Gender Dynamics in Star Wars: The Old Republic, A focus on female characters

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Carth is able to drag the unconscious man from the wreckage and rent an abandoned apartment in the Upper City. The man remains in a stupor for the next few days. When the man regains consciousness, Carth informs him of the situation and that they need to find and rescue Bastila , whose escape pod has crash-landed somewhere on the planet. Bastila is and still would be, if rescued, the key to the Republic's war effort against the Sith due to her ability in battle meditation , a Force power that allows her to strengthen an entire army with confidence and spirit, while discouraging and confusing the enemy.

Together, the two set out to find Bastila, and proceed into the hostile world. The soldier and Carth learn that Bastila's escape pod had landed in the Undercity of Taris—a rough area below the privileged Upper City and the slums of the Lower City where rival swoop gangs, the Hidden Beks and Black Vulkars , are engaged in a fierce gang war.

The battles, plus the search for any other survivors of the battle prompted the Sith to impose a security lockdown, forcing one of the pair to disguise himself in stolen Sith trooper armor to gain entry to the area. In the Lower City, the soldier and Carth go to the Hidden Beks' hideout , where they find out from the leader of the Beks, Gadon Thek , that the Vulkar gang leader, Brejik , has taken Bastila captive, intending to offer her as a prize for the winner of the upcoming swoop race.

Gadon agrees to sponsor the soldier as the Bek rider, on the condition that he retrieve a prototype swoop-bike accelerator that had been stolen from them by the Vulkars. In order to get to the back entrance of the Black Vulkar Base , Gadon tells them to find the Twi'lek girl Mission Vao and her Wookiee friend Zaalbar , who are supposed to know a way in through the Undercity of Taris, the lowest level of the city where criminals and refugees were exiled.

Coincidentally, when they find her, they discover that Mission needs their help as well. She and Zaalbar were attacked by Gamorrean slavers and Zaalbar had been captured as a result. Mission agrees to help them infiltrate the Vulkar Base if they help her find Zaalbar. The group ventures into the sewers. They track down and rescue Zaalbar from the slavers. Zaalbar, in gratitude, swears a Wookiee life debt to the player. The group, lead by Mission, go deeper into the sewers to the back entrance of the Vulkar Base which is guarded by a rancor.

They raid the Vulkar Base and retrieve the accelerator after a confrontation with one of Brejik's lieutenants, Kandon Ark. Afterwards, they return to Gadon and the Beks. They stay the night before going to the swoop track the next morning. The untested racer manages to win the race. Before he can accept his prize however, Brejik breaks the deal at the last moment, claiming the soldier had cheated by using the prototype accelerator.

In the chaos Bastila breaks free and a fight ensues. Brejik and his Vulkar thugs cannot defeat them and die in the battle. Having rescued Bastila, the party begins looking for a way to get off Taris through the Sith blockade when a messenger comes to their apartment, telling them that a Mandalorian mercenary , Canderous Ordo , wants to speak with them in Javyar's Cantina. When they get there, Canderous proposes that they steal the Ebon Hawk , a freighter that belongs to his employer, Davik Kang , the Tarisian Exchange boss.

But first, they need the security pass codes to get through the Sith blockade, and the only place to get the codes is from the Sith base. To gain entry into the base, they have to purchase T3-M4 , a T3-series utility droid that Davik has had programmed with the entrance codes to the base. After purchasing T3-M4, the party breaks in and kills the Sith Governor to steal the passcodes. Canderous takes the soldier and Bastila to Davik's estate. Canderous recommends the soldier to Davik for hire as a ploy. Shortly after being welcomed, the three open the hangar doors and proceeded to steal the Ebon Hawk.

As they are getting to the Ebon Hawk , they are confronted by Kang and the galaxy-wide famous bounty hunter Calo Nord in the hangar. They kill Davik and leave Nord buried under rubble caused by the Sith bombardment. After stealing the Ebon Hawk , the infiltration party picks up the others and charges the Sith blockade while broadcasting the codes and escape the Sith onslaught.

Bastila reveals to the soldier that he is very strong in the Force and takes him back to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine to see if the Council will train him as a Jedi. They accept, in spite of his age, particularly after it is revealed that he is experiencing visions detailing the fall of Revan and Malak - and that he has shared these visions with Bastila, with whom he has forged a Force bond. After training under Zhar Lestin , the soldier, now a Jedi-in-training, is charged with doing battle with Juhani , a young Jedi apprentice who had been tainted by the dark side of the Force.

After defeating her, he succeeds in convincing her to return to the light and is promoted to the rank of Padawan. He is then ordered by the Council to investigate mysterious ruins that are believed to be the place seen in his visions. There, he finds a droid , which requires him to pass two tests regarding his knowledge of astrography before proceeding further into the temple. The party completes these tasks successfully and is granted access into a room containing an incomplete Star Map. One which gives clues to the locations of four more, similar maps. The party surmises that the maps, if combined, would lead them to a mysterious " Star Forge " that the droid speaks of and which seems intricately tied to the fall of Revan and Malak.

After learning of this, the Council charges the Padawan with the mission to find the Star Forge, accompanied by Bastila, his companions, and Juhani. Meanwhile, unknown to them, Calo Nord, who has survived the carnage on Taris, is brought before Malak by Admiral Karath. Nord offers information to the Dark Lord about Bastila and her companions, which Saul promises Malak would find "most interesting. The newly christened Padawan and his companions journey to the desert world, Tatooine , and explore the city of Anchorhead.

There, the Padawan receives another vision, indicating that the Star Map he is looking for is located in a cave. When learning that only hunters are allowed to leave the city, the Padawan persuades the head of the Czerka mining company there to hire him to eliminate the Sand People that have been plaguing the miners and other hunters in the area.

However, a Duros tells the Padawan that there might be a peaceful solution to the matter and urges him to find one. Listening to the Duros' advice, the Padawan buys HK , an HK-series assassin droid , thinly disguised as a protocol droid from the town's droid shop owner Yuka Laka. With the droid's help, the player is able to communicate with a nearby tribe of Sand people at their enclave and negotiates an end to the attacks on Czerka Corporation by giving the Sand People chieftain two moisture vaporators.

The chieftain then presents the party with his Chieftain's gaderffii as a sign of good faith, and a map that helps them locate a Star Map hidden in the Eastern Dune Sea. The Padawan then follows this map to a canyon krayt dragon's cave and assists a local hunter, Komad Fortuna , in killing it. He enters the cave and acquires the second Star Map. As he and the others leave the cave they are confronted by Calo Nord and some other bounty hunters. Calo says he will have to kill them in spite of Malak's request that he take Bastila alive.

The Padawan and his companions defend themselves, and kill Nord for good. The Padawan then travels to Kashyyyk , and finds that the planet is under the control of Czerka Corporation, and that they are enslaving the local Wookiees. Hoping to enlist the aid of the Wookiees in reaching the Shadowlands and the Star Map present there, the Padawan heads for the village of Rwookrrorro. However, because he brings with him the accused mad-claw Zaalbar into the city, he is seized and brought before the Wookiee Chieftain. The chieftain, Chuundar , Zaalbar's brother, is secretly in league with Czerka.

Chuundar blackmails the Padawan into hunting down a crazed Wookiee in the Shadowlands by keeping Zaalbar as a hostage. Fortunately for the Padawan, that gives him a chance to find the Star Map. In the Shadowlands, the Padawan meets an old hermit named Jolee Bindo who agrees to lead him to the Star Map in exchange for a favor: The Padawan finishes the job and, as promised, Jolee lowers the deflector shield to let the party into the lower Shadowlands.

When down there, the party discovers that the mad Wookiee is Freyyr , Zaalbar and Chuundar's father who had exiled Zaalbar more than twenty years before as a mad-claw, only to discover the truth of Chuundar's treachery later. Having been driven from Rwookrrorro, Freyyr descended into the Shadowlands and when the party encounters him, he blindly attacks them and is defeated. However, the Padawan spares him and together they concoct a plan to get Bacca's Ceremonial Blade , the symbol of a true chieftain, and fight Chuundar for the title.

Freyyr says that the blade of the sword was lost in a ritual fight long ago against an ancient beast. The party baits, finds the beast, and kills it. They then retrieve the blade from its hide. They give the blade to Freyyr, who then climbs up the trees towards Rwookrrorro, and asks the party to meet him there. While in the Shadowlands, the Padawan discovers an ancient computer; whose artificial intelligence poses him a series of ethical dilemmas, whose "correct" answers reflect Sith philosophy.

The Padawan's answers are deemed wrong by the computer, which sends out defense droids to terminate the intruder. However, when the party successfully defeats the ancient droids, the computer's scans of his brainwaves during the fight match those of the only person who is allowed to see the map.

Thinking that the Padawan is that person, he allows the Padawan to see the Star Map. Upon returning to the lift , the party is forced to kill the Wookiee in charge of the basket, Gorwooken , who has discovered their betrayal of Chuundar and attacks them. The party proceeds to the canopy on their own, meeting up with Freyyr's supporters on the way to Rwookrrorro. Upon arriving at the Chieftain's Hut, the room erupts in chaos, leading to a battle between the Padawan's allies and Czerka and Chuundar's loyalists, including himself.

The Czerka and Wookiee bodyguards are slain along with Chuundar, and as a reward for their aid, Freyyr gives his only surviving son Bacca's Ceremonial Blade. Zaalbar is allowed to come out of exile and is no longer branded a madclaw. Shortly thereafter, the Wookiees of the village unite under their new chieftain, Freyyr, and rebel against Czerka with the aid of the party. Meanwhile, upon hearing the news of Calo Nord's death, Malak sends his apprentice, Darth Bandon, to take the bounty hunter's place as the leader in the search for Bastila.

Following their visit to Kashyyyk, the crew of the Ebon Hawk heads for the oceanic world of Manaan , landing in the docking bay. The Padawan's visions indicated that the Star Map was on the ocean floor and hears the Republic ambassador to Manaan, Roland Wann , might have answers to his questions. Upon reaching the embassy the party asks Roland about a means to reach it.

Wann agrees to help them in exchange for retrieving a captured probe droid. The droid had been surfacing from a survey of the Hrakert Rift , a major source for Manaan's precious and unique resource, kolto , and where the Star Map was, when it was captured by the Sith. The Padawan agrees to help the Republic, infiltrating the Sith embassy via one of three entrances, and fighting his way to the droid.

The droid had been scavenged, but the part that Wann had requested is still intact. The party is leaving the base with droid part in hand when they are confronted by Selkath authorities with reports of shots fired within the embassy. The Padawan is put on trial and despite being offered an arbiter to represent him, he single-handedly persuaded the authorities to let him go. Now free, the Padawan proceeds back to the Republic embassy. The party learns from Roland that the droid was sent to investigate an illegal kolto harvesting plant that was created by the Republic and which had recently broken contact with the surface.

He tells the Padawan that the Republic hired many mercenaries to investigate what happened at the station, but none had returned. He also informs the Padawan that they had lost contact with the facility after uncovering some ancient artifact. In exchange for help in investigating the facility, Roland provides the party with a submersible and sends them on their way. Once they arrive, the Padawan meets a crazed mercenary and learns from him that, following the artifact's excavation, the Selkath were going insane and killing everyone.

Refusing to leave in spite of warnings, the Padawan fights his way through the facility and obtains an enviro-suit and a sonic emitter in the process. Forced to leave his companions behind, the Padawan searches the ocean floor with the one wet suit available and finds his way to a separate part of the facility. There, he meets the head scientist , Kono Nolan and his associate, Sami.

The two are the only Human scientists still alive and are trapped in the facility. After surviving their mad attempt to kill him, the Padawan persuades them to tell him what they know. They inform him about a massive firaxan shark , which is responsible for the Selkath's insanity. Upon asking how to get past it to the Star Map, Kono reveals that he had been working on a poison which, in theory, could kill the shark.

Sami believes that using it would pollute the waters of Manaan in ways that may never be corrected. Following Sami's advice, the Padawan destroys the kolto harvesting machine, calming the shark down and allowing the Padawan to approach the Star Map. When the Padawan is reunited with his companions at the entrance of the base, they meet Darth Bandon, accompanied by two Dark Jedi. After Bandon expresses his excitement that he could still "have the pleasure" of killing the Padawan, the party engages in a vicious lightsaber duel from which the Padawan emerges victorious.

The Padawan returns to the Republic embassy and tells Roland of what had happened. Though displeased with the results, Roland thanks the Padawan and sends him on his way. The Padawan is again seized by the Selkath authorities, this time for his actions at the Kolto facility. Again, the Padawan persuades them to release him upon revealing the full story, which some of the Selkath believe tie into their myths surrounding "the Progenitor," which they believe the Padawan had saved. As the party leaves Manaan, they are caught in the tractor beam of the Leviathan , the flagship of Admiral Saul Karath , Carth's old mentor.

While they are being pulled in, they discuss how to escape and the Padawan picks a member of his party to escape the Sith and rescue everyone else from capture. The Padawan, Bastila, and Carth are all put in force cages , and are interrogated by Saul Karath himself as he waits for Malak's arrival. He also informs them that the Jedi Academy on Dantooine has been destroyed.

Bastila refuses to submit to Karath's questions, so the Admiral questions the Padawan instead. For every question he answers incorrectly, Bastila is tortured. The Padawan's will weakens, but ultimately the Sith receive little of use from the interrogation. Saul leaves and orders the trio's torture to be continued. The Padawan fainted along with Bastila, and Carth informed him that he got the worst of the torture, and Bastila is worried that the dark side is growing stronger, because she did not sense a disturbance in the force when Dantooine was attacked.

However, she senses that Saul sent his message to Darth Malak. Meanwhile the party member is able to infiltrate the Leviathan , and get some weapons in the process. In the prison block, the party member finds a Rodian who helps in the rescue in exchange for his freedom.

He gives the party member the ICE breaker. The party member uses it to open the area that contains the Padawan and the others who, when freed, recover their equipment from lockers in the next room. Afterwards, Canderous volunteers to take the group to the Ebon Hawk and get it ready to launch, while the Padawan, Bastila, and Carth move to the bridge to disable the shields in the hangar bay.

After getting to the bridge by walking along the hull of the ship in environmental suits, the Padawan, Carth, and Bastila confront Admiral Karath and his men there. The Admiral confidently reveals that Malak's arrival is near and Bastila confirms it through the Force. An urgent battle follows, which the three manage to win. Saul, near death, asks his old student to come closer so he can reveal a secret. Curious, Carth leans in and with his dying breath Saul tells the soldier something that sends him into a fury.

Carth confronts Bastila about what Saul had said, and Bastila begs Carth to wait until after they've escaped to talk about it, promising to explain everything. Reluctantly, Carth agrees, leaving the Padawan in the dark. Before they are able to reach the hangar, they run into the Dark Lord, who disarms Carth in a standoff with Bastila and the Padawan. Then the Dark Lord says he is surprised to see the Padawan again, which confuses the Jedi-in-training. This amuses Malak who sneeringly reveals to the Padawan a truth that Bastila, the Jedi, and now Carth have been hiding from him: After a prolonged battle, Bastila releases herself and Carth.

She charges in, telling Carth and Revan to escape so they can find the Star Forge. She then takes on the Dark Lord by herself and the door seals behind her, trapping her and stopping Revan and Carth from helping her. Seeing nothing else that they can do, Revan and Carth run to the Ebon Hawk , and after a skirmish with Sith fighters , escape the Leviathan. Afterwards, the rest of the group learns the truth about their leader, meeting it with mixed but overall positive reactions. In a strange coincidence, HK's memory, which had been lost due to simulated damage to his memory core , was restored due to a program designed to do so upon returning to his first and true master: Eager to acquire the last Star Map and find the Star Forge before it's too late, the group arrives on Korriban , a Sith world and the location of a settlement and a Sith Academy.

Students from the Academy dominate the docking areas. These students, training to become Sith themselves, are encouraged to commit acts of cruelty and brutality. The most frequent victims of these acts are the new arrivals eager to join the Academy. Revan quickly surmises that the Star Map would be accessible only by a student of the Academy. Only one graduate is allowed to join the Academy each term so vicious and often fatal competition is encouraged by the Sith Masters. Revan finds help in this regard when he comes to the attention of Yuthura Ban , second-in-command at the Academy.

She quickly notices the vast Force potential of her newest recruit although she does not realize that she is dealing with the deposed Dark Lord. She entangles Revan in a web of conspiracy whose ultimate goal is to engineer the assassination of Uthar Wynn , the head of the Sith Academy and Yuthura's master. The potential students of the academy prove their worth by performing various tasks and gaining prestige. Some of the challenges are martial in nature while others were mental, but all require a certain commitment to the Sith ideals embodied by the Code of the Sith which Revan is required to relearn and recite in order to take an early lead over his fellow initiates.

The Code of the Sith, a twist of the Jedi Code , is a harsh insight for Revan as much of its philosophy is based on ideals and motives he had set in motion as the Dark Lord. At some point Revan, most likely in an attempt to receive prestige, explores and raids the tomb of the ancient Sith Lord Ajunta Pall. This is complicated by the fact that the Sith Lord himself has survived the many centuries since his death as an embittered Force ghost. Ajunta Pall demands that Revan locate his infamous blade , taking it with him when he leaves the tomb.

Revan retrieves the blade as well as two more besides. Revan then persuades the dark specter that he could at last find peace if he was willing to seek redemption. At last giving into the light, Ajunta fades away, redeemed by Revan. Between Revan's actions and Yuthura's plotting, Revan eventually wins the prestige contest, gaining access to the tomb of Naga Sadow and the Star Map inside. There he finds the last of the Star Maps and finishes the last of the Academy's trials.

Upon emerging he is forced to choose sides between Uthar and Yuthura and eventually defeats both of them, sparing Yuthura even after she betrays him following the death of Uthar Wynn. Upon leaving the tomb, all of the students of the academy attack Revan; they are all slain. With his goals completed, Revan leaves the Sith world behind him, and sets a course for the Star Forge itself. Armed with the location of the Star Forge, Revan and the crew of the Ebon Hawk arrive at the coordinates shown on the Star Maps, only to be trapped in a power disruption field that forces them to crash-land on the planet that is the source of the disruption.

Before they crash, Carth manages to send the coordinates of the Star Forge to the Republic so that they can gather a fleet to destroy the Sith forces located in the system. They discover that the planet is a graveyard of crashed ships, many of which have been stripped and looted by other voyagers affected by the power disruption field.

Damage to the Ebon Hawk requires Revan to find repair parts as well as the source of the disruptor field; not only does the field prevent the crew of the Ebon Hawk from escaping the planet, it also effectively cripples the Republic fleet on its way. Upon exploring the unknown world, Revan and his companions find that the world is inhabited by a species that call themselves the Rakata. Revan discovers the Rakatans are divided into several tribes, one of which was the Elders , who maintain some of the technology from the Rakatan Infinite Empire that built the Star Forge.

The Elders, few in number, are at war with another, more primitive tribe known as the Black Rakata. Revan discovers that during his previous visit to the world, he'd exploited both sides to gain access to the Star Forge and he struggles to regain the trust of the Elders. Upon helping them recover some of their number who have been kidnapped by the One , the leader of the Black Rakata, Revan convinces the Elders to aid him in entering the Temple of the Ancients , which is the source of the disruption field.

Though he is required to enter alone, Juhani and Jolee, after receiving a vision that warned them that Revan was in danger, join him at the last minute against the Elders' protests. Together they enter the Temple. Inside, the three find their way to the disruptor field controls, only to be confronted by Bastila who has fallen to the dark side. She has sworn herself to Darth Malak's service, Malak having used a combination of torture and preying on her arrogance, pride, and love for Revan to convince her that the Jedi are using and holding her back. In a tense confrontation, Revan is forced to defend the light from the very person most responsible for his redemption.

He reluctantly engages her in a duel, but with Juhani and Jolee's help, he defeats Bastila, who expresses surprise at Revan's power and comes to believe that he deserves to be the Dark Lord of the Sith. Bastila tries to seduce him back to the dark side, even going so far as to pledge her loyalty to him and promising him that she would use her Battle meditation in his service and become his apprentice and lover.

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Despite her temptations, Revan rejects her offer, and Bastila angrilly flees in a G-wing , swearing that their next encounter aboard the Star Forge will be their last. Escaping the temple and rejoining his companions, Revan and the others join the Republic's assault on the Star Forge knowing that the fate of the galaxy rested on their efforts.

However, for Revan, the battle was a personal conflict since saving the galaxy might mean taking the life of the woman he loved. Admiral Forn Dodonna and Jedi Master Vandar are mystified by the sheer size and efficiency of the Sith fleet and, upon regaining contact with the Hawk and her crew, are horrified to learn of Bastila's defection.

To counter the threat presented by Bastila, the Republic commanders come up with a desperate plan. The Dark Jedi are defeated and the Jedi strike team is assigned to defend the hangar so they can later make their escape. Revan and two of his companions advance into the Star Forge and find themselves alone against the bulk of Darth Malak's entire fighting force, they battle wave after wave as they make their way towards Bastila.

Finally, Revan and the others reach Bastila's chamber where he is separated from his companions and left to confront Bastila alone. Bastila draws on all of her skills and the dark power of the Star Forge, but is ultimately unable to defeat Revan. Through their love for one another and the bond between them, Revan is able to break Bastila's resolve and persuades her to turn back to the light.

In return, Bastila admits her love for Revan as well and promises to use her Battle meditation to aid the Republic fleet. Revan then leaves to confront his old friend and apprentice—Malak. Malak tries once more to delay Revan by unleashing more battle droids upon him, but Revan proves more resilient than he had expected, making it past them and into Malak's chamber.

A long duel ensues. Revan starts to overpower Malak who uses the technology of the Star Forge and the bodies of Jedi he had captured from the Jedi academy on Dantooine to fuel his power, restoring his lifeforce and strength to maximum levels. Revan releases the suffering Jedi one by one by destroying the machines containing them and allows them to become one with the Force. Malak is forced to rely on his own dark power and after a long battle, Revan finally succeeds in defeating Malak who expresses regret in his last moments before dying.

Afterwards, Revan flees along with the rest of his companions, barely escaping the final destruction of the Star Forge. The entire group is awarded the Cross of Glory , the highest citation of bravery in the galaxy at the time, in a ceremony on the unknown world's surface and Revan himself is welcomed back into the Jedi Order as the "Prodigal Knight. This is based on the canonical male light side version of the game. Revan is the main protagonist of Knights of the Old Republic. As the Dark Lord of the Sith and Master of Darth Malak , Revan was led into a trap where a Jedi strike team, led by Bastila Shan , infiltrated his flagship and unknowingly helped by Revan's own apprentice, captured him.

Revan was badly wounded and his mind was nearly destroyed from the battle so the Jedi Council , in a bold move, programmed him with a new identity, one that is loyal to the Galactic Republic. Enlisted as a Republic soldier , Revan is caught up in events that lead him to rejoin the Jedi Order as a Padawan and travel the galaxy in search of enigmatic Star Maps in an attempt to foil the efforts of the Sith Empire of the Star Forge. During his journey he is accompanied by various beings who are all determined to help him in his quest, especially Bastila Shan, with whom he developed a Force bond.

Along the way, Revan is continuously confronted with situations that test his loyalty to the Jedi Order and the light side of the Force. Inevitably, the amnesiac Revan's memories begin to surface and he unearths his past, hidden from him by the combined efforts of the Jedi Order's lead Masters. The quest reaches a climax atop the Temple of the Ancients on the planet of Lehon , where Revan ultimately rejects the Dark side of the Force and travels to the Star Forge , a large space factory that the Sith Empire is using to construct a conquest fleet, and confronts his former apprentice, Malak.

Revan and his companions prove to be victorious and Revan is proclaimed the Prodigal Knight by the Jedi. For his efforts in destroying the Star Forge he is awarded the Republic's highest honor, the Cross of Glory. Darth Malak is introduced as the reigning Dark Lord of his time and is the main antagonist. After following his former Sith Master, Revan , throughout the Mandalorian Wars and even to the dark side of the Force , this former Jedi Knight , believing himself to be stronger and more deserving, usurps Revan's title of Dark Lord, by ordering his own ships to fire upon the Dark Lord while the latter defends himself against the Jedi strike team led by Bastila Shan.

Malak felt confident that he would destroy both of his enemies at the same time. With his new position among the Sith, Darth Malak ruthlessly and systematically begins his reign of terror, either subduing or destroying the planets of the galaxy, his forces apparently limitless. Eventually, he learns that Bastila had not died in the attack, and desiring her Battle Meditation, begins a galaxy-wide hunt for her. Time and time again she eludes his capture and Malak becomes intrigued by the rumors of her new companions.

Malak charges his Admiral, Saul Karath , with the task of capturing the group, which he does in an ambush from the bridge of Malak's flagship, the Leviathan. Here it is revealed that the now redeemed Revan, in fact, did not die in the attack. In a series of events, Malak is finally able to capture Bastila and turn her to the dark side under continued torture.

Retreating to the Star Forge with his new apprentice, Malak fully intends to end the life of his former master and destroy the Republic with Bastila's Battle Meditation. His plans are shattered when Revan is able to bring Bastila back to the light side and he forfeits his life in a final battle with his former master, Revan. This led Carth down a dark path as it killed his wife and caused his son to go missing. On Malak's orders, he coordinated the Destruction of Taris. He hired Calo Nord to hunt down the amnesiac Revan. When Calo failed to do this, Saul submitted himself to Malak and was spared.

The crew was captured, save one unknown by Karath, and Saul personally interrogated Bastila, Carth, and Revan. He used Revan's love for Bastila as a weakness, torturing Bastila every time Revan answered his questions incorrectly. He stopped the interrogation but continued the torture, waiting for the arrival of Darth Malak. The trio escaped with the assistance of the other party member and fought their way to the bridge.

Karath, after informing them that Malak would be there momentarily, engaged the three and was beaten. Moments from death, he called Carth over and revealed a secret to him. His trusted leader, the first person Carth had opened up to in years, was Darth Revan. Carth Onasi is an intensely loyal Commander and expert pilot with the Republic at the time of his escape in an escape pod with one other soldier, the mind-wiped Revan, to Taris after the attack on the Endar Spire.

Thus begins Carth's involvement in the adventure that will ultimately become a quest for the Star Maps and the destruction of the Star Forge. After escaping the attack on Taris aboard a stolen starship, the Ebon Hawk , Carth, Revan, Bastila and an ever growing number of companions, make their way to Dantooine, where Revan begins his training as a Jedi and Carth is officially assigned as pilot to the Ebon Hawk.

Throughout the journey, Carth slowly reveals to Revan his past and obsession with killing his former mentor, Saul Karath, who is one of the individuals he blames for the death of his wife during the bombing of Telos IV. He comes to view Revan as a friend and is devastated when the group is captured aboard the Leviathan and Saul reveals to him that Revan is in fact the former Dark Lord of the Sith, before exacting his revenge on Saul. Carth is forced to reexamine his views regarding himself and Revan and comes to the conclusion that neither one of them are the same man they used to be and vows to help save Revan from himself and destroy the Star Forge.

He finds no honor nor challenge in his work and as the Sith occupy Taris , Canderous is more than ready to leave. He forms an ingenious plan to steal Davik's flagship, the Ebon Hawk and approaches Revan for help, claiming that only Revan has the necessary skills to follow the plan through to completion. Canderous travels with the group to Dantooine and decides that he will continue traveling with the Jedi, his former enemy, claiming that he will finally find worthy adversaries.

His blunt personality and firm belief in the Mandalorian code causes friction between him and the rest of the crew, most notably Carth Onasi and Bastila Shan. In searching for the Star Maps, Canderous's respect for Revan grows and he gradually reveals details of his life to him. On the planet of Tatooine , Canderous's integrity is challenged by Jagi , a former subordinate from the Mandalorian War and he is called out to a duel.

Revan's intervention is the deciding factor in the duel, for which he is grateful, yet compels him to rethink his Mandalorian beliefs. The revelation of Revan's past, after their escape from the Leviathan only serves to further cement Canderous's loyalty to Revan. He doesn't bother with distinctions between light and dark. To Canderous, there is only conviction that there is nothing more honorable than to fight for whom he considers to be the greatest warrior of their time. His involvement during the battle to destroy the Star Forge earns him the Cross of Glory.

Mission Vao is a young, wise-cracking, Twi'lek street urchin from the Lower City of Taris, who had been brought there as a very young child, and later abandoned by her shifty older brother Griff. She is originally recruited by Revan to use her less-than-reputable skills to gain entrance to the Black Vulkar base as part of a plan to rescue Bastila, but quickly becomes a permanent companion after her best friend, the Wookiee Zaalbar , pledges a life debt to Revan. She escapes the destruction of Taris and travels to Dantooine along with the other companions aboard the Ebon Hawk.

At the Jedi Enclave she is recognized by her brother's former girlfriend, Lena , and learns that her brother was last seen on Tatooine. She tells Revan that she would very much like to find her brother and Revan agrees, finding it difficult to deny the cheerful girl. Despite her difficult childhood filled with lies and betrayals, Mission is bubbly and optimistic, often seeing the good in people, especially while tracking down her ne'er-do-well brother. Her independent and sometimes mischievous nature at times created some friction with Carth and Bastila, but they both cared for her and acknowledged the usefulness of her skills.

Mission is one of the companions that is least disturbed by the revelation of Revan's past, claiming that he isn't the Dark Lord anymore, and she would stick by him for everything that he had done for her. Zaalbar is the son of Wookiee Chieftain Freyyr and was born on the planet of Kashyyyk.

He had been banished from his clan and labeled a madclaw for dishonorably using his claws to attack, before coming to Taris. He met Mission when she berated Black Vulkar gang members who were harassing him in the Lower City of Taris and the two became inseparable, with Zaalbar taking on the role of the young Twi'lek's protector. Shortly before the orbital bombardment of Taris, he is captured by Gamorrean slavers in the Undercity sewers. He is rescued by Revan, who had been persuaded to help by Mission. After overcoming his initial surprise at meeting another individual who speaks Shyriiwook , Zaalbar promptly pledges a life debt to Revan.

The search for the Star Maps takes the companions to his homeworld of Kashyyyk, where Revan aids the Wookiees in expelling Czerka slavers and the restoration of Freyyr as Chieftain. Zaalbar is once again accepted by his clan and is looked upon as the successor of Freyyr. Despite this, he once again reaffirms his life debt to Revan, vowing to return to Kashyyyk only after the destruction of the Star Forge, for which he is granted the Cross of Glory. Jolee Bindo is an aging Jedi who has spent the last twenty years in a self-imposed exile deep in the Shadowlands of Kashyyyk.

Revan first encounters Jolee during his search for the Star Map on Kashyyyk, during which Jolee's help is necessary. Cryptic and close-mouthed about his past, other than revealing that he had fought the Sith in the Great Sith War , Jolee announces his intention to travel with Revan claiming that he can see the swirl of destiny surrounding the Padawan and is curious to discover how it will end. Throughout the adventure, Jolee gradually reveals pieces of his past. He tells Revan of his days as a smuggler and his reasons for leaving the Jedi Order, effectively labeling him as a Gray Jedi.

His most startling revelation concerns his wife, Nayama and her fall to the dark side. Jolee is adamant in his conviction that love is important and advises Revan to remember that. The revelation of Revan's past is no surprise to him, since he had already come to that conclusion earlier. He believes that the Force wants him to help Revan and that impression is reinforced at the Temple of the Ancients , at which he experiences a Force vision that prompts him and Juhani to accompany Revan into the temple. His participation in the destruction of the Star Forge earns him the Cross of Glory.

Juhani is a volatile Cathar Jedi Knight who joins Revan and his companions in their quest to find the Star Maps after she is pulled back from the dark side during the amnesiac Revan's final test to become a Padawan on Dantooine. As an infant, Juhani's parents had fled with her from their homeworld of Cathar , after the Battle of Cathar during the Mandalorian Wars, to Taris. The death of her father forces her mother into taking loans from the Exchange and when her mother dies, Juhani is sold into slavery to pay off the debts.

She is rescued from this fate by the Jedi who come to Taris during the Liberation of Taris. Enamored by the charismatic leader of the Jedi, who she later finds out was Revan, Juhani vows to become one herself and makes her way to the Jedi Enclave at Dantooine. She is eventually taken on as a Padawan by Jedi Master Quatra , who recognizing the difficulty a Cathar has in reconciling their hot-tempered nature with the Jedi code, allows Juhani to believe she had been killed by her in an aggressive duel. Distraught by her actions, Juhani falls to the dark side until her fateful meeting with Revan.

After her redemption, Juhani learns that her master had not been killed and it was but a final test. She realizes that she must let go of her anger and finally does so with Revan's help after sparing the life of the individual, Xor , who was responsible for her father's death and was to buy her as a slave. The revelation of Revan's past only serves to strengthen Juhani's resolve to not give into the dark side and she, along with Jolee , plays an important role in aiding Revan at the Temple of the Ancients on Lehon.

Juhani is awarded the Cross of Glory for her role in the destruction of the Star Forge. HK is a Hunter-Killer assassin droid that is built by Revan towards the end of the Mandalorian Wars and is used not only to dispatch his enemies, but also as a Jedi hunter during the Jedi Civil War. Sometime before Revan's capture by the Jedi, HK is sent on an unknown assassination assignment and is lost. He eventually finds himself in the shop of Yuka Laka , an Ithorian who fitted HK with a restraining bolt. He sat in the shop's corner for a while swearing revenge against Yuka for the bolt and unwittingly claiming to have been built by Systech Corporation until an amnesiac Revan walked in the door during his search for the Star Forge.

Revan purchased HK from Yuka and noticed problems with his memory core , it was missing data. HK is bought by Revan for his knowledge of the Sand People dialect and is instrumental in brokering an end to the Sand People attacks on Anchorhead. Revan is eventually able to restore some of his skills and lost experiences.

It turned out that HK had been in the service of many important people such as a senator , a Hutt named Bochaba , and a low level Systech officer , they also learned that HK had personally killed most of his former masters. After a certain point, Revan can no longer repair him and he stays a member of the party through the events aboard the Leviathan. After the amnesiac Revan learns of his former identity, more of HK's memory returned as it was programmed to do after he again knowingly meets his former master and true creator. The revelation that Revan is in fact his original master is the stimulus needed to fully unlock his memory.

He is pleased to be reunited with his master and accompanies Revan for the rest of the journey. T3-M4 is a T3-series utility droid who is built and customized by Janice Nall on Taris to be a master slicer. He is originally commissioned by Exchange crime lord Davik Kang to infiltrate the Sith military base as part of the plan to escape Sith martial law, but instead, he is bought by Revan at the suggestion of Canderous Ordo.

T3-M4's skills are highly appreciated by Revan and he becomes a permanent crew member of the Ebon Hawk. Set shortly after the Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi comic books from Dark Horse, the game bears little resemblance in appearance and aesthetics to the classic Star Wars games of the Clone Wars or Galactic Civil War eras.

However, while the Tales of the Jedi series shows the galactic civilization to have an archaic retro-like aesthetic and technology semi-organic skeletal ships with wings and membranes, stone buildings, etc. The redundancy of the hyperspace beacons in particular would have dramatically reshaped the astrographic and strategic realities for space travel in the galaxy. Additionally, the game provided a full history of Tatooine and also explained the origins of Kashyyyk's ecosystem. It also offers up an alternate theory as to the original home planet of Humans by having a Sand People historian remark on the player's similarity to the ancients of their people, kidnapped by the Rakata many years before, implying that Tatooine is in fact the planet on which Humans originated.

In order to emphasize its place in continuity, there are references and future events like a possible first contact with the Yuuzhan Vong. As the game is set during a period long before the familiar films, the creators modeled their 'universe' on many characters and details from the movies, as well as including mentions of conceptual ancestors for example, the Sith fighter is considered to be an ancestor of the later Sith Infiltrator but not always while Sith troopers seem to be based on the movie-era stormtroopers , it doesn't mean the clone troopers were historically based on them.

Other examples of this include the modeling of characters, such as Darth Malak, a towering Dark Lord of the Sith who speaks through a vocabulator due to an old injury, very similar to Darth Vader , and the inclusion of Wookiee and droid companions as part of the player's party. Additionally, many scenes have direct analogues in the films, such as the capture of the main character's freighter smuggling vessel, the Ebon Hawk , by tractor beam , just as the Millennium Falcon was captured by the Death Star , followed by a prison break and loss of a character on board a vessel, which is very similar to the Death Star scene in the original film.

If they present choices so we can choose how relationships are implemented, we can all set it up to our own preferences. I don't see how forcing same sex relationships on me is fair, anymore than forcing opposite gender relationships on anyone is fair. If handled properly, this can enhance your gameplay and not detract from mine.

That'd be a win-win situation. To my way of thinking that is the best possible outcome. There are a few other non-human romanceable companions in addition to Vette: P I'd be curious about the [flirt]able NPCs, though. Most of them seem to be human, but I don't know if the ratio reflects the ratio of all human or alien NPCs in-game.

You don't need a toggle not to see the content. You just need to choose either of the two conversational prompts not marked [Flirt].

  • Las mujeres casadas no hablan de amor (Spanish Edition).
  • Gender Expectations Reflected In Romance In Star Wars: The Old Republic - The Fandomentals;
  • Universités francophones et diversité linguistique (Harmattan Cameroun) (French Edition).
  • Cherry Brandy (The Liqueur Sextet I)?

That is the option already in game for those not wishing to explore opposite-sex content. No one has been suggesting a toggle to hide that. The only context in which hiding story content with a toggle is same-gender romance or flirts. You are asking for an option to be intolerant. I don't think it is a good idea to cater to that. First paragraph; If you don't want to play a same-gender romance, choose the other two options on the dialogue wheel. If that is not sufficient, then by all means, feel free to cancel your subscription to the game.

Second paragraph; This is where your phrasing caused a misunderstanding. You only mentioned having a toggle for the SGRA content. While I do not support the idea of the toggle being implemented at all, I can agree that having the options to filter through every part of the content not just turning off the SGRA, or romance entirely. Not one I like, but one I can accept.

Raiellyn Actually, if you read any of my posts in this thread you'll see I advocate a two toggle approach. My original description of those two toggles could be taken as offensive, and for that I apologize, but the concept is consistent; the game needs to be configurable in a way to not offend anyone on the issue of sexuality as far as other issues go, this is not the thread to discuss them. Thank-you for your last post. I appreciate that you are willing to compromise. To my way of thinking what I am asking for is fair to everyone. I sincerely hope this feature is implemented in the way I described.

Both myself and my family have been waiting a long time for this game, and I'd hate to cancel over this issue. There are also non human npcs throughout the world that you can flirt with.. And while sex is biologically designed for reproduction.. As far as interspecies heterosexual couples are concened it is a very good point as the amount of "half-breeds" in the game are virtually non existant and in lore they aren't very common in and of themselves.

I do hope the same-sex romances talk about having or adopting kids as well. Would be interesting to see how the Jedi, for example, would regard a couple of Jedi who want to adopt a kid, especially a non-Force-sensitive kid. True, though I do hope the same-sex romances talk about having or adopting kids as well. I personally like to avoid any 'kid talk' in romances Some romances only talk about it in letters, it seems, while others talk about it as part of the romance.

Vette is the only one, as far as I know, who explicitly suggests potentially adopting kids rather than bearing them. That could and perhaps should remain in a same-sex romance. There is most likely no shortage of war orphans in the galaxy, after all. Altyrell I think that any sexuality choices should be off by default for any new characters. I think Option 3 is a fantastic idea, and probably the most pleasing for everyone. I do have one question though: If the sexual preference option were only available in the character creation screen, wouldn't that mean that people like myself who put a lot of effort into going lvl 50 have to start again from scratch?

That is my only issue with the proposal. BW should really give us an ETA. Rumors or is it facts? Furthermore, I don't think its fair at all to only make new companions with SGR options. That would give us who wants it, much less freedom of choice. I know, I know, in real life no one can just pick a partner by pointing at them, but games are made to delight and entertain, not to hinder or bother, right? Just like how some things irritate some people, the lack of SGR in the game is currently making me unable to really enjoy the game, with all the vague information about the implementation.

No more debating about the underlying issue, please. As has been stated multiple times, that discussion has no bearing whatsoever on this topic. You do not hear LGBT gamers complaining about the optional hetero-romances, or being approached by the opposite-gender. They just want their options in addition to that, so they actually have a choice in the matter.

Those opposed are "conceding" a point, that if SGRA's are going to be added, it should be hidden. And just for fairness' sake, they should be able to hide OGRA's too. While not a direct parallel, it bears some similarity to racial tensions of the "seperate but equal" variety. Please explain how something that impartial is not fair. One poster even called it wrong and backwards.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

It sounds like you are saying that homosexual content needs to be blatantly visible in all game content wether the user wants it or not Allow the existence, occurrence, or practice of something that one does not necessarily like or agree with without interference. Accept or endure someone or something unpleasant or disliked with forbearance. Asking to hide even the conversational options of same-gender content is requesting special accomodation of your sensibilities beyond what others are offered in the game as it stands.

I can see no good reason why that content should be any less visible. The only context in which a toggle to hide options has been raised is in regards to the inclusion of same-sex content. To demand exceptional treatment beyond that offered to other players in regard to content they wish not to explore is asking for preferential treatment.

I don't think accommodating intolerance is compatible with the aim of a diverse and tolerant player community. The problem is that only one is in while the other is not. Any mention of a toggle originates from the heterosexual side of the debate. Not a single person has made the claim that only OGRA's should have to be toggled on, to my awareness.

It is a defensive reaction, saying "if you want to censor me, I should be able to censor you". That is, put simply, discrimination. The game is one big toggle; you can already choose what you do and do not see. Finally, a toggle is NOT impartial. How is that not partial? Yes personally I think if people really need a toggle to tell them not to click [Flirt] then they have other problems to deal with..

I have received a private message from another forum user.

Gender Expectations Reflected In Romance In Star Wars: The Old Republic

Dev silence on implementation is almost looking justified. When this goes live the backlash is going to be Biblical. Oh yes, because a few aggressive posters with strong opinions warrant ignoring an entire portion of the fanbase. This entire GAME has had a biblical backlash. Way to act like it is a unique outcome of this issue. Only exactly as visible as straight content.

I don't see any point arguing with the 'toggle' folks anymore. If they want to cancel their subscription due to SG [flirt] prompts that they don't have to select, then let them. I would honestly be surprised if BW implemented a toggle like that The idea of two toggles means there has to be a total of 4 different sets of dialog Both sides have said their piece, and we should probably leave it at that.

Not much more to say without rehashing points, and in the end, Bioware probably already has it all planned out on how to do it. The toggle would be a PR nightmare, however. Well, as I said, if the toggle idea isn't implemented my choice becomes live with it or cancel. At this point I'm thinking I would likely cancel. However, I feel that I've made my point to Bioware assuming they read these threads.

I think I have presented the best way to deal with the issue to not alienate anyone. What they do is what they do. How I react is up to me. And yeah, I like your close, Raiellyn. In a suggestion I posted some time ago, long lost and ignored, I proposed something I thought would work more perfectly than any toggle option in that it'd be realistic, and also progressively drive results. I'd like to see the romance system use the player's feedback to drive the progression.

It's simple, really--you talk to a person, you choose to be flirtatious if the option appears, and that "input" indicates to the game that your player is perhaps more inclined to be flirtatious with a guy or a gal or both. This would trigger tthe game to offer increased flirt options with the companion or gender s of NPC that you elect to flirt with.

If you avoid flirting with a gender of NPC or with a companion 2 or 3 times, then that'd be a pretty good indication that, given a choice, you'd prefer not to flirt in that situation, and those options become less frequent. You might have a flirt option pop up when you meet a new companion, and if you avoid again, then back to not showing flirt. This might be resettable, just in case players manage to mess up and lock themselves out of flirt. The advantage of such a system: Really, no point in arguing this. It will look fishy if BW were to suddenly add in a romance toggle in response to adding in SGRA even if adding in a global romance toggle.

With a two toggle system, how you set up your computer game is your choice. Your gameplay is enhanced because it fits your life, mine is not detracted from. We should both be happy with this. We are each given personal choice. At this point we are going into so much detail that this whole discussion would have been a whole lot more helpful prior to release..

I'm gay and I wouldn't be the least bit offended by a toggle. It didn't bother at first but honestly I'm getting a bit sick of my Sith Warrior having a flirt option with what seems like every other female character he talks to and I'd kinda like to turn that off. So I get how people would feel if their male character had a flirt option with other male characters. I don't really see "bigotry" or "discrimination" in allowing people to turn off something they don't want. As stupid as it is, gayness still makes people uncomfortable and if being fair is the goal here you can't say that someone's discomfort with the option to make a character gay is any less than my annoyance with having heterosexuality shoved at me constantly.

At least that's what I think. Again, with a two toggle system, how you set up your computer game is your choice. I said why I have a problem with the two toggle system. Perhaps you could try explaining in more detail why same-sex flirts showing up for you would be a problem, or detract from your game? Hopefully there's nothing problematic about reexpressing that. And in just a few short minutes, my page 8 post slips to obsolescence. I was proposing not a toggle, but rather a more natural approach where the player's choices act as a progressive, invisible toggle with emergency reset.

There's 9 pages of "yes toggle", "no toggle"--how about a compromise? D Must've missed my reply at the very top of this page or somewhere. Moved since the mods chopped out a few posts Definitely more preferable to a toggle, in my eyes. Off-topic side-note; All hail the Orange Pixel! D I really like your idea, quite a bit.. D I personally like it, makes it more fluid than a simple toggle option, something like the personality system they used in Dragon Age 2. It's possible, though I believe it might be quite a lot of extra work and it would not actually solve the problem of the people who do not want to be faced with the existence of even the option of SGR for their characters.

D I think your idea has a few issues, though. This is fine if my PC is a lesbian When the 'right guy' comes along, she may not be able to pursue it due to your mechanic. It seems like it's putting more work on the devs I prefer it to be left up to the player D Hehe, don't worry, I think the regular readers of this thread comb over every post pretty thoroughly; they're just responding to other stuff. It also might not account for the fact that the player may pick and choose which NPCs to flirt with based on something other than gender.

Like race, appearance, general attitude, what-have-you. So if this is a purely theoretical example my bi BH is presented with lots of flirts with skeevy male characters that I choose not to take, vs. And that's not even getting into the issue of the lack of flirt opportunities in general except for male versions of a few classes If they expanded everyone's ability to flirt, it could work nicely IMO.

How about this, for us that don't want the options why not have a option in the preferences to turn it off? I think your idea has a few issues, though. I do think there's potential in some sort of reactive, handled per character system, but I'd be concerned about the thresholds for things appearing, and how a lack of knowledge would impact our roleplaying. If I want to make sure I have all options available later on, simply because I can't say in advance how my character would react to all situations, am I going to have to flirt early and often, even if I'm not interested?

Will I need to keep it up over time to make sure the options don't go away? The only way I can see of making sure it works as intended is really just putting us right back at toggles. Ooh, what's the word that I'm thinking of? Read The Forum Maybe Error! And yes, someone did mention toggles: I can't remember as well.. This crossed my mind as well, and it also applies to the "hide via toggle" idea.

However, the solution that comes to mind is to use whatever line is currently used to fill in conversations with a flirtable NPC for the same gender. PC with 3 non-flirty options. Take that 3rd option and offer it to the male PC instead of a flirt. As far as new voice acting goes If they add a toggle, it should also be added for all sexual content. Turn it on, want it all on ect.

There is no reason to just make one aspect of it toggle and the other not because of insecure people. From playing my femBH side by side with my friend's male Operative, I've seen that a great deal of the conversation options are the same between genders and even classes. There'd still be voicing to worry about, though. Actually, on reflection, it was a silly point on my part; not like they have any problem making my SW say "time for some blood!

Thanks for the replies, guys! Raiellyn--I did miss it between refreshes and page changes--sorry! Points raised in opposition to a feedback-oriented system are valid ones, definitely. Those who do not want to grimace and avoid the a same-gender flirt option or two at the outset would prefer a toggle although, by extension, those of us who never want to be brutally murderously cruel to people might want a "no DS toggle" too.. I have no real solution for this one that doesn't wander into the political realm of "learn to respect people, avoid what you don't like. To that end, there'd need to be a reset in prefs that goes back to offering flirts where available for another round or two basically, resets the data gathered.

The limited flirt options in existence probably are the hardest to get around. Most are not gendered as far as I recall, so existing dialogue can be rolled both ways, but if it doesn't exist, that's a bigger issue. I guess a sliding system like I was proposing would have "sort of" noted effects on the game now, most drastically in refining gender in relationships, but in future expansion, having that data would let the devs really play with how they write dialogue and companion expansions!

If you toggle both off, no relationships. If you toggle one on, you get that category of relationship. If you toggle both on you get the options for both categories. This would require another 2 bits per character profile, and some conditional programming around the flirt options. Very little effort, and we all get what we want. As a fairly new mmo player, I think an all romances available option would add interest to the game, although I might not take advantage of them. Some of the romance situations presented currently are really unsettling, but not coercively so, and if willing to accept the consequences, I have found that a player can choose a way around them.

I had never before played a game with such interactive content, and some of it was really a revelation. I have to say I was surprised when my female smuggler Captian's first conversation with Corso included a flirt option and ignored it because I wasn't sure how I felt about flirting with the crew. I also chose not to flirt with my more inconsiderate NPC's, although I told one we had professional conflicts because I might have to work with him again in the future.

I definitely would have chosen a no romances allowed option at that point had it been possible due to the unpredictablility that it adds into your companion relationships, whose affection points may be affected who are integral to your success on your missions. The game is so awesome though that I decided to see where it led, and kept playing. I felt a little akward when Corso's continuing conversations raised his flirting assertiveness to the point where I wasn't sure if I would keep his affection, protection, and Crew Skills if I didn't respond moderately positively.

Pleasantly, while somewhat aggressive, he didn't force my character to interact with him outside the traditional methods of courting, although the option was offered, and so far I have been very pleased with him. Risha, on the other hand has indicated that she might date one of the Hutts and frankly this terrifies me about her character because I'm not sure what else I don't know, so I would probably never date her. I'm still not sure how I feel about the Captian flirting with the crew, but I didn't really get the choice with Corso until we were already in the conversation and he was flirting aggressively and the option besides flirting back was really very harsh.

Still I have to say courtship very interesting and while I have made my choice with Corso, I am curious about certain things in the future for my alts. For instance, I also run a male Sith Marauder and I have a lot of difficulty trying to figure out whether to romance Vette, because she says these fairly flirty things, but she is a slave, and not even mine.

So, do you get involved with a slave who might feel coerced and that you cannot free because you do not own her and furthermore whom might be taken from you at anytime as you have no legal claim? They've added intergender relationships, like they said they would I'm going to court Quinn! I was very disappointed because you can only choose one companion and I want to marry Quinn, who is free to say yes or no, and shares the same goals in my career path! I went lightside so Vette is getting more and more flirty and given my experience with Corso, I'm not sure how long I can hold her off waiting for the opportunity to choose Quinn before I have to choose her or lose her affection.

I love playing my Marauder, and the storyline has really secured my interest, but if I knew I would have the choice to choose the one I really wish for in a few months, I might place his toon in storage. With no ETA I will probably just play out the written storyline, but if Bioware really does roll out this new relationship content even with no way to alter previous toon courtship dilemmas, I will roll another male Sith Warrior from scratch to see how it turns out, I really can't wait! In I post I already made which this may be the most objective solution.. I just want to know why they should add in a 'romance toggle' to this game specifically considering: I don't liek the toggle idea but if it must happen then make two toggles.

This is interesting, and I do think that it would put everyone on the same footing. What I do wonder about is feasibility. If you are no longer seeing [Flirt] for one gender or the other or both, would that simply reduce your conversational options to two? Otherwise, there is a need to introduce a neutral, non-flirt conversational prompt.

Now, a lot of these are pre-voiced "What's in it for me? But it would certainly mean a lot of script wizardry to pull the whole thing together recognizing frequency of selection, etc. Also, I don't want to miss my chance to [Flirt] just because the first three times I have an option, the NPC is no one my character would touch with someone else's ten-foot pole.

So I appreciate your thoughtfulness in arriving at an equitable suggestion. But I wonder a bit at how feasible it actually would be in terms of scripting, and worry about unnecessarily limiting choice by needing to take the opportunity to flirt in order to keep the option available later in play. How many games with SGRA are "plenty"? I only count Sims, Fable, and Dragon Age You could romance SIlk Fox as a female and Sky as a male.

There are not that many. It's a fairly new thing in games, with Bioware having the seniority of the issue being handled in a serious fashion. And agreed on sooner being better! Though depending on how Mass Effect 3 handles it Ashley? Can't play most of my characters, for fear of missing out on the future romances that might be put in, and those that I can play are I completely agree with same gender romance options but completely and totally disagree with many of the stereotypes in this list.

No to this ridiculous list. I hear Skyrim also has some sort of same-gender marriage, but I'm not really a fan of sandbox games so I haven't tried it myself. And this might be a little weird to suggest, but Zynga has same-gender marriage in at least one of their vaguely more RPG-ish facebook games. That's a huge audience normal RPGs can't even imagine ;. Skyrim, Fallout 2 and 3 I think, Fallout: NV had some gay characters Wiki gives a nice list of LGBT characters in games: That's a huge audience normal RPGs can't even imagine ; Yes.

You can marry certain NPCs, regardless of your gender and some characters will flirt with you depending on your gender. Theres lots of other games that have lots of referances or even homosexual people you encounter, Rift has same sex marriages, Borderlands has a few referances to homosexual relationships between some of the people you encounter, Oblivion had a couple of sessions of flirting, NFS: The Run has a lesbian couple you race against. But this is getting off topic.

I think sooooo many people make this about politics or content for gay gamers when in reality it is just about being flexible and letting people play how they want. For example I like many many many others am a male who plays, almost exclusively, female characters. I have no interest in perusing romance arcs with the male companions looking at you and your moles Quinn but I do want to see those story lines with Vette and Jeasa. People are so uptight about this it really boggles my mind. It isn't about straight or gay I mean who really cares? You are NOT your character, what they do or who they shag has no impact on your personal sexuality.

Recently we've had to remove several posts, and the discussion itself is starting to get a little off-topic. Additionally, please note that this discussion isn't for whether Same Gender Romances should or should not be implemented into the game. Posts containing such content are considered off-topic. Finally, please remember to: If they even give us the old companions. We don't know yet, but here's to hoping that they do. Because seriously, if I ever play a female Smuggler, I'm not sure I could live without doing very naughty things to Akaavi.

Btw, I know many men who play female characters and also want to romance the female companions. My brother, for one, but funny thing happened to him - played Dragon Age: Origins and ended up romancing Alistair. I glared daggers at him because I also played a mage, but a male one, and I didn't get that option. More choice isn't just a matter of inclusiveness, it's also simply more choice and I hear that's something of a selling point for these games.

Akaavi is not a man? I fail to see what stereotypes you are referring to. Take note of what I said: So, if there are stereotypes in the list I created, I greatly apologize. That was not intentional. I was just making note of some of the companions' personalities. That being said, the only one I could see as a possible stereotype is what I said about Elara Dorne: Personally, I think she's too conservative for anything else,as of right now anyway. Perhaps 'conservative' was the wrong word to use. But, she does seem very much into regulation.

That being said, I have a male Trooper and plan on going through the romance story arch with Elara just to see how she reacts to it. Will she struggle with it or will she fully accept it right from the start? Edited for clarification and to avoid any off topic discussion, which I probably failed at anyway. In theory that's a cool idea. In practice I'll turn down a proposition from a co-worker or accomplice because I'm a professional, damn it and end up being "assigned" a sexual orientation based on that.

My gay smuggler didn't really care but me but let me tell you, that's one damn fine voice actress. Is it as sexy as Kira? Though Kira has her own charms, of course. I can see everyone you listed except Aric as a same gender option. He seems way too uptight. I just don't get that vibe from his character. In fact, I have a hard time seeing his hetero relationship actions.

The Eternal Twins – Old Republic Explained

Honestly, I'd rather have Vik or Forex, ha ha! Elara I could see going either way though. She is all protocol but it comes off differently to me. I guess it's all opinion really. I am still curious what other option there is if we are at a toggle vs. I think I need to level a trooper just to find out who these people are. Then again, a straight-up military type is the kind of character I am least able to conceptualize without same-gender romance of some sort, so except to the extent that I can imagine my own, it takes a bit of getting into. Then again, any class has got to be less of a challenge than Smuggler, where the ladies just can't take a hint.

It's not an impasse. See, the way these conversations work in SWTOR, you simply do not select the option earmarked as [Flirt] for content you don't want to see. You're my only hope! Let me take your mind off your troubles This is the option everybody already playing the game already has in regards to the content that is already in And no one ever had a problem with it until it came to the eventual inclusion of same-gender content. So I don't think that if it is the way all the other content is handled already it is reasonable to expect that same-gender content would be treated differently.

Nobody is making you play this game. If you cannot tolerate the inclusion of sexual themes in this game, it may be the wrong game for you. Quite a few people, including myself, have explained what's offensive about a toggle, but I'll try again in fewer words: There is a lot of behavior in the game, some of it sexual, that is extremely morally reprehensible from assorted viewpoints.

There is no toggle for any of it. The "toggle" camp is implying that same sex relationships are more upsetting than, for instance, a group of war-widows being forced to trade sexual favors for vital supplies like food and water. Heh, my Trooper is basically also this uptight, shy kid who tries to do good because that's the right thing.

Their courtship would be the most awkward, adorkable thing in history. I have an active imagination XD. Uluain The issue I have with simply having SS flirting as an option is that it is forcing me to contend with something I am offended by. Whether or not I choose the SS flirt options, they are in front of me. And in front of my kids. That's why I favor the two toggle approach. That way those that want relationships at all get them, in whatever flavor they prefer, and those who don't desire that can of worms in their game don't have to have it. The issue I have with simply having SS flirting as an option is that it is forcing me to contend with something I am offended by.

That really is a personal problem. If both are on, either category relationships. If only one is on, only that category of relationship is available. The reason I keep reposting this same idea is that people keep saying that toggling off Same Sex relationships is discriminatory, and so it shouldn't be implemented. My idea treats all categories equally. It allows the player to define their preference per character.

I have an active imagination XD Lol that would be interesting and awkward. Things like that make me physically uncomfortable to watch, but it's still fun to watch them all the same. She does the right thing most of the time, but sometimes feels the "wrong" thing is actually right so it's weird to be with Aric.

I think I also need to customize him a bit because his physical appeal is totally lacking. Vik is a bloody monster but I find him more appealing and a better match for my character since she doesn't mind bending rules or busting heads now and then. Seriously, if I accidentally did something that keeps me from woohoo'ing with him I might cry in real life Also I felt afraid after flirting with Aric a few times because then he wanted to go further and there was no "don't touch me" option.

As for the topic at hand, I was really surprised there are no same gender relations available. Some of the companions really strike me as such. It'd be nice to see it implemented, but I wouldn't lose sleep over it either. I could see why some want the toggle option but the games have ratings for a reason. If the "romance" in these games is too fierce for you or your kids, may you never play Sims 2 or 3, lol. I think we will find any answers or lack there of if it so happens to be rather enlightening on what to expect.

Personally if they don't have an ETA for this within the next billing cycle I don't see any reason to come here anymore. Those crazy kids, who really wants to go home before 7 on a Friday anyway? I don't need to know every detail, but it would be nice to know if this is something I can expect soon or next year and at least whether it will be new content only or include what I most want, the old companions.

I have spending to plan. But in all seriousness, between server population, PvP balance and hood toggle questions, the SGRA were consistently asked for in that thread and yes, I did read all pages of it and we really should at least get a ballpark figure. Aye, I'd like an answer on the hood toggle as well. PvP balance is something that will only happen with tweaks over time, there is no way to have some grand one time fix for it, hope they don't waste an answer on that.

Glad this thread is still alive. Just showing my support. Ive read some great ideas on the OP's original ideas, keep it going. I like option 1a or a combination therof. I particularly like Shaynee's toggle description. I agree with ya Shaynee. As sensitive a subject as that is it would be nice to have more control over such content, especially when your children are playing. It doesn't affect me personally because I would ignore such dialogue options and play through as though it wasn't even there. I'd suggest you stop letting your child play the game all together if they are that sensitive.

This game isn't meant for children, one hour as any class picking dark side options should tell you that. Personally, I think the ideal "toggle" would be something really simple, during chargen or something you can set immediately after you get into the game, via little choice window that could pop up, using the little three-choice wheel.

Plus it has the added advantage of using their 3-choice wheel graphic. The more options and customization the better. I already stated I don't care either way. D Hello, You forgot asexual, for those who find all human intimacy abhorrent. That would be the easiest one to implement, IMO. What would be easiest is using the same clearly marked conversational prompts already used with every other conversational response options in the game. They don't let you not see the [Flirt] label on opposite gender flirts or companion romances so that you know where those are so you can avoid that content if you want to.

D I don't know. See, the problem I have with creation-level toggles like that is I don't actually know the character that well until I've played a few quests, gone through a few conversations, maybe even met their first companion and experienced their driving conflict.

I don't want a toggle, but if it were a condition of getting the content I want, I'd grudgingly take it over not having the content. But then a couple of simple checkboxes in the UI would still be the easiest and least intrusive way to implement it, as long as they're either completely off or completely on as default.

Also, there is no difference in Star Wars canon between a heterosexual romance or a homosexual romance, they are treated exactly the same, having an option to decide what sexuality your character is, would be against canon, as it has never even been mentioned before. Any last minute bets on what it will say in regards to our topic? Do you have any sources for that, Rayla? Not doubting you, of course. Finding anything on the subject has proven quite difficult beyond passive mention of a few characters I've never heard of. All I got is Juhani, really.

Also, anyone else notice the scheduled maintenance for the 14th? I know they usually do it on Tuesday, but still That's just it, there are absolutely no canon sources with any mentions of the words 'straight' 'gay' 'heterosexual' etc My first pick is nothing. Second would be along the lines of: We keep player input in mind, and will say more about this when we have more to say.

It's a big game! I guess that really does lend credence to the theory that "no gay in Star Wars" very well could have just meant the word itself not existing. Either Fridge Logic or Brilliance. I'm not sure which. We have recently removed or edited some posts in this thread. Please remember that discussions concerning real life morality, politics or religion are considered inappropriate for the forums. We thank you for your understanding. Personally I don't see any reason to have a "toggle".

Make all romanceable companions bisexual, choose which companion you want to romance and be done with it. Actually that cluster ahem Well, that's true I suppose. I usually have a pretty solid idea of the character before I start out. But not everyone plays like me. It's not so much a "toggle" as a "choice".

That doesn't change anything for the current content. I mean, I'm still not able to flirt with Juda, the twi'lek accountant for Nem'rho. Having some sort of "switch" I could flip to tell the game "I like other women! A UI option would work too. I'd like that option, personally. Some people would still complain, of course. Same with a bunch of others, etc. Sadly, I think this is about what we'll get too.: Oh gods, I can only wonder how he might have looked, tasting his boot as it was firmly lodged in his own trachea.

Eh, sometimes I know them beforehand, but by no means always. I had to actually restart my Sith Warrior twice because I realized I was playing them all wrong.

Original Research ARTICLE

See, I don't actually think we need to tell the game that. Just offer the option for each NPC that has it for both genders when it comes up, just as it is done now for opposite gender NPCs. We don't need a toggle to make the choices in a game based on making these conversational choices. Let the character's sexuality evolve from that free choice and really give them the chance to grow at every turn.

Much more immersive in my opinion than putting a label on them from the start. Starting to wonder if the devs are hoping this dies off just so they don't have to add it. I would have imagined that it would already be in the works if not added to the game. Delaying updates on this and other features raises alot of questions about the future of this game to myself. Not sure how others feel on this issue. I for one welcome this feature. I restarted my bounty hunter and my inquisitor, too, because I decided around 20th level I didn't like the personality I'd come up with based on the choices they were being given.

That would work too. A lot of them would have to be tweaked a bit, of course, given the single-gender nature of the current [flirt] system. It would require a lot of rewriting, and editing voice tracks. Honestly, I'm not hopeful that they'll go back and do all that. Why is there a need to tell the game any such thing, beyond selecting the clearly marked conversational option? I'm still hoping you have a special announcement saved for Valentines, but after that, I'm chalking this up to outright neglect. Hello, Given the history of this company, I would not be surprised if the groundwork had already been laid before release, and someone was just waiting for the powers to give a thumb's up.

You have no idea how much I want that to be true. I have a couple of theories and I really want it to shake out like this. Still, I'm anxious and have sort of let most of my characters anguish in limbo for the past couple of days. I need some info to hold on to. Well, not that I'd personally complain, but having [flirt] pop up for every gender kind of implies that all characters are kind of bisexual, doesn't it?

If you're playing a character that you envision as having a certain sexuality, having "alternate sexuality" [flirt] options popping up wouldn't make sense, from that perspective. If my character in my head is clearly lesbian, for instance, why keep pushing [flirt with this guy] options at me? It's not that having it there offends me, it's simply that I'm never going to pick them ANYWAY, so why not just tell the game "don't bother showing them to me, I prefer other women"?

That's why I suggested that if they DID put some sort of choice, being able to set it at the outset would make it easy. Pick 'gay', and the game won't prompt you to flirt with women. Pick 'lesbian', and it won't prompt you to flirt with men. Pick 'bisexual', and everybody's fair game! Pick 'none', and it never offers you a [flirt] option at all.

So if this is your number one question, let's roll in and ask again. Also, remember other avenues of address to the Dev Team exist - email, snail mail, telephone, etc. Tuesday is Valentine's Day - a good day for romantic enquiries, I think. I shouldn't be this disappointed, and yet, here I am, completely crushed. Maybe we should make up some slogans for Valentins's cards. I wonder if I can still send one from EU, probably not. There's always email I suppose.

Did you really think they were going to cover this in some slapped together vague 10 question thing? As some general notice of where they are at? Deep breaths, deep breaths. If they feel we aren't worth their time, then they obviously aren't worth my money. I really don't think it implies that. My Smuggler also gets the option to ask for money every time he takes a mission, does that mean he's implied to be a greedy jerk if I don't actually play him that way?

The option to kill someone showing up every so often doesn't mean they're psychotic murderers either. Besides, there are other reasons to flirt than actual orientation. I hear a lot of dark side players would want the option to basically flirt to get ahead, regardless of their character's orientation.

What is the preferred method for providing feedback to the development team, and why e. In-game tickets, forums, support swtor. Every method of feedback you mention will ultimately make its way to the development team; we get feedback from everywhere including off-site sources such as Twitter, Facebook, fansites, podcasts and the like. As always, the more constructive your feedback is, the better for the development team.

I'm highlighting the final part there, because it is key to getting the right kind of attention.

The Fandomentals

I know many of us feel aggrieved. But simply requesting clarification will get that across. Remember to mention what you do enjoy in the game, and that SGR is something you look forward to. If you detect the aroma of Alderaanian nectar, I have programmed the air circulators to simulate it. Lots of things have been requested "since day 1". LGBT romance was one of them. Technically, we've been waiting for further details since day Those are cleared from the table now. Don't begrudge the questions answered. Wise words, and worth remembering. That's a pretty heavy percentage of people who made it a point to get their questions in right away.

Keep it up, everyone - with every one of us who posts there and asks about this, we show BW how important an issue it is to us. My only request is a checkbox to enable or disable this. I should be able to fully enable or disable it at any time by my choice. Check pages , and you'll get the whole breadth of the issue.

Please go back and read the varied posts on this, so we don't have the same argument for the trillionth time. Please try to keep the discussion in this thread on topic. Look back a few pages and we even noted the ones asked frequently, every one except ours was answered. Its pretty clear they have no intention of answering since I can only assume they have no intention of implementing this.

Oh and the question about hoods. Hope I'm wrong, good luck folks Actually looks like that got removed in one of our many purges. Sad that a small number of people are allowed to ruin things for others so often. Some one needs to get these mods a banhammer instead of just a delete button. I recommend making some noise on the way out, to whatever extend you can. I've yet to cancel a subscription for this, but if they've got a "Tell us why you're leaving form," please fill it out. I cancelled three weeks ago and I have already filed my form.

They do have a form and I would wager feedback from them gets passed along with a lot higher priority than forum posts. Hello, If people decide to leave over this issue, I'd like to express that you will be missed. Some of the most intelligent and thoughtful people I've met are regular posters to this thread.

I'm too stubborn, and I don't want to be left here alone! We need a new topic to discuss in this lack of info. I guess I am not understanding why someone would quit over the inability to have a same gender relationship with an npc Hahaha, Honestly, I am wondering why they made a thread in the Suggestion Box for Same-gender Flirting, instead of just keeping such discussion in here? Same reason people would quit over the inclusion, only on the opposite end of the spectrum.

If a game goes against your values, why support it? It's not so much about the lack of romance itself, but Bioware's side-stepping of the issue as if it didn't matter. That tends to upset the fans getting side-stepped. As for the suggestion box I dunno, it seems a bit self-defeating to split the suggestions between two threads That's why I'm not working for Bioware.

I don't understand a lick of that stuff, so there's probably some hidden purpose behind it all. Personally I think it would be easier to keep ALL of it in here.. I just about died over here. All I shall say is: So far we are doing great. My last count is 19 players asking over 16 pages of the thread. I'll admit there are other questions I want to see answered, too - particularly concerning RP content and "sandbox" elements - but this remains my top priority. Help keep this thread alive by keeping on topic - how SGRs can be implemented, etc. Personally, I think the toggle debate is a dead horse.

Some people simply do not want to see any same-gender content. Since it will be included, turning it off is the most they can ask, and they are asking it. But I wonder at this point if it is worth it. No one is likely to change their mind. Later on tonight, I'll pull together other contact information. Stephen Reid has said that any way players send feedback it will find its way to the Dev Team, so let's not rely on forums alone. Sooner or later, they are bound to say something, so chin up! Pretty much anything to say now has already been said over the past 17 or so pages Bottom-line is you either want it, or don't.

Unfortunately, I'm drawing a blank at new topics to discuss The last thread pretty much ran the gambit between all of my thoughts.

Gender Dynamics in Star Wars: The Old Republic, A focus on female characters Gender Dynamics in Star Wars: The Old Republic, A focus on female characters
Gender Dynamics in Star Wars: The Old Republic, A focus on female characters Gender Dynamics in Star Wars: The Old Republic, A focus on female characters
Gender Dynamics in Star Wars: The Old Republic, A focus on female characters Gender Dynamics in Star Wars: The Old Republic, A focus on female characters
Gender Dynamics in Star Wars: The Old Republic, A focus on female characters Gender Dynamics in Star Wars: The Old Republic, A focus on female characters
Gender Dynamics in Star Wars: The Old Republic, A focus on female characters Gender Dynamics in Star Wars: The Old Republic, A focus on female characters
Gender Dynamics in Star Wars: The Old Republic, A focus on female characters Gender Dynamics in Star Wars: The Old Republic, A focus on female characters
Gender Dynamics in Star Wars: The Old Republic, A focus on female characters Gender Dynamics in Star Wars: The Old Republic, A focus on female characters
Gender Dynamics in Star Wars: The Old Republic, A focus on female characters Gender Dynamics in Star Wars: The Old Republic, A focus on female characters

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