The Problems of Governments

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While the prices of international crude oil has fallen, petrol prices in India stay high at Rs.

This was conveniently explained this away as a daily price revision mechanism, but a closer look shows that this is just not true. One need look no further than Yogi Adityanath, CM of Uttar Pradesh and currently holding cases of attempt to murder, rioting with deadly weapons and inciting the Gorakhpur riots.

The BJP rode the wave to victory in on a massive anti-corruption rhetoric. An RTI query at the end of last year however, that only 12 corrupt IAS officers had been punished in the last 3 and a half years.

When government can't solve problems, more companies seek to step in

The BJP also frequently attacked the Congress for not enacting the Lokpal bill, yet after 3 years in power, they haven't implemented it either. Recently, Khap leaders reacted to the SC's claim that people should be allowed to marry who they choose by saying -.

An organisation that condones and actively participates in honour killings and oppression should be stamped out, but the government looks the other way because these people form large vote banks. It's also because several politicians are opposed to inter-caste and inter-religious marriages, just like the Khaps. With the ever-inflating cost of the Rafale deal the purchase of 36 Rafale fighter jets , questions were bound to arise.

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But while the government initially said they'd reveal details about why the cost was ballooning, it later made a u-turn and claimed revealing anything would endanger national security. The prices come out to Rs 1, crore per aircraft, when earlier the UPA had been discussing costs in the range of Rs crore per aircraft.

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Government is Good

The Kathua rape case Asifa's brutalisation and murder has ripped the country in 2. Other policy areas such as infrastructure development, education, disaster planning and assistance, economic development, and cybersecurity are replete with cases where all three sectors must work in concert. This is not to suggest that collaboration among the sectors is always positive.

There are well documented examples where such partnerships have gone off the rails.

What is Really Wrong with Government

Private prisons, for example, have in some cases compromised providing needed services and security in an effort to save money and increase profits. Some public-private partnerships have resulted in higher costs to the taxpayer than more traditional public solutions. And government contracting, whether with private firms or nonprofit agencies, can invite corruption and favoritism.

Why Socrates Hated Democracy

Collaborative governance, nonetheless, is here to stay. The relevant question is not whether the sectors work together.

2. Farmer's protests and suicides

The important questions involve whether such collaboration is appropriate in a given circumstance, how such partnerships can be successfully structured and how well they work in practice. These are difficult questions to answer, and state and local governments considering such arrangements may have a dearth of objective sources where they may be able to turn for advice or examples.

I have recently become aware of such a source: A nonprofit called The Intersector Project TIP has been producing case studies and other tools that can be used to provide input into proposed cooperative arrangements among the sectors. The TIP website includes 40 case studies of intersectoral collaborations from across the country. Most of these case studies deal with state and local issues, covering areas such as community revitalization, health, infrastructure, education and the environment. They are located in very large places saving shelter animals in New York City; transforming public housing in New Orleans and smaller ones improving labor relations in Jamestown, N.

TIP has used these case studies to develop a page toolkit for those considering intersector projects that follows the potential collaboration from diagnosis to design to implementation to assessment.

9 Serious Problems Facing Our Country That Our Government Is Pretending Don’t Exist

Work like that being undertaken by TIP couldn't come at a better time. In an era of scarce resources at all levels of government, leaders must find creative solutions to complex problems. In such a context, it is even more important to consider ways that the sectors can work together and to consider how such partnerships can lead to the delivery of high-quality public services in the most cost-effective way possible. But so far, many unions have actually increased their numbers since the verdict. Conservative groups are working to reverse that trend in the long run.

The turnaround of Central Park is more than an urban success story.

The Problems of Governments The Problems of Governments
The Problems of Governments The Problems of Governments
The Problems of Governments The Problems of Governments
The Problems of Governments The Problems of Governments
The Problems of Governments The Problems of Governments
The Problems of Governments The Problems of Governments
The Problems of Governments The Problems of Governments
The Problems of Governments The Problems of Governments

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