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But patience and perseverance can use some help from time to time. That means most of your potential readers are shopping for their eBooks on Amazon—and it means you need to be in front of them. You should use every tool Amazon gives you to sell more books. Sometimes the slight edge from a single promotion can make a big difference in your long-term sales.

When you combine a Kindle Countdown Deal promotion at 99 cents with several promotions from the top book promotion sites , the results can be impressive. You can use AMS Sponsored Products ads to target readers through keywords and based on various genres, niches, and reader interests. You can also target ads based on the buying patterns of your customers using Product Display ads, so if you have a business book, you can target readers who regularly buy business and investing books on Amazon.


50 Free Book Marketing Ideas for Writers and Authors | ThinkWritten

You can even target readers who have bought specific books or products on Amazon. Then we simply sent them an email saying something like this:. Hi, Would you like a free review copy of my new book Unlimited Memory? If so, just let me know if you would like a PDF,. This simple email campaign helped us get dozens of quality reviews from folks who already proved they were interested in reading books about memory and knew how to write a review on Amazon.

You can also reach out to book bloggers to build more buzz for your book. This often gets you triple exposure: There are lots of resources you can use to find bloggers in your particular niche; learn more about that in this article. Conversion rates on Amazon are crucial to long-term sales success because Amazon is constantly testing and using data science to promote the books that are most likely to sell and are therefore most likely to earn Amazon more profits.

Choose your keywords carefully.

You can either do this by hand, by going through competitive books in your category and looking at what keywords they include in their title, subtitle, and description, or you can use software to speed up the process. Using book promotion sites is a no-brainer. You get access to readers who are interested in books like yours for a reasonable fee. There are sites that will help you promote free books and others that will help get out the word about your sale promotions for discounted books.

Be sure to read both posts to get great tips on getting the most out of using book promo sites! BookBub is the big kahuna of book promotion sites, with many millions of email subscribers signed up for their free service. The problem is that by focusing so strongly on the supposed necessity to get a certain number of reviews, you run the risk of alienating readers who most enjoy reading or learning and who do not need any incentive to post their opinions.

If you focus too strongly on "I need to get a date for the prom," you're not going to win over potential dates who would have wanted to go with you if they simply had the impression that they'd be in for a good time with you. Other than that, I didn't find much downright bad advice in this book. But if you truly believe in your own book as opposed to seeing it mainly as a money-making or competitive venture , this is not the right marketing guide for you.

Murphy obviously has a bit more capital to invest in getting his books moving that many indie authors.

There are hundreds of ways to promote a self-published book.

Much of his strategy involves paying for someone else to do something for you. He makes good points as to why this is the preferred route to go and it makes a lot of sense. But, if you are living on a shoestring budget, much of his advice simply cannot be taken. I was, however, able to take some of his advice. I won't go into everything I did, but I did not pay for reviews - I already had more than the minimum he stated - but I did get a new, snazzier cover and some other things.

I let the new cover run for a week. In that week, my sales dropped by half.

Cheap Book Promotion And Marketing For Authors On A Budget

I put the old cover back on - the one that does not pass his qualifiers - and my sales returned to the previous levels. OK, with that being the case, why not give it 1 star? Simply put, I didn't give 1 star because I think his advice might work for others. Some of it will probably work for me in the future.


More importantly, the book was a bit of a paradigm shift in how I thought about indie books. It brought up things that I simply had not thought about and I'm always willing to encourage broader thoughts.

Cheap Book Promotion For Authors On A Budget

The moral of the story is that not everything will work for everyone and what works will not always work equally. It's 99 cents at the time of this review. Then find what works for you and what doesn't. Just don't go into it thinking that it is a step-by-step guide to an indie best seller.

It is a guide to marketing your book - which is weird that the whole theme is marketing but he calls marketing 'dead'. There are plenty of products that are marketed well and simply don't meet an immediate need.

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Vinson Author of "Ankara Fever: There's a lot of really good, and also some tough-to-hear but necessary information in this book: He admits that there's a bit of repetition in this book, and makes a point of saying that he hasn't self-edited it out because he partially feels like if it's important, he needs to repeat it to make a point sometimes 2. He's clearly a fan of certain editors, editing services, user guides, sites like fiverr. It's a nice crash course -- he's clearly read a lot of other books, blogs, etc about self-publishing and self-marketing and it's nice in that it's a great crash-course of this author says this, this author said that.

It's a super, super, quick read. Between the quotes, the different fonts, the occasional checklists, this is a easy read that you can refer back to if you like So this isn't a book you pick up thinking: I'm going to get a fair and balanced view of blah vs. So you have to know that going in. It's like reading a self-help book by a politician in that way, even though they're offering advice, there is a little bit of See all reviews.

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Unless we are sleeping, we will answer your emails or contact messages, ASAP or even sooner. So, what do we do to promote your book?. Your book cover image will be linked directly to your Amazon book sales page. Take a look at Whizbuzz. Amazon api We use Amazon's API and resources to ensure your book is listed in accordance with all of Amazon's conditions.

Book Marketing & Promotions on a Budget Quick Tips Book Marketing & Promotions on a Budget Quick Tips
Book Marketing & Promotions on a Budget Quick Tips Book Marketing & Promotions on a Budget Quick Tips
Book Marketing & Promotions on a Budget Quick Tips Book Marketing & Promotions on a Budget Quick Tips
Book Marketing & Promotions on a Budget Quick Tips Book Marketing & Promotions on a Budget Quick Tips
Book Marketing & Promotions on a Budget Quick Tips Book Marketing & Promotions on a Budget Quick Tips
Book Marketing & Promotions on a Budget Quick Tips Book Marketing & Promotions on a Budget Quick Tips
Book Marketing & Promotions on a Budget Quick Tips Book Marketing & Promotions on a Budget Quick Tips

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