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The whistling sound of wind and roar of a rushing stream in the cave heard through the entrance as well as the steep descent prevented the local people from entering the cave.

Basic Information

It was traversed in when the group reached the end of the cave passage. It is more than 5 kilometres 3.

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Its cross-section is believed to be twice that of the next largest passage, in Deer Cave , Malaysia. The dolines allow sunlight to enter sections of the cave, resulting in the growth of trees as well as other vegetation.

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The cave contains some of the tallest known stalagmites in the world, which are up to 70 m tall. Behind the Great Wall of Vietnam were found cave pearls the size of baseballs, an abnormally large size. Large stalagmites in the passage of Hang Son Doong in Vietnam. The tallest has been measured at 70 meters in height.

Large stalagmites in the Hang Son Doong, Vietnam.

Hang Sơn Đoòng

This passage is said to have the greatest cross sectional area of any cave in the world. As of [update] , only one expedition company currently has permits to enter the cave for tourism purposes. Plans are being considered to build a cable car through the cave. The proposed system would be The plans are opposed by environmentalists.

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  5. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When it passes I feel a dark shivering stroke down my back, probably the engines, but I always jolt around to see if the Lott are pranking me, they always do, and when they do, they shove me to the ground slashing my skin, on the cold hard ground. Not much of it though, my year older brother is a jerk, and my mum barely gets me, it's one cold hell for me.

    But any way on to the good stuff, school. The Lott use the playground to test their chemicals on Saturdays, some have died, some have became a chicken, and some- you know what let's not get into that.

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