The World to Come: A Portal to Heaven on Earth

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And on that day the night becomes longer than the day, and night becomes longer than night, and day shorter than day till the thirtieth morning, and the night amounts exactly to ten parts and the day to eight parts. And the sun rises from that third portal and sets in the third portal in the west and returns to the east, and for thirty mornings rises in the second portal in the east, and in like manner sets in the second portal in the west of the heaven.

And on that day the night amounts to eleven parts and the day to seven parts. And the sun rises on that day from that second portal and sets in the west in the second portal, and returns to the east into the first portal for one-and-thirty mornings, and sets in the first portal in the west of the heaven. And on that day the night becomes longer and amounts to the double of the day: And the sun has therewith traversed the divisions of his orbit and turns again on those divisions of his orbit, and enters that portal thirty mornings and sets also in the west opposite to it.

And the sun has returned and entered into the second portal in the east, and returns on those his divisions of his orbit for thirty mornings, rising and setting. And on that day the night decreases in length, and the night amounts to ten parts and the day to eight. And on that day the sun rises from that portal, and sets in the west, and returns to the east, and rises in the third portal for one-and-thirty mornings, and sets in the west of the heaven.

On that day the night decreases and amounts to nine parts, and the day to nine parts, and the night is equal to the day and the year is exactly as to its days three hundred and sixty-four.


And the length of the day and of the night, and the shortness of the day and of the night arise--through the course of the sun these distinctions are made lit. So it comes that its course becomes daily longer, and its course nightly shorter. And that which thus rises is the great luminary, and is so named according to its appearance, according as the Lord commanded. As he rises, so he sets and decreases not, and rests not, but runs day and night, and his light is sevenfold brighter than that of the moon; but as regards size they are both equal. Whether or not David ever read the Book of Enoch, he certainly seemed to have had a very similar view of the sun as a male, coming out of a chamber or portal:.

And after this law I saw another law dealing with the smaller luminary, which is named the Moon. And her circumference is like the circumference of the heaven, and her chariot in which she rides is driven by the wind, and light is given to her in definite measure. And her rising and setting change every month: And thus she rises. And her first phase in the east comes forth on the thirtieth morning: And the one half of her goes forth by a seventh part, and her whole circumference is empty, without light, with the exception of one-seventh part of it, and the fourteenth part of her light.

And when she receives one-seventh part of the half of her light, her light amounts to one-seventh part and the half thereof. And she rises on that day with exactly a seventh part, and comes forth and recedes from the rising of the sun, and in her remaining days she becomes bright in the remaining thirteen parts. Enoch goes into a great amount of detail in chapters 72 - 82 concerning the heavenly luminaries.

I just posted the beginning chapters above. You can read the rest for yourself, beginning in chapter 74, here: In chapter 78, we read a bit more about the names, size, and movements of the sun and moon And the names of the sun are the following: And the moon has four names: These are the two great luminaries: In the circumference of the sun there are seven portions of light which are added to it more than to the moon, and in definite measures it is s transferred till the seventh portion of the sun is exhausted.

And they set and enter the portals of the west, and make their revolution by the north, and come forth through the eastern portals on the face of the heaven. And when the moon rises one-fourteenth part appears in the heaven: And fifteen parts of light are transferred to her till the fifteenth day when her light is accomplished, according to the sign of the year, and she becomes fifteen parts, and the moon grows by the addition of fourteenth parts. And in her waning the moon decreases on the first day to fourteen parts of her light, on the second to thirteen parts of light, on the third to twelve, on the fourth to eleven, on the fifth to ten, on the sixth to nine, on the seventh to eight, on the eighth to seven, on the ninth to six, on the tenth to five, on the eleventh to four, on the twelfth to three, on the thirteenth to two, on the fourteenth to the half of a seventh, and all her remaining light disappears wholly on the fifteenth.

And in certain months the month has twenty-nine days and once twenty-eight. And Uriel showed me another law: And on the first day she is called the new moon, for on that day the light rises upon her. She becomes full moon exactly on the day when the sun sets in the west, and from the east she rises at night, and the moon shines the whole night through till the sun rises over against her and the moon is seen over against the sun.

On the side whence the light of the moon comes forth, there again she wanes till all the light vanishes and all the days of the month are at an end, and her circumference is empty, void of light. And three months she makes of thirty days, and at her time she makes three months of twenty-nine days each, in which she accomplishes her waning in the first period of time, and in the first portal for one hundred and seventy-seven days. And in the time of her going out she appears for three months of thirty days each, and for three months she appears of twenty-nine each. At night she appears like a man for twenty days each time, and by day she appears like the heaven, and there is nothing else in her save her light.

If Enoch is to be believed, then the sun is not massively huge and tens of millions of miles away and the moon is not as big as we have been told it is either, and is much closer than the hundreds of thousands of miles we have been taught it is away from us. The stars, according to Enoch have set courses and portals in the dome through which they are to come and go as well. I saw there seven stars like great burning mountains, and to me, when I inquired regarding them, And the stars which roll over the fire are they which have transgressed the commandment of the Lord in the beginning of their rising, because they did not come forth at their appointed times.

This does not paint a picture of stars as "suns" burning out in space, but rather of intelligent beings that have been commanded what to do. Those that have disobeyed are punished. According to 1 Enoch 20, the angel Raguel is the one who acts as sort of a policeman of the stars:. Raguel, one of the holy angels who takes vengeance on the world of the luminaries. The "lake of fire" that has been "prepared for the devil and his angels" that we read about in the canonized texts of the New Testament, may have been understood in the light of 1 Enoch And there I saw seven stars of the heaven bound together in it, like great mountains and burning with fire.

Then said Uriel, one of the holy angels, who was with me, and was chief over them, and said: And from thence I went to another place, which was still more horrible than the former, and I saw a horrible thing: Then Uriel answered me, one of the holy angels who was with me, and said unto me: In the Book of Enoch we see that the stars are to follow specific courses and not deviate from them. If they do, they are punished for violating YHWH's commandment concernig their "circuit" in the heavens.

Indeed, the stars, like the sun and moon, also have portals through which they are to come and go. Whether or not Job ever read the Book of Enoch, he certainly seemed to have had a similar view:. Enoch goes into great detail concerning the underworld here:. Then Raphael answered, one of the holy angels who was with me, and said unto me: I saw the spirits of the children of men who were dead, and their voice went forth to heaven and made suit.

Then I asked Raphael the angel who was with me, and I said unto him: And he answered me saying: And he answered me and said unto me: There He shall bind them for ever. And such a division has been made for the spirits of those who make their suit, who make disclosures concerning their destruction, when they were slain in the days of the sinners. Such has been made for the spirits of men who were not righteous but sinners, who were complete in transgression, and of the transgressors. Then I blessed the Lord of glory and said: Yeshua's parable certainly would appear to validate this story.

Regardless, this shows there is still room for a "hollow earth" in the Flat Earther's enclosed model. The ancient Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Hebrews and Greeks all had a view of the Underworld being below our feet. They also had a flat earth worldview. Enoch has a lot more to say concerning the nature of the heavens, earth, sun, moon and stars, but this should suffice for now. Whether or not you accept Enoch as having any merit is irrelevant. At this point, you should be able to tell that just sticking with the Bible alone, the Flat Earthers have a very strong case against our belief in the globe.

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The Bible goes on and on with similar descriptions as stated above in Enoch. The Pyramids once kept the harmonious resonance with the Earth and Universe, their energy working at higher octaves of Light and all of us who have parallel world connections with them are now like Pyramids of Light bringing back the harmony. As we become as clear as a Crystal we have a harmonized resonance with the Earth, each other and the Universe and Cosmos.

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So we become the Crystal or Pyramid holding the Beam, and creating a new Light Grid as we open our resonance to that of the Crystalline Grid that also runs through us. At this time on the planet a whole new resonance is being anchored through us as clear crystals and through into the Earth. As we become the transducer of the energy from Heaven to Earth, as we unify we marry heaven and earth within us.

Thereby creating a higher level of consciousness to assist all humanity to make the shift. The shift is happening regardless of whether anyone wants it or not, just as day follows night, it is a cyclic event, a rather a grand one. The Light Grid is also where you travel in your Body of Light on a Soul Level and can move through higher dimensional doorways and through Stargates and different doorways to accelerate your own growth.

As well as for service to others and the bringing in of higher octave codings of Light to be anchored on the Earth plane. This is where even on a personal level you can communicate to others Higher Selves for the resolution of conflict or difficulties or to give them assistance to heal themselves, as once their Higher Self receives the energy it can be downloaded to them on the lower planes.

The Solar Grid links the Golden Solar Discs around the planet, they hold the energy of the Central Sun and codings of Light that create life as we know it. These Golden Solar Discs are still in higher dimensions hidden to the third dimension while humans still see Gold for power and greed, but are now activating around the planet, some have always been active and are linked in the Solar Grid that brings in the Golden Rays of divine love essence to the Earth plane.

This has been able to happen since the Golden Solar Discs, one at the Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca have been activated over years. At that time everyone was their Divinity, but still in more Etheric bodies, we are now doing this again, but this time in full physical bodies, and so able to complete our sacred mission, the marriage of Heaven and Earth through our body, our Body of Light. In at the October Solar Eclipse the Councils of Light agreed to up the vibrations through the Discs, to the point where the Grid linking them world wide could be activated two years later.

This is now the case, so the Solar Grid, which is a very high frequency Divine energy, is now operating again around the Earth. We also have the Crystalline Grid, Ley lines as mentioned that are linked with crystals , rocks, standing circles or pyramids. As well as the Light Grids that link our Higher Selves to the Etheric Diamonds around the Earth that has been well in place long before we were ready to open to the frequencies of the Solar Grid.

This of course is running in conjunction with the fact that we are almost completely at zero point, no magnetics and the higher frequencies, into No Time as we move fully into the 5th Dimension and beyond. Once we had to go to a major vortex portal for example the Pyramids, or Himalayas to move dimensionally and become activated and awakened. Now days because the Grids are flowing again, the energy is charging around the whole Earth and even sitting in your living room you are experiencing the higher energies. I did not know it at the time, but loved living there in a small village with a hot mineral pool in a temple bath.

I was not into ashrams or gurus so just walked and sat all day in the mountains. When I came back to the west I became a vegetarian, taught myself to meditate and do yoga, as well as deciding to train as a Naturopath and fully getting onto my spiritual path , instead of wandering. I was activated without even realizing it, simply by being at this place.

When I first started doing Grid work consciously years ago, my intention was that everyone would be able to experience that energy no matter where they lived. This is now very much a reality; by being in the higher energy field we naturally shift into that frequency. Portals are vortexes of spiraling energy points, like chakra or acupressure points in a human, this energy moves clockwise with gravity and anti-clockwise with anti-gravity. There are Crystals within the Earth there that receive and transmit energy, assimilate it and send it through the Grids, as well as storing, amplifying and focusing energy.

They are aligned to our Solar System, Galaxy and the Cosmos, often aligning to a particular Star System and are Electric, Magnetic or have both qualities:. Earth Chakras and Vortices. Many of these are classed as chakra points for the Earth or for the particular countries that they are in, there is sometimes differences of opinion on this, but regardless it is better to stay in your Heart and trust what feels right for you. It is not necessary to visit any of these places, but often you may be drawn there in a Soul Travel or in dream state.

These places do hold incredible energy, activate, and awaken those who travel either physically or in Soul Travel to them.

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This can often be the case when people are not spiritually awakened but go there, then years later when they wake up consciously they realize that by going to these places it had an affect on their energy field and consciousness and would have been part of their awakening process. Some portals are aligned to different Star Systems and it is easy to access these when you are at one of these. So accessing these doorways is very easy at the locations they are mapped onto the landscape on Earth, but when you are clear enough you can travel through these Stargates regardless of where you are.

Most portals will call you when the time is right, and if you honor this you will receive an amazing shift in consciousness, one place I wanted to go to; Armanath Cave in Kashmir, where Shiva and Pravati come down and anchor immortality on the earth plane never happened. I was in Kashmir in , 95, 96 and each time I asked my inner self if it was appropriate to go, each time I got NO.

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The militants shot dead pilgrims the first two times and the last time they allowed the pilgrims to go, but a great storm came and landslides killed , the place definitely wanted to be left alone. Or like Uluru the first time I went in I was totally transmuted in the way I did my healing work with others. Then on the Blue Full Moon and March Equinox I was invited by the Guardians again, made the star essence of the Southern Cross with some of the rock on the rock, then went walking over to the next location on it and all the tourist had gone, I was there all day on my own, these beautiful flowers growing on the rock called me over to go in the essence as well.

Then the Aboriginal Woman on the inner planes called me over to this pool of water it had been raining out there, which was very rare and I was naked in the sacred water on Uluru for the Blue Full Moon and Equinox all on my own, I felt so incredibly blessed to be given this gift by the Guardians. So if you listen and go when guided it can have a profound affect not only on your life but also with your planetary service.

The World to Come: A Portal to Heaven on Earth

Some portals are doorways to Light Cities and on the Wesak Full Moon May I was called to Mukinath 5, meters high in the Himalayas in Nepal bordering Tibet, as the Shambala energy came into the planet, this was a doorway for this to anchor on the earth plane. This was a very tricky situation as tourist were not allowed to go there due to the war going on, but I knew I had to, all my Kashmiri friends were convinced I would be killed or taken, but of course I got there against the odds with ease as I was supported fully with this mission in the higher dimensional worlds.

Sometimes the energy may need to be closed, like the Pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle that was sucking in all the airplanes and ships into it. When on any of these missions it can only succeed when done in alignment with Divine Will, allowing and in total connection to Source and the Guardians of these places, Councils of Light and all others involved on all levels.

There are also portals that are reopening like the Light City in Antarctica and being reactivated for the earth changes, or ones that are anchoring in vast energies for the changes like Tikal in Guatemala. Portals will also often have Light Ships or Mother Ships over them or they are doorways for ships to come out from the Inner Earth. Then there are the Serpent tunnels and these can only be traveled through when we are vibrating at a higher Light octaves, there are doorways into these tunnels at special locations such as the Potala at Lhasa, or through the Andes, or through India to Australia which are in a higher dimension and one can travel the tunnels through the Earth and into the Inner Earth.

There are also cities and civilizations under the Earth at certain locations such as Mt Shasta, these portals are often at sacred rocks or mountains. So these portals are doorways for many dimensional worlds that interface with the third dimension. Some of the very old portals are also now transferring their energy to other new energy places; this is particularly true of the Northern Hemisphere ones as the Southern Hemisphere is bringing in the new energies.

A lot of these old portals are still being fought over by beings still hooked into the duality dramas of Light and Dark, like the Sinai Desert or Iran — Babylon. Whereas the new energy portals operating in oneness and are hidden to most, as some people are still seeking to get something rather than being of service, trusting and holding oneness, so there is a major reshuffle going on at present and many astral dramas as this game of duality has its final throes.

A lot of these new energy portals are not even sensed by people unless they resonate in unity with their being and all creation. The codings of the Living Library which illuminates from the Central Sun of our divine selves at that level of frequency is stored in our DNA , the full codings are 40, strands, rather than 2 strands as an enslaved human body, they are also found in our bones and the stones and crystals of Earth.

The more we are clear the more we are able to access the full spectrum of the color coding of DNA to our Christ Light Body. We remember our multi-dimensional selves and higher purpose for being here on Earth. We open up our consciousness and expand our awareness, having inner vision, telepathic connection, awareness of other dimensions and worlds, and clear perception of the energies we are working with or are moving towards. The rocks and stones also hold the codings of the Divine Blueprint, as do we.

Earth was seeded from countless galaxies and civilizations and all the information was stored in Earth, in rock and bone, and we as humans hold the key to the gateway of our own Divinity. We are very incredible beings and our genetics when activated are amazing, when we come from the love that we are we realize we are a Hologram and we have created myriad Holograms of our self as we experience the furthest extremes of our love in a human body on Earth.

We realize we are the Earth, there is no separation and what is the earth is us, even the Earth Changes are our changes so as we become at peace and unify in love the Earth also shifts in peace, its all up to us. Many of the rocks, and this includes mountains, rock outcrops or hills, standing stones and stelas are often very active already, or are becoming activated again, as we merge into the higher dimensions and the veils begin to disappear. There is a Mothership there on the Inner Plane Planes, and many soul travel there to clear their emotional bodies, open up to the higher frequencies, and receive new codings of Light.

It is a major point on the Light Grid, focus and doorway for many beings in the dimensional worlds. Uluru is also a major focus for planetary healing and a portal that links all the Grids, it is the sort of place that calls you. If visiting in a conscious way of honoring and surrendering, with a willingness to change and open up to higher Light codings, then you will experience a transformation. This is called Soul Travel and you can go there in your sleep, or while meditating or being still within. You simply go there, your intention takes you straight there, open up your awareness by simply trusting what you intuit is happening.

You can do this as you go there awake, or the next morning after you have gone in the night. By meditating, simply align to Source through your Heart and Earth and see yourself there, trust what comes. Or if you choose to go in your sleep then see all your Chakras spinning and Light, and have the intention of where you are going before you go to sleep.

You may want to ask your Inner Self to assist or other Divine Beings.

David Young Experience-A Portal Between Heaven and Earth

In the morning or when you get a chance, tune in and see what comes up for you about your journey. You can travel wherever you choose in this way, be it to the pyramids , a planet or star, Council of Light or Light City. There are many incredible examples of the power of these rocks, at one place on the site is a natural rock that is a doorway through into the Light City of AN.

Which was a civilization from another cycle, that is operating at higher frequencies of Light and Love. AN uses the symbol of the Sun and Moon, and all civilizations using these symbols are connected to AN. As the energies got denser AN went beyond the veil, into the higher dimensions that appeared separate from third density Earth. Now as the veils are disappearing, as we once again merge with the higher realms, it is becoming easier to step through into these higher dimensions , or worlds within the Earth. The dimensions are no longer so separate, and we can walk through.

Also at this site is a Cosmic Computer Rock, it has been laser cut like all the others that make up the site, but is now away from the site and so not disturbed.

The World to Come: A Portal to Heaven on Earth The World to Come: A Portal to Heaven on Earth
The World to Come: A Portal to Heaven on Earth The World to Come: A Portal to Heaven on Earth
The World to Come: A Portal to Heaven on Earth The World to Come: A Portal to Heaven on Earth
The World to Come: A Portal to Heaven on Earth The World to Come: A Portal to Heaven on Earth
The World to Come: A Portal to Heaven on Earth The World to Come: A Portal to Heaven on Earth
The World to Come: A Portal to Heaven on Earth The World to Come: A Portal to Heaven on Earth
The World to Come: A Portal to Heaven on Earth The World to Come: A Portal to Heaven on Earth

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