REVOLT: A Mandate to Restore the Constitution

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Plaintiffs should not be required to surrender one constitutional right to get to another.

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Plaintiffs should not be placed in the untenable position of having to choose between the right to educate their children, Calif. Plaintiffs seek a court order striking down SB as unconstitutional. Plaintiffs seek preliminary and permanent injunctive relief in order to preserve the status quo and to halt enforcement of SB Supreme Court recognizes the right to refuse unwanted medical interventions.

Supreme Court also recognizes the fundamental interest of parents, in contrast with that of the State, to guide the religious education of their children. Yoder, U. The horror of this reality is mind-numbing. And, in too many instances, vaccines turn out to be more injurious and more deadly than the predicate diseases for which the vaccines were administered in the first place.

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The purpose of the Act is to stabilize the national vaccine market by allowing vaccine makers to dodge jury trials and class action lawsuits. Plaintiffs view all vaccine makers with mistrust and suspicion because: SB violates the constitutional rights of Plaintiffs and their children. Freedom means nothing if you can't keep the government out of your body.

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ALL children in California deserve an education. This movement will be successful with YOUR help! Rally your community to fight against overreaching government. Find out how you can help.

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We seek to overturn this unjust law created by overreaching government, and we're committed to restoring equal access to education for all children in California. Work with members in your community and make a difference! Our appellate brief has been filed.

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The military government consisted of a generalissimo and three field marshals. On September 1, 84 of the 91 members in the Guangzhou parliament elected Sun Yat-sen as the generalissimo. After the establishment of the Guangzhou Military Government, the north and the south of China were in confrontation. Among the supporters of Guangzhou Government, the militants in Guangxi and Yunnan were superior in strength.

Duan resigned as the North's prime minister as a result, leaving the post to Feng Guozhang. The north and the south were in a temporary armistice. However, after capturing Hunan, the Zhili commander Wu Peifu halted the attack on Guangdong and Guangxi province and had a peaceful settlement with the south in July. Xu Shichang also advocated peace negotiation when he was inaugurated as the president in October, which led to the end of the war. Besides the Navy, Generalissimo Guards and twenty battalions of the Guangdong Army, Sun Yat-sen lacked strong support of military strength in the Guangzhou Military Government, and sometimes his order was only effective in the Generalissmo Government.

Sun had thoughts of mutiny at once, hoping to overthrow the Guangxi influence, and had personally ordered the Navy to fire at the Guangxi headquarters at one time. Near the end of , Lu Rongting, Tang Jiyao, Mo Rongxin and others along with Tang Shaoyi convened a conference, and they advocated recognition of Feng Guozhang's presidency and formation a united government.

During , Cheng Biguang aligned himself with the Guangxi clique, and was assassinated. The Extraordinary Session of Parliament was controlled by the Guangxi clique, and was restructured in May by replacing the office of generalissimo with a committee of seven executives consisting of Sun, Tang Shaoyi , Wu Tingfang , and Tang Jiyao on one side and Lu Rongting , Cen Chunxuan , and Lin Baoyi on the other.

Feeling marginalized, Sun Yat-sen resigned as the generalissimo, and left Guangzhou for Shanghai. Wu Tingfang's election as Guangdong's governor was nullified by Lu Rongting.

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From February to August , the North and South held negotiations in Shanghai but they were stalled by Duan's sabotage. All MPs who did not attend the southern "extraordinary" session were disqualified and replaced. Parliament was adjourned by its Speaker Lin Sen on January 24, when a faction of MPs boycotted the assembly, depriving it of a quorum. Cen also suspended the salaries of the MPs.

With the southern government effectively under the influence of the Old Guangxi Clique , the first constitutional protection movement was over. The military governor of Guangdong, Chen Jiongming raised 20 battalions from Fujian. In , Duan and the northern parliament was ousted after the Zhili-Anhui War. Lu and Cen used this as a pretext to explore unification with the Zhili Clique. Chen Jiongming expelled the Guangxi clique from Guangzhou allowing Sun to return by the end of November.

Parliament reconvened in Guangzhou on January Of the remaining four executives, Tang Jiyao had to remain in Yunnan to protect his province, Wu Tingfang was ailing, and Tang Shaoyi was becoming uninterested. In April , the National Assembly dissolved the military government and elected Sun Yat-sen "extraordinary president".

But the new Guangzhou government, without any foreign recognition, was beset with questions of legitimacy as its form existed outside of the constitution it was mandated to protect. For Chen Jiongming, Sun's extraconstitutional election was a power grab. Relations further deteriorated when Chen invited anarchists , communists , and federalists to the movement.

Chen thought it would swell their numbers but Sun believed they would dilute his message. Immediately after his inauguration in May, Sun ordered the Northern Expedition to force the unification of China. In the summer of , Sun Yat-sen personally established the division headquarters in Shaoguan to launch the expedition by coordinating the Guangdong, Yunnan, Jiangxi, and Hunan armies. Chen Jiongming advocated suspension of military conflict, first building up Guangdong as a province of autonomy.

Constitutional Protection Movement

Meanwhile, the Zhili clique started a national movement to reunite the Northern and Southern governments by having the two rival presidents resign in favor of a restored Li Yuanhong. To Chen Jiongming, Constitutional Protection's purpose was achieved, but for Sun the new government was a smokescreen to mask Cao Kun's rule.

On June 16, the presidential palace was shelled by Chen's forces. Sun realized the failure of both movements was based his over reliance on the military forces of others. After the debacle, Sun found that the revolution needed its own military strength. With the help of the Soviet Union and the alliance with the Communist Party of China , Sun retook the Guangzhou government for the third time in However, protecting the provisional government was not its purpose.

Instead, building a strong military base centered on the Whampoa Military Academy and creating a one-party state to defeat the warlords was its goal. This was behind the success of the Northern Expedition that led to the reunification of China. Historical scholars fault the movements' reliance on legal campaign tactics. The National Assembly's extraordinary session lacked a quorum.

Practically from the beginning the military government was not set up by the procedures of legitimate constitutional law.

REVOLT: A Mandate to Restore the Constitution REVOLT: A Mandate to Restore the Constitution
REVOLT: A Mandate to Restore the Constitution REVOLT: A Mandate to Restore the Constitution
REVOLT: A Mandate to Restore the Constitution REVOLT: A Mandate to Restore the Constitution
REVOLT: A Mandate to Restore the Constitution REVOLT: A Mandate to Restore the Constitution
REVOLT: A Mandate to Restore the Constitution REVOLT: A Mandate to Restore the Constitution
REVOLT: A Mandate to Restore the Constitution REVOLT: A Mandate to Restore the Constitution
REVOLT: A Mandate to Restore the Constitution REVOLT: A Mandate to Restore the Constitution
REVOLT: A Mandate to Restore the Constitution REVOLT: A Mandate to Restore the Constitution
REVOLT: A Mandate to Restore the Constitution REVOLT: A Mandate to Restore the Constitution

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