The Ultimate Youtube Success Guide

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The ultimate guide to building a successful YouTube channel

What equipment will you need? What events can you attend? Who is the competition? What are the competition doing and how can you do it better? These are all questions the need answering, you may not know them all in the beginning, but the more you do know the better off you will be. If you are doing How-to videos for installing video editing software, a Lets Play on Minecraft or simply being entertaining in any chosen subject, make sure you know what you are doing. Audience Retention is key to building an audience and keeping viewers coming back to your channel. This can often be the hardest part of creating a successful channel, a channel name needs to be easy to remember, easy to spell correctly and have something to do with your channel.

The Ultimate Guide To Success on YouTube | Verve

Yogscast , Pewdiepie and Machinima , however, those names had the potential to become brand names and were easily marketable afterwards. Keep it simple and keep it clean. Before taking the leap of faith with a name try and make sure the same name or something similar is available on social media outlets such as Twitter, Twitch and Reddit etc. This is more than likely going to be the easiest part of the process! Fill in your details, choose a secure, yet memorable password and choose an appropriate email address. Now you are ready to produce your first video!

There are a lot of things to consider, both creative and technical. Like the examples I used earlier, are you creating a How-To video about installing video editing software? If so, the chances are that the age demographic is going be teenagers-adults approx. Making demographic appropriate content is key to audience retention, audience engagement and monetisation.

Having a simple thumbnail is a key ingredient to attracting views. The ideal thumbnail needs a related image and some simple text which can be the video title or something similar. This is more for people looking to gain views on a video quickly however this will damage audience retention if it attracts viewers who are not looking for the actual content featured in the video.

Having Credits and Intros on a video will improve the quality of your content. Opening credits will make your videos look professional and a small verbal commentary over your intro just discussing what the video is going to be about will help keep people on board until a specific section of the video so leave the best until last! Always thank your audience for watching your videos and include video credits. Video credits are a great tool for keeping people on your channel, for this you will need to take advantage of the annotation tool , this can be used to frame a small snippet of a video at the very end to try and get your audience to watch a different video on your channel, it is always good practise to have a preview of different videos in your closing credits.

Ultimate Guide to YouTube Success

You can also use video annotations to provide a link for people to subscribe directly to your channel, try and take advantage of this as not everybody remembers to subscribe to your channel even if they love your content. High-quality video and audio is an integral part to making the highest quality content possible. This might mean you need to upgrade equipment depending on what type of video you are producing.

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If you are going to be doing a lot of commentaries, a high-quality microphone would improve audio immensely compared to a webcam or built-in laptop microphone. Similarly if you are doing a lot of video effects or fancy transitions, professional video editing software may be a worthwhile investment. Try all of the tips above and create some great content; if you need help marketing and advertising your YouTube channel and content please continue to read the guide or contact us. Managing a YouTube channel is all about maximising views, growing a fan base and community as fast as you can and making the most money possible from your ads.

How To Start A YouTube Channel

It can be a huge task because it is not just your Youtube channel you need to manage. This is one of the best ways to maximise views and grow an audience that comes back to watch new videos. Finding the best time to upload a video can take numerous uploads and competition analysis to see what other people are doing. Once you have found the time that suits you best, ALWAYS upload as close to this time as possible, if you are uploading any content on a consistent basis and build any sort of following, uploading at a consistent time will attract people back into the routine that is your content.

Social Media can be a tricky beast; there are many possible avenues for you to look into. Why are you doing this? So if you love going to the zoo, write it down. The more, the better. Again, try to have a list of at least 20 things before you finish. For example gaming, beauty tips, and yoga would be a 5. Do the work and make sure there are raving fans for your topic. For example, there is a League of Legends esports channel with over 2.

Their fans are way more likely to watch a YouTube channel dedicated to esports because they play video games themselves and are passionate about their growing sport. Now run all of your ideas through this framework. And afterward, tally up the score. Those are your finalists. They should all be above 10 points or so. If not, you may want to run more ideas through the scorecard. Now, one of those finalists is going to become your channel idea. Think hard about the idea that you can envision yourself sticking with for the long haul — then select your favorite. You just come up with your profitable YouTube channel!

Take a second and think about your favorite YouTube videos. Maybe you have a similar sense of humor. Or you like their point of view. This brings me to one of the most important truths about starting a successful YouTube channel: Like it or not, many of your favorite viral videos have technical flaws that would make your average film student weep.

How is that possible? Then you need something called a lav mic. The mics in most smartphones are actually pretty good. You plug it into your phone and clip it onto your shirt, just like on TV. You know when you see the white and black slate clap to start scenes in movies?

The smartphone in your pocket is already set up to record high-quality videos for YouTube. However, if you have some cash lying around, here are two options to consider: This is what pro YouTubers like Casey Neistat use.

The Ultimate Guide To Success on YouTube

I recommend pairing the 70D body with an mm lens. The 70D is also versatile for both still photography and video, plus it has a fast autofocus feature for on-the-go shooting. These programs give you more than enough features for you to put together great videos. There are a TON of great tutorials online that will get you up to speed. Here are a few I recommend for beginners: The most important thing is not to get hung up on equipment. Every YouTube video that is shared by millions makes its viewers feel an emotion like this. Jonah Berger, the professor who wrote THE book on virality, agrees.

So when you create your content, always ask yourself one question: After a few years of making viral videos on YouTube, we realized we were using the same three strategies over and over again to elicit an emotional reaction from our viewers. We even put them on posters in every room of our office. Here are the top 3 ways to elicit emotion from your audience: These 3 traits are responsible for hundreds of millions of views on our channel.

And the most popular YouTube videos have shown time and time again that incorporating these traits results in shares and views. All these videos use at least one of these traits.

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Now let me explain how you can bake each one of these viral traits into your content. Challenging assumptions is powerful because it shocks people into questioning their own beliefs about something.

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Or that you need to expose celebrities or hypocritical politicians to get attention. Or something you want to take a stand on. For example, we did a video where we took a confident guy and gave him an aesthetic handicap.

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Then we had him ask random women out on dates. That looks are the most important thing in a potential mate. These kinds of videos are popular because when people hear they might be wrong about something, their ears perk up. And if you make them think differently, they are more likely to share what they saw. There are hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. How is your content going to stand out in a sea of sameness? This one might seem obvious, but most people get it wrong.

Stories make people take action because they tell a narrative that helps us relate to each other and process the world. You can create an underdog story, a surprising plot twist, a tragedy, a comedy, a rags to riches tale. The list goes on and on. So make sure every video you make tells a compelling story that has a beginning, middle, and end.

To become a better storyteller, break down your favorite movies, TV shows, or YouTube videos. What are your favorite elements? What is the plot beginning, middle, end? If you bake these traits into your first few videos, you will be miles ahead of the competition. No matter how great your content is, you will still have to hustle to get it in front of as many people as possible. Especially when you are first starting out. The reason people get this so wrong is so-called experts have been saying for YEARS that if you make good content, people will find it.

So now we have an entire generation of people that think if they make amazing stuff, an audience will magically appear. Just the people who are already into what your channel is about. And you can use them to your advantage by following these three steps: Search for Reddit subreddits, Facebook groups, forums google [your niche] forums , etc. Share other content you like.

Find the perfect music for your channel from our curated playlists

Answer questions you know the answer to. Reference older, popular posts and add a new take on them. You only need to spend an hour or two a week doing this. But you should be contributing a few times a week for about a month before you start doing any self-promotion. The dumbest mistake people make with this strategy is spamming. Getting your content in front of other audiences is crucial to growing your channel. These are sites you want your content to appear on. Search Google or Facebook for sites in your niche e.

Aim for smaller, relevant sites that are more likely to take a chance on you. Remember, the right audience is better than a big audience. You should have at least 20 targets and create a spreadsheet to keep track. The easiest way to do this is to look for submission links, social media handles of writers, and about us pages on the sites you want to pitch. Put all the contact info you find into your spreadsheet.

Editors are pitched hundreds of stories a week. Your job is to stand out from all the other pitches by making their job easy. Keep your email short, credible, and not spammy. You want to seem like a respectable, interesting person, and give them a reason to actually watch your video. Feel free to use it as a model for your pitches: Why the Tesla Model 3 could suck — big fan.

Anyway, thanks in advance for checking it out. But it only takes one feature for all your unanswered pitches to be worth it. Of course, when someone features your content, be sure to follow-up and thank them. If their audience likes your content, that site can become a consistent source of views for your channel.

Adsense is just a small slice of the revenue pie for true YouTube entrepreneurs. You see, YouTube entrepreneurs treat their channels as a business. This is how ad revenue much Simple Pickup made in January Ad revenue is just a small slice of how the most successful YouTubers make money. Once you have a dedicated fan base, there a plenty of ways to start bringing in revenue.

Keep this in mind as I explain how you can bring in that cheddar. If you sign up for a service like TeeSpring. They handle manufacturing, inventory, customer service, shipping, etc. Plus, you can slap your logo on all kinds of gear, from hats to coffee mugs and posters. Not to mention the free marketing you get by turning your fans into walking billboard for your channel. Of course, you need to build a decent-sized audience to start getting brand deals.

The Ultimate Youtube Success Guide The Ultimate Youtube Success Guide
The Ultimate Youtube Success Guide The Ultimate Youtube Success Guide
The Ultimate Youtube Success Guide The Ultimate Youtube Success Guide
The Ultimate Youtube Success Guide The Ultimate Youtube Success Guide
The Ultimate Youtube Success Guide The Ultimate Youtube Success Guide
The Ultimate Youtube Success Guide The Ultimate Youtube Success Guide
The Ultimate Youtube Success Guide The Ultimate Youtube Success Guide

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