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Pet Shop Boys describe "Love Etc. The music video was directed by Dutch digital artist Han Hoogerbrugge.

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The website Stereogum described it as a "horizontally scrolling animated video [that] is part Sonic The Hedgehog dated video game reference! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the song. For the novel, see Love, etc novel. Neil Tennant — lead vocals Chris Lowe — keyboards , programming Dick Beetham — mastering Sacha Collisson — keyboards, programming Fred Falke — keyboards, programming Matt Gray — keyboards, programming Brian Higgins — producer , keyboards, programming Owen Parker — keyboards, programming, guitar Tim Powell — keyboards, programming Jeremy Wheatley — mixing Xenomania — producers, backing vocals.

Retrieved 30 September Julian Barnes at his best! There can't be a sequel better than this one. If you want to see how twisted minds can take shape of a fantastic story, you've got these! Jan 13, Pierce rated it liked it. Julian Barnes is a strange fish. Kind of straddling both serious novels and escapism. He's like an extremely capable and intellectual novelist who's decided to write very accessibly just because it's fun that way. I like his sense of humour.

But it's there, in these stories. He still seems to write with the assumption that every normal reader has a smattering of French and a good understanding of Greek mythology. He wears his smarts in the lining of his coat, not i Julian Barnes is a strange fish. He wears his smarts in the lining of his coat, not immediately apparent. So this is a sequel to Talking It Over , one I didn't realise existed until I went looking for something in the parents' bookshelves again.

It seemed superfluous but I got into it. I still can't help picturing everyone as the characters from Peep Show. Gillian was the character who bothered me most.

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The one exuding the aura of reasonableness and innocence while just manipulating all over the place. The guys seem so emotionally clueless they couldn't plan a mean thought and she just allows things to happen, all the while telling us about Love like it was a get-out-of-jail-free card. Fun to see Oliver and Stuart passing each other on their respective arcs. Brings the overall story even closer to Martin Amis' Success though. Cu alte cuvinte, Iubire etc. May 09, Philip rated it it was amazing. If, however, this marriage is fine, then equally the marriage of Gillian and Oliver is not.

And neither, for that matter, was the previous one that temporarily joined Gillian and Stuart. Julian Barnes tells the story of this love triangle entirely in the first person.

Love, Etc. by Julian Barnes

Gillian, Oliver and Stuart appear like talking heads on a screen to relate their own side of things. Since we left them at the end of Talking It Over, Stuart has moved to the States, where he has become a successful businessman and has found a new partner. Re-enter Stuart, and thus the situation progresses. Occasionally, especially when the principal actors mention them, minor characters appear to have their often substantial say.

There is an ex, a new girlfriend, an occasional mother. And so a story unfolds. Unemployment and illness seem to have exhausted him. There are surprises in store, surprises for the characters and for the reader. But what Julian Barnes communicates with such subtlety, skill and ease are the inconsistencies of human character, the incongruities of events, the contradictions and deceptions of behaviour, and the illusions these confusions create.

These people all act primarily out of self-interest. And thus the process takes all of us to places we have all been, but have often failed to notice or acknowledge, even if we have admitted and recognised our motives, which most of us have not. Love, etc is a brilliant book, brilliantly conceived and brilliantly executed with a lightness of touch that leaves us wholly surprised when we encounter a fundamentally serious point.

Aug 15, Frank rated it really liked it Shelves: Julian Barnes is brilliant. This is the story of a love triangle, of sorts. Gillian and Oliver are married. Gillian and Stuart were once married. Oliver is a pompous prig, an over-educated wastrel, with various projects "in development" which is another way of saying he thinks about things to do, but never does them. Stuart was a bit of a milquetoast but seems to come into his own when he leaves England after the divorce, goes to the States and becomes a successful businessman in organic veggie marketing.

Go figure, it was the nineties.

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Of course, then he comes back: As if the characters were speaking to an un- identified interviewer, the person behind the camera. And you, the readers, are the camera. And others get their say as well: Still not too late for a youthful indiscretion. Unfortunately I found after having finished that this is a sequal to his novel Talking it Over , which has the same format.

I'm really going to have to check these things out. Jul 07, Mayra Nakamura rated it it was amazing. However, I found Barnes' narrative compelling. The overall confessional tone of the narrative questions the brittle reliability of the characters that share their experiences and points of view. This novel explores the questionable nature of love and the way in which it transforms and develops over time. Reminiscent of novels such as Faulkner's "As I Lay Dying," the fragmentary nature of the multiple narrative voices makes the reader read actively and try to fill the gaps in the story.

I must say that my favorite characters were Sophie and Marie, also reminiscent of Vardaman in Faulkner's novel. Mar 31, Genevieve rated it really liked it Shelves: All I could think when I was reading Love Etc. Here we have three friends, Oliver, Stuart, and Gillian, in a classic love triangle. But Barnes gives the love triangle a postmodern, playful twist where each character speaks to us, the reader, with face-to-face candor, as if we were some therapist in an office listening to their contradictory interpretations, feelings, and thoughts of the same events.

This books is less about narrative and more about chara All I could think when I was reading Love Etc. This books is less about narrative and more about character and voice.

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That said, Barnes has an amazing ear for voice. Reading the book, hearing these characters speak their thoughts, I knew them. It's an intimate connection with characters that I don't think I've ever had with other books I've read. This book is a continuation of another book by Barnes, Talking it Over , where we are first introduced to the trio. Stuart lost Gillian to his best friend Oliver. In the present day of Love, Etc.

Pet Shop Boys - Love Etc. (live) [HD] 2009

The two friends have all but flipped in terms of their fortunes. Oliver is down in the dumps, depressed, unemployed. He makes up for this with feckless witticisms, last ditch efforts to maintain some dignity. Of the three characters, Oliver talks a lot, goes off on tangents. He wears his bruises on his sleeve. Meanwhile straight-man Stuart has morphed himself into a successful entrepreneur. He owns a chain of organic, green grocery stores in the States. Where he was once considered plain, awkward, he is reborn confident and wealthy. Stuart still pines for Gillian though—that's the crux of all this, and he tries to woo her back with a vengeance.

Gillian is the most interesting character for me. She is the object of desire for these two men, whether she wants to be or not. She works in art restoration and seems to be the one who holds their world together. She seems like the only grownup in the room, frankly. She is self-aware of her actions and what her actions have wrought.

She confesses early in the book: You can love them in different ways. And it doesn't mean one love is true and the other is false. That's what I wish I could have convinced Stuart. I loved each of them truly Being in love makes you liable to fall in love. Isn't that a terrible paradox? Isn't that a terrible truth? I read somewhere that this is an echo of Oliver's observation in the earlier book when he says: Stuart forces himself on Gillian. They have passionate sex. It's hard to say with certainty what has happened, and it changes depending on who's describing the event.

This heightens the tensions, which Barnes never really resolves for us. There is so saving objectivity. He just leaves it hanging. By the end, I was left wondering what the hell just happened. I didn't trust the characters' accounts anymore.

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But wasn't that the point all along? The apt ending to a story of mutual betrayal and love lost and regained? I have to check and see if Barnes has a third novel that follows up this one. Barnes's writing is breathtaking sometimes. It punches you in the gut.

This book could have devolved into soap opera hysterics, but it never does. Instead it is a cacophony of pain and bitterness and joy and passion that is intense, cunning, and delightful. Always assuming that you can find these people in the first place and that they'll let you love them. What you expect is that love or the ability to love is always there—life—are like that. You can't make yourself love someone, and you can't, in my experience, make yourself stop loving someone.

In fact, if you want to divide people up in the matter of love, I'd suggest doing it this way: The love once, and whatever happens, it doesn't go away.

Love, Etc.

Some people only do it once. I've come to realize that I'm one of these. I'm not a serious reader. I don't program my reading. Of course I have a list actually it's a very nice notebook with excerpts from "Le petit prince" typed on the cover , of course I try to read what's on the list, even if many times I don't even remember who recommended the books, where I read the reviews or why I wanted to read those books in the first place. As I said, I'm not a serious reader. If I were, I would have known that Love, etc.

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Love, Etc Love, Etc
Love, Etc Love, Etc
Love, Etc Love, Etc
Love, Etc Love, Etc
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