Ischaemien besser als mit der Computertomographie charakterisiert werden koennen, fuer die Akutdiagnostik verfuegbar gemacht werden.

Metaphern in der Fußball-Berichterstattung im Radio und Fernsehen: Eine Fallstudie (German Edition) Metaphern in der Fußball-Berichterstattung im Radio und Fernsehen: Eine Fallstudie (German Edition)
Metaphern in der Fußball-Berichterstattung im Radio und Fernsehen: Eine Fallstudie (German Edition) Metaphern in der Fußball-Berichterstattung im Radio und Fernsehen: Eine Fallstudie (German Edition)
Metaphern in der Fußball-Berichterstattung im Radio und Fernsehen: Eine Fallstudie (German Edition) Metaphern in der Fußball-Berichterstattung im Radio und Fernsehen: Eine Fallstudie (German Edition)
Metaphern in der Fußball-Berichterstattung im Radio und Fernsehen: Eine Fallstudie (German Edition) Metaphern in der Fußball-Berichterstattung im Radio und Fernsehen: Eine Fallstudie (German Edition)
Metaphern in der Fußball-Berichterstattung im Radio und Fernsehen: Eine Fallstudie (German Edition) Metaphern in der Fußball-Berichterstattung im Radio und Fernsehen: Eine Fallstudie (German Edition)

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