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No, Ligeti 's organ music is the Antichrist of the organ repertoire, managing in just three mature works to reverse, subvert, and override every facet of the organ archetype. His first large work for the instrument, Volumina, drops a hydrogen bomb on the tradition with its opening gesture, a chromatic chord using every note and every stop of the organ. Indeed, on first rehearsal the piece actually destroyed its instrument.

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Harmonies, the first of Ligeti 's Two Studies for Organ, is a much more modest piece than Volumina, lasting less than seven minutes compared to the latter's nearly 15 , and occupying a roughly similar sound world for its entire length. But in a certain way it's even weirder, a more ad-hoc-radical-chic cousin. Written in five years after Volumina , it carries out one of Ligeti 's most persistent fascinations -- the fascination with exploring that moment "when good machines go bad.

In the case of Harmonies, Ligeti envisioned a "consumptive" organ, an organ with a severe pulmonary handicap. The technical translation of this condition was the wish to make the organ do something it shouldn't be able to do -- play microtones, "get in between the keys. Hence Zacher disconnected it and hooked a vacuum cleaner up to the wind chest. The resulting effects invert everything expected of the organ, transforming it from a polyphonic kingdom into a foul and frightening wind blowing through some impossibly macabre Romantic night scene, like incidental music for a nightmare. With cold, tinny chords specific notes are almost impossible to decipher , the organ slowly wheezes up and down in ever-growing dynamic waves; in a fashion similar to Ligeti 's "micropolyphonic" music, all transitions happen with extreme subtlety, creating an even ghostlier sound surface.

Eventually the sound fades into oblivion over a low pedal. There's something fascinatingly double-faced about this music: Personal needs have increased a lot on that account. First step is to decide about the goal of life. What one wants to achieve in life.

Event-Study No. 1 -- प्रसंगाध्ययन क्र. १

Next step is to define responsibilities of each of them. They should judge and decide upon the level to which they can elevate their life style, keeping in mind their responsibilities and commitments.

Accordingly responsibilities of each individual should be defined. Who should adjust when?

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All such points should be finalised with mutual understanding. Action plan for fulfilling each responsibility should be worked out and frozen with mutual understanding. Under changing circumstances, action plan should be revised, as and when needed, considering operational convenience in changed situation.

It is extremely important that harmony among all family members should be maintained, all the time. Considering all this, daily action plan should be worked out. Define split duty for both.

Study No. 1 "Harmonies," for organ

When the action is done wilfully with positive mind-set, obstacles or problems are not faced. Even if any difficulties prop up, they can be sorted out easily. Work is executed smoothly. Intellect has to exert heavy pressure on the will in order to get the action executed by physical body. Will keeps on disturbing intellect, in working out action plan. Intellect does not get adequate time to think properly. As a result, probabilities of taking wrong decisions increase.

Difficulties are generated by virtue of your own mistakes. They do not get sorted out easily. Actions cannot be performed smoothly. Lot of energy is wasted during the internal conflicts. One suffers from huge mental fatigue. Man spends maximum time during the day, in activity for earning money. It needs to be converted by regulating the mind-set. First and foremost, one should set Master goal for his life. Is it a reality? Be sure that it is a reality. It is not imaginary. Many have attained this state. Be assured that this is achievable.

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  • That desire itself will set direction of thinking automatically. Your thoughts will get channelized automatically. They will automatically get converted to worship. It is not at all easy to remember the Master Goal all the time. This further converts each and every activity into Worship. This type of worship is very dear to Lord of Universe, Parameshwar.

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    This leads further to Master Goal also. Same way devotee remebers name of his deity. When one sees an acquaintance across the street, he recollects his form and recognizes him. Calls him loudly by his name, in order to draw his attention. The same way, Devotee recollects and recognizes his Deity by form, he remembers and calls him repeatedly by his name, in order to draw his attention. This induces him to recollect his Deity all the time. It is always pleasing to recall the memories of the beloved ones. Same way memories of Deity please the Devotee, he then feels like remaining engrossed with such memories, frequently.

    Gradually, he starts loving his Deity, and tries to establish emotional relations, like mother, father, brother, friend, lover etc.

    Study No. 1 Study No. 1
    Study No. 1 Study No. 1
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